2012 The Year of Change

2012 The Year of Change.

2012 The Year of Change
2012 The Year of Change

What really happened on December 21, 2012 The Year of Change? How come the world didn’t change? Wasn’t the World suppose to end? Weren’t we suppose to Ascend? What Happened?

Well where do we start? How about we start with the basics.

First and simply, it was the winter solstice marking the end of the fall of the sun on the zenith. It was the longest night or time of darkness we had all year-long. But you already know this. Also, it was the end of a Zodiac cycle. From the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius.

2012 The Year of Change

The association of stars and constellations with the fundamental imagery of the Zodiac is almost purely a memory device, so that we can remember and pass on to others the pattern, symbolism and meaning of the Wheel of Life, together with its relationship to time and space and the evolutionary life process. Giving us a common point of reference.

As the Earth moves in its elliptical orbit around the Sun, it spins on its own axis. These two movements give rise to the annual and daily cycles of time. However, the Earth also ‘wobbles’ on its axis. Just like a top that is starting to slow down. The effect of this ‘wobble’ is that the celestial poles of the Earth, (i.e. the North and South Poles of the planet projected out to the imaginary celestial sphere surrounding the Earth), move in a circle around the center of the zodiac. Without such a ‘wobble’ the Celestial North Pole, for instance, would coincide with the center of the zodiac (the same is true of the Celestial South Pole, but seen in terms of the southern hemisphere). The center of the zodiac is known as the Occult Pole. Interesting name don’t you think?
The planetary wobble is such that the Celestial North Pole takes about 25,920 years to make a complete circle around the Occult Pole. The effect of this is to make the Sun appear to slowly move its position with respect to the stars and zodiac as observed on a chosen day of the year. That is to say, the Sun’s position on the ecliptic at the winter solstice, for instance, will move one degree along the ecliptic in the course of seventy-two years. In 2,160 years the Sun’s midwinter position will have moved 30 degrees, which is one whole sign of the zodiac. In the course of 25,920 years the midwinter Sun will have completed a complete circle around the ecliptic, having passed through all twelve signs. This phenomenon is called ‘the Precession of the Equinoxes’.
This period of 25,920 years is known as a Great Age, whilst each of the twelve subsidiary periods of 2,160 years is referred to as an Age. Like the hand of a clock, the Sun tells us, in this manner, which time of the Great Age we are in. So December 21, 2012 the year of change is also the starting of another Great Age.
December 21, 2012 The Year of Change is the marking of the the passing of the Elliptic Plain, but we do this twice a year December 21 the longest night and June 21 the longest day the balancing of darkness and light.
2012 The Year of Change from Darkness to Light
2012 The Year of Change from Darkness to Light

2012 The Year of Change

Plus, on top of all this, no pun intended, 2012 the Year of Change, we passed the Center of the Galactic Plain or Equator.
2012 the Year of Change on the Galactic Plane
2012 the Year of Change on the Galactic Plain

According to the Mayan Calender this was to happen on December 21, 2012. Which ends a Great Cycle and then it all starts again. Of course Modern science says that this isn’t going to happen for another 30 million years. Well you can believe them if you want. But my moneys on the folks that have created the most accurate Calender known to date. Come to think of it the scientist are right, but so are the Mayans. I will show you what I mean a little farther down the page so hold on to this thought of a moment. The Central Galactic Plain is the plain that runs through the center of our Galaxy. From the black hole in the center all the way out to the edge.

The Milky Way Galaxy
The Milky Way Galaxy

Think of our Galaxy as a pancake that somebody as eaten the center out creating a black hole. What’s left is the outside part of the pancake. This is what’s called the Milky Way and a plain or vein of butter runs through in the center of the pancake, from the edge of the black hole all the way to the outside edge as the Galactic  Equator.

Talk about 2012 being The Year of Change
Talk about 2012 being The Year of Change

Still have that thought? Here’s my point.  Since this cycle is a sine wave that takes 64 million years to reach from point A back to point A again. In that sine wave we cross the Galactic Equator three times. Let me explain. Let’s say we start our on this sine wave at the red arrow exactly at the center. It would take about 30 million years to reach the center again half way through the sine wave ( A to point B) Again this is  half way through the wave. Which is the second time we were at the center correct? From point ( B back to point A)  completing the sine wave. But our polarity is different. Is the third time we are at the center. Of course the Mayans or the scientists don’t say whether we are at point A or Point B. But does that really matter at this point? We crossed the center. That’s my point. Which came first the chicken or the egg? Who cares let’s eat!

Pancakes and Eggs anyone?

So let’s get to reason why we are truly writing this article. Because that other stuff was pretty boring.

2012 The Year of Change

2012 The Year of Change for Human Conscious
2012 The Year of Change for Human Conscious

Since all these events and more seem to have happened around this date. It must be a date of importance. And it is! From all the information we Doowans have been studying to date and feeling inside what Mother Earth has to Say about Changes. Not only were there physical changes, but positive energy changes that happened to us as well. They will continue to happen for the next five years, Called The Span and beyond. Energy wise the energy we have experienced for Millions of years now on the Earth as had a particular polarity.  Take a look around. Let’s say negative because negative forces cause a separation and a compartmentalization of energies.  In truth we are all divided, feeling separate from everything and everybody else. Hell, most of us are still wondering, are we alone in the universe? We have stated numerous times in other blogs that the universe is full of life and is alive it’s self. But NOOOOO, body believes us because we don’t have any proof. Well if we did, you still wouldn’t believe it was real. Ok!  Check out this link. Do you still doubt what happen in Phoenix with the Phoenix lights? Well it’s a good thing that all that’s about to change. But before they come we are going to have to change our point of view and not be so Negative.

2012 The Year of Change has now shifted this energy to a positive polarity. Due to a number of reasons. Which we could explain in another blog, if anybody is interested. Just leave a comment. It’s been called The Awaking. Awakened we are becoming. This change is ever so slight but it’s a positive change never the less. Since positive energy is a plus above the mid-point. Our Conscious energy has the potential to grow exponentially during The Span. Positive energy is a uniting force, a force the brings together. So as this force grows the more “We the People” become united/unified. The more closely we come together as one Peoples, one Consciousness, one World, in essence like-minded. Energy vibrates and as positive energy the frequency of our vibration has change and will become even more positive if we want. We are ascending. Ascending into a higher vibration. This vibration becomes infectious, so to speak and as we become more positive, more people start to vibrate if this positive vibration. 2012 is The Year of Change! Yes, things still look the same, because it’s a very small change at the moment. Just realize, internalize, and vibrate this positive energy for the next five years. This is all “We The People” need to focus on, the change will be amazing! Reality will reflect this vibration once it reaches the point where enough of us are vibrating this positive energy.

2012 The Year of Change

It’s your choice remain in a negative vibration or become the positive vibration. We all have free will.  The Big Event has more information if needed. We must change ourselves to effect a change outside of ourselves. Let me give you an example. Go to the mirror and stand in front of it and look at yourself with a frown. Now try to change the reflection that’s reflected in the mirror to a smile by changing the reflection that’s in the mirror, do you actually change the reflection that’s in the mirror. Which is the outside world. No! You change yourself. You smile and the mirror as no other choice but to reflect this smile, it changes. This is how the world is going to change. We must change ourselves first then the hologram reflex our change it’s that simple. We vibrate positive energy and our reality will reflect positive back to us. There is more to this construct but that’s another blog. We Doowans believe this how this will be done. Once enough of us vibrate this positive energy we create a parallel world reflection of positive energy. The negative parallel world will still exist with all it’s Negativity but we won’t have to be there. We positive vibrating people will just disappear from the negative parallel world and appear in our positive parallel world. With a Positive Energy, Positive People, Positive Outcomes, a Positive Reflection of us. Hence a positive reality. This way nothing is destroyed and creation keeps creating. Win/Win

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back


What do you Say? Negative or Positive Change for 2012 The Year of Change.
What do you Say? Negative or Positive Change for 2012 The Year of Change.

Vibrate a Positive change in your health and sustainable life style. Start Gardening and grow your own Positive Organic Heirloom Vegetables and Herbs. No more Negative GMOZ for us Positive People.

Reclaimer: This article is intended to provide Positive advice. For Positive educational purposes Only. We don’t imply or condone the breaking of any laws. Or are we telling anybody to do anything regarding themselves. Nor, am I a terrorist. That would be Negative. We are all big boys and girls and can make up our own minds, if you Clowns would just take the fluoride out of the water supplies.

Positively 2012 The Year of Change


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  1. You mentioned writers block. No worries it happens to all of us. Could it be you are trying to write as oppose to letting it flow from you. The word trying never accomplishes, you are always trying. Always follow your joy and passion. Here is where you will find the energy and subject matter that is closest to your heart, and the heart always has something powerful to say. Let it speak and the blocks are removed. Thank You for you contact. We hope this helps you Enjoy!

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