Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect Reality

Cause and Effect Universe
Cause and Effect Universe

With Cause and Effect we hardly ever realize that we can cut anything out of our lives, at anytime in the blink of an eye. Even life itself. Anything at any time can be cut, giving one amazing personal power to effect and cause a change. If that’s what ones wishes. Having a Cause does have Effects. Cause and Effect refers to the philosophical concept of causality, in which an action or event will produce a certain response to the action in the form of another event. This all sounds fine. However, having a Cause doesn’t always bring the desired Effect.

Deaths Cause and Effect

One lives by Acting, not by thinking about acting. In a Cause and Effect Reality. Thinking about acting or even thinking about what one will think about, once one finishes their act. Is what we Doowans call controlled folly. Control Folly can be described in this way. One shouldn’t worry about taking pictures or making tape recordings. Or gathering treasures that moths can eat and thieves can steal. These are superfluities of sedate lives. Really, one should only worry about their spirit, which is always receding to the point of our death. Death is our eternal companion. It sits always to our left, at arm’s length, behind each and every one of us. Doowans use Death as their adviser, truly our only wise adviser. As Death has a permanent Cause and Effect in our lives. When ever one feels as if everything is going wrong and one is about to be annihilated by the effects of their lives. One can turn to Death and ask if this is so. Death will tell one if one is wrong. And that nothing really matters outside of its touch.

Cause and EffectLife causes Death
Cause and Effect
Life causes Death

As long as one feels that they are the most important thing in the world. This creates a self-important Cause and Effect. One cannot really appreciate the world around them. Like a horse with blinders, all one see is them-self apart from everything else. Truth is we are all.  If we separate ourselves from all, with self-importance then we truly are alone. Hence, we die alone.

Whenever one decides to do something in the Cause and Effect Reality, they must go all the way. One must assume responsibility for what one does. It helps to know first, why one is Acting with cause, and then proceed with their effects without having remorse, doubts or expectations. This gives their acts power. The power to create effects. There is only time for decisions in the moment. NOW is all any of us, really have. Nothing could be more or less important than anything else. Using Death as an adviser one discovers, there are no small or big decisions in one’s life. There are only decisions one makes in the face of their inevitable Death. This allows one to deal intimately with their world, at the same time realizing the world that one perceives is just and illusion. In doing so one can tap it ever so lightly, stay for as long as one needs, then ever so swiftly move away. Leaving hardly a mark.

Cause and EffectWith out leaving a Mark
Cause and Effect
With out leaving a Mark

Cause and Effect  Spirit World

The core of our being is spirit. We chose only once to be our totality or to be ordinary humans. We can either be Humans attempting to have a spiritual experience. Or Spirit having a human experience. The Cause and Effects are of two different parallel realities. Choosing one or the other will have its Cause and Effects. A second choice does not exist. Not on this earth. Our being is the act of perceiving, and the magic of our being is the act of awareness. Perception and awareness are a single unit in the expression of ourselves. One functional inextricable unit. One can call it the human body or Spirit. The world of human body goes up and down and people go up and down with their world. That’s Cause and Effect.

Spirit on the other hand has no business following the ups and downs of the world of their fellow humans. Spirit offers one a new life and that life has to be completely new, of Spirit. One can’t bring into that new life their old ugly ways. If one makes a decision to take action, thus chooses Spirit. One must be prepared to die. If one is prepared to die there are no pitfalls, no unwelcome surprises,  and no unnecessary acts. Everything will fall gently into place. Simply, because one expects nothing. If ones Spirit wish to pay back for all the favors it has received, and it has no one in particular to address their payment to. One simply address it to the spirit of man, and whatever one puts in is more than enough. The account of humans is a very small account. Cause and Effect of the Spirit world is a much simpler affair.  The basic difference between and ordinary person and a Spirit person is that the spirit person takes everything as a challenge, while the ordinary person takes everything as a blessing or a curse. The ordinary person thinks that indulging in doubts, tribulations, and fears, is a sign of sensitivity and spirituality. When in truth the ordinary person is the farthest thing imaginable from being sensitive. Their puny reason deliberately makes them believe they are either a monster or a saint. But truthfully their reason is too small to make them either, in the immensity of the infinite.

Cause and Effect The miracle of Consciousness
Cause and Effect
The miracle of Consciousness

In Spirit, when one has nothing to lose one becomes courageous. Their acts take on a Cause and Effect that rests on the power of knowledge that one holds in Spirit. What is the sense of knowing things in reason that are useless? They don’t prepare one for the unavoidable encounter with the unknown. The unknown is something that is veiled by reason, perhaps shrouded by terrifying context. Only because reason fears the unknown. The unknown is nonetheless within the reach of man. Spirit allows the unknown to become known at a given moment.  To venture into the terrifying vastness of the unknown takes Spirit. Spirit has something greater than the greed of reason. To venture into the unknown one must have LOVE. A love for life, for intrigue, for mystery. One needs an unquenchable curiosity and guts galore that only the Cause and Effect of spirit can provide. To with stand its onslaughts and come out more live than ever before. It makes perfect sense that reason should be so frightened of the unknown. We all have an appointment with the unknown at some point in our lives. Why not become familiar with it before the appointment. Making Death less frightening to our reason.

Cause and EffectDo I scare you?
Cause and Effect
Do I scare you?

  Cause and Effects The Unknowable

The unknowable, on the other hand, is the indescribable, the unthinkable, the unrealizable. It is something that may never be known to the ordinary person or even the spirit person. But it is there never the less in its dazzling vastness. In Spirit one can experience the unknowable. A place where reason can never go. In Spirit we travel into the unknowable, with the mystery of our awareness. There the I Am mystery is all that matters. We are living beings, and we all have to die and enter the unknowable and relinquish our awareness. What if by chance there was a way we could change just a tinge of that, The Cause and Effects of the mysteries that await us are beyond our puny reason anyway. Something only our awareness can experience. Should one live life afraid to die, therefore never really living at all. When living in spirit offers new life and new mysteries. The power of Spirit in incalculable. Death only exists in our reason because we have intended it since the moment of our birth. Once we live in Spirit, the intent of our Death can become suspended. If fact, we are already dead in body. Only our Spirit lives on venturing into the unknowable. Only Death makes this life worth living in reason. Only Spirit makes death an adviser. Where they become good friends and venture into the unknowable together. What Mysteries to behold!

Cause and EffectWhat Mysteries to behold!
Cause and Effect
What Mysteries to behold!

Finding the Cause of spirit allows the effects and awareness of spirit. Spirit is the Cause and Effect of living this life. Some how we have lost our way into a body that awaits death. Seems like a waste of life to live and then die never discovering our spirit. Cause and Effect of believing we are only this body and therefore only human. When there is so much more to us as Spirit than we could ever imagine. As stated above, there’s only one choice to make live in Spirit or die in life. Really, there no choice at all.  Reason just thinks there’s a choice and what’s to believe it’s in charge. Just more controlled folly of reason. Spirit knows better and doesn’t care what reason believes. Spirit doesn’t have to believe it knows. What Mysteries to behold! What Mysteries to embrace! Cause and Effect!

Hope you enjoy this moment.

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back


Cause and Effect of living in Spirit.
BE the Cause and Not the Effect of living in Spirit.

Cause and Effect your Reality

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