A Battle with Reason

There’s no reason for it. Reason that is.

In Doubtyour in a Battle with Reason
A Battle with Reason. There’s this reason and that reason. You can’t do it

I woke up this morning in A Battle with Reason. We all have A Battle with Reason at some point in our lives. As we rely on our reasons for just about everything we Reason. We Reason this and we Reason that. And for some reason, Reason has answer for everything. Well imagine that? This should be our first clue that something about our Reason, just isn’t right. How could some aspect of our mind have all the answers? Because we are so smart? We are in tune with ourselves? We got an education? We are able to Reason things out. Yea, right. Aren’t you Special? Want to tag along while I kick some butt? One never knows, it could be a good fight and there might be blood. And one just might figure out what their Reason really is. I’m not promising anything but a fight for less Reason.

To make the reading easier I capitalized R for the concept of our Reason. The little r is just reasons. The italics is the Voice of Reason, You know, just in case you needed a reason for your Reason. Get it?

A Battle with Reason
There’s no reason that porpoise should be jumping out of the water.

A Battle with Reason, first punch.

We never stop to consider, that Reason is the reason, We are so unreasonable. Even now you are in A Battle with Reason, to reason out, what I just said. And the reasons behind my Reason for saying it. And of course Reason has a reason. A Battle with Reason allows one to see that Reason, that consent reaffirmation from within ones mind, is a battle we must win to set ourselves free from our Reason for everything. Take a moment and ask yourself this question. I’ll wait. (The Jeopardy song is playing in the background, hear it?) Is it possible that there maybe no reason for Reason? We believe for some reason that thinking about something is Reasoning. Who told you that, your Reason? When in truth, it is just Reason reaffirming a description of what we Reason to believe are the reasons why Reason exists. And nothing can exist without a Reason. We’ll SEE.

The Three Attentions of Human Kind
I have no Reason, therefore I see

Take a tree, for example. We see a tree, the way we see a tree. Because our Reason has a description of that tree, we believe that description to be reasonable. We were taught, that’s a tree, Bobby! It’s this, and it does that. We can do this and that with it. So our Reason stored that description because it believed it was reasonable. So we see the tree as a description of our Reason. And our Reason will defend that description in a Battle with Reason. With itself. Go figure!

We see that tree, we know its a tree. But our Reason has never stopped it’s reasoning of its description long enough to consider that the tree is a living being. That it may have consciousness. It may ever have a Reason of its own. It may have feeling and Intent. It may even think. Sure, our Reason knows it’s alive. But what kind of life may that tree experience? Could that tree share its experience with us about being a tree? After all our Reason, reasons it’s just a tree. From its description of a tree. And there’s no reason to talk with a tree and ask it about its self, because trees can’t talk.

The Spirit in trees
What’s your Reason say about this. Trees can talk. You just need to listen

What if we could turn off our Reason or reasoning for just a moment? Would we see the world in a different way? Are you in a battle with Reason now, to turn off your Reason. It’s not going to let you, without a fight. It may even reason with you and say. Without Reason you won’t be able to live. And without Reason you won’t be able to know anything or have reasons. Because, I Reason is the one, that gives you all the reasons you live. And you need a Reason. Right?

To that Reason, I say Bullshit! Sorry, I couldn’t reason an other word, because I have to turn off my Reason to have a reason to write, A Battle with Reason. Otherwise there is no reason to write it. What?

In (Inner Silence) there is way to turn off Reason even for just a moment. So that one can become aware of what Reason really is. And in (Energy Body) one finds the level were Reason resides. In (Computer Human) one finds the programming Reason uses. So don’t listen to my Reason for the reasons. Find the truth for yourself and experience a moment without Reason. If your Reason will let you. LOL.

The essence of my life
Seeing is a full body awareness. Using all the senses. I was laughing with you

I am not laughing at you. I am laughing at my Reasons, reasons for not allowing one to act/experience reality without a Reason, for it (REASON). And Reason punches like a Girl.

So, I am going to challenge your Reason, with a few questions. If there is some reason you don’t want your Reason challenged. Well, find a reason to quit reading this post. Here I’ll help you.

This guy is full of shit. Oh, here’s a good one. Where’s the proof? I always loved that reason. And here’s the best one. There’s no reason for me to challenge my Reason. There’s no reason for it. After all, I am a reasonable person and I don’t see a reason to read this unReasonable stuff, this guy is writing about, A Battle with Reason, really. How can somebody fight something that can’t be seen. It’s so unReasonable, who could possible believe this Reason stuff anyway? I mean listen to him! He’s talking to his Reason, about his Reason. He must be nuts! He talking to himself! And we all know what that means. If this is what turning off your Reason does to a person. Then I better have a good reason, for continuing to read, A Battle with Reason. Because this stuff is just unReasonable. Whoever heard of such a thing as turning off your Reason anyway. Really! No reason, for Reason. How unReasonable!

No Reason to get excited
Yea, My thoughts exactly!

I wonder? If I turn off my Reason, will I be able to turn it back on again? Is that even possible? I need my Reason. And of course Reason has reasons why.

Holy smokes, are you still reading, A Battle with Reason? If you are, Congratulations! You have just had your first battle with Reason. Any wounds? I didn’t think so. Man, and I haven’t even ask the questions of your Reason yet. Ok, you had your chance and your Reason was warning you.

The signs of Reason
Aren’t they just one in the same

Warning, warning,  you are about to have a Battle with Reason.

I’ll start with some easy questions first.

How can a one-celled creature evolve into all the creatures that are present on the earth today? Oh that’s easy, science has the theory of evolution. Ok Reason, where’s the missing link for mankind? I don’t know humanity hasn’t found it yet. But it’s there somewhere. Isn’t a theory just a theory until proven, isn’t a Theory a contemplative and rational type of abstract or generalizing thinking, or the results of such thinking? Well yes that’s true. Good at least I haven’t started lying to myself just yet. So it’s just thinking. Yep!

Staying on the same topic. How come man has 23 chromosomes and all the families of apes have 24? So how could mankind evolve from apes and then drop a chromosome? Ah, I don’t know maybe you should go back to school and figure that one out. Well, Reason your really not much help are you? Do I have to answer that?

How did the ancient caveman move all those big rocks around building all those ancient monoliths and buildings without some type of technology? They had ropes, and pulled them around. Oh come on Reason, you really expect me to believe that? Well that’s the theory. Oh, boy here we go in logic circles.

Is the Moon really hollow? When the scientists hit it with a satellite bomb, it rang like a bell for almost an hour. It could be hollow, because if it was solid there should have been a thud and bells are hollow. Isn’t that interesting. Hey, how come we haven’t been back to the moon in over 25 years? That’s a secret, and I could get killed for giving you the answer. So what you’re saying is, what I don’t know can’t hurt me. That’s one way of looking at it, but really what you don’t know the government won’t hurt you for not knowing it. Fair enough, See I am a Reasonable man. Yea, if it wasn’t for me, your Reason, you would be dead already. Oh really, your that important? You bet ya!

Here’s a good question for you Reason.

Why does our Reason believe that GOD, the creator of all, the source of all things, is a male? When was the last time a male gave birth to anything, besides a big turd? Do you have a reason? Well yes I do, and this is something I feel. Which I don’t think about because, I don’t think about my feels, I feel them. Hey wait a minute that’s not fair you are supposed to run everything through me, your Reason, so I can give you my answers and the reasons you are having those feelings. You mean to tell me, that feelings aren’t feelings, their thoughts? No. So I can derive information from my feelings that have nothing to do with you, Reason. Yes that’s true but I wouldn’t recommend it, because you need me, to make sense of everything for you. After all I give you the reasons and without the reasons there would be no need for Reason. Now we are getting somewhere.

What if, the real creator/source was a female? Would you Reason find a reason that isn’t so? What? What was that? A reason! Well, I’ll be! You have a Reason for everything. At least my Reason tells me so. Hummm. Now you are starting to make me angry. What you mean to tell me, Reason has feeling? How, could that be? Well, because, Blah, Blah, Blah.

A Battle with Reason and It's Descriptions
Ok, That sounds Reasonable. Great that gives me a reason for the Reason for GOD

Yep, I told you your Reason would have a reason for everything. But no, you wouldn’t listen. What’s the reason for that? That’s ok, there’s more.

Can Consciousness/Spirit exist, without a reason for its existence? Why? Careful that’s a trick question. Well, do you have a reason why you exist? Just checking! How did you do? Did you hear a reason/Reason? And if you did, was that reason, Reasonable? If you didn’t you are getting close to turning off your Reason. Don’t worry it will come back. But you may not want it too. You have feeling remember and they aren’t just for feeling them. There’s information, a knowing in your feelings. Learning to trust your feelings without Reasoning them out may just open you up to a whole new understanding of yourself. Where knowing is instantaneous without the need for thinking. I think, LOL

Is it possible that your Reason is not your Reason, but the mind of something else that has possessed you? An unseen being putting Ideas in your head controlling you and your actions, and making you believe it is your Reason giving you reasons? Thus, we are possessed by a need to know and Reason everything out? ALL RIGHT, THAT’S IT! I have had enough of this Reason for reasons shit. This is just unReasonable. Now you are talking about aliens, or spirits, or Demons. Where’s the proof? Calm Down Reason, Just answer the question. Well anything is possible. Oh, was that a reason? Well yes!

Well answer me this Reason. Why do you have a reason for everything? Why do we have a need to know knowledge through Reason? Oh, that’s easy, Because that’s Reason’s job. To give you reasons for everything, so you can go on living. Understanding, believing, so things make sense. Oh, but somethings don’t make sense unless I use my senses. And you Reason, don’t want me to do that because you lose control. Well than I can’t do my job.

A Battle with Reason, where pigs fly
There’s no reason, we can’t fly. I don’t have a Reason, do you?

Ok, what do you (Reason) get out of it? How do you get paid, you have a job right? What do you receive in return for doing your job? Well, that’s none of your business. What I do and how I get paid, those are my reasons. It’s just a job, and I have to do my job or I won’t have a job.

A job A? You have failed miserably at your job, because you have failed to give me a reason why Reason even exists? You haven’t given me a reason for my existence, the existence of GOD, or the existence of the universe and reality. Why do we die, is there life after death, do I have a soul, where’s my Spirit located? Can trees talk? Can I leave my body and place my consciousness in a tree so I can experience a trees reality? What are dreams? Are dreams real? What do they mean? Why is there good and evil, darkness and light? WAIT! I don’t have reasons for those questions. Haven’t you figured those out yet? I thought that was your job, Reason.

Got yea! Who the hell are you talking too? And you thought, I was nuts! Oh, here it comes. The reason for Reason. Well you asked me a question, and I had to answer you, because you wanted a Reason. Yep, and you fell for it hook, line and sinker. And I was just fishing.

So, if I am me and you are (Reason), Than what the hell are you doing inside my head? Ah, I live here? Who invited you in here? Ah, you did? I give you reasons, you think, it’s thinking and human beings have to think. How else will they know anything? Well since you asked  Reason. That’s an easy question. I can feel and just know from my feelings, so I don’t need you. Knowledge doesn’t come from just thought, it comes from the my Spirit. My Spirit is connected with the Great Spirit and the Great Spirit knows all. So I can feel the Great Spirit and just know. Therefore, I am asking you to leave and let me be with the Great Spirit. As I no longer need your reasons for my existence. I Am, That, I Am. And I Am doesn’t need a Reason any more to be I AM. I have Spirit. I can be I Am Spirit without Reason to be. I don’t need some free loader Reason, giving me reasons for the Reason of my existence. Or even not giving me reasons, which seems to be the case with you Reason. I was born without Reason, and I AM here in Spirit. And chances are I’ll die without you Reason ever giving me a reason for my death. I have Spirit and my Spirit has feelings. Therefore, I don’t need you, Reason, to continue to give me reasons to live. I can live without Reason. I can live in Spirit with Spirit, feeling Spirit. And there’s no room for you inside me, as Spirit has filled me with love from a kiss. There’s no reason for love. Love just is. So buzz off. Take a hike! Go back from where you came. I will not listen and believe your reasons anymore. You don’t serve me, you serve yourself. You are so unReasonable. As I have grown to trust my feelings, my Spirit. As there are no reasons for Reason anymore! Buzz off. I have grown tired of your bullshit reasons, Reason. You are useless to my Spirit as my heart as a mind of its own. It knows the truth without having to ask you, Reason for your reasons. GET OUT!

A Battle with Reason my just set you Free
Ah, free at last from all those reasons for Reason

The End of Reason, for Now. A Battle with Reason!

POP, and the buzzing of Reason stops. And in the distance I hear, you’ll be sorry! Not as sorry, as I was with all your reasons….  Ah, Inner Silence. Hello Spirit. What’s this, an Energy Body? Well thank you very much! What’s uuuup!

I have more questions, and I bet you do too, but without a Reason, for some reason, I just know the answers all ready. Man, I have a headache after that, and a bloody nose. I bet you do too, after following me into A Battle with Reason. Thanks for standing by my side while I battled with Reason. You didn’t get hurt, did you? Here, let me put a band-aid on your Reason and make it feel all better.

There is a reason for Reason. The problems arise when our Reason forgets its reason for being here. It’s a control freak it loves to control everything. The Spirit/Consciousness that we truly are, has to sometimes kick some butt on our Reason, and put it in its proper place. It’s place is NOT above our Spirit, controlling everything we, think, say, do, feel, and experience, but a tool of our Spirit. To make its passing here convenient. Spirit isn’t the domain of Reason, where Reason has a reason for everything. It’s catching a ride on our Spirit, as our Spirit already has all the answers. We just have to move closer to Spirit to know the answers. Without even asking the questions. We know, Reason has no reasons for Spirit. So who needs it? All Reason has ever done is to look out for its self. Protecting it’s food source. Feeding you with all kinds of thoughts and emotions like fear. So that it can continue to feed off you, and feed you, it’s reasons you need to fear this and that. In Spirit there is no fear. Therefore no food source for Reason. Live in Spirit and starve your Reason. You’ll be glad you did. Unless you enjoy being eaten up by something called Reason.

This old man is tired of all the reasons we can’t live in love and harmony with each other in Spirit. Our Reason has all the reasons why we can’t. Truth is we have listen to those reasons for far to long. This old man can still kick some butt if he needs to, and my Reason needed an ass kicking. Hey, I didn’t start A Battle with Reason, I just woke up remember? But he sure can end the fight with Reason for no reason whatsoever. Live in Reason or live in Spirit, There’s no Reason not to make a choice. Choose Spirit, unless you have a Reason not too!

Live in Spirit. It's what we truly are.
In A Battle with Reason it takes Spirit to kick some ass if you want to win the fight!

Licking my wounds from A Battle with Reason

It’s the average person who forgets because their Reason makes them forget. We aren’t average any more. The reality in which we exist, is a description, a reflection that your Spirit WILLs into being, with the (Power of Intent), which makes it happen, we have been taught this description of reality. Reason makes us forget that the description, we believe, is just a description by giving us so many reasons. Everything I have written about, well not everything. Sometimes I just had fun, like in, (I Love you, just having fun and wondering). A Battle with Reason Is simply to awaken the idea that the world/reality isn’t necessary the way we Reason it to be. Either are we for that matter. However, It is just a description. Just remember, what is happening here is just simply this, and nothing more. We are simply exchanging one description, for another description. The only difference is that this new description has more aspects of magic, power, and the mystery of you in it. Than our old description. The description of flesh and bones, and Reason. And (Then it Hit Me).

It is my sincere hope that by allowing you to venture inside me to the depths of my Spirit, in  A Battle with Reason. And by opening myself up for your visit, in an act of love. That you have been able to see a new or larger description that allows you to get closer to your Spirit. All the answers you seek are already answered there. Your heart doesn’t need a reason to keep on beating. Nor does it need a Reason to feel Love. It just does. Follow your hearts example. This is what it means to move into the heart, follow your path with heart. We are all still the same Spirit we have always been. We have simply changed our description to access, become more aware, of our Spirit, and what we truly are. No big deal. No secret. Don’t thank me. It’s just an act of personal power. We all have it. Now you know how to us it. You can do it, or do what you WILL with your personal power. It was just A Battle with Reason. And an act of love, with the power of intent to birth a new human paradigm. For us all. It’s our destiny, whether you like it or not. No Reason needed.

Finding your Spirit in a Battler with Reasom
Spirit doesn’t need a Reason to Be. It just is. Get use to it.

The Return of Reason

Oh man, did I just give you a bunch of reasons. Oh, my Reason is back with more reasons, and another ass kicking is on the way. Reason you don’t give up so easily do you? Put them up Reason! This is going to hurt you, more than it hurts me. Where have I heard something like that before? I know, I just like it better this way for some reason. A Battle with Reason. Will it even end?….. Yep!

Now that’s the most Reasonable thing you said Reason.

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdow

Take your Power Back

No Reason for all the reasons


Winky, thumbs up to you
What, was he just talking to himself? This guy is nuts. Or is he?

My Reason just got its butt Kicked, for some known reason. In A Battle with Reason, Don’t worry about the reasons for the blood.

3 thoughts on “A Battle with Reason

  1. This battle with Reason for me was the much longed for kick in the ass and never knew I needed. To be able to witness the voice of Reason was so helpful within the “talking to myself dialogue”. Heart cracked open and I could feel Light swelling up the voice of Reason for no reason. Thanks and Love to you!

    1. Danielle, Thank you so very much for commenting. You have blessed me. This old man takes a long time to kick ass. I just can lift my legs as high as I use too. I am happy the visual had power for you. I try not to pull any punches. I am happy it touched your heart. I do have band-aids. Don’t hit like a girl. Let it fly and slap than reason into submission. Thanks Again much love to you and yours.

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