Inner Silence

Inner Silence, Freedom from The Enemy Within

Inner Silence
Inner Silence

Inner Silence is the avenue that leads to the true suspension of judgement. To a moment when sensory data emanating from the universe at large ceases to be interpreted by our senses. A moment when cognition ceases to be the force which, through usage and repetition, decides the nature of our world. In essences our interpretation or description of this world stops. At that moment we see the world for what it really is.

Inner Silence is a peculiar state of awareness or being in which thoughts are canceled out and one functions from a conscious level other than that of daily awareness. Inner Silence is the suspension of the Internal Dialogue. Our perennial companion of thoughts never-ending chatter inside ones head and the buzzing in ones ears. Inner Silence is a state of profound quietude an inner peace. In which one finally stops talking to themselves. Of course if one has read The Enemy Within, than one knows where this voice comes from and whose thoughts these really are.

When one enters the state of Inner Silence, they find a state in which perception doesn’t depend on the senses. What is at work during Inner Silence is an other faculty of our human totality that humanity has at its disposal. This faculty is the part of us that makes us magical beings. This is the faculty that has been curtailed in humanity by the intrusion of the foreign installation of the fliers mind, as discussed in The Enemy Within.

Inner Silence The way to freedom
Inner Silence
The way to freedom

Inner Silence, Our Stand against the Foreign Installation

Inner Silence is the stand from which every one of us can take, to combat this intrusion into our minds and free ourselves from this dark force that keeps us prisoners. Inner Silence must be accrued, or accumulated second by second on every occasion possible. Until a threshold is reached where it can work to expel the foreign installation, thus, freeing one from the mind of their captors, the fliers. This threshold of Inner Silence is different in every person in terms of the time needed to reach the breaking point. But Inner Silence starts to work from the moment one begins to accrue it. Each second gained brings one closer to the final dramatic breaking point in which one becomes free. The Inner Silence must be kept by each one of us for the length of time necessary for our specific threshold. This may only take minutes of complete Inner Silence or an hour or so. This solely depends on the individual talents of the practitioner. This moment is the desired result which is called “Stopping the World“. The moment in which everything around us ceases to be what it has always been. A description.

Inner Silence Drop the World Description
Inner Silence
Drop the World Description

It is the moment in which man the slave becomes man the free being, capable of feats of perception that defy our linear imagination. Beyond syntax or words. The unknown and the unknowable to be experienced by the new/old faculty that we have long forgotten until now. We are so much more than we have ever realized. We can be our human totality with this practice of Inner Silence. This moment of total freedom is man’s destiny.

Inner Silence Freedom at last
Inner Silence
Freedom at last

The Breaking Point for Inner Silence

The Breaking Point is like the mortar that a brick mason uses between bricks. It’s only when the mortar hardens do the loose bricks become a solid structure. It’s difficult to know when one has accumulated enough Inner Silence or even judge then the Breaking Point is reached. However the end result will be unmistakable. One will know! At this given moment the continuity of ones structured life, breaks in order for Inner Silence to set in and become an active part of their structures.

At this point one will have only one reference point in their lives, Infinity. We all reach a point at which we are torn between two views of this World. The breaking point. We can sit by and idly watch an endless parade of human suffering. And believe this, as the true representation of life on this earth for the average person. Envying this view of the street of human traffic from the outside looking in. Or despise this view of the street, if one is on the inside looking out. At this moment of the breaking point we are truly alone for the first time in our life. The point at which the person we thought we were dies and we are born again as a free human being, free at last from the mind of the predator and it’s view of this world.

Inner Silence becomes real at this moment. Now infinity awaits, the only worth-while endeavor of human existence. Every other endeavor is fraudulent in nature. Freedom to be what we truly are luminous beings. The light of lights our true selves. Our human destiny awaits in Inner Silence. Truth is, we talk to ourselves incessantly about our world. In fact we maintain our world with our Internal Dialogue. Whenever we finish talking to ourselves about ourselves and our world. The world is always as it should be. In fact we renew it, we rekindle it with life and uphold our description with our Internal Dialogue.

Not only that, but we also choose our paths as we talk to ourselves. We keep repeating the same choices over and over until the day we die, simply because we keep on repeating this same Internal Dialogue. Be aware of this and strive to stop this Internal Dialogue. Seek Inner Silence.

Inner Silence Breaking the chains that bind us
Inner Silence
Breaking the chains that bind us

Inner Silence, Our given Description of this World

Since the day we were born people have been telling us that our world is such and such and so and so. Naturally, we have no choice but to accept that the world is the way people have been telling us. Never stopping to consider that this may just be their given description. Not having anything to do with its actual makeup. The Internal Dialogue is what grounds people to the given description of their daily world. The world is such and such and so and so because we talk to ourselves about it being this way or that way. The passageway into the real world and infinity is learned by the practice of Inner Silence. To change our idea of this world is the crux of this Doowan teaching, and stopping the Internal Dialogue is the only way to accomplish this. Everything becomes possible and attainable.

Think for a moment. Can one deviate from the path that their fellow-man have lined up from them? If one remains on that path, your thoughts and your actions become ever fixed in their terms, in their given description. This is slavery. On the other hand, Inner Silence allows one to be free of all that. Freedom is expensive, but the price is not impossible to pay. Fear your captors, your masters. Break the chains of perception that binds one to this given world view.

Discover Inner Silence and don’t waste your time and your personal power on fearing freedom. Seek to act and drop the talk, to this effect, one gets a new description were talking is not that important, and where new acts create new reflections. Where one can witness the wonders of everything from the moment of Inner Silence. Extraordinary facets of ourselves come to the surface as though they have been kept guarded by our internal words, the words of the foreign installation. The Internal Dialogue.

Inner Silence, The World of the Luminous Beings

Our World is unfathomable. So are we, as is every human being that exist in this world. Human beings are not objects. We have no solidity. We are round, luminous beings that are in essences boundless. The world of objects and solidity is only a description that was created to help the fliers enslave us and to make it convenient for them to feed. Our reason makes us forget that the given description is only a description. Before we know it they have trapped the totality of ourselves into this given description. Which in turn becomes a vicious circle from which one rarely emerges in their lifetime. We human beings are perceivers, but the world that we perceive is an illusion created by their given description. The world that our reason wants to sustain, is dogmatic with inviolable rules which simply our reason as learned to accept and defend.

Being luminous beings we have an advantage which is rarely used by the average man. That advantage is intent. The maneuver of luminous beings is the same as the average humans. We both have descriptions of this world. The average man upholds their world through their reason. Whereas luminous beings uphold theirs through the maneuver of intent. Which is more engulfing than reason. Our human form is a conglomerate of energy fields which exists in the universe connecting us to all that is inclusive for human beings. Those energy fields have been bent and contorted by a lifetime of habits, misuse and abuse. And the never-ending presence of the Internal Dialogue.

Our fight is right here right now on this earth. We are all connected. We are all human creatures seeking the freedom to live in peace. Who knows what is waiting for us out there in the universe. Infinity is just that, Infinity! Who knows what kind of power we may have for experiencing Infinity.

We choose only once. We choose to be either a luminous being or an ordinary human.  The core of our being is the act of perceiving, and the magic of our being is the act of awareness. Perception and awareness are a single, functional, inextricable unit. A second choice does not exist on this earth. Choose now! Which one wishes to be. Inner Silence offers us a new life and that life has to be completely new. We can’t bring to that new life our old ugly ways of being only human. Discover Inner Silence and be free at last. Your new life awaits. Inner Silence is the way!

Inner Silence The Totality of Ourselves
Inner Silence
The Totality of Ourselves

If one wishes to learn a technique for stopping the Internal Dialogue and thus achieving Inner Silence. Hit: It can’t be done by thinking about not thinking. I could describe it here but that would be too easy. Simply connect, I will reply. You can comment here and take your chances.

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back


Inner Silence
Inner Silence
How quiet is that?

Inner Silence, Freedom to be Totally you, Did you have somebody else in mind?

14 thoughts on “Inner Silence

  1. I got up to go to rare Bible class next door and felt like I was JUST a channel.
    No attachment.
    Also have gone to temple for sitting meditation. Found it usually takes 45 min.
    They allow an hour or did but now it’s all day one day a week with home cooking.
    Still I have come back to search for renewing.
    I understand now how a heoic woman can walk straight through armed men and scare them.

    1. I have never found Inner Silence in a Bible class or Temple. TO worldly for ME. No attachment is Wonderful. No thought is Bliss. Inner Silence for ME, is having no thought of any attachments. The World description stops, and we renew our self in the Wonderful Bliss of Creation. The heoic woman is only missing one thing. The (R) of Spirit Breath. When she finds that, she can speak, and those armed men will disappear never to return. In this moment, Charlotte unfolds her Wings and flies on the Winds of Creation. You are HOME.

      1. Thats cool. One time I saw a bridge past my home town I imagined and I searched on line for a year and then I found a unknown place to me called “Bliss Harbour” – a small fishing village now with expensive homes instead. I plan to go there when the timing feels right. It’s the atmosphere I was raised in. On the ocean from 12.
        The spirit breath I know was with me for awhile and I said “I could live to breath” and then after awhile or after the tense situation was over it left and has not returned. It was so fine.
        I was Home but I leaped nakedly in direction of my native child hood woman friend and was taken beyond. That was 2002/3 and it took me the next 12 or so years to realize that was the beginning of the spiritual phase of life. My yoga teacher told me when I was her age 60 I’d be like her. Now I get it.
        My main problem these days is negativity towards people in general. I am not impressed but I aim now this week to pick up Carlos Castronadous books
        on Silence. That is what I expect to unite with when I go back to the ocean.
        However, on line one site was saying to store moments up and even had exercises to do to bring it on. So it expands or deepens. Not sure I need that.
        I’ve now accepted I am in that spiritual phase and that helps me to know that those under the age of 56ish are not likely to be ready for the next phase.
        Maybe some early birds. thanks you for your reply. Donald Walsh seems to have a good authentic understanding near as I can tell. An author. tc. nameste

      2. The Recapitulation of Personal History is a powerful tool. Loving in the past brings up old memories. SEEing mistakes we believe are mistakes. When we realize that these memories only show a contrast to who and what we are NOW. We SEE that they were not mistakes at all. Simply, be-cause those actions have made us what we are today/ NOW. In the TRUTH of Creation, You are perfect and here You are to BE. It’s our self image that we reflect upon in the mirror of old memories that allow the EGO of Self Importance to cast a Shadow of doubt on the light of our true BEING. Take a Moment and Breath in these Words. LOVE is, THE LAW of CREATION in the TRUTH of CONSCIOUSNESS. This is the unconditional LOVE of Self that brings the Inner Silence. Knowing that I AM CREATION. Knowing is NOT Believing. Knowing is (K) Creation in the NOW. The New age is the age of KNOWING.

        To lighten Ones Heart. We must dump the memories/illusions of the past. To live in the LOVE we NOW feel from CREATION our self.

        Oh Charlotte, Are you making a big Presumption that only the older folks make it into HEAVEN? YOU SEE we all make it into HEAVEN because we are living in hell. However the next phase, as you call it, Is were each and every one of us CREATES our own HEAVEN or HELL. I can SEE why one might not be impressed with the younger generation. They are not my concern. My Life is for my Spiritual growth only. As is theirs. They have nothing to do with the HEAVEN I AM CREATING. Let them create their own HEAVEN or Hell.

        The negativity you maybe feeling is simply a program of FEAR, HOPE, and DOUBT of an Illusion that would a, could a, should be. TRUTH is we are all Negative and Positive. Judgement comes when we believe them to be one and our self another. The Balance is found in the Middle. BEING Neutral in our feelings and thoughts of others, because they are simply mirrors for us to reflect our vision of Self. When we realize that they are just mirrors of self. We begin to change our self in that reflection and instantly the self of the reflection changes. Thus, changing our world and the people reflections around us. When we change our self the mirrors/people around us reflect that change. In TRUTH they didn’t change YOU did. That’s perfect.

        Change a Be-lie-f in self, changes Reality.

        My posts are my sharing Open Book of Life. Going through the Experiences of being hu-man to BE SPIRIT in Creation’s Creations.

      3. Hi. I don’t know where I insinuated I felt negative only towards young people. Not at all. People I said. I know one can see the old woman or the young woman.
        Some philosophies claim change is doing violence. Some guru’s say our thoughts only come through us so we are not responsible. Just stay non attached. Some say we must be responsible for every last breath of consciousness. I feel we are just a channel or vessel when balanced and that is said to be so in ida and pingala etc.
        I leaped in direction of friend who disappeared as I was taken into a calm neutral space on non judgementalness. I understand somewhat there is no other. I have been taught some of this by the higher powers already. I am well aware in growth but I sure can get tired of plodding along and then the negativity takes over and betrayal, love departs and i’M SURE I will never see hide nor hair of it again. Never be able to trust the general population and must go hide in the wilderness but even nature is vehement. I must face the dark howling wind that seems to represent our hatred darkening the earth (Wrinkle in Time) and tell it, it is is not real but by then my world is beginning to feel surreal. I know I must find that silence and self love that opens heavens door but when I’m walking along and someone gains entrance to do bodily or other damage its freaking freaky and I wonder if I have the strength into old age and how much do I have the right to expect protection from the body of humanity or are we still a whatever goes goes, lawless etc society breaking down – and where will I find the mental energy to decide all this and have a safe port from the strong preying on the weak and the dove too soft in the still imbalance of doves to eagles. Oh dear.
        I don’t have money to pad my bare bones life – to keep surrounded by beauty. etc.
        These are my struggles of exhaustion and that doesn’t count how my loved ones are doing on top of that. Its such a fine line we’re walking, all of us. Bless.

      4. We all think we feel like we are the only CANDLE in a blackened room? However, that’s only thinking a feeling. Sow is one the Candle or the Darkness? As the Wick burns down, one becomes aware that at some point the Wick from the Candle will go out. What happens to the light? Just like the light from distant stars, we know not whether that star still exists, However we can still see the light. Sow in our NOW the star still exists. Because we can SEE the light. The past only matters to the star, and the future doesn’t exist. The only moment we have is the light of NOW. Be the Light Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness to the edge of our known Universe and beyond, or Be the void of Darkness. Creation doesn’t care as Creation is Light and Dark.

        It only matters to the one that believes they need to be one or the other. You know Charlotte, The program of To Be or not to BE. However, one rarely realizes there is another choice as well. Is it my responsibility to offer you that other choice? My heart tells me that is up to the one to find the TRUTH for them self. Ask and it shall be given on to you, Seek and ye shall find, Knock and it shall be opened on to YOU. Is what one Master spoke. “LOVE and the self are one the discovery of either is the Realization of Both”. I can offer you this. Now breath in the LOVE that I shared with you earlier in a comment. And read the above quote again.

        You SEE when a BEing has LOVE they are no longer at the mercy of forces greater than them self. For they them self become that powerful force. In TRUTH, I have come to realize that nobody is coming to save me. Why should they? When I can save my self.

        On a lighter note. I don’t know what you know about Doves. What I have discovered is DOVES will eat their young. I have never known an Eagle to do this. Maybe, that just the unknown to ME or the unknowable. Remember, they are an endangered species. Mostly due to humans. Will they never learn?

        I understand your exhaustion, as I too am weary of the hell we face. It’s walking that fine line through the eye of the needle that brings us into Creation. Keep walking the path with HEART. It’s the only path worth walking to the freedom we seek. As all paths lead to the same place, expect one. That’s the path with HEART. All the rest lead right back to this hell we call life. Live and eviL are the same word in this reflection. Choose another or don’t. That’s free will. I can not and will not tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. That would be trespassing on your free will. ALL I can do is offer an other point of YOU/VIEW. What YOU SEE, well, that could be the young woman or the old helpless woman. Not my CIRCUS, not my MONKEYS!

        MUCH LOVE!

      5. Dear friend thank you. I will walk in my mind through the eye of that needle. It’ll be fun. I suffered some trauma a week ago at my apt with upstairs people, younger man and Native Indian woman and children. Just words and provocations but It was too much for me so it was no longer liveable after 4 1/2 yrs for me and close to my son and grand children and fortunately I was able to come house sit my son’s while they went to Hawaii. I know my hard wking son needed that to dispel HIS negativity but a big empty hse is hard to adjust to after trauma has upset the body’s sense of safety so I think I’m at the turning pt today after I fell back into my body last night. Then I remembered Jupiter lifts ones eyes up restraining the negative. Aside from that a chiropractor might help align things again. It was like the final straw and in releasing
        my feelings despite my huge fears I did see within a situation where the man I seemed to be in relation with felt he had no choice but to “attack or crawl” as he told the two women he was with. I feared him. I did meet a man at the dog walk that next I saw with 2 women talking adamantly indignantly about the principles of the Christian Faith. We had talked much about god and experiences when I met the first time. However, when I was challenged a couple years ago about work I felt angrily that once again I was being expected to “bend my knees and crawl” and angrily I said FINE! WITHIN and enacted WITHIN a scene of balancing a pon pon plant that was MY resp. to do so as I had tipped it over and I had to WITHIN look up to balance its top and that is when I saw the dove. I had a Beautiful young Christian neighbour above me at that time and she explained to me abit about it. I have read that the eagle was necessary with its strong talons able to grip and hold on when the land was being pioneered but now the land must be covered by doves for wherever it shadows peace reigns. They say the first around Texas and up. As well the changes of 2012 and the eclipses role of removing negativity from areas that had experienced war and negative events and the release of new energy from the sun as well as a new 500 yr cycle of doves from the Pleiades began so that more and more sighting may be had. Its revival time. It also synchs with the Eastern dove which only appears when aggression and hostility regresses. Sow much to hope for. My neck and shoulders waned in the confrontation. I felt bowed under like a weeping willow which coincidentally is my tree. Fighting to stay upright. But which fighting I hadn’t wanted to do. But there is Uranus and Pluto exact creating tension so bring to light which reminds me of your be or not be the light or the dark. Love that. Your right there is nothing but the moment IF one has the energy and strength to stay there. I’ve spent since 1995 ridding myself of those habits that take me away from things I’ve learned to enjoy more like hiking mountains and riding bike. so thank you again. Its a new day. Peace – you sound like your well aware and riding high. Must be in a goood space. If you follow astrology at all you’ll know we have one more chance in the spring to clean the old. Mid March, my mom will be 91 then too and soon I imagine will be leaving us.

      6. AWE Charlotte, You sound so much better. I AM JOYFUL !!!! That was close, your Spirit Breath has returned. No need to Thank ME it’s the sharing of TRUTH that I was given to share. Anyway, your Welcome. You are NOW on your way home Little STAR. Trust in Creation and Creation will Trust in you, with all the abundance of Creation. All that’s needed NOW is to unfold your Wings of Consciousness and fly on the Winds of Creation.

        Yes, I have studied the Zodiac a little. Not impressed, as they left out the 13th sign and their timing is all off. Plus it reflects false light MOON worshiping. I prefer the Solar Calender, Zodiac, and alphabet. But that’s just ME. Another sharing is the way spells are cast though the use of words and the intent behind them. Studying Phoenician helped ME change the intent in words I use. Creation is sound, Sow when we change those spells sounds and the intent behind them. We are no longer trapped by the spells. Our Reality changes.

        Yes, I AM AWAKENED, that I AM. And the space I AM in. Well, You Ain’t seen nothing yet. I can share a link with you to give you an Idea. Read CHAKRAS my last post here in my BOOK of LIFE, if you haven’t already. As I AM ready to leave this hell hole. It’s boring here.

        There is sow much more I can share with you. However. this is not the venue. I prefer to email one another, (if That’s OK with you), as I no longer wish to cast these Pearls amongst swine. To be trappled in the mud of this world. Did you know that PiG is closer to human DNA than the Monkey? I have your email address from these comments. I can use it to connect, if you choose. Just reply with a YES or NO. Your wish will be honored.

        Oh, one last thing. May I suggest you thread the eye of the needle with your heart and find that INNER SILENCE of mind you are seeking!

        MUCH LOVE!

      7. Yes that would be okay. Do you mind if I ask you why you feel you will be leaving this world?

      8. No, I don’t Mind. Sow I feel my HEART. The World of the Dead. I call it hell because it sorts out the living from the DEAD, Read Zombies in the Real World, It’s a school. I have graduated. I have written myself into MY Book of Life. Wasn’t easy. However, well worth it. This world holds no attachments for ME. I no longer BE long in this World. In TRUTH ALL the signs point to this NOW for ME. Sow it’s time I fly into the Worlds of the LIVING. On the Wings of Consciousness, on the Winds of CREATION. Back HOME.

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