Stars, What’s up?

Where did they go?

Stars, What's up?
Stars, What’s up?

They aren’t in their old places. Where did they go? I AM not an avid astronomer but I do know little about were some constellations should be. Walk outside tonight at 2:00 am March 18 2013 looked up to see them, they were gone. I was lost for a bit as the Big Dipper was always in this particular part of the sky just off the horizon. It took me 3 to 5 minutes to find it straight over my head were it’s never been before. I also noticed that the Milky Way the big band of stars that use to be right over my head was not there either. Yikes, The Earth has shifted, or I woke up in a different land.

I know that the Big Dipper spins around the North Star Polaris and at different times of the year it as a different orientation. But I have never seen it like this before. Before you ask , the night was extremely clear and still. The stars just don’t look the same. Do they look the same to you?

I know we have written about earth changes. And in fact this just confirmed my findings that the Earth is changing. Is a pole shift eminent? Well, you tell me. The stars have changed positions. Nothing is where it should be, so in my opinion that’s a big YES. That can’t happen! Well in fact we are over due for it. Which brings to mind our Earth wobble.

Stars,What's up?Is the Earth Wobbling?
Stars,What’s up?
Is the Earth Wobbling?

Earth Wobble

The Chandler Wobble as it called is a small deviation in the Earth’s axis of rotation relative to the fixed stars, which was discovered by American astronomer Seth Carlo Chandler in 1891. It amounts to change of about 9 meters (30 ft) in the point at which the axis intersects the Earth’s surface and has a period of 433 days. Will from what I have seen it’s no small deviation.

Currently the Earth’s North pole is pointing near Polaris in Ursa Minor, so we call the North Star Polaris however 5,000 years ago for instance it was pointing at the Draco Constellation or Thuban. Many ancient civilizations knew of this precession and based much of their understanding on this, of course the question is how did they know? Suffice to say they had some help.

More and more people are becoming familiar with the physical effects. Not only on the Earth in the form of erratic weather, larger and more frequent quakes, volcanoes, flooding, sinkholes, landslides and the rocks falling from the skies. But it must have an effect on humans and animals as well. The geese on the lake have been going nuts lately. Squawking all night long. We have lived on the lake for 6 years and have never heard them like this. They must know something is up. There is a lot of information and videos on the Chandler Wobble so there’s no need  to reiterate.

The Earth is wobbling on its axis, and has been for several years now. The “wobble” is an unsteadiness which usually precedes a complete physical polar shift of the Earth. The Earth has shifted on its axis many times in the past. It’s part of the cyclical, cosmic, cleansing process.This wobble is due to the cosmic radiations which are saturating the solar system. Or it could be caused by something coming close to the earth like comet ISON or even Planet X. Since our governments are telling us anything. The best we can do is guess. But the signs are all around us. Those that have eyes, let them see. Stars, What’s up?

At the end of every major world-cycle, the earth’s axis-of-rotation, like a child’s spinning top, begins to “wind down”. Again, this “wobble” effect has taken place for several years now, but has become consistently and ridiculously clear in the last year or so. The moon is a good indicator.

Stars, What's up?And what's with all the comets?
Stars, What’s up?
And what’s with all the comets?

Comets and Planets

My understanding of how Nibiru and or Comet ISON is affecting the Earth and Moon. Now this Earth wobble has become more pronounced. That’s what is causing us to see the Moon out-of-place. This is what is causing our Poles to shift from their current known locations.

The point of this post is something is happening. You may not believe it, you may not want to believe it, but something is happening, and it is happening as you read this post. What’s chilling is that as the moon presents us with compelling evidence that the earth is tilting on its axis. For some reason, people rarely bother to look up. The Moon’s orbit is something we grow up with and is a part of our daily lives and yet we rarely give it a second thought. We may notice it on an evening stroll or while driving somewhere but how often do we note its appearance, its place or even recognize the phase it is in? We Doowans Garden with the Moon so maybe we pay more attention to it. We have noticed that the Moon is not our old Moon. And Stars, What’s Up with that.

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back


Winky, My alter Ego
Stars, What’s up?
Get back where you belong.

Stars, Where did they go?


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