Halfway through November, Top Gift Ideas

Can you believe it? We are half way through

November already! Need a Top Gift Idea?

Time really is speeding up as we get older and we slow down. Weird isn’t? I remember when I was a younger, the days lasted forever. Now there is never enough time to play any more. It’s always work, work, work. Anyway, I thought I would toot my own horn, blow my own whistle, pull my own chain, and ring my own bell, and offer you some Top Gift Ideas that will keep on giving the whole year through.

Because you know Christmas is just around the corner.

Ho Ho Ho

I know times are rough, and money is tight, so these Top Gift Ideas just might make it easier for you, to get that special someone, something from your heart that they will love. That will keep on showing that you love them through out the year.  This way you won’t have to tell them as often, you can just point to your gift.

Imagine what a time saver that will be.

Plus, we ship them right to your door. So you don’t have to go out in the cold and traffic, wait in line, get sneezed on, get the flu, carry all those gifts back to car. You get the Idea. You can still do it if you want but, you don’t have to. You can just point and click. Presto your done. Christmas shopping the Doowans way. Now you have time to go out a play or sing carols on your neighbors door step then get invited in for a hot beverage. Now doesn’t that sound like fun? Hey, come on it’s Christmas Time Again!

So let me show the ladies, that have college children away at school, or even living at home. The perfect gift idea that keeps on giving all year long that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. That will save them time and money. Plus, they could really use this.

The first Gift Idea:

Don’t laugh this is serious Stuff.

These are really awesome, because Eco Nuts are all natural Laundry soap. The box has 360 loads of laundry in one small box. Let me show you how they work. No, not another video, but that would be easier. Let me explain please! These Soap Nuts, very slowly dissolve in the wash, and release a natural organic soap. They come with little cotton reusable bags that you put about five to six Eco Nuts in and drop the bag in with the laundry. Presto your done. But wait, the best is yet to come. You use the same Eco Nuts over and over again until they are all dissolved. On average 10 loads of laundry from just five to six of these little  Eco Soap Nuts. I told you these are Awesome. It’s all natural so those with small babies that are doing cloth diapers will never have to worry about harsh chemicals and perfumes burning rashes into their cute little babies Butt. A years worth of Laundry soap for only $35.00. And you were laughing at me. Just think the kids can actually do their own laundry because it so easy. They can count to six, can’t they? Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving all year long. Not only to them but to you too! Plus, they come right to your door. Eco Nuts all Natural Laundry Soap.

Your Welcome and Happy Holidays!

Ok, Now that we got the kids out of the way let’s talk about your hubby. Does he like to hunt or spend time outdoors hiking or fishing? If he does I know he’s going to love this next Gift Idea. This could just save this life one day and he will be forever grateful that you thought of him in this hour of need. Come to think of it everyone could use one of these. They would make great stocking stuffers, if people still do that kind of thing. If not, it’s not a big deal, just slap some wrapping paper on it a Presto your done. Remember I said these were Time and Money saving Top Gift Ideas. So here it is, don’t laugh. remember what happened last time.

The Second  Gift Idea:

No, it’s not a tire pump!

It’s called the Lifestraw, it’s a water filtration system that will fit in a backpack, glove box in his truck, or even his pocket. Pretty cool, Gift Idea isn’t it. Weighs about two ounces, one inch in diameter, and is nine inches long. I know what your thinking now. How many gallons of water will it purify. Good Question.! It’s guaranteed up to one thousand liters (264 gallons) but it has been tested up to sixteen hundred liters under the harshest conditions. It won’t remove salt from water, so if he stuck on a life raft out in the middle of the ocean, he’d be better off with a tire pump. It will remove parasites and bacteria from salty water but works best in fresh water, well not so fresh water would be more like it. Just imagine he’s out hiking forgot his canteen, because you know how men are. And now he’s lost. He sees a stream and he’s really thirsty but hes afraid to drink it because it could make him very, very sick. Presto, he pulls out his Lifestraw and quenches this thirst, all the while thinking, I sure love my wife for saving my life, I’m going to have to give her a big kiss just as soon as somebody comes and rescues me. Just think, if it wasn’t for you thinking of him this Christmas, he would be bear poop right about now. You are a wonderful person and it only cost $19.95. Plus, it comes right to your door. The Lifestraw

You’re Welcome and Happy Holidays!

Ok, Mister now that your wife just saved your life. Don’t you think you should get her something she would love every time she see it. This next gift idea will do just that.  Your wife works really hard taking care of the family and you, come to think of it. I bet she hasn’t let you forget that little day hike you were going on, that turned out to a week with the search parties. Anyway, you better make this gift count and take her mind off all her troubles. So she can sit back and really relax enjoy a little peace mind, along with a touch of serenity. Doesn’t that sound wonderful, you bet it does! Come to think of it, you could use some of that you’re self couldn’t you? You know her gift Idea that I have, will do just that for a long, long time.


No, quit second guessing me, you know she hates it when you do that. But that’s a great Gift Idea for your birthday! This gift is for her, because you Love her, she your wife, and the wonderful mother of your children. So you had better make this one count, buddy. So here’s my Top Gift  Idea that will show her you care and will keep on giving that love and all you have to do is point to it, when she says she loves you!

The Third Gift Idea:

It’s beautiful isn’t it?

Dude, this one is the Milano Solar Powered Water Fountain, you don’t even have to plug it in. Plus, you don’t have to plumb it either. Pretty Awesome, It’s lightweight because it’s made from a resin material. It only weighs 55lbs, so you won’t have to bust one, moving it around the yard until she finds the right spot. Hey, man I’m looking out for you to my friend. So what do you think? It has a rustic Old World Italian finish with Roman Style Lion’s Heads spitting water out of their mouths, ooops, I mean gently flowing out of their mouths into a crystal clear pool of water at the lower level. Making a peaceful tranquil waterfalls sounds that will just melt those cares and worries away from her hard day.

Since it has Italian Styling think Toga Party, you know how women love Italian men. How much? Man she just saved your life, and your worried about the money? It’s only Five hundred and sixty nine dollars small price to pay for all that she done for you right? Plus, it ships right to your door you don’t even have to go out and pick it up, Games on!

Cheap Skate. Ok , how about this one?

Yea it’s kind small but it’s only $77.50. Well it could be a great gift for your friends!

It’s Solar Powered too! NO! Well……….. I’ll tell you what. I’m not going to show you every Water Fountain Idea I have. How about I just give you the link were you can find the best prices and you pick one out. You have to admit, it’s a pretty good Gift Idea! I know she will love it and so will you. Hey, man that’s two gift’s in one.

And you better not get her a Fire Pit, just because, they have them there too. Take your time and look around there some pretty cool gardening Gift Ideas and self sustainable stuff they have. Plus, if you become a Doowan, You’ll get an even bigger saving, as a Doowans member, so be sure to sign up!!!

I know, I have another Top Gift Idea

How about a Greenhouse? or Outdoor Gazebos? Compost Tumblers or Bins? Worm Farms? Raised Garden Planters? Fire Pits Oh, I already said that, Non GMO seed? I got it, Rain Barrel? Bird and Bat Houses and Feeders? Chicken Coop Plans? Bee Hive Plans?

You have a wonder filled Happy and Healthy Holiday Season  

All the Best to you and yours!

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back.


Sweet, no need for a disclaimer!

See Ya

Man, we are half way through November Already, I need a Top Gift Idea.


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