It’s Hot when you see the Signs

I often wondered what determines when something

is Hot.

I decided to do some investigation as to the

signs that something might be Hot.

Let me show you what I discovered.

It could be hot if you happen by something like this:

But moose stand in water even when it’s not Hot

Still not convinced I had found the right sign that it’s Hot.

I continued my investigation and ran across some interesting events. Which brought out more questions in me.

What makes something Hot? Is it the temperature? A feeling? The way it looks? The way it tastes?

As I was pondering these questions, I discovered this:

It looks like the cat might be Hot!

But the cat could be cold and just trying to warm up.

So this was no help.

On with the investigation, so I was walking down the street when I happen upon something that look promising.

What do think?

Could just be a manufactures defect.

Unable to determine whether it was a manufactures defect or maybe a bad installation job.

I started on my travels again. Lo and behold I saw this.

Humm, this looks hot.

But then I saw the tire tracks.

It must have been hit by something.

And I thought I was on to something.

I need to keep investigating.

Traveling up the road I came upon something that show some promise.

I might be on to something here.

He might have been hot but he looks cool now, so this is no help.

I need to find something that’s hot.

I decided to go off the beaten track and saw this.

He might be hot or just passed out after a heavy night of drinking

Poor guy needs a little hair of the dog that bit him. Does he look Hot to you?

Time to move on to something that’s Hot.

Turned around a saw this.

What the?

They must have been at the same party together.

I need to quit horsing around, and get back to the investigation.

On the way out I found the host.

Must have been a good party.

I wish I had been invited, looks like everyone had a good old time.

  Nothing to indicate it’s Hot.

Let’s move on with the investigation.

I came across some good folks.

What a bunch of nice guys offering the koala a nice cool drink.

It’s harder than I thought, trying to find some Hot evidence to prove a simple point.

Traveling to back to my house

Maybe I should just give up and go home.

Walking into my office and went to turn on the fans.


I just bought those do you think I can take them back and get new ones?

On the way to the store I parked next to this.

Oh the heck with this investigation.

I’m going to the beach and enjoy the rest of my day!

Now that’s Hot

Cold drink anyone?

Hope you enjoy the Day! Do you think we will ever find any signs It’s Hot?

Walking back to my Car I discover this

When it’s hot, It’s Hot



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