The Essence of Life

The Essence of My Life

Essence of life
The Eagle is the consumer of all awareness

This poem is the essence of my life for this Doowan. At our core we are all consciousness. Through this consciousness we become aware.  With our awareness we either create, observe, or define our reality. Through the chosen process we experience our life. In this life we intend our death. In our death we start anew.

I am already given to the power that rules my fate.
I cling to nothing, so I will have nothing to defend.
I fear nothing, so I will remember myself.
I have no thoughts, so I will see.
Detached and at ease,
I will dart pass the Eagle to be free.

I am already given to the power that rules my fate.  Therefore I must surrender my fate to this power. I come to realize that there is a much Greater power that governs us all. If I separate myself consciousness from this power and claim my consciousness as my own, than I am left with a life time of awareness and that is all. In my death of this life, this consciousness returns to the source from which it came. My I AM experiences becomes it’s experiences. My I AM experiences are given to the power, and my I AM no longer exist.

Essence of my life
I Am but a Reflection of myself

In surrendering my life to this power, I remain as this power. Not separate but part of the whole. My I am experiences becomes it’s experiences. Experienced as power itself experiences.  We, meaning myself consciousness and the power become as one. We experience as one, we live as one. We are one in the same. By surrendering to this power. In a way of speaking, I become this power. Unlimited, undying, unquestionable consciousness of the power that rules my fate.

I cling to nothing, so I will have nothing to defend. Let’s face it. We can take nothing with us into our death but our experiences. This is all any of us really have. All the material objects that were accumulated during this lifetime cease to exist after death. They are only a comfort or concern to us during our moment of life. Therefore defending the possession of material objects is a waste of valuable energy defending something that doesn’t exist, but for a moment.  All the Gold, Silver, wealth of any kind can not and will not save one from their moment with death. The experiences of wealth will be given to the power and one is left with nothing after all.

The essence of my life
A picture is worth a thousand words

I fear nothing, so I will remember myself. What is fear, but an emotional thought of loss. The thought of losing one self or something one possesses. Fear paralyzes. It prevents one from feeling, at the same time prevents one from moving forward in life.  Fear is a self-limiting emotion of consciousness. If one needs to fear, one needs to fear the loss of awareness that fear provides. The paralyzing force of fear prevents one from feeling anything else. Feeling other feelings that are before them. Our battle with fear is a life long journey. It prevents one feeling what’s really important to the growth of their personal experiences. When one fears they are left with nothing but the feeling fear. Shallow empty fear.

The essence of my life
Looking through the key whole of fear

Over coming fear opens one up to the world of feeling experiences. Advancing their life experiences in ways that were feared before. Thus one begins to feel life and all that life has to offer. They remember why they chose this life, and who they are. They begin to feel them self in ways that were over shadowed by fear before. Awareness is feelings. Feeling only one feeling is not Awareness at all.

The Essence of my life
I have no thoughts therefore I see

I have no thoughts, so I will see. What we think is less than what we know. What we know is less than what there is. To this precise extent we are much less than what we are. We think we know what life is, after all we are experiencing it.  We have all these scientific methods for explaining reality, that in reality offer no explanations at all. Their all theories. We live in our head and lose touch with every other aspect of self. Our thoughts control us, define us, blind us to ourselves. They make us think we are more or less than what we are.  We think we see ourselves the way our thoughts define ourselves. What we think is less than what we know.

Developing Inner Silence is a way that finally gives one the power to control ones thoughts. In essence turning them on and off is all the control one needs. We define life by our thoughts. We experience emotions define by our thoughts.  Everything is defined by our thoughts and thus, we are blind to thought less reality. Our awareness becomes the total of our thoughts. Our expressions become thoughts. Even our thoughts become thoughts. We experience life in thoughts and become blind to feeling life. We live life in our limited thoughts.

Turning off thoughts open the eyes for seeing. Seeing becomes a new force in one’s life more  powerful than thought. Without thought reality isn’t defined it becomes crystal clear seeing. Clarity beyond any thought process. Ones sees reality in its true energetic form. Undefined pure reality. Awareness with a pure sense of vision. No if, and, or buts. Our vision than becomes our experience. Not our thoughts of the experience. Our thoughts confine us to the past as our moment of vision as moved on into the next moment of our existence. Through our thoughts we are living in the past. Defining the moment that has already past. Not seeing the present moment. The Moment has moved on into our next moment of vision, while we think about the past. The turning off of thought allows one to live in the moment. Be in the moment, experience the moment, living in the undefined moment.

One only truly sees in the moment. Everything else is the process of the thought of seeing. In the thought less moment one sees with all of their being, all of their awareness adding to the experience of self. This is true vision. Full awareness is the reason for consciousness. I have no thoughts, so I will see.

The essence of my life
Seeing is full body awareness and vice versa

Detached and at ease.  There is no finer feeling, no fuller awareness  than to arrive at the totality of ones self in the moment. Detached from past and future events. To be all the power one can be. To be one with the power that rules my fate. To be the power it’s self. This is the meaning of life for this Doowan. In this moment I dart past the Eagle, I Am free!

The Essence of my life

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back


The essence of my life
Freedom of Spirit

The Essence of My Life

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