The Three Attentions of Human Kind (Part Two)

This is a continuation of The Three Attentions of Human Kind (part two)

In GOD We Trust
I just kept my mouth shut and my eyes open

The Three Attentions of Human Kind.

The Three Attentions of Human Kind is an immense subject and to date we have only scratched the surface. So let’s do some more scratching and see if we can get a little deeper into our Three Attention of Human Kind. If you have stumbled upon this part first, here’s the link to the first part. Please see this first part. For those of you who are not interested, we still have those Christmas Gift Ideas!

We left off at the point of the search for freedom from obsessive fixations of the human mind in the description of this world, being a world of objects. As stated, we must first come to realize that we live in a world of energy. Than a world of objects. It has to be this way because we must learn to see this energy, thus allowing us to embrace it. I personally detest the darkness and morbidity of the human mind. I love the immensity of thought.

Regardless of my likes or dislikes, what’s most important is our attainment to see and experience these other worlds, we have talked about. To do that we must be able to perceive the energy essence of things. This capacity, we call seeing. To see, the social base or mold that blinds our perception needs to change. By separating the social part from our perception, We’ll perceive the essence of energy. Thus achieving want we set out to do, “See new Worlds“. Perceiving in a new way, we come to realize that we process our perception to fit a mold we have excepted. An inheritance from our ancestors, without ever bothering to fully examine it.

This inheritance is what I call the predator’s way of perceiving. It’s a way of appraising and classifying food and danger, mostly from self-importance. However it’s not the only way we are able to perceive. There is another mode, the one I have alluded to in this last paragraph. Seeing Energy!

Best way I could describe what seeing energy is like! Some times a picture is worth a thousand words Because we can see it
Best way I could describe what seeing energy is like! Some times a picture is worth a thousand words Because we can see it

Ok… if you are still with me than we can move on. The essence of this universe resembles incandescent threads. Heard of the string theory? Well it’s not the same, but it’s kinda the same thing we are talking about. Let’s not get caught in a description. Man it’s hard not to isn’t it? Anyway, these incandescent threads reach out into infinity weaving in every conceivable direction possible, luminous filaments that are conscious of themselves.

It’s impossible to use reason of the human mind to comprehend this. It can only be experienced. Just like Dreaming. So do not try to comprehend this, see it. It is the essence of the universe. It is full of life.

Now we can go on to see the essence of human beings. When we see a human being we will actually see them as a blob of light. Remember it’s all energy! These blobs of light have different shapes according to the energy make up, these individuals have, and it changes through out their life time.

Let’s call them eggs however they aren’t all egged shape. It’s just away of describing it, I guess one could say it’s a description.

The Energy Body
Everything is Energy. Drop the meat stick and become what you truly are.

Let’s call it the energy body so we can move on. Our energy body floats on a sea of energy and makes deep furrows as we move over this sea, as if we were dragging something behind us. Let’s say a tap-root that pulls energy from this sea of energy.

Hey, you wanted to see a new world, well that’s what we are seeing. Shall we go on? Or does this frighten you? If your frightened than read Mankind’s Four Natural Enemies part one and two. We have a lot of ground to cover so let’s keep furrowing. You can catch up to us later.

When we see the energy body of different people we discover a crucial feature on the energy body, called the assemblage point. It’s called that because that’s where our energy body assembles perception making our awareness of this reality, some call it life.  Without perception and awareness is there life?

The strange thing for me was where this assemblage point is located on the energy body. Any guesses? No, it’s not on the top or head let’s say. No, is not in the middle where our heart is either.

Ok, I’ll tell you however you may not believe me until you can see it for yourself. It’s on the right side about two feet behind our right shoulder-blade. Our energy body is much bigger than our flesh and bone body.

The Assemblage Point and the Power of Intent
The Assemblage Point on the Luminous Cocoon
Although close this picture just isn’t quite right. As our Assemblage Point is behind and to the right on the outer surface. But it’s a start.

Had you ever imagined that there was so much more to us, that we never knew? Let’s add Assemblage point to our human totality!

Luminous Cocoon
Luminous Cocoon

Well were just scratching the surface. Plus, I did mention that we must first discover who and what we are? The totality of us. Before we could see and enter into these new worlds. After all waltzing into a new world without knowing your full capabilities could leave you dead, and we do not want this to happen! Not here on this blog. So, if your still furrowing along then I’ll continue. Where was I?

Oh, another interesting fact about our energy bodies and these incandescent filaments of the universe, is that they run through our energy bodies thus where the assemble point is located is the reality or realm we perceive at that moment. This fascinates me because it explains a lot of why so many people see the world so differently. There’s a slight shift, or to say it another way, not every ones assemblage point is in the same exact spot.

This assemblage point, which is about the sizes of a tennis ball, can actually be moved to light different filaments that pass through us. Most of the time it is stationary and fixed on a particular spot. Remember, The social mold, or Tonal. It’s our description of the world that holds the assemblage point on its spot.

I call this the human tonal or the tonal of man. You may call it societies view of this world. We are bombarded with this mold by the media, you ain’t cool unless you have this or that. It’s just a description, but it keeps the assemblage point fix on a spot we can all agree with. Those that don’t agree are institutionalized. Yea, your probably thinking I should be, right about now, who knows I could be! LOL

Take the Red pill
Here take two of these and call me in the morning.

Hey, your reading this, so here come those little men in their little white coats, that are coming to take you away. Ha Ha!

Really this could explain our mental illnesses. The assemblage point has moved from its original spot. This makes more sense then a brain chemistry imbalance. Really because people with the same imbalance don’t suffer the same effects or even have the same visions. They might if there assemblage points were in the same positions.

Hey don’t laugh, you have a better explanation that’s not some unproven medical theory? Yea, you say mines unproven. Well, can you SEE?

Societies stabilize the displacement of the assemblage point with drugs!  Ooooops, some of you reading this might be stabilized with drugs, Sorry! You’ll be OK if you continue seeing things the way they want you too! So stop read this.

I couldn't help my self.
There’s no place like home

There are two displacements the assemblage point can make, in our luminous cocoon. One is a shift and the other a movement. A number of energy forces external and internal can cause this to happen. Like drugs, sickness, high fever, starvation, accident, dreaming. Question? Have you ever notice just before falling totally asleep your body jumps?

Well that’s the displacement of the assemblage point to you’re dreaming position.

Not accurate positioning of assemblage point but helps to see the bigger picture and how it's displacement might effect a persons mood
Not accurate positioning of assemblage point but helps to see the bigger picture and how it’s displacement might effect a persons mood and understand why there are so many drug therapies out there.

Considering that when you dream you have just entered into another world, it all makes sense now doesn’t it? Millions of new conglomerate filaments come together on the assemblage point with the glow of awareness and a new world is perceived.

Good thing we are paralyzed during REM sleep or our body would be acting out our dreams because they are real. This does happen in some sleeping disorders in which the body is still engaged. There we go again, thinking it’s a disorder. Again another description from the establishment.

Anyway, these displacements are of two types the shift is a displacement of the assemblage point inside the surface of our luminous cocoon. Where movement displaces the assemblage point on the outside of the luminous cocoon.  The shift is a displacement really, within our luminous ball, the worlds engaged with this displacement, no matter how bizarre or wondrous or even unbelievable. Are all worlds within the human domain. The Movement engages worlds outside the human domain.

The human domains are the filaments that pass through the entire luminous cocoon. Cool huh! In contrast, the movement of the assemblage point causes a displacement to positions outside our luminous cocoon. Perceiving those filaments engages worlds that are beyond comprehension, inconceivable worlds with no trace of human antecedents in them. Worlds outside the human domain yet worlds never the less. Some even have inorganic life in them and it’s not always safe to go there. So be careful. We enter these worlds using our second and third attentions. However for most it’s the second attention.

How we doing so far is it time for picture yet?

Talk about other worlds
Talk about other worlds

The problem of validation always plays a key role in our minds these days. The Idea of the assemblage point might be so farfetched, so inadmissible that we may not know how to handle it. Join the crowd, seeing is believing though. Our difficulty isn’t that we can’t see, it’s breaking the retaining walls that we have within our minds.

To break the walls all we need is energy, once we have the energy seeing happens all by its self. So relax, change some life routines and save a little energy you’ll see. The hard part is convincing yourself that this can be done. The trick is in abandoning our fort reason, of self-complacency and false security. Created by our reason. Really it’s all a matter of energy! That’s what I have said all along.

Well we furrowed a little deeper today and yet we still aren’t finished. We only mention the third attention. We have discovered even more about what our human totality is and what we are. Life is growing and glowing.

I have put a lot of energy into this and I’m tired. Time to move into the second attention and hunt some personal power or energy in another realm. This ones been sucked pretty dry. By dark forces. We’ll be back, will you? Here’s part three.

The power in Spirit.
Flying on the Wings of Consciousness with Creation under my Wings

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back



We'll be back
Shift in and movement out. Just call me the Assemblage Point

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind. I don’t imply or condone the breaking of any laws. Or am I telling anybody to do anything regarding themselves. We are all big boys and girls and can make up our own minds, if the Clowns would just take the fluoride out of the water supplies.

We’ll be back with more on the Three Attentions of Human Kind


5 thoughts on “The Three Attentions of Human Kind (Part Two)

  1. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of info. I’m happy that you simply shared this useful information with us.
    Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I Know, I put it to use. As what is the point of having knowledge, if one never uses it? That’s where the useful part comes into being. Funny isn’t it, that knowledge starts with know.
      You are welcome for the sharing. That’s what Spiritual beings do.

  2. Ah, I guess it really does pay to be kind, and how could I not with all of this great information. I love synchronicity, so maybe you were really writing these posts for me for when I found my way here. Others may not be ready just yet, but I am. Yes, please email me.

  3. You’re successfully putting words (reason) together to describe an experience in order for us to “see” it and share this perception with you…and ourselves. I’m wanting to break the retaining walls and leave the fort of self-complacency and false security for my own experience. Hmmm, third attention? Looking forward to the next installment. And by the way, I love your sense of humor, too!

    1. Hi Cyndi @
      Oooops, Hang on my deer friends just came to the door they need me to do something. Ok Thanks for holding on and all the kind words you shared in your comments. They actually brought a tear to my eyes. Yea, I’m just a big cry baby, because nobody likes me. Well to answer your question how many are drawn to understand, that’s hard to tell because most of the folks that have started to read these works. Either didn’t like it or were to self important to leave a comment. Not you! I thank you. You have just made the weeks of work worth every hour. Because of you I will write the final chapter in the Three Attentions of Human Kind. I feel you were asking if the Third Attention is in the breaking down of the retaining walls that hold our Third Attention right? Nope, it’s much more interesting than just jack-hammering a few walls. Our reason is the problem, it whats to keep our attention all to it’s self, it keeps repairing the walls I was referring too. Because it wants to feel security in it’s view the First Attention. The description of this world we have been taught to maintain from birth. I sometimes wondered what I saw when I first open up my eyes to see as a baby, so pure and free from the description. I now know. You can too. The human reason is very fragile and can not tolerate persistence. There is another technique we can use to open up or stop this view of the world but it requires one to get off their butts and move. I was trying to please the masses sorry! You know sleeping is very easy for them to do, hell they are asleep most of the time anyway and I thought the time could be better spent that way. If you are interested I would be happy to return the favor and e-mail this technique to you because you were so kind to me. If you would just leave the comment, “Yes” in the reply to this comment and I will e-mail to the email on your comment. This technique works faster anyway, you just have to be awake to try it and as I said. Anyway let me know if not that’s fine to but I will write the last blog, just because you are looking forward and not backward to the next installment. This will blow you away because your not even close Hint: It’s something you have to do while your in your Second (Asleep) Attention to get to the Third Attention. That hint: was just for you being so kind.

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