Extinction Level Event

Extinction Level Event, When Worlds Collide, The Reset is at hand.

Extiction Level Event
Action at a Distance

I have postponed the writing of Extinction Level Event for sometime now. The reasons being, the time wasn’t right and I still had to connect some dots to the answer some of the Questions about the phenomenon that we have and are experiencing. At first glance this may look like a gloom and doom writing. But there is a bright side to this Extinction Level Event.

At least that’s the way I see it. Time is short and the reason for writing this article and the many posted here in the past on this blog site. The time is now to present this sharing of information for those that have an interest and calm heart in understanding what is happening around them with all the Earth changes. It is always better to form your own opinion and use that discernment by doing your own research and expand your knowledge forming your own opinions. After all this is your life. In truth there are no leaders or followers. We all have our own path, our own truth in this earth school. Live your truth,  form your own opinions. Becoming the Masters of your own dreams and then dream your dreams.

Master of Dreams
You are more powerful than you know. Would you like to learn something new?

I have always been an outcast. Never conforming to the system. Always having a different point of view. From a very early age, things just didn’t seem right. There was something wrong with the world, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. It just didn’t seem to make sense to be born only to go to work to earn a living. To pay taxes, life insurance, raise a family, pay bills, and then die. Why do we have to kill something to eat. Why is it so hard for people to love one another? Why this, why that? This lead me on a journey of discovery allowing me to keep an open mind because I could sense there must be a deeper meaning. Even to this day, I still ask why. Extinction Level Event. Could this really be all there is to the meaning of life.

As I grew up, I started researching, first with religion, then with science. Soon coming to realize that the answers I was seeking could not be found in just one or the other. No one had all the answers and the answers were never the same from person to person, I would ask along the way. Until one day something happen that changed my life forever. Which I have written about.

Now I realize it takes ones complete knowledge to form an opinion or belief. What I mean by complete is everything that one has in them at the present moment in time. That beliefs reflect our reality. That to change reality we must change our beliefs. So in short, it has taken me a life time to form my understanding of this Extinction Level Event about to unfold before our very eyes.

Comets and Planet X
Yea maybe. Maybe not. But something is going on.

Truth is I am not a specialist in anything, For a long time now I have been a jack of all trades, which I consider a blessing as my vision hasn’t become focused and narrow only seeing what I want to see. This really helped me to have a vision large enough to see a bigger picture and connect the dots that why questions and life experiences presented.

With your permission and blessing. I would like to share that bigger picture. What you glean from this is entirely up to you. This is my vision of reality. If you don’t want to visit or see a different picture, than read this with your eyes closed. As this is my opinion, my truth that I wish to share with those that are wondering about the mirror amide of possibilities that this universe can and does present.

Earth Magnetosphere
Shields up Scotty!

Extinction Level Event

This is not the first time this has happened to Mother Earth. This has happened before at least five times from the information I have found in his-story. Sorry, I miss spelled that.

Five mass extinction events throughout Earth’s history:

Chart of extinction events
Only five. No problem that is just a hand full. Unless!

The first great mass extinction event took place at the end of the Ordovician, when according to the fossil record, 60% of all genera of both terrestrial and marine life worldwide were exterminated.

360 million years ago in the Late Devonian period, the environment that had clearly nurtured reefs for at least 13 million years turned hostile and the world plunged into the second mass extinction event.

The fossil record of the end Permian mass extinction reveals a staggering loss of life: perhaps 80–95% of all marine species went extinct. Reefs didn’t reappear for about 10 million years, the greatest hiatus in reef building in all of Earth history.

The end Triassic mass extinction is estimated to have claimed about half of all marine invertebrates. Around 80% of all land quadrupeds also went extinct.

The end Cretaceous mass extinction 65 million years ago is famously associated with the demise of the dinosaurs. Virtually no large land animals survived. Plants were also greatly affected while tropical marine life was decimated. Global temperature was 6 to 14°C warmer than present with sea levels over 300 meters higher than current levels. At this time, the oceans flooded up to 40% of the continents.

Smaller events have happened throughout history on a very interesting cycle, I might add. The one not mentioned above and the most recent is the great flood of Noah. Each time humanity must start over again.

So there have been more than five, but hey, who’s counting? The past is the past. We should all be concerned about the present. So let’s move on, you can form your own knowledge base about this information because I have a lot of ground to cover and time is short. I happen to respect the Hopi and the Aboriginal view but again that’s just me.

HopiRock Drawing
Choose the high Road

Truth is we have had a very recent Extinction Level Event. Yep! We are Fukashiam-ed. Earthquakes are on the up tick and getting larger with each orbit of the earth. Volcanoes all over the world blowing their tops. The sun and the moon are presenting some very interesting signs, species dyeing all over this planet. Sinkholes, Comets, and meteors galore. Record rainfalls, and flooding. Changing weather patterns with heat and cold records being set throughout the world.  And more planetary alignments and UFO sightings than you can shake a stick at. The Seed Vaults and D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) being built by the world governments. FEMA buying up all the food and the DHS buying all the ammo they can get their hands on. Not to mention the economy that is not bouncing back, and nothing is being done to turn it around. Why is that? Well no sense in fixing something when you know what’s coming. Did you know that just recently an atomic bomb was dropped on Syria? Could this be why they closed all the embassies in the Middle East?  No, it’s all about those bad terrorists. That want to harm us.

I kill you too!

You know, I find it better not to blame anyone for what is about to happen. We are all in this together. I am already given to the power that rules my fate. All one really needs to do is open their eyes and take a look around to see that something is up. Deep down inside we all know what is coming! To say it bluntly. Death for some, new life for others. It’s up to you to decide which one of these you prefer.

No one knows exactly what’s going to happen. Or even when it’s going to happen. But one thing is for sure. It’s starting to happen NOW. The signs are everywhere. Change, it doesn’t happen all at once. It’s a process. Truth be known, Change is the only Constant. Change is growth. If one is not growing than the only option left is dying. Only through knowing can one be growing. There are people out there that are in the know. Did you know, the Queen is stepping down and the Vatican has closed? Rumor has it, she’s already in Denver in the D.U.M.B. there. God save the Queen! I don’t make this stuff up. I just keep my eyes open and look around.

Colliding Galaxies
It’s not like this never happens

When Worlds Collide

I mentioned earlier that we have just recently had an Extinction Level Event and yet we are still here. Well, the radiation from Fukushima has been spreading throughout the Pacific Ocean and our Northern Hemisphere for the last 3 years. There is no stopping the damage that has been done and as we speak more is being released. They have no way of capping Fukushima and no way to control what’s happening there.  Fukushima is not just one reactor. There are ten reactors there. Fortunately, they weren’t all destroyed in the accident. But all it would take for the rest to go is another large earthquake to start a chain reaction. Plus, there have been leaks from power plants on American soil as well.

Oh, it’s not in the mainstream news. Well imagine that. Did you really think by watch T.V. that you where going to be informed? Funny thing about radiation is it can’t be seen, tasted, or felt until it’s to late. Keep your eye out for lightning storms. With all the radiation that’s in the air. They are going to get a lot worse. Starting numerous forest fires. And causing radioactive burns to people near by the lightning strike. Radiation here? One can check the readings and research the information. No, American Idol is on. Maybe later after the 11:00 o’clock news. Forget that, I have to go to work in the morning!

Oh, about that nuke exploded in Syria here’s a video. More radiation being released in the Northern Hemisphere. See for yourself. Their called bunker busters. Small tactical nukes designed to bust open deep underground bases. Well I guess there’s one less in the world. I think that brings them down to 186. If they keep this up there won’t be anywhere to hide when the big event happens. Which is just around the corner.

Comet ISON
Should be a real good show. We just have to wait and see

The Reset

Yep! You guessed it, Comet ISON or could it be Nibiru? Whatever it is, it’s going to change the face of this Earth. There will be the reset to the way things were before the last pole Shift. The powers that be, have known about this for sometime now. They have prepared for the Reset and this may just be an Extinction Level Event, even if the main stream news isn’t saying a word. No sense in panicking the slaves/sheeple. They need us to continue to go to work and pay our taxes so they can buy more food and ammo for themselves. The End of the World as we know it was supposed to happen around December 21, 2012. What they forgot to tell us is that there was a year Zero and that converting the old calendars to our new pagan one they may have left that information out. Plus, they didn’t quite fit together the way they had hoped. You know 360 days is very difficult to extend into 365 days without making a mistake. Oooops, sorry! Oh well we’re on a need to know bases anyway.

Just read the Georgia Guide Stones if you have a need to know.

Georgia Guide Stones
What does that say. It say maintain the people. Looks like no more be Fruitful and Multiply

Nibiru or Planet X

Nubiru or Planet X is another solar system that has what they call a Protostar. NASA says that the star will not come close to the earth. True. But what they aren’t tell you is that our binary twin has seven planets with moons that overlap the orbits of the planets in our solar system. The asteroid belt use to be a planet and was destroyed by one of the passing of this Nibiru system. Another interesting fact is that our earth and possibly Venus may have been captured by the sun we have now during one or more of these passing. Maybe this is why the ancients kept a close eye on this planet. Yea, I know this all sounds far-fetched. But if one keeps an opened mind, some of the information that’s out there makes more sense than this is the only planet throughout the universe with intelligent life.

Do some digging into to the makeup of this planet and the other planets in our solar system and you will come to find that the earth is made up of different elements and vibrates at a different frequency than the others.  Hummm. How could that be?  Well, rumor has it that Nibiru is made-up of Iron creating, the red dust that is coming off and creating it’s wings. Funny thing is that the earth has a lot of Iron on it. And they still can’t explain why the moon has very little iron in comparison. But science sure can come up with some interesting theories. This maybe a stretch. Just pointing out some interesting facts. Like the Schumann resonance of the Earth and the other planets. Now this resonance is changing and discussed in Mother Earth’s New Song. Something is going on. What’s happening? Why now? Anyway, here’s an interesting Video on the effects of another planetary body coming into close vicinity of another planetary body. These effects are of an electromagnetic nature which just might explain some of the abnormalities we are starting to see. Action at distance. We don’t need to be hit by something to have an effect. We could be in big trouble if Nubiru and ISON both come in around the same time.

Nubiru Setting with sun
Yea that looks like camera flair to me.

Don’t worry about all those pictures of twin suns seen at sunset and sunrise all over the world are just camera lens flares.

Blood is Blood

Just another whack job you might be thinking. But at least I am putting the pieces together and not taking somebody else’s word for the truth. Another thing that amazes me is all the old megalithic structures left by our ancestors using huge blocks of stone. Yet, we humans have no idea how they did this and we can’t do this today with all our technology. Wow those caveman were pretty amazing for one step above monkeys.

Yet we believe Darwin never taking into consideration that this whole Darwin theory may just be full of crap. Proof lies in the blood types and the Rh+ and Rh- factor. I heard one way of telling whether one is of human origin or from an other origin is in this Rh factor. If you are Rh- you may have an alien origin. Isn’t it funny that the Rh- blood type is not pick up by whoever is doing this in the abduction cases? There must be something to this being positive stuff. Do your research A, B, AB, O are the blood types. I always found it interesting that ABOiginal is spelled with the first three letters of the blood types.

Fake wound
Don’t freak this is fake blood with a camera flare

And that Blue bloods are Rh- and have a lot of copper in their blood. WTF? Copper, How the hell does that happen? Yea who’s the whack job now? Looks to me like the human being has been hacked at some point and crossbreed with another species. You know, I think I read something about this somewhere. Dee Tee Dee, that’s right the bible of all places. Well isn’t that GODs word? You believe GOD don’t you?

So their blood is Blue. Who cares?
So their blood is Blue.
Who cares?

Speaking of GOD

Speaking of God. Shouldn’t we also talk about the Sun/Son? There just appeared not to long ago and this was even reported by the main stream media. Part of the sun is missing. Giant black hole. Nice try News folks, always trying to scare the bejesus out of the people. Oh my God, a piece broke off the sun and is headed towards earth, we are all going to die! Along with the sun is changing its magnetic poles, We are all going to die! Well nothing broke off the sun. This is called a coronal hole. True, it’s one of the largest I have even seen. I have been watching the sun now for about six months. But as stated the signs that something big is about to happen are everywhere. This is just one of them. Simply what is ever out there in space is electromagnetically affecting the sun. Just imagine if the entire sun looked like that would there be three days of darkness? Well, Yea! Than there was the suns pole shift scare. Truth be known this happens all the time during the solar Maximum and Minimum cycle. I am not sure if they just enjoy scaring us or if they love crying wolf. So when the wolf comes, we will all be caught with our pants down. Left with just enough time to kiss our butts goodbye. Whatever the case they are always trying to scare us for some reason. Of course I have my theory. It appears that fear is a long wave vibration. This vibration has an effect on our DNA.

DNA helix
DNA the stuff we are made off.

The Effect of Fear

Think of it this way. Using the form of a sign wave the longer the wave. That wave crosses the meridian points at a greater distance. If the meridian is your DNA sequencing. A flat line that runs through the wave. Than as this wave crosses those points they firer up. This wave only lights up very few of our DNA sequencing and we are left in a fear base dumbed down state.

Only three point connect here. Imagine this is fear.

Love is the highest vibrational state the human can achieve in this dimension. Love is a very fast short frequency wave. Using the same analogy. In the love vibration more for your DNA can be activated. You don’t think they are using fear as a control mechanism to keep the human in a state they can control? You bet! The more frightened you are the easier you are to control. Remember 911? How easy was it to take away our rights with us all in fear? It’s much more difficult to control someone in love.

Imagine our DNA is the flat line that runs through the wave

Therefore, fear is their weapon against us. They use it every chance they get. Don’t let them control you any longer. Live in Love. This will help you to remember who and what you are. Spirit! The human Spirit that you truly are was created to live in the fifth dimension. This is our true home and where we come from. Something happened that brought our Spirit into this fourth dimensional space where we exist for a short time to learn some valuable lessons and have some amazing experiences. But this is not our home. This is a classroom. With all the cyclic events that happen here on earth. The human species would do better to find another planet to thrive on. This planet would be better off just being a garden planet or zoo. Come for a short visit then head on out. To many Extinction Level Events.

Gray Visitor Species
Poor guys can’t get it on. Well that’s what happens when you think your so smart.

Reptilians Grays and the Hybrids

Our teaches have found value in us and are using us to lift them up were they are not allowed to go. We share this realm with a number of different species from all over the universe. Some of them are using us to create a hybrid race for them self. The abduction phenomenon. They are hoping that this hybrid mix of them self and us will allow them to escape this fourth dimensional realm and move into the fifth. The problem being is that they have no emotions. No compassion! Some like the Grays have such an increased mental capacity that they have lost the ability to reproduce. These races hope we humans hold the key to their survival. The Reptilians and the Grays are in it to win it. But they have lost their way. So after this event there will be a decision made by the higher powers to either kick them off this planet or let the cycle begin again. Where they  repeat the same cycle over again. Trapping us here with them. Let’s pray not.

Reptilian Alien Species
Have you read Lizard Medicine?

I must clarify something here. Not all Reptilians and Grays have this agenda. We are being help by friends in high places. But the fact remains, the majority rules and if after the event there are more of them and their hybrids than of humanity. Well you get the picture. Hence they need to eliminate as many of us as possible and what better way to do it but with a natural cyclic event. However they have made a few miscalculations and dishonored a few treaties. One is that they were not supposed to create a hybrid race. The Sons of God (The Fallen Ones) did this a long time ago. We all know what happened there. The Nephilim. Not the whole truth but we get the picture. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights. And the lesson was not learned.

See it appears they can’t get it right. This guys head is just to big.

Error in Judgement

An other error they made was that they were not to distort our human origins. The books of old along with the bible is a history of human kind. Our history has been distorted through time. They have hidden the truth about Human kind. 80 orbits of the earth around our sun is much time to remember much about ourselves. And as we get older our memory fades.  Where Mankind doesn’t know or remember the truth about themselves. The powers that be, has hidden away the old books and give us their interpretations. What they wanted us humans to know. That we have mistakenly take as the truth. The day of reckoning is at hand.

Plole Shift Extinction Level Event
Pole shift imminent

The Pole Shift

During the next Pole Shift an interesting thing is going to happen. It’s called the Awakening. The energy that is pouring into and on to this earth  from all over the Universe has been blocked since the last Pole shift. Blocked because of the location of the poles. Our south pole now is covered with ice. This ice is made of fresh water and fresh water doesn’t conduct this energy through the earth and out again. Think of it as a battery. Power comes out of the positive pole and into the negative pole. Completing a circuit.  Now put a piece of tape over the negative pole and presto! The flow of energy is cut off.  Our next pole shift is going to take care of this problem. When this happens the earth will once again become energized and so will humanity. This event will fully awaken everyone alive. We will arrive at the totality of our self and be what we truly are. Totally Conscious, totally aware. Totally free to return home or visit our family in the stars.

Coming of Age

It’s not all bad news. We humans have come of age. Yea, some bad things are going to happen to good people but we all must learn the lessons of the Great Spirit and not be concerned about the vessel it fills. Coming of Age or living in Spirit, means we have completed our test here and are ready to move up to the next level. Return, the way I see it. I would gladly hang on a cross and suffer the pain and agony of death knowing that in three days. I would awaken to total freedom and power of the Great Spirit. But that’s the power that rules my fate. What power rules yours?

It’s time to go!

Female Squash Flower
This is a female flower Diddle your squash

Yes there’s more to this story. There are a lot of dots that need connecting. It has taken me a lifetime to get here. This is my vision. Go out and have your own. After reading this you are well on your way. There are bread crumbs left in this blog site that will lead one into their dreams. Enjoy! Thank you for taking the time to visit mine. I have to go water my garden. My plants need me. It seems God is busy with something else at the moment.

Good Luck, and Godspeed, see you on the other side of life. Blessed be!

Extinction Level Event, who cares? I am Rh positive of the blood type O. Some of my friends aren’t and that’s OK with me.

The power of me.
The power of freedom.

Truth is. In excepting my death, I have never felt more alive!

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back


Winky, thumbs up to you
Extinction Level Event. Big Deal. You can come and hangout with me for a spell.

Moving on up in the Extinction Level Event to that deluxe apartment in the sky!

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