Fractal Within A Fractal

Fractals come in many shapes and sizes

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Fractal Within A Fractal is a Journey within or without. Which ever you Choose. The Fractal is a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale. A Fractal Within a Fractal is … Continue reading

Burning Desire

Blood Moon

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Burning Desire, With the Fire from Within Burning Desire takes on a different perspective when viewed from the Anagogic. Experience becomes Wisdom. The Anagogical is a method of spiritual perspective that brings a deeper meaning to the literal happening. On … Continue reading

One plus One equals One

One plus One equals One, or is it Two? M plus E equals ME. Flip the equation and ME becomes WE One plus One equals One. It’s been said, One can not solve the problems of this world, with the … Continue reading

The Emerald Tablets

The Emerald-Tablets

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The Emerald Tablets, a Spirits Walk into Infinity In my Spirit walk. I have come upon some information that requires sharing. This maybe the oldest writing ever found on the earth. Made of a substance that is indestructible.Their antiquity is … Continue reading


Windfall, Yea Right! Now a days most of us would love to have this happen. A Five Million Dollar Windfall falling out of the sky right into your lap. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Just like winning the Lottery. There’s that … Continue reading