Fire in the Sky

The Shape of Things to Come

Fire in the Sky
There’s Fire in the Sky. What could it be?

There’s Fire in the Sky. One would have to be blind not to notice. Yes, there are meteors, satellites and comets. What I am referring to is the UFO phenomenon. The question is not are we alone? Not anymore. The real question is, who are they and why are they here?

If in doubt UFOs are real, Watch this Video.

Records indicate that we have been visited by 58 different races from the stars or wherever. Of course this has been since we have kept records. The Russians have a book that they have kept called Alien Races. In which they have recorded the contacts they have made, and you can bet our U.S. government has done the same.

Fire in the Sky, could be man made
Phoenix Lights? Could be.
Our governments secret space program.

Our hidden governments have been back engineering theses craft for a long time now and have built their own. It is my understanding that the triangular craft are these very craft. Triangle like the pyramid shape. Imagine that! Who could be behind these craft? LOL One would have to believe that the Illuminati exist. But now days is that such a stretch? The shape of the craft usually indicates the race that the craft represents. However there are imposters out there.

The Shape of Things to Come

UFO Fire in the Sky
The shape of things to come. Their here already.

As mentioned the shape indicates the race. There are round or orb shape. Cigar and saucer shape, bell shape, hat shape, star shape, top and diamond shape, and the latest horseshoe shape UFO in our skies. Everyone is coming to hear Mother Earth’s New Song,

The shapes of things to come

There’s Fire in the Sky, and Caught Between Two World’s expands on this concept. Not all the races are friendly towards humanity but at this time there is a good number that are. Those friendlies are here to help Mother Earth through her changes and humanity as well. Get to know them.

But they will not do everything for us, as humanity has to meet them half way and ask for the help they need. Humanity has been under the yoke of the (Service to Self) races for a while now. The others, (Service to Others), have come to help Gaia, as she is called, and humanity rid themselves of these Service to Self races. That’s their job and I must say, Thank You, very much for your help, and keep up the good works. We can’t do it without you.

New Human Paradigm
Our Brothers and Sisters are here to help. If you will let them

Those of us in Service to Others will be fine during these troubling times. I am not saying there won’t be hardships. Look at what Mother Earth has had to endure. This is a fact of change. But be assured that you are being cared for, and so is Gaia. We are Loved.

Gaia our Mother Earth
Gaia and her children. A new day is dawning.

Those in Service to Self, well see ya. I wouldn’t want to be ya! As Mother Earth has had enough of your raping and pillaging. She wants them out of her life and those that love her and care for her are welcome to stay.

Birthing a New Humanity expresses where humanity is headed in this new paradigm and whether one believes it or not, doesn’t change the truth. As truth doesn’t needs ones belief to remain truth. Because truth survives ones skepticism, even if one doesn’t believe. That is the beauty of truth. The truth will still be the truth whether one believes or not. The same can not be said about lies. Lies need belief for them to continue. Lies only exist because one believes them to be truth. Without this belief, lies simply disappear. So believe or don’t believe, it makes no difference to the truth. It was once said, “We the gods, will live as long as the humans believe in us. The day the humans no longer believe in us, all the gods will disappear.” The truth can set us free, from the fear, drama, and conflict in our lives. This is absolute truth, and can’t be said any more simply than this. They are not Gods!

Alien in Background
They are not Gods!
Alien Sighting
Does this look like a god to you? Nor does it look all that friendly.

There’s Fire in the Sky

So how does one know if the craft they are seeing is friend or foe? Since there are imposters. This is where ones connection to Spirit comes in. If one is connected to Spirit. Than the feeling one gets when confronted by the visitation is the key. Whether it’s the craft or the beings them self, it’s the feeling one has inside that is the sign. If one feels and overwhelming fear, than follow your intuition, and heed the warning. Set up energy boundaries within ones self and around ones self. As we are very powerful beings. The truth is, if one does this and those beings still persists in the confrontation, than chances are they are not friendly. Rebuke them. They are there to feed off your fear.

Alien on Video
They are here to feed off your fear. Become a happy meal, if you want.

Friendlies will not confront someone who is not ready. Their goal is to meet one on a level of LOVE and understanding. The friendlies will only present themselves. If and when you are ready. They are waiting for your call. Therefore, if one sees something, and feels almost giddy inside. Lighthearted and at peace, say hello to your bothers and sisters from the stars or wherever. You are ready to meet them. Share the LOVE. We humans have a lot to learn. Good thing we have friends in high places. The lessons are on their way, are you present?

To see a good friend in action, watch this video.

There’s Fire in the Sky, the key here is not to get burned.

Knowledge is Power

Experience Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Heads Up


Winky, thumbs up to you
I am an orb. See you soon.

Is it better to burn out, or just fade away? There’s Fire in the Sky, time to meet the family.

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