Missing the Point

Am I Missing the Point? Are you?

Missing the Point

Not Missing the Point

By Missing the Point. In so doing, we miss the power that was being offered. We can change this, if we so choose. We are the authors of our own story we tell ourselves. Our mind believes this story is all about me. Lies, Lies, and More Lies. It’s that way because we are living life in our mind and Missing the Point. Life is about life. Our mind is not the center of our being. Our heart is! Are you Missing the Point?

I was out in the garden SEEing how the plants are doing. SEEing is a full sensory consciousness. Becoming aware of everything. Using all our senses. Did you know plants can talk?  Listen! I was asking how they are doing because they are coming to the end of their life, season if you will. It was a short summer, this year. Really it was the year without summer. They did the best they could with what they had. I thanked them. So I was SEEing if I could help them in some way, and they were sharing their fruit/Love. Here take this and this and this, I heard. I told them not to worry. I have saved their seed and they will be back next year. If we all live that long. There’s Fire in the Sky.

And out of the corner of my eye, I sensed something, I see this elderly woman walking her dog, (name with held), walking towards me. I looked up and she said, Don’t worry, I am just walking my dog through your garden. I thought to my self, What, me Worry? Was I Missing the Point?

This is Mad
What, me Worry? Am I Missing the Point? I don’t feel so. Here, I’ll pick you a winner!

She said, Oh, you have a nice Garden, is that a lemon cucumber? I replied, yes, it was. She went on to say, I had a squash plant that I must have received sixteen squash from. The rest of my Garden didn’t do so well this year. I don’t know if it’s worth having a Garden. It costs so much for plants. It’s so much work, and I can buy the stuff I need at the store for less. I felt she’s Missing the Point.

We all miss the point at some point. We lose the meaning of what it means to be alive. In talking to the plants, they taught me, we all have a short season to grow here. The plants told me. They don’t worry about the end of the season as that would take their focus away from what they enjoy doing. That’s growing and creating fruit. They enjoy the Sun, they feel Mother Earth and her New Song. They smell the air. Listen to wind blow through their leaves. They touch us with energy. Get touched by bees. All that joy is shared. That’s why they grow the fruit. They don’t have time for Missing the Point.  Because all that joy they experience is how they grow. The joy of being alive. Plants are so smart. Most never stop to listen. To busy trying to live life, I guess. Always trying to make ends meet. That’s the problem with trying. We are always trying and trying. Trying is never done. Words are thoughts. Words have power through Intent. The power of the word trying, is trying. So that’s what we do. Try, try, try, and when were done trying, we try some more.

Hanging around trying
I have tried all my life. I need to do. Get a grip.

Anyway, She was busy talking care of her dogs needs, and talking to the dog as if she was expecting to hear, the dog  talking back. I felt again, She is Missing the Point. And she is so close to it, I bet she can almost hear the dog talking back. She was repeating herself, Do you have to potty, Well do you? I heard the dog saying No, No, Oh, this smells good over here. I smell another dog. I wonder where that dog is. I would be long gone enjoying this, if I didn’t have this thing around my neck. Oh, what was that smell? Yep, she is Missing the Point, her dog can talk. If she would only listen. The woman turned to me and asked, Do you have a dog? I just smiled and said, yes. Did she hear her dog talking after all?

I know, that thing wouldn’t shut up. Those little dogs are always yapping. And thinking they are big. As she was leaving I wondered.

Crosseyed Man
Am I Missing the Point?

How easy it is to get all caught up in our own thoughts that we forget to listen for a moment. And hear want our spirit is telling us. What everything around us is shouting at us.  We can through our heart-felt feelings, listen.

Am I Missing the Point here. The point here for me, I was out in the garden not because I wanted the fruit. And the cost of growing a garden is so great that it’s not worth the cost. So I need to get everything I can to make it worth it. Thus get a return of what I paid for it. Because if we measure the value we receive by the price we have to pay. Than we are Missing the Point. It’s been said, and truer words were never spoken. The best things in life are free.

I was out in the garden to enjoy the moment in the garden with the plants and nature. To feel the sunshine, smell the air. Listen to the wind. I felt, She was Missing the Point. I always thought elderly people were wise. Next time I have that thought, I’ll Let it go!

Let it Go and find your Freedom
Next time you have a thought. Just Let it go.

I garden because it gives me joy from the experience of being one with nature. There’s a peace in sharing the moment with plants and animals, feeling all the wonder of life growing all around you. Caring for them and receiving their love in return. Because life is a sharing. If we only take from life. We are Missing the Point.

We only have this short season to make the best of. We can get caught up in the cost of it. We do! We are Missing the Point. We didn’t pay to be born on this planet. It’s strange we have to pay to live here. We must share this planet and share our love of it. But we don’t, we just take. But that’s about to change. Creation creates life freely. We can experience life freely, when we share. As sharing comes from the heart, the center of our being. This way we won’t be Missing the Point. Being centered, we can SEE both points.

The mind tells Lies, Lies, and More Lies
It’s in the center for a purpose. It’s called centering ones being. We see both points.

That’s the point, I needed to share, so I wasn’t Missing the Point. It’s amazing what one can hear when they stop thinking and start listening.

Everything is talking and sharing its experience with life. They are all speaking to our hearts from their heart. Did you know hearts can talk?  Everything believes that we are centered in our being. Because they are. So they talk to our hearts and believe we hear them.

Some of us do. Some of us don’t. Those who do hear them. You are not Missing the Point, stay in your heart for as long as you can. There you will find joy. The sounds of joy are wonderful. There all around us. And joy smells good too!  Feels good as well. Those not in heart are Missing the Point. Missing the power in the moment of life. Hearing the joy, feeling the joy, smelling the joy. Tasting the joy of life. Joy is a powerful word. It’s a wonderful Point to experience.

Not Missing the Point
Freedom at last. That’s the Point

Are you Missing the Point?

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Quit Missing the Point


I'm Not Missing the Point
I only have three Points. The rest of me is round. What’s the Point of Missing the Point?

Sharing comes from the heart, the center of our being. This way we won’t be Missing the Point.

4 thoughts on “Missing the Point

  1. Love this point! The joy of sharing is amazing, to listen to our heart all that life has to share! It’s truly a blessing when we are not missing the point!

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