Something This Way Comes

No,  I’m not going to freak you out with some end of the world scenario.

I found this article in the Newser E paper. I thought it was short and sweet. Written Sept. 27,2012

Newser) – Peer at the night sky just over a year from now, and you may spot a comet that’s 15 times brighter than the moon. Comet ISON, due to be at its brightest on Nov. 28, 2013, will be so luminous that you should be able to see it in broad daylight, the Telegraph reports. Right now, the comet, observed by scientists in Russia, is near Jupiter’s orbit and quite dim from Earth. But it will grow brighter until next November 2013, when it passes some 1.2 million miles from the sun; at that point, it could shine brighter than the 20th century’s most impressive comet.

Comet ISON’s almost parabolic orbit suggests it’s on its first journey through the solar system. That leads scientists to believe the chunk of rock and ice could have broken off the Oort Cloud, a huge collection of debris around the sun. Observers hope “to see it shining brilliantly and displaying a magnificent tail as it releases powerful jets of gas and dust,” says an expert. But be warned: As a “sungrazer” comet, ISON could break up when it’s near the sun, spoiling the show.

That’s right folks something is coming this way and it could put on a once in a lifetime show. There are a lot of things this article doesn’t talk about which got me to wondering. Doesn’t this sound a little like what some of the You Tubers are saying about Nibiru. Maybe, this Comet is Nibiru or the other way around.  I did find something interesting in the article above, it’s that it may appear 15 times brighter than the moon. I’m no expert and maybe somebody out there can tell me. How this object can be 15 times brighter than the moon? Wouldn’t it have to be 15 times larger? Let explain why reasoning. The moon does not create it’s own light the light is reflected from the sun. On a full Moon we get the most of the reflective surface of the moon facing us so we see the most reflected sunlight. From what I understand of comets and that’s not much. They don’t create any light of their own either  when you see them it’s light from our sun reflecting on them, so for it to be 15 times brighter shouldn’t it be at least 15 times bigger? Like I said, I’m no expert but doesn’t this seem logical?

Anyway what ever this is, it should prove to be an amazing sight and a once in a lifetime event that you won’t want to miss. It maybe a planet size object passing next to the earth that we will be able to see in day light.  Wow, I don’t ever recall this happening in my lifetime. I think I’ll stock up on my favorite drink, find a comfortable chair and watch this once in a lifetime event.

Don’t forget it’s coming to a sky near you, so keep an eye turned upward and watch for the coming of this thing in the sky. Since Jupiter is now moving into Taurus. This means that it should becoming from the direction of Orion Constellation and most of us can spot Orion in the night sky. Taurus is just a little up and to the right of Orion

Enjoy ! and have a wonderful viewing event.


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