Caught Between Two Worlds

We are Experiencing a Duality

We are Caught Between Two Worlds
Our Duality

We are Caught Between Two Worlds at this very moment. The old world we have experienced is falling away. We are experiencing this falling away all around us. Yes it’s frightening. As with any change there are the moments of uncertainty when we get our first glimmer of light and we see for the first time the unknown. Our sense of loss over takes us and we lose touch with our Spirit. Or we realize our lack of Spirit. The old ways and the old beliefs no longer support our world which we have come to understand. So many things are happening all at once. That it is difficult to find a place to take a breath, gather our thoughts and center our feelings. When we look this way we see that. So we look in another direction and we see this. It appears no matter which way we turn, we find this or that.

We are Caught Between Two Worlds.

In The Holographic Projections of Beliefs. I  shared my experience with being Caught Between Two Worlds. The world of my old beliefs and the world of my new beliefs. This is when I realized, Change a Belief, Change a Reality.

Caught Between Two Worlds
Dreams of a old Paradigm. When the dream becomes a nightmare. When do we wake up?

The old world in which we lived is changing, a new paradigm is coming, in fact, has already arrived. See Birthing a New Humanity. The falling away of the old world or paradigm has been prophesied and therefore should be no surprise. At this very moment a number of new energies are enveloping the earth and humanity. These new energies are the Cause and Effect of this shift. Being sent to us from the source, or creation itself. A freeing Gift. It’s time that humanity fulfill its destiny. As humanity has been under the yoke of negativity for far to long and is in fact holding back the uplifting of other beings. Our Mother Earth is a living being and she has made the choice to uplift her consciousness in harmony with the energies she is experiencing. She has free will.

Therefore, We are Caught Between Two Worlds. Which leaves humanity with a choice. It’s called an exercise in free will. We have all been taught that we have free will. Well, now is the moment in which, we as human beings get to exercise it. We can exercise it to stay within the old paradigm. Keeping our old beliefs and the reality they reflect. Or follow Mother Earths example and join her in her new paradigm. Leaving the old world/paradigm behind.

The Knowing of Knowing

There are three definitions of knowledge or experiences we humans can experience. The known. Which is everything we know at this moment. Everything we are and have experienced. Right up to this very moment. The known then becomes very comfortable to us. Simply stated, We know it. The old paradigm is that known knowledge. In fact we have our beliefs and applied faith to this knowing. We have invested a lot of our being into this knowing. This is what makes it so difficult to see it all fall away. Yet it’s doing that very thing right before our eyes.

The Key hole
Seeing a New Paradigm

Thus we discover the next experience.

The unknown. Although the unknown sounds really scary. It’s just the unknown. The interesting thing about the unknown is that it is knowable. Once experienced the unknown becomes the known. And we are right back where we started. Or are we? As the unknown is a completely different experience than the known. We humans placed the unknown into our known, and again we become comfortable. So one could say our known just became bigger. I like the idea that we have faced the fear of the unknown and our spirit has grown to experience the unknown as something known. But in our reality all we have really done was face our fear and Presto!

Then there’s the unknowable.  Now the unknowable sounds really, really scary, because let’s face it. It’s unknowable. But let me ask you. Now that you have faced the fear of the unknown. Is there any difference between the two, the unknown and the unknowable? Spelling doesn’t count. The interesting thing about the unknowable is that although it can’t be placed into our known. The unknowable can be experienced. This maybe uncomfortable to us, as it’s kind of like experiencing hemorrhoids. It’s unknowable to us, how we got them. But the uncomfortable feeling of the experience, let’s us know it’s there. Maybe not the best example. But it’s difficult, if not impossible to describe the unknowable when it’s the unknowable. And yes, hemorrhoids are scary and uncomfortable.

The whole reason for going over this information again is that this new paradigm is either the unknown or the unknowable. What we are really faced with here is the fear of being Caught Between Two Worlds. When one realizes that this new paradigm is going to be a wonderful experience because all the negative aspects of the old paradigm will be done away with. Our new experiences will be filled with excitement, love and joy. Then what is left to fear but the fear itself?

Reality Check Ahead
The Signs are everywhere.

The New Paradigm

Onward to the New Paradigm. How exciting! As stated above The Earth and Humanity is being affected by numerous new energies. Some have to do with the space we are in, in space. Some having to do with all these in coming objects into our solar system. Some having to do with our galaxy and the black hole. Some having to do with the upliftment of the whole universe. We have come to discover that our so-called universe is made up of dimensions. And I don’t want to try to explain all the theories that lead scientist to this conclusion. The String Theory is the best example. It states that there are eleven dimensions or branes each vibrating at a different frequency or resonance. Each brane is a single dimension. Thus when we put the eleven together, we call this the known Universe. Simplified yes. But the point I wanted to make with all this fancy talk is. What we are feeling and experiencing , what Mother Earth is feeling is the creation and expansion of a brand new twelfth brane. This in turn will uplift all the other branes at the same time. Called ascension or as I stated, upliftment. How cool is that?

So all this chaos, we are experiencing is what happens when a new vibration is introduced to an old vibration. At first there is a mixing of points and counterpoints of these two frequencies. Soon after that there becomes a harmony or blending of the frequencies as they reach equilibrium.

String Theory
Here comes the big finger to play a New Song

Picture this. Close your eyes. Just kidding, than you can’t read on. We have one string vibrating. This vibration causes energy in the surrounding area. Next to it we have another string. And a large finger comes and plucks that string. Now we have two strings vibrating and the energy of the two affects the area. But wait there’s more!

Humanity has a frequency or let’s say a vibration. For a long time now there have been two notes. The note of the first string, and the note of humanity all vibrating. The frequency of the past was a combination of these two notes. And to be quite honest the sound was terrible. A long comes this big finger and plucks this other string. And Presto! We now have a chord. At first the new chord sounds like shit. But as humanity changes its vibration to harmonize with the other two strings, we hear beautiful music. This is why it is so important that humanity changes its vibration to harmonize with their sounding vibrations. It’s Mother Earths New Song. Not the same old song second verse. That song is finished. Tada!

Mushroom Cloud
Yep, Tada! Up in a Cloud of Smoke and Ash


If you want to understand the truth. All these visitor visitations are the audience coming from far and wide to hear Mother Earth’s New Song that is about to start. And yes, some of the visitors like the old song and are booing as the performers come on stage. But they are free to leave anytime they like. And those that wish to remain and cause a disturbance as the New Song starts will be thrown out of this concert and asked not to return. As the other visitors that came here to hear the New Song, don’t want to be disturbed. Being a musician, The first thing we did after setting up our equipment was to tune our instruments to each other. So that way when we plucked a cord. The strings where vibrating at the same frequency thus making beautiful music. Yep, that’s the truth. If you don’t believe it. Here’s the big finger.

The Finger
What the?

The new paradigm is the New Song. One can either sit back and enjoy the concert. Or better yet, get up and dance. As this always made us musicians play better because we were all enjoying the music. Feeling the vibrations along with the energy of the dance is why we stated playing music to begin with and why you came to listen. It’s the high.

So the deepest question I have for you is? What kind of music do you want to hear. We take requests! If you know how to play, maybe we will have you sit in on a few tunes. The more the merrier.

So relax, yes things look really bad right now, and we are hearing and seeing all kinds of crap. Feeling some pain as the old paradigm falls away, This is to be expected. Just remember the big finger has a hand connected to it. And we need a hand right now. May I suggest, you tune your instrument up to the music frequency inside your heart. Once you’re tuned up and you know the song. Just walk on up, plug-in, and join the song. We can always us the help.

We are playing in the Key of Spirit.

Key of Spirit
The Key of Spirit unlocks the door to freedom of the Heart

We may be Caught Between Two Worlds, but we won’t be for long. There’s a new paradigm on the way, how wonderful is that? Are you ready? One and, two and, three and,

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Sing your Song


Winky, thumbs up to you
I am a whole note in the New Song of life.

Caught Between Two Worlds, just step into one.

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