Letter from The Little Green Man

This Letter comes from the Little Green Man

Flying Saucer
I just got this New Model Craft

Dear Humanity,

The Injustice done to the Red Man and the Destruction done to the Yellow Man along with the Evil done to the Black Man and the en-slavery being done to the Brown Man by the White Man. Will not be undone by the Little Green Man. Only with all races coming together and the color of all skin becoming Grey will Racism be done away with. Become one Peoples.

Humankind has forgotten, It’s been said, never judge a book by its cover. Yet the history of your world has shown that’s exactly what happens. It appears the color of the cover, of the book of humanity creates discord.  When humanity can read pass the cover and explore the knowledge contained in each book will humanity discover its rightful place in this universe.

Come outside a join the Family

Humanity reads like a bad harlequin love story. In which there is no happy ending. The book of humanity needs a rewrite. At the very least a new chapter. And we have come to read the new story.

Our race has only one color, the color Green. We haven’t come to change humanities diaper or to grant them the wisdom needed to fix their problems. It’s time humanity grow up. Humanity can fix its own problems as it has the wisdom of the ages. However it appears that humanity would rather be force feed and nurtured from sucking on the tit of their God (Money). Than to grow up and take its place with us in creation.  We offered this advise which has been ignored, “The love of Money is the root of all evil”, and yet humanity still seeks Money to solve their problems with Money.

If this is your God. Find a new one!

He haven’t come to conquer, enslave, eat or kill. As this is not our way. Humanity can do all this on their own, and we must add, they have done a good job. Nor have we come to save humanity from it temper tantrum and folly. Again, this is not our way. As humanity has everything it needs to solve its problems. If Humanity will only come together in the love of all.

War of the Worlds
There’s no need for us to destroy you. You have nothing we need.

We have been invited to the party to watch humanity come of age or go down in flames of their own doing. We have played the party games, had some Cake and Ice Cream and watch as humanity opened its gifts. And then proceeded to break and misuse these gifts as humanity played with its new toys.

We are confused by the actions of humanity. Why would humanity take these great gifts brought to them from all around the universe and then use them for the destruction and killing of humanity? Does humanity need a time out? Maybe a nap! The party is almost over and this joyful time will come to and end. What will humanity do when they are left to their own devices. Has Humanity learned anything?

Atomic bomb blast
This is not a toy that should be played with!

As Humanity is faced with a big decision. Keep going down the same path of destruction or step up and become the rightful heirs to their destiny. Looks like Humanity needs to make a choice.

Write a new chapter in the book of humanity. The cover should be of the color gray so as not to exclude any race. And turn this destruction around for the betterment of humanity.

HopiRock Drawing
Choose the high Road. The stairway to heaven

We will watch as humanity makes its choice. All we ask is that humanity choose wisely! As we wish to welcome humanity to the universal family of love. However, if Humanity should choose to continue on their path of hate.

We wish them well. As that is our way. The way of love of all.

Signed, The Little Green Man

Party Card
My Party Invitation

P.S. Great Party, I loved the Strawberry Ice Cream on the Chocolate Cake. The Wham-o Blaster I gave you, is not for the styling of your hair.

P.S.S. Thanks for the use of your Site.

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