Important Information

This is Important Information that everyone needs to know.

Important InformationChange a Belief, Change Reality
Important Information
Change a Belief, Change Reality


Because it explains how and why our reflected Reality is so, and why things are the way they are. This Important Information outlines the reasons why.  We Doowans just found this Important Information and wish to share it with you, the reader. It explains everything in an easy to understand format, and will only take 1:30 minutes of your time to review.  This wonderful video puts everything into perspective. From our beginnings as a country to why there is a plan to reduce the world’s population.  It explains the reasons for GMOZ and why there is poisons in vaccines. Plus, why our government is doing what it is doing.  Shows the Documents and where to find them, if the reader wishes to verify or do their own research. To date we haven’t found a better video to explain the mess we’re in. And give all the Important Information and where to find it.

If the reader truly wishes to understand this reality than this video is a must see.  We Doowans are proud to post this video link as now, all this chaos makes sense. We now understand in full the reality we all face. We hope you will to after viewing this video. There is some very interesting and useful advice we can all use to turn this all around. If not for the world at least for ourselves. Really we are the ones that can make a difference. Be sure to pass the link around. The more that are in the know the better. Take the time to view this video. It is truly an eye opener. Change a belief, Change Reality! What could be more exciting than this?

So grab your favorite drink make some Non GMOZ popcorn and enjoy the show. Seeing is believing, and then Believing is seeing. This will change your life. Well at least your view. And that’s what we Doowans are all about.  A different point of view.  Thanks for being here, enjoy the video and we will see you again real soon. DoowansGardenSupply,com.

Don’t forget to keep us in your heart. You know you are in ours! Love and Light to you all.

Important Information a must watch Video

Important Information; Here’s the Link: The Truth will set you Free, All you have to do is click it!

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back

And become the Light

Be in the Know


Important InformationTo cool for school
Important Information
To cool for school

Important Information a must Know!


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