Excerpts from an e-mail

I sent this e-mail to a friend that I have been emailing since March. After reading it again I throught I would put it out for the public to view and comment. Is there anybody out there?

Not really sure if I should continue this discussion of the Totality of mankind or not. Most people I talk with could care less about the totality of themselves or even know that it is available to them. So I don’t often go there with the day-to-day people I meet because they just don’t know. It’s not their fault they have never been exposed to the possibilities that lay dormant with in themselves. They think that what they see is all there is and that’s enough for them. They tend to forget that we only use (on a good day) 10% of our brain and have no clue as to what the other 90% is all about. Plus, they only believe what they see, what about, what they hear, smell, taste, touch, or sense around them?

Everyone I have talked with, wants to be free and yet they live within the limits our society has placed upon them. They say we are only human, and yet they have no clue as to what that is. So why do we believe anything they say? We are all just taught to conform to their ways and if we don’t there is hell to pay. So out of fear we conform and never discover who and what we really are being only human. I have had the good fortune of being a non-conformist all my life, so I have been able to expand my consciousness through out my lifetime. However it’s been a slow process but never ending one. It all started with the discovery of Mans Four Natural Enemies. Once I learned about this simple truth my life has never been the same.

Expanding ones consciousness is a personal choice. You can not be made to expand it if you don’t want it and nobody can expand it for you. It all depends on your personal power. If you have enough personal power you can use it for just about anything, expanding consciousness, sex, anger, hate, love, peace, anything.

Since we are all born with a limited amount and use it for the purpose of our day to day living, most people never know that if we change a few routines of our day to day life, that we can save a little of that power and use it for other things.

So, the choice is yours to expand your consciousness or remain were you are. I have found that common sense is not so common just look around. The evil in this world is the lack of common sense. People with common sense would not go to war, kill babies, or commit any other crime against their fellow man. God,(for lack of a better name) doesn’t allow the killing of anything, man was given free will to be free. He uses that will filtered through common sense, I think you can now see why humanity is screwed up, common sense is not so common.

We have started communicating for a reason. You sent the e-mail about soy seed and I thought you were making a joke about Monsanto, and now we are talking about Dimensions, Parallel Universes, Aliens, and The Totality of Man. Though our talks I have been trying to figure out why this happened. As of yet, this is undetermined as to why? I believe that it’s up to you. Only because you made the initial contact, you knocked on my door so, you decide expand or remain were you are at. The choice is yours.
One last thing. You stated that you can not commit to believing in other dimensions or things you can not prove. Well, how can you prove they don’t exist? The truth is elusive because you can not commit to believe.



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