And Then it Hit Me

Just Let it Go, Just Walk Away

Let it Go and find your Freedom
And Then it Hit Me. Just Let it Go, Walk Away.

I thought I found the strength I had been seeking all my life. And Then it Hit Me, Just Let it Go.

The more I had to defend. The tighter I cling, ever so tightly, to the thing, I was fearing to lose. The more strength it took from me,  the weaker I became.

And Then it Hit Me, Just Let it Go, Just Walk Away in strength.

That thing I was clinging to; was never really mine.

Letting Go
Just Let it Go. Cling to nothing and you will have nothing to defend.

So why was I holding on so tightly? Was it pride, a principle, was it fear, was it ego, was it belief? The one thing I do know, it’s not Love. Love is open arms and the tighter I cling and close my arms around this thing, I was trying to hold on to. I found, I was always left holding only myself. Every time.

And then it Hit Me. I am tired of playing the game of life that is fixed. So why try? Why do your best trying and trying and expending all that energy playing a game that is already lost.

And Then it Hit Me. If you don’t want to lose the game. Don’t play it.

And Then it Hit Me, Just Let it go. All my life I have battled for everything I thought I wanted, and once I got it. I had to fight to keep it. And yet every time I had to give it up, or it was taken from me by someone or some act.

This lead me to believe that I was weak, and useless. That I must be a bad person and that God was punishing me for my sins. I found myself holding back from the things I loved. Pushing them farther and farther away. Because I didn’t deserve them. And Then it Hit Me, Just Let it Go and stop believing all those lies.

And Then it Hit Me
In the process of letting Go, we become lighter than air.

And Then it Hit Me.

I have been going through some tough challenges, like we all have. This is where you say, join the crowd.

I found myself wanting to prove I was right. I knew I was right and had the proof. The feeling was so strong. I wanted to kick some butt and take some names and had ready myself for the challenge, with the truth. Thinking that the truth will set me free.

I hadn’t prepared for the challenge of the lies and the having the game fixed in their favor. They don’t care for the truth. Is this a conspiracy theory. This game I was playing goes to the length of changing the meaning of common words in the instructions so one in truth, never knows the rules.

Because in their reality they make them up as the game goes along.

I felt real strong starting the game and then realized they were not playing by the same rules. They wanted me to follow the set of rules that came with the box. While they had their secret rules that only they knew.

So needless to say, I was playing by the box rules and they were playing their secret rules.

I felt like the wind had been taken out of my sails. Lost, adrift, powerless, heading for the rocks.

And Then it Hit Me, Just Let it Go.

A Ship of Lies
Abandon the Ship of lies. It’s sinking.

I started thinking those old thoughts that I am weak and useless. Even though I had the truth and was living in truth. I never considered that the truth and lies don’t mix. In fact they will never come together. I have always attempted to live in truth and express the truth through out my lifetime. Being an impeccable Spirit is my main goal, feeling the position of strength. Truth has strength. But in a world of lies, fraud, misrepresentation and theft. How much strength is truth really have?

Since truth and lies are of opposite polarities? It’s like peeing, in an ocean of lies. Can one really notice the drops of truth, in all those lies?

Peeing in the Ocean
Not all drops are like.

And Then it Hit Me, Just Walk Away. Truth does not have to compromise for the lie.

Be in the World, not of it. Truth can come from a place of strength within self. Truth is truth.

And the strength truth has saved, not swimming around in all those lies, allows truth to be even more powerful.

If the playing field was balanced than truth is more powerful than lies. In the unbalanced playing field of lies.

The truth can not win. It can play a good game but rarely does it win. Lies use the power of belief for them to have power. As long as one believes in their lies. One is not living their truth. Therefore ones truth can not win.

Without belief in the lie. The lie has no power over truth.

We are born in truth. We grow up believing in lies. The biggest lie we have been taught to believe, is the lie of our imperfection.

Just Let it Go, Just Walk Away

Gaia our Mother Earth Living in Truth
Giaia and her children. Living in the wonderful  of the world. What a glorious time to be free.

And Then it Hit Me, Just Walk Away, live in truth. That’s power, that’s strength, that’s the Spirit of love. When a person has nothing. I mean nothing, no job, no money, no car, no home, no cell phone, no family, no friends, and the list goes on and on. What can a lie take away?

And Then it Hit Me, a pound of flesh? To be honest, there are growths that I would like to cut off this aging body. So they can have that pound of flesh. So when a person truly has nothing, they will have nothing to defend.

And then it will Hit you too. Let it Go, and Just Walk Away. You will, at the very least, have the truth.

The truth will set you free.

I never felt so empowered until now, and all it took was nothing, nothing at all.

And Then it Hit Me, Let it Go and Just Walk Away
A picture worth a thousand words. And this one says it all.

And Then it Hit Me, Let it Go. And then Just Walk Away!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

And Then Just Walk Away


Winky, thumbs up to you
These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do.

I am so tired of living in a world lies.

And Then it Hit Me, Let it Go, And Just Walk Away!

3 thoughts on “And Then it Hit Me

    1. Hi icare2day, Thank You for responding with you comment and your like to my post “And Then it Hit Me” The self+empowerment that one gets when one finally realizes the truth is truly beyond words. It feels wonderful to know that I am not alone. Armed with the truth and being able to let go was tough for me at first. And Then it Hit Me, just walk away from the lie. It really made sense once I got. I understand your comment Truth triumps. Most people would believe you left the h out of the spelling by accident. However once one understands this post and realizes the h stands for hell. They will stand in truth as well. Truth does triumph. But truth is going to have to build it’s own world. The world in which we lived. Was built on lies. And don’t see away at this point, how truth and lies can come together. It appeared to me that they are separated by a door. One has to step through that door to move into truth. The name on the door is Freedom. I am glad to see there are more people in the room with us. Anybody know where the Bar is, I need a drink? Thanks Again, Cheers, Bottoms up!

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