The Three Attentions of Human Kind

What are the Three Attentions of the Human Kind?

The Three Attentions of Human Kind
I have no thoughts therefore I see

And what are you talking about? Well that’s a good question.

Three Attentions of the Human Kind

Part One

I will answer, however I must say that this subject is immense. It has all the power to change lives, yours could be one of them. It can’t be explained in a short blog, so it’s going to take a few. It’s always better when learning something new to take small steps at first and then as we comprehend we can take bigger and bigger bites of knowledge. So if this is agreeable, than please read on.

First, we must come to comprehend what we truly are as human beings. As human beings we are more than just flesh and bones. Body, spirit, soul, and mind is not all that makes us up as human beings. Do I have your first attention yet?

We are so much more than just all of this! In this multiverse, (no, let’s narrow that down), there is so much more going on in this realm we call life that doesn’t meet our eyes. Most of the time we just look at the world or reality and wonder. Never realizing that what we are truly looking at is not all of what’s really there. We must learn to see the world, not just look at it. (For those confused simply, Read in the dictionary the different meanings of each word “look & see”.) You’ll get it.

Who I Am Not
Are you the Shadow of your former self?

When we “see” the world, it’s a whole different ball game. One we can play and understand the rules. So, adding to what we are as humans beings, we must include perception. Perception is not only looking or seeing but includes all five of our senses. Are you using all of them to the fullest of their extent?

Ok, here we go!

Since we are as much perception as we are flesh and bones, then let’s take a look at what we perceive and when we perceive. If we look at what we are perceiving and when we are perceiving it, perception changes. I contend that our world, in which we believe to be unique and absolute, is only one of a cluster of consecutive worlds. They are arranged like the layers of an onion.

We have been energetically conditioned from birth to perceive solely our world. I call this the Tonal of Humanity, or the description of the world. We still have the ability of entering into other layers or realms, which are as real, unique, absolute, and engulfing as this one is.

Believing that our energetic conditioning is correctable and then usable. We can actually see these other worlds and enter into them. Dreaming is the gateway to infinite.  That’s right, when we dream are we not still, perceiving? Isn’t the dream real to us in the moment of the dream?

See what I mean about energetic conditioning? We have been taught to believe, that dreams come from our sub-conscience, thus nothing more than fantasy. This couldn’t be farther for the truth. Your dreams are your second attention. Or I say that we are in our second attention while we dream. When you’re in the dreaming state it’s as real, if not more, as this is now, in you’re in your first attention.

If you have been following along you can see. Sometimes it’s hard to remember the events in your second attention however, it’s existence is real never the less. Sow now we must add to being human, our attentions. Dreams are the gateway to infinity, thus part of us human beings! Imagine that!!! You have the gateway to new worlds, new realities, new life, infinity, all inside of you right now.

There is more to us as human beings then we thought. So how do we use this gateway? I told you this subject was immense, frankly, as immense as your dreams and beyond.

Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever woken up from a dream, then come to realize you are still dreaming?

I have and it’s a realization I won’t soon forget. At that moment I realized that what I have learned and put into practice was truth. I must state that dreaming is not the same as daydreams, wishing for, or imagining. Through dreaming we can perceive other worlds, however we can’t describe what makes them, or even what allows us to perceive them. We are immense in our second attention. Hence, The Three Attentions of Human Kind.

Dreaming is what I call the second attention, it’s a mystery on to itself. Just because it’s a mystery doesn’t make it less real, it’s just a mystery! However a mystery we can explore. Do you want to explore more? If not we have some Christmas gift Ideas!

The Key hole
In the Twinkling of an Eye. You are!

If you are still intrigued? There is still more to SEE. Dreaming can only be experienced, reason doesn’t apply. Dreaming seems to be an experience, a sensation, a world all to itself. It’s an awareness in our minds, or experience in our being. Don’t get caught up in a description. When we try to shed light on this predicament we are left with two choices. One, we can cater to our hurt rationality and patch it up. Saying we are sorry, elephants can’t fly and everything we experience in dreaming is an illusion. Or we can understand it as an energetic configuration of awareness. Your decision may be the result of a rearrangement of reality. A whole new you! Happy Holidays!

Hence the definitive reason for this work. One must understand the struggle of modern-day folks like ourselves, to steer away from concreteness to the abstract. In the abstract the search for freedom, the freedom to perceive, without obsession or energy conditions is all that’s humanly possible. Freedom!

Obsession deliberately reduces the scope of what we can perceive and makes us believe the mold into which we fit our perception is all that exists. Concrete shoes sow to speak, not freedom at all.

I am convinced that for us to survive now, our perception must change in its social base. Our social base (our description), guides us and teaches us to perceive the world the way we do! How than should we perceive the world?

See that everything is energy. The energy of LOVE. The whole multiverse is energy our social base should be a physical certainty of that, energy is all there is, and all we are. Are you with me? Do you LOVE me?

Energy is energy we have both alternatives at our finger tips. Maybe it’s time for a picture.  Hence a choice!

This is us, you and me
This is us, you and me
Or is this us?
Or is this us, You and me?

Small bites remember. Maybe we should take a break! Have you made your choice?

There is no reason to not choose the totality of ones self. What’s left is a description held in the First Attention, if you don’t.  How’s that description working for you so far?

We have only scratched the surface here in part one. The social base is a serious and fierce effort to give us a description, a mold we can all fit with in, and the mold makes the world we all perceive.

If we are to survive we must change this and perceive energy directly, as it is all energy! It’s no different then being born again! Where have you heard that? However most people don’t even know what that means. To perceive the world as hard objects having a positive or negative value forces us to believe that the world is made up of objects that are necessary for your survival. Hence, we are forced to believe this is so. Of course we live in a world of objects. I am not arguing this fact, I am saying that first we live in a world of energy, then a world of objects. If we don’t start with the premise that it’s all energy then come to accept this point first, we will never be able to perceive that we live in a world of energy, never be able to embrace this LOVE energy.  We’ll be stuck in a world of objects. Ho hum!!!

Hand cuffs
A nice pair of silver bracelets. Does silver have value?

To perceive the essence of energy will help us understand, classify, and describe the world in an entirely new, more exciting, more sophisticated, totally different way.

Let’s stop here for now. Before we break, let’s add together what makes us human beings up to this point. First, we are flesh, bones and blood. Then we are of body, spirit, soul and mind, right? Then attentions and perception. Not necessarily in the above order, that depends on ones energy configuration.

Wow, look how much you have grown in such a short time. But that’s not all. Chew on this for a while. Small bites. We’ll come back.

Here’s the link for the next post on The Three Attentions of Human Kind. Careful, don’t bite off more than you can chew.

The power in Spirit.
Flying on the Wings of Consciousness with Creation under my Wings

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back


We'll be back
Sorry! He’s got a short Attention span

The Three Attentions of Human Kind, does he have your Attention?

2 thoughts on “The Three Attentions of Human Kind

  1. Putting words together to describe ideas of this nature is a challenge. I’m glad you have accepted that challenge. I wonder how many are drawn to understand more at this time. I know I am glad I am here now with you. I look forward to more…

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