Lies, Lies, and More Lies

How can you tell if Someone is Lying? Their Lips are moving!

In Truth I pray!
Our Power, our strength comes from our Spirit. Our Heart knows the Truth. Isn’t time we find the Truth for ourselves.

OK, that’s not really fair. But it’s the truth. If they are telling you their story chances are they are telling you Lies, Lies, and More Lies. Our emotions are real. Our suffering and pain our heart feels is true. However the reason why we suffer may not be true at all. Humans are possessed with reasons, by distorted images of ourselves. This is why we are no longer free. The good thing here is that you can’t see my lips moving.

Aren’t you tired of the Lie, Lies, and more Lies? No, this not about our Government Lying to its people. It’s about us, our self lying to ourselves. For the longest time I had been lying to myself.

It’s not OK, that we tell our self Lies, Lies, and More Lies. It’s time we step into the truth and quit lying. How can we tell we are lying to our self, since we can’t see our lips moving? We have to ask our heart. Our mind loves to play tricks on us. It loves to tell us we are this and should be that. We listen to it and put on a facade trying to be what we believe we should be, instead of being our true self. We live in our mind instead of our heart.

So if by chance you are hearing these thoughts of self, then believing them you are listening to Lies, Lies, and More Lies. When someone lives from the heart, they don’t hear the truth. They feel it, and there lies the difference.

The Touch of God
We feel in so many ways. Our Heart knows the Difference.

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

I love this example I learned about years ago, maybe you have heard it before. If not, I’ll share it with you now, so you can quit telling yourself Lies, Lies, and More Lies. And step into the truth and move into your heart. Closer to your Spirit.

People are different that’s for sure. However we are really more like than we are truly different. Let’s say you’re a plum. No, we are not fruit. Quite!, mind so my heart can write this. You’re a plum. You can be an apple, if you want to and most of the time, we tell ourselves Lies, Lies, and More Lies to be that apple our mind tell us we really want to be. We have to be an apple.

Original Sin
Ah, come on! An Apple really? You have got to be lying.

We thought we wanted to be an apple. Why? Because people really like apples. And this person I thought I loved, loves apples they eat them everyday, They tell me how much they like apples, I see them looking at apples all the time. They love everything about apples. The red skin, how it has different colors that all blend together. The shape, size, and smell of apples. The white juicy meat inside that tastes so sweet when you bite into one as the juice runs down your chin. I mean, how could one not love an apple. Even Eve loved an apple. But that’s another story that is most likely Lies, Lies, and More Lies so we won’t go there. Today! But I am not going to lie to you and say, I won’t ever go there. Because I am tired of the Lies, Lies, and More Lies.

Are you Lying to yourself?
Here’s you. Our what your mind wants you to be. It’s beautiful.

Anyway, back to the apples. Apples are so cool they hang around on trees. And I love trees so apples must be really awesome. They hang by this thing, I guess you would call a stem and they just hang around all day soaking up the sun. Being sweetened by its rays. The tree nurtures them because the tree really loves apples as well.

The apple even has seeds in it that can grow more apples. Well Imagine that! The apple even loves its self. How could it not love itself? It’s an apple. Even the birds of the sky, and the creatures of the land love to eat apples. Even the insects love apples, and we wish they didn’t. Everybody loves apples. So being an apple is a really good thing, because everybody loves them.

So one day we are walking by this tree and we are really hungry and we see this beautiful apple, just hanging there minding its apple business. And we walk up and ask the trees permission to pick an apple that the tree has loved for a long time and the tree says yes.

Here. I love this apple it’s one of my favorite apples. All the other apples love this apple very much as well. How did you know it’s one of my best apples? I have others apples but you picked the best apple I have. You must really like apples as much as I like apples. When did you start loving apples so much? How many apples would you like? I have a lot of apples and they are all very good. Did you know apples have seeds? Some people eat the seeds and some people don’t. They through the apple core on the ground so other animals can eat the core. I like those people because the animals spread my apple seeds around and I can grow in other places from my seeds, my apples have. You know I am twenty years old today! Aren’t you going to wish me Happy Birthday? Yep, just twenty years ago somebody named Johnny Appleseed came by and put my seed in the ground. And I was born. Isn’t that amazing? Wait don’t go, I was just getting started.

An Apple Tree don't lie to itself
Wait don’t go! Talk to me! Don’t you love Apples?

You didn’t know trees could talk did you? Yea, they stand around all day with nobody to talk to. Because nobody believes they can talk. Therefore nobody talks to them. And they don’t have lips, so you can’t see when they’re talking. No lips, they must being telling the truth. Once you get them started talking they never shut up. They really love to talk about their apples, as you noticed. So be forewarned. Trees really love to talk. They wake up about five o’clock in the evening, and sleep all day. So if you want to talk to trees. Be sure their awake.

Everybody loves apples, however you’re a plum remember? You tell yourself Lie, Lies, an More Lies that you’re an apple so that you can be loved by apple loving people. Here’s the problem. Your not an apple. And that might really bum you out because you really want to be an apple, so you can be loved. Truth is, you can be an apple. You can dress in red. Put on perfume that smells like apples. You can do everything apples do. Like hang around all day with other apples. And before you know it, you believe you are an apple. You act like apples, you look like an apples. You even talk like apples. We can see your lips moving.

Somebody maybe living inside you
Yea, I’m an Apple, Isn’t this just great hanging around all day?

Then one day somebody comes by and takes a bite out of you and inside they find a worm. They spit you out and throw you away. Why? Because you’re a second-rate apple. Your full of worms. They love apples, they hate worms.

The best a plum can be is a second-rate apple. People that love apples only love first-rate apples. They really don’t want anything to do with second-rate apples. And when your lips move you are telling Lies, Lies, and More Lies. About yourself, about your world, and the worst is you are lying to your heart. And your mind could care less. Because your mind has no emotion, it thinks it does. But it doesn’t. It’s your heart that has feeling, it’s your heart that is in the center of your being. Your heart is where you feel the Lies, Lies, and More Lies you have believed all the while you believed you were an apple.

Your heart still pumped plum juice. Your heart was still soft inside. Your heart knows you are a Plum. Your heart can not be an apple because it’s a plum.

Plums are just like Apples only different
Your Heart is a Plum. Your true self. It’s much easier to be who you truly are.

But there’s hope. Your heart knows it’s a plum. Your heart loves to be a plum. Your heart beats plum juice. Plums are purple and red. They are really soft, and their meat is just as juicy as an apple and sometimes even more juicy. The juice runs down your chin just like with apples. Plums can make plum juice that talks really well to your bowels. So we can eliminate all the Lies, Lies, and More Lies we have filled ourselves up with.

I bet you thought I was going to say shit, didn’t you? Shit, I said Shit, and I didn’t want to say shit. Shit! I said shit again. Damn, that plum juice works really good. Yea, they call it prune juice but it’s really plum juice. Maybe they call it prune juice because that’s what we look like, all wrinkly and shrunk up when we eliminate all the Lies, Lies, and More Lies that has pump us up and filled us up with all the Shit. I give up.

Instead of a bunch of seeds inside. There’s this one beautiful seed that grows this wonderful plum-tree. Plum seeds aren’t poisonous like apple seeds. And there’s a lot of seeds in an apple. Plum trees can talk. Plums hang around on trees all day long doing the same thing as apples. Getting sweetened by the suns rays. Talking with all the other plums about the shit that is happening. Shit, I said Shit again! That plum juice is still working.

Some people love Plums
They look like Apples but their not. And plums have a magic about them.

So one day we are walking by this tree and we are really hungry and we see this beautiful plum just hanging there minding it’s plum business. And we walk up and ask the trees permission to pick a plum that the tree has loved for a long time and the tree says yes. Here I love this plum it’s one of my favorite plums. All the other plums love this plum very much as well. How did you know it’s one of my best plums? I have others plums but you picked the best plum I have. You must really like plums as much as I like plums. When did you start loving plums so much? How many plums would you like? I have a lot of plums and they are all very good. Did you know plums have a seed? Some people eat the seed and some people don’t. They through the plum seed on the ground so other animals can eat the seed. I like those people because the animals spread my plum seeds around and I can grow in other places from my seeds, my plums have. You know I am twenty years old today! Aren’t you going to wish me Happy Birthday? Yep, just twenty years ago somebody named Johnny Plumseed came by and put my seed in the ground. And I was born. Isn’t that amazing? Wait don’t go, I was just getting started. There’s something I need to tell you.

We pick a hand full of plums and start walking again. Man, this plum really tastes good. You know, I really love plums they taste much better than apples. I could eat plums all day. They are so soft and juicy and they only have one seed to through on the ground. I never knew plums were so convenient. This is really a first-rate plum. In fact this is the best plum in the whole wide world. How could people not like plums, this plum is really good to. I think I’ll have another. What a wonderful day for a walk. I am so happy I found that plum-tree. Boy, she sure is a talkative tree. I wonder why people don’t talk to trees more often? Oh, it’s probably because their mind tells them that trees can’t talk. Well if they would just step into their heart. They would be able to hear the love the trees have for humanity. Because that tree sure gave me a lot of plums, and I love plums. I have never had a better plum in my life. It’s weird I can hear my heart talking to other part of my body. Wow, what an amazing feeling. I have never felt like this before.

I wonder if that’s why our hearts are in the center of our being. So it can openly communicate with the rest of our being. Hummm. My heart is really talking up a storm to my bowels, I wonder what that is all about. Shit, I better start walking towards home. Shit, the talk is getting louder. Shit, I hope I make it. Shit, I don’t think I will, at least that’s what my mind is telling me. Shit, I better start running. Shit, I better start running faster. Shit, Oh, Shit!  Damn, tree.

Trees talk. Learn to listen
Hey wait. I didn’t tell you a secret about my Plums Yet! Shit, they left

We can be whatever we want to be. This is truth. Our mind tells us so. It tells us these stories and we believe them. We change our selves to fit the stories, and then our heart feels the pain. Because what our mind told us we could be is something our heart is not. Then our mind sits back and judges us because we failed to live up to its expectations.

It laughs at us because we believed the Lies, Lies, and More Lies our mind tells us in the stories we believe. Be like this, be like that. You need this, you need that. And for some reasons we believe what our mind is telling us. Because after all, what we are really seeking is love. We just want to love and be loved. That would make our whole body feel better.

Some people just love apples. They are apple people. Nothing wrong with that. If we lie to our self that we are an apple person when we are not. The best we can ever hope to achieve is second-rate status as an apple person. Why? Simply because our hearts not in it. We will never be a first-rate apple, never.

Do you want to live your life always trying to be a better apple? Which will never happen. Then listening to your mind laughing at you and telling you what a failure you are because you’re not the best apple on the tree. Then our heart suffers the pain of our Spirit. Because our heart is in the center of our being for a purpose.

The mind tells Lies, Lies, and More Lies
It’s in the center for a purpose. It’s called centering ones being.

There is a divine design to us. Each organ in our bodies serves a purpose and we can believe it’s for the reasons we have been taught. Go ahead, your mind would love nothing more than for you to believe its Lies, Lies, and More Lies. It loves the entertainment. You even believe you’re an apple when you’re a plum.

Or we can center ourselves, come from our heart and feel the truth. The only reason we need belief or faith is because our mind has convinced us we need these things to believe the lies our mind is telling us. We have to reason the truth. There must be proof.

Yep, for no reason. Our belief and or Blind Faith gives these lies the power to act. To reflect in the reality we create though the lies. Stepping into heart changes all this. We don’t need a reason to feel what our heart is saying to us. We feel it. What can be more truthful than a feeling? It’s when our mind starts to reason out the reasons for feeling the feeling is how we get tricked.

Master of the Mind
The Mind is used for Dreaming, the Heart is used for Feeling. Both are worlds on to them self

Our heart knows better but our mind doesn’t. It has to think about it. Next time you have a thought about a feeling. Just let it go. Stop thinking and start feeling. You may think your heart is lying to you. But there’s that magic word, Think. Your heart feels and what it feels is the truth and nothing but the truth. Unless one is thinking about it.

I have written about Spirit, Love, the Energy Body, The Power of Intent, Dreams, Consciousness, Inner Silence, Holographic Projections of Reality. Urine, even the News around the world and things that are happening. In A Battle with Reason, I opened my mind so that others could see what we are faced with. What I found inside me. I have talk about other beings and lifeforms, Even wrote a few Letters for these beings, because evidently they can’t type. Animal Medicines, The Great Spirit, God and the Antichrist. Earth changes and the new song Mother Earth will sing. Comets, How we are Birthing a New Humanity. I think, I have written 195 post to date, on different topics.

Little Yellow Bus
I am going to the zoo today. Yep, I am going to have lots of fun

Not because I consider myself to be an expert. Far from it. Not because I think I am so smart. DEE TA DEE. Not because I am this great person. Yea right. Not even because I am special. Even though I like to ride in those little yellow buses. No, I stop believing those Lies, Lies, and More Lies, a while back. These writings are a process, a process that I am going through personally. I felt others might be going through their own process and felt I could share mine.

Believe it or not, it’s a humble sharing and nothing more. A diary if you will. That I hope someday my children will read, about the father they never knew. It’s my chance to have a chance at showing them how much I really love them. And though these writings they might get to know me better when I am gone. And the pain my heart feels because I was so worried about finding the answers to all my questions, that I never had the time for theirs.

To say I am sorry. I am sorry, just isn’t enough. So I did the next best thing and wrote about the answers I found. I hope it might offer them the answers they seek. It’s the least I can do now.

I understand they are my answers, my truth, my visions, my feelings, my knowing. And they aren’t for everyone. That’s perfectly fine. Your right they aren’t for you. They were for me, my heart compelled me to write these posts. Because of my actions of the past. That I can’t change.

All by my self
It gets lonely inside. Good thing we have a friend in here called Spirit.

I have no close friends, my family doesn’t talk to me, unless I call them. My children have their own lives and family. I own nothing. All I have are these posts, which aren’t really mine. There every ones! That’s what sharing is. They are simply the questions I ask myself. And the answers I tell myself. You can’t see my lips moving.

Some read them in hopes of find some truth in them for yourself. I pray you do! It has taken a life time of sacrifice on my part to arrive at these answers. That was my choice. I could have been the apple my mind kept telling me, I should be. And I even tried that for a while. But I was never as happy inside during that time of being the apple, as I am right now being a plum. I have found what I truly am. My heart as shown me the way.

You have a heart follow yours. There you will feel the truth for yourself. No mind needed. Now I can be the best me there ever was or ever will be again. I have learned that I can not be something I am not. Not for you, not for my mind, not even for GOD. Lies, Lies, an More Lies.

This description of god we have been taught, is just shit. If someone truly wants to know god, all they have to do is step into their heart. They will find GOD there. Waiting in love. Welcome home son, welcome home.

I live in your Heart
Remember my teaching. I am not your GOD, but your brother in LOVE

What I have found being so alone and so into myself, that I have had an opportunity that few rarely get. I have been able to look deep inside and walk around in this hollow space most of my life, and find the truth of what’s really in there. Yes it’s dark and sometimes you can’t see any light whatsoever. And there are sounds in there like growling that comes from down below.. And that’s really scary. But, you know, when you do see the light, and you start walking towards it. What a wonderful moment that becomes.

Would I change my past if I could? Oh shut up mind. What you need some more entertainment at my hearts expense? Not happen! My heart has felt enough pain at your expense. I chose to live in heart for as long as I feel the truth. I know where I can find all the Lies I need. So I choose Heart, living with heart, following my heart, feeling my heart, sharing my Heart.

As a matter of fact, I met this new friend called Spirit. I feel we are going to become very close friends. I am going to love that. I need a friend. I am tired of the mind Lies, Lies, and More Lies. I have told my mind to go talk to the bowels they know what to do with its shit. Shit, I said Shit again. I really need to quit saying Shit, Shit, I did it Again. I have had enough of this shit. There I said it for the last time.

Dream Traveler shared some Magic
We are Magical in our Dreams. Powerful in our Hearts. We don’t have to chose one or the other. We have them both. Enjoy!

So be an apple or be a plum, it really doesn’t matter which one you want to be. What matters is which one you truly are. That’s the one you should be with all your heart. That’s the best you. You can be the best you, in the whole wide world. There will never be another you, ever. So be the best you, that you can possibly be. Unless you prefer the voice of the kidney, or spleen. The mind just tells us Lies, Lies, and More Lies. And then sits back and laughs. Been there, seen that, Done it.

That’s my people blow their brains out. They never shoot themselves in the heart. What does that tell you?

I have this story I would like to share with you about the heart. Shit! I all ready did.

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Follow your Heart it’s centered for a purpose.


Did he say Shit? Now he has me say it, Shit!
Did he say Shit? Now he has me say it, Shit!

Lies, Lies, and More Lies, the problem is we believe them. Follow your heart, your heart will never lie to you. It’s the mind that tells Lies, Lies, and More Lies.

7 thoughts on “Lies, Lies, and More Lies

  1. 😀 Hoo Hoo, this owl is here. I felt that hoot might give birth to something pretty fantastic, This owl is here to exchange and share. Thank you!

  2. eye opening, heart opening. Truth is truth, I am a plum, no rotten apples for me. I am learning I can trust that, as it opens me to Spirit. Thank you for sharing 🙂

      1. Oh, you inspired me to write a New Animal Medicine, Owl Medicine. I just have to find an Owl and share some heart with it. So we can have an exchange of knowledge and wisdom. Hoo, Hoo. The night is coming. Hoo, Hoo will come and share with me? Hoo, Hoo, would that be you? Thank You!

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