The Spreading of Christmas Cheer

Happy Holidays Everyone!

 Spreading some Christmas Cheer

to everyone the Whole World over!

So, we found a couple of stories in the Newser that does just that. Because my brain still hurts after (GMOZ=RNA + DNA) We hope you like them. Really, we thought these were interesting to the point of ridiculous. So, why not share them encase you happen to miss them. Knowledge is power right? This first one is really sad and funny at the same time. Kind of an oxymoron so to speak like. Found missing, almost exactly, act naturally, original copies, minor crisis, liquid gas, exact estimate, extinct life, and even odds. Here’s the story:

(Newser) – An Ontario man who thought it would be fun to walk along a Christmas parade route telling kids there is no Santa Claus got his comeuppance: He was busted for public intoxication. Cops on Saturday received complaints about the 24-year-old man, who was easy to find because he had “his hair formed to look like horns that were protruding from his head,” says a release from the police department. He was also charged with causing a disturbance by being drunk, as well as breaching probation.

I think Rudolph been hit the bottle behind Santa’s back. Red nose and all. That’s why those other Rain Deer wouldn’t let him play those Rain Deer games.

This guy has started celebrating just a little to early don’t ya think. I have to admirer his spirit. He didn’t want all those little boys and girls to go on believing all those lies about Santa Claus. His down fall was he needed liquid courage to do it. You maybe thinking about now, and that’s an assumption on my part. So please forgive, remember it’s Christmas, that he had no right to say that to all those little boys and girls. Your right! He had the right to remain silent, but he didn’t have the ability. Thanks Ron White.  What’s the harm in believing in a little white lie. Well, first off what’s wrong with our children knowing the sacrifices we parents make for our children’s happiness. No, it’s much better to have them believe in some Old Jolly Fat Man in a Big Red Suit, and white beard, that comes down the chimney leaving his flying Rain Deer and sled on the roof. Brings a big bag with him filled with toys, his little green Elf slaves made under adverse conditions, and low wages and delivers them for being good little boys and girls.  Well, if you don’t see a problem here, let me tell you about the Easter Bunny! I don’t know who’s spreading these lie, but isn’t about time for the truth. We parents bust our butts to pay for those toys, so our children can find a little happiness, and break those toys the very next day. All because we LOVE them. That’s the truth. What’s wrong with that? No, we have to give the credit to Santa Claus like we’re not good enough. Hey, Santa Claus since you get all the Credit can you take my Credit Cards and pay them off on your way back to the North Pole. No, I didn’t think so! See ya next year. That guy in the article should have just kept his big mouth shut and let us lie to our children. After all children learn what they live. If we want our children to learn about lying, we’ll teach them. Then learn that they can’t trust or believe anything their parents say! Ever wonder why the world’s all screwed up? I think the cops were just mad , because they finally found out there is no Santa Claus!

This next story is even more of an oxymoron. We are not out to offend anyone!  What you believe and put your faith in is strictly personal. It’s between you and your maker. Enough said. We are just spreading some Christmas Cheer! With a few stories we found in the news. In that same Christmas Spirit. Here’s the next story:

(Newser) – Nativity scenes—even the one at the Vatican—are getting it wrong when they depict donkeys, camels, and other animals present at the birth of Jesus, according to Pope Benedict XVI. Though Jesus may have been born in a stable, there is no mention of the animals in the Gospels or any other reason to believe animals were present, the pontiff writes in Jesus of Nazareth—The Infancy Narratives, the final volume of his trilogy on the life of Jesus. Still, the tradition of showing animals by the manger is so deeply entrenched that it is certain to live on, he notes.

Get that Ass and Cow out of here. They aren’t suppose to be in here. As a matter of fact Joseph you had nothing to do with this either!

Carol singing also stems from a misunderstanding, the pontiff writes. When the gospels refer to angels “praising God and saying, ‘Glory to God in the highest,'” they spoke the words instead of singing them, he writes, though “Christianity has always understood that the speech of angels is actually song, in which all the glory of the great joy that they proclaim becomes tangibly present.” The story of the three wise men may have been inspired by a “theological idea” instead of a historical event, but the virgin conception of Jesus is definitely historical fact and not a myth, the pontiff writes.

Pope Benedict XVI prays at the nativity scene at St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican in 2009. According to him, that cow and donkey shouldn’t really be there. Well in all truth the cow and the donkey were there first remember, it’s a stable. But hey you’re the boss. Does it really matter what’s present at the birth of your lord, I mean really? Come to think of it, you are old enough to have been present, so we’re sure your right. All right get the ass and the cow out of here. As far as the Angels singing, maybe that’s the way they talk. What’s all that singing in mass mean anyway? Ok father knows best. Father do you think our father in heaven really cares if we talk or sing to Him/Her. He/she rarely hears our prayers now anyway, do you think he’s/she’s a little hard of hearing? Oh, really the three wise guys have to leave too? Man Pope, you know how to clear a room in a hurry don’t you! Hey, wise men sorry, you were following the wrong star. And the pope says you might be a theological idea because he’s not sure himself. I hear Halley’s Comet is coming you can catch a ride with it. Mary we all know your historical fact because, Presto there’s Jesus. Did you name him Jesus or Emanuel. Oh, Emanuel then who’s changed his name? Why is he represented by a fish? Wasn’t he born on land? Is today really December 25? Aren’t you and Joseph of the Jewish faith, then how does this catholic guy know so much? Joseph watch out, your next on the list for clearing the room. Next he might say that you had nothing to do with this either. I would start packing if I were you! You’re just the step dad, remember so watch it. Take good care of your family. Just remember it’s not who conceived the baby, but who rises the baby, right?  We all know you did a wonderful job. He turned out to be a wonderful and miraculous person and just full of yours and Mary’s love. Children learn what they live. One of the greatest teachers, Mankind has ever known. Plus, he managed to change time for us. (BC/AD) Will time change again to RV. (Return Visit) or NWO? Thank you Mary and Joseph very much, for a job well done!

We can not confirm or deny we know anything about Christmas. HO HO HO

Happy Holidays Everyone!

We hoped you like the spreading of some Christmas Cheer!


One thought on “The Spreading of Christmas Cheer

  1. I love when you talk about this type of stuff in your blog. Perhaps could you continue this?

    Well, Thank You. These moments come as we read events that are in the news. These events have a oxymoron theme that seems to strike a nerve in us. The writer of these news articles, just seem to leave out what’s important. We just happen to enjoy bring and different point of view. We try to bring up some points that we personally have questions about. And possible other folks just like yourself. We are happy you enjoyed it. We never have the intent to offend anyone’s belief or faith. We have to walk a fine line, and it’s difficult at times. We will keep an eye open for more of these topics for you to enjoy. Help us out and give us a like on Google+1. It will help us to reach more folks like yourself. Thanks again and sorry to put our comment here, it just saves time and space. Doowans

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