Gift’s Ideas for the Gardener at Heart

Gift’s Ideas for the Gardener at Heart

Well it’s Gift’s giving time of the year, and we are all wondering and looking for Ideas on what to give the new and old Gardeners at heart. We have a few Ideas that might help. We don’t have a lot of time left, so let’s get started. Most gardeners know that a healthy and bountiful garden starts with the Soil Quality. Our first idea not only helps with that, it makes it.

So here’s the Gift Idea:

Yep, this is the one we purchased for ourselves. Ain’t she pretty?

The Compost Duel Tumbler has two chambers for cooking Compost. This is a great Gift Idea because you can have one side cooking while adding new materials to the other. Plus, as an added bonus it has a chamber on the bottom of collecting Compost Tea! Gardeners love tea Compost Tea that is.

See, the Compost Tea comes out of that little red thing there on the bottom.

Notice the heavy-duty casters? they are used to help spin the tumbler for the easiest mixing of materials ever. The tumbler or chambers have hand holds designed right in that make it really easy to turn for mixing. Plus, those caster really help too.

Looking inside a chamber, we want you to see it all.

No, it’s not broken those holes are for oxygenation of the cooking compost and is vital in the composting process. Each chamber is 3.5 cubic feet of composting magic for a total of 7 cubic feet. Just think of all the great Compost soil they could make. Plus, it will pay for itself, because they won’t be buying all those heavy soil bags from the store, and having to lift those heavy bags hurting their back. Not only are you saving money, now they can do other chores around the house. Plus, it comes fully assembled in a big box so they will just love it!

Next Idea is two, two, two gifts in one. So it’s a really good idea that saves you from having to buy more gifts. Yes, we know duel is spelled dual. We did it that way with a purpose!

So here the next Gift Idea:

Cool two gift’s in one.

The Compost Wizard Hybrid is a Compost Tumbler and Rain Barrel all in one unit. Great Idea isn’t it? The Compost Wizard Hybrid will revolutionize the way they garden. The whole unit works together to fuse earth and water into one easy to use unit for great results. This Compost Tumbler is also a 47 gallon Rain Barrel in one convenient package. Mixing the Compost Tea into the Rain Barrel that collects free rain water right from your house gutter. This has the same heavy-duty casters. It’s 7 cubic feet of Compost making magic, and comes in 5 colors so you can match your homes exterior color scheme. Not only is it two gifts in one. The Compost Wizard Hybrid will save you money on having to buy those nasty chemical fertilizers. That poison our lakes and streams. So you’re helping the environment at the same time with this gift. How Eco-friendly you’ve become this Christmas. The whole world thanks you and so do we!

The next Idea is for those really big Compost making jobs. This one is the work horse of Compost Tumblers. Comes in only Black in color because Black absorbs the heat that’s needed to make Compost real fast. So the time between batches is greatly reduced.

Here the next Gift Idea:

Has a big mouth for easy access.

The Soil Machine PRO another great idea for Home Composting Tumbler Bins. It has 7 cubic feet of composting capacity and 5 gallons of compost tea volume in the base for harvesting compost tea, or ( Liquid gold ), is very gardeners Dream Machine. Yep it’s two, two, two gifts in one.  This is probably one of the best Compost Tumbles on the market today! .

Next Idea in the gift’s for gardeners at heart has the largest capacity in a Compost Tumblers. Which in it self is a good Idea. More Compost the better we always say! What do you always say? Anyway, moving Compost material around the yard can be a chore. But this one along with the rest we have shown so far. The Tumbler can be removed and rolled to the garden for easy removal of the Compost material.

Next Gift Idea:

The Big, Bad, and the Ugly

The Compost Wizard is Big, It’s Bad in a good way, and kind of Ugly in a beautiful way. If you want lots of compost, then this is your cutie pie. Its massive 12 cubic foot drum is one of the largest on the home composting bins market. Hand holds allow you to get a grip to optimize your torque, crank-driven systems will break overtime. The compost tumbler’s low profile keeps it from blowing over in high winds, and makes it convenient for loading and unloading compost material. The 16″ twist lid makes the access easy while sealing in precious compost tea, and keeping the critters out. With the Compost Wizard, compost can be made in just 14 days and you only have to turn it once a week, or after addition of new material.

This last gift Idea is a one of a kind and this one is Ugly, but she has something that most Compost Tumblers and bins don’t have. Making it a dream for Gardeners.  Here, we will show you so you can make up your own mind, if it’s ugly or not.

Last Gift Idea:

The Egyptian Goddesses, Just kidding!

This Composting Bin is also known as “CompoMix“, it’s the only composter we’ve found that has a cart! That’s right the Cart has wheels and they said the Egyptian hadn’t invented the wheel yet. What about the chariots chasing Moses, did they push them on the sand? Your Compost chariot await! She may not be the belle of the ball, but she can be easily lead you to any area of your yard! The large capacity 70 Gallon Compost soil making bin and easy pull cart, making this Compost Bin one of a kind. In the world of Home Composting bins this ones kinda cute. When the cart is full of compost or mulch, just pull it to where you need it, with cool hook handle (included). It can’t get any easier than that. The nutrient rich compost soil can be added to your garden and potted plants as a natural fertilizer, saving you money on chemical fertilizers and garbage service. Some assembly is needed but it’s just like building the pyramids it’s easy!

If you want other Great Gift Ideas for Men and Dads check this out.

We Thank You!


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