Feeding the Beast

Feeding the Beast, With our thoughts, and our Beliefs.

Feeding the Beast
Stop Feeding the Beast your Beliefs.

We are very powerful Spiritual beings. Our thoughts, our beliefs, our feelings, have power. Our consciousness carries a frequency. Our thoughts our Beliefs, our feelings, give our consciousness its vibrations. In Holographic Projections of Beliefs is discussed the Idea that reality is a projection. Our thoughts, beliefs, and feeling are projected on the holographic film of this dimension.  So what we believe, think, and feel is what we get in return. Are we Feeding the Beast?

Let’s say we have this belief any belief… It’s more truthful, more powerful to understand why we believe in something. Then believing in the something we believe in.

Why do we believe? When we take a look at our beliefs, we may find that those beliefs were never really ours to begin with. We were taught to believe this or that or even the other thing, by our parents, our teachers, our peer group, our society, our rulers, our governments, the church and everything and everybody that we have come into connect with and shared these Ideas. They were taught their beliefs as well, and it goes as far back as one wants to see. We have all been taught our beliefs. We have all been Feeding the Beast.

At some point, we come to the point of I AM. We become aware of our self as our self. If you exist and apparently you do because you are reading this. Then one can decide for them selves, in this moment to change their beliefs. If they choose to. By asking them self this question…..

Why do I believe this belief?

If you can’t Reason a reason why you believe or have a feeling that answers the Question. Then you are Feeding the Beast? We can then choose to drop those beliefs we no longer wish to believe. Or continue to believe whatever, So what, Who cares? It’s not my fault! I can’t change anything! Why are they doing this to me? Why am I here? We continue Feeding the Beast.

Feeding the Beast
We Vibrate our Beliefs. We Vibrate our Feelings.
We become this Frequency and it’s Reflected

Feeding the Beast, in our Reflected Reality

Humanity as a whole has a single Consciousness. Yes, we are all parts of this consciousness. Each having a Consciousness of their own. Our parts make up the consciousness of humanity. This consciousness of humanity as a whole is what I call the “Tonal of Mankind”. Why, Tonal? Because it creates a tone, a frequency, that energy is reflected on the Holographic Film and we see our reflected reality.

However this reality is just a reflection and as such, it’s an Illusion. Thus, the consciousness of humanity is the frequency or the tone that’s reflected by humanity as a whole. This is why we all see a similar Reality. Humanity as a whole as a Tonal. But what I find interesting is that I have no Idea what is being reflected beyond my Vision, my Awareness.

What I mean to say is that, In my reality, I see my house, my car, the trees in the area, etc. It’s reflected around me. I see the same thing every day. Its like there’s this bubble that’s reflected just around me and my tonal is what creates the reality I see. I can’t see the reality reflected on the other side of the world. Or even the next town over. And yet those people have their Tonal, that’s reflected around them. I can say with truth. That their reality is different than mine. Looks different, Feels different, is different. Take two people looking at the same tree. Do you think, believe, feel they both see the same tree being reflected in the same way to both of them? Ask them to describe the tree they just saw, and you will get two different descriptions.

As one steps back and sees a bigger picture we can begin to see the tonal/vibration of the area we live in. Then the tonal of the state we live in. The further we step backwards in our minds eye, the bigger the picture, until we see the “Tonal of Mankind” upon the earth. Right now, the “Tonal of Mankind” is Feeding the Beast.

Feeding the Beast
You can Feed me. I won’t bite. Hard!

The Beast

I call the Beast, the reflection of what’s being reflected at this moment. We feed the Beast with our thoughts, our beliefs, and our fears. Let’s just take a quick look at the Beast. Because I personally hate seeing this reflection. The reflection is not very pretty, there’s pain, and suffering. Our Governments are fighting against us and we are all fighting each other. There’s no harmony in our “Tonal of Mankind”. Thus the reflection is what it is. Chaos! The more we focus on something the more we end up Feeding the Beast. If we focus on what the government is doing to its people. We see it in a bigger and bigger reflection the evils. We end up Feeding the Beast with our attention. Our focused attention on the picture creates feelings inside us that adds energy to the picture and the effect begins to snowball. The more we dislike the picture the uglier it gets, to create more dislike within us. In essence, the more we pay attention to some aspect of their reflected reality the more powerful that reflection becomes. Each one of us can and does create their own reflection. The more we pay attention to our own reflection the closer we come to manifesting what we really want to see.

The Idea of a one world order. A one world religion in its self is not a bad idea. Because right now humanity is so fragmented in its Tonal that all we see reflected is Chaos. In truth, a unified humanity is a wonderful Idea. The problem is the creators of this Dream Idea. The one’s that want to bring it into being, don’t have humanities best interest at Heart. They want us to reflect their creation that serves them and only them. They want us to keep Feeding the Beast. And they will force us anyway they can to make that happen. Allowing them to stay in power. They know how this reality is created. They use it to their advantage. Because they have kept it secret.

They have had all the secret books, all the contact of off world societies, all the money for study, all the power, and their motives are selfish and self-serving. They only serve their self.  Really how has a war with anybody served you or me. Do you have some interest in the Middle East that you need to protect. Has somebody from there come here and hurt you personally some how? Oh, you might be thinking 911. Well you might need to reconsider that one. How did that hurt you? You may have lost someone and that is unfortunate. They really don’t care about you or me. Who ever did this, was only thinking about them selves. It was of benefit to them to destroy these buildings. What makes you believe it was somebody from the Middle East that did this? Why do you believe that belief? Maybe Losing Human Form might help you to understand this.

Quit Feeding the Beast
Spirit doesn’t need a Reason to Be. It just is. Can you feel it?

The beings in charge of this world, they understand this Holographic reality they have an Idea of what it will take to change our beliefs, to get their desired reflection. I think their saying is, Out of Chaos comes order, or something like that. The truth is, the world is in Chaos and they have created most of it. It’s the reflection that serves their purpose right now. They create as much Chaos as they can to keep us in fear. Your fear is Feeding the Beast.

The reason they appear so powerful is that they have a Tonal that their group all vibrate with creating a frequency. It’s a close knit group. Their numbers, though small, have this one frequency or tonal. They all believe the same thing. And reality reflects that to a degree. They are unified in their beliefs. Their Tonal is in Harmony with them selves. So they vibrate with this one vibration. So their unified Tonal comes through in the reflection. Reality reflects this because the common folk’s Tonal’s are all vibrating differently.

You and I are not part of that group, so they have created religions to divide our beliefs. Gave us different governments with different systems dividing us even further. Created money so we struggle daily to survive. The smaller they can make the “Tonal of Mankind” the easier it is to reflect their unified tonal creating their reflected reality. It’s a brilliant plan. This way all they have to do is affect one individual tonal at a time or create an event like 911 to change a larger number of individual Tonal’s to the same frequency of let’s say fear. Then divide them up into smaller groups which they then have the might to over come. Physically if they have to. Divide and Conquer is their plan.

The Truth is, this is why they want to reduce our numbers. There are a lot of us common folk, Billions. They keep us dumbed down, and fighting among ourselves. Frighten to make a move. Therefore, our single individual Tonal is no match for their unified Tonal. Even though their numbers are small. They create the illusion of power. Their Idea works great for them. And they are the Beast.

Gray Visitor Species
Poor guys can’t get it up. Well that’s what happens when you think your so smart.
Quit Feeding the Beast

The Plan

As we change our beliefs our reality will change. The reason we haven’t seen much of a change reflected.  Is there are very few of us in the totality of mankind that have changed their beliefs from what they were originally taught. The few that are changing their beliefs as they awaken. All though this does effect the “Tonal of Mankind” it’s not enough yet to make a difference in the frequency of our reflected reality. The old frequency is still being reflected by our old beliefs. The Holographic Film then reflects the unified “Tonal of Mankind”. Reality remains the same. So we are Feeding the Beast.

We can use their Idea and have it work for us, the common folk, and in truth we have the numbers right now. They wouldn’t stand a chance against us. If we could unify the people’s Tonal into one harmonious thought or vibration. But getting a number of people to think the same thought is an impossible task and our rulers know this. They count on it. This is why it is so important for the people of the world to unite under one belief system. Under one vision. But again that’s impossible under the current systems. Even Christ couldn’t do this and he tried, and we all think we know what happened to him. But I have a plan. That goes along with his plan and the more folks that understand this idea. We can change this reality in a heart beat. No, I don’t want you to fall down on your knees and worship me. That’s disgusting. Any being that would ask another to do this is not God. This plan is all about you. Each and every one of us. As many as who what to change this world and it’s reflection to something better.

As you can see from above we are up against a difficult task as we can’t get everyone to agree to think the same thought at the same time. As we all believe something different. But my plan doesn’t include thought. It doesn’t include belief or faith either. And nobody needs to get hurt! It’s something more powerful.

We can’t agree to disagree anymore. We have all disagreed long enough! We have to come together in an understanding, in a unified feeling. As many who can feel this feeling. It’s the only way to change our reflected reality. Simply we have to be of one Tonal in harmony with each other. This harmony will then be in harmony with creation. It’s really very simple.And it works because they proved it. I am not talking about feeling Love. As every bodies definition of love is different as well. However we will feel it, if we can all do this one very simple thing. Are you in? Do you want to hear the plan?

How can we stop Feeding the Beast
Well, do you?

Somebodies been Feeding the Beast

Here’s lies the problem. Our belief systems have been taught to us by the very people who wish to rule us. It doesn’t matter whether one is Christian, or Muslum, Hebrew or whatever. These religions were created to divide us, than taught to us, and we believe them. They convinced us this is Gods word and Gods plan. And we fell for it hook, line and sinker. And now we are fighting over some belief and all we have to back it up is Blind Faith and some books they printed for us. This plan works great for them. But in reality it hasn’t helped humanity much at all.

As I have not seen god and I don’t hear him talking to me. At least not the one they are talking about in the books. Yea, they tell the Greatest Story even Told. But I don’t believe in Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy any more either. I did at one time and then I realized the truth. I am not suggesting you change your belief. Of course you can if you wish to. However, you may need your belief for a moment longer. If the God we worship can’t understand our problems, and won’t help us by lifting his hand. And the fact that most of our problems here on earth are because of him. Oh, that’s right, he’s waiting for us to come to him and ask forgiveness.

If I recall, we could have handled this right there on the spot, in the Garden. But no, he had to get all holier than thou, on our butts and kick us out of the Garden. Then cursed humanity and it’s children. Since than he hasn’t said a word. He’s been quite for far to long. And to be honest, I don’t want to serve or love someone who gets angry at the eating of a piece of fruit from the Garden that was our home. Not a very good example if you ask me!

He should have just removed the Tree of Knowledge from the garden. After all he’s God. He should have seen what would happen. Could have solved this whole problem. And why was that being allowed in there anyway? God must have known it was in there. And God allowed this lying being around his innocent children. My Reason has a hard time with this whole god of the books thing and the story we’ve been taught. As it makes God the God of Reason. And we have to read and try to understand everything with no way of ever knowing. Hey, does God have a printing press by any chance? Their sure are a lot of black Bibles in print.

The Spirit in trees
I can Feel my God in my Heart. I know she Loves me.

There’s how the Plan Works

Anyway, I do feel God in my heart. I bet you do too! Mines not the same God that I reasoned from the Books they printed. I don’t know that god. Don’t want to know that god. The God I feel loves me no matter my faults. She knows I’m not perfect in this body. But she loves anyway. We share a Spirit. Which makes it easier for me to feel love inside my heart for her. Instead of the fear inside my mind. If you feel your god is a he/him that’s fine. What’s important to the plan is that you feel a loving God in your heart. You share your Gods Spirit.

Instead of reading the words of god and thinking the thoughts of god. We must unify in the feeling of God within our hearts, without having to speak or read a word. Actually the plan will work better if we don’t talk about it. As we are all well aware that your god maybe different from my god. But that’s irrelevant. So your god is different from mine who cares? God? We have to take action and feel God. Feel our God in our own hearts.

I believe somebody already said this. “YOU SHALL LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, AND WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH, AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND.” Yea, I’m not sure that was his exact quote. As they have changed others. It’s the Heart part that’s the part of my plan. If we can just do this, all the rest will follow, and fall right into place.

None of us have a need to know if your God is male or female. Don’t even need to know your Gods name. This really doesn’t matter. All we need to do is feel our God in our hearts. Loving your God with all your Heart. This would change the “Tonal of Mankind” in an instant. In truth it would make no difference to me how you felt your God. As long as you feel God. It’s the vibration of love that you begin to feel. We all begin to feel. Slowly we all begin to feel it, one by one. We become unified in just our feeling God. We start vibrating the love of God. Our “Tonal of Mankind” becomes the reflection of the Love of God. At that moment we quit Feeding the Beast and it withers and dies.

Dead Beast
Yep, Looks Dead alright! Good we quit Feeding the Beast.

The Beast is Dead

We become a unified people in one feeling as opposed to a belief. No Blind Faith, no books, no Religion, necessary. We all feel the love of our God in our own heart. And it doesn’t matter if you feel your God different from me. It’s the feeling of God’s love that will make the difference for Humanity. And all we have to do is feel. Dump all the rules, all the rituals, all the bullshit. Move inside your Heart and feel the Love of God for as long as you can. Little by little, feeling by feeling our Tonal begins to change and when enough of us have this feeling. Presto!

The “Tonal of Mankind” will reflect this vibration and our reality changes in an instant. How cool is that? Reality changes to a unified reflection of LOVE. We can each still have our own love reflection. But the “Tonal of Mankind” will be Unified. We all become one in a feeling. We have stopped Feeding the Beast!

Feeding the Beast
A United Humanity. It’s a feeling in the Heart. The God inside of you!

If you have a plan please share. As it doesn’t have to be my plan to stop Feeding the Beast. We just need a plan that will work for us all. Unifying the “Tonal of Mankind” in the vibration of Love. In the harmony of Love. The more the merrier. Like he said, I am the Way! This way, we all stop Feeding the Beast.

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Love your Self with all your Heart


Winky, thumbs up to you
At least he has a plan! You got any Ideas?

You know this plan just might work! And your Godself couldn’t be happier. Stop Feeding the Beast.

6 thoughts on “Feeding the Beast

  1. Beautiful words my friend and perhaps one day we’ll meet, when all is said and done ‘beyond the veil’. All the best on your journey 🙂

  2. I suppose the way I see it is that currently the collective ‘Tonal’ as you call it is currently largely at the mercy of extraneous forces which are very powerful energies that do not have mankind’s best interests at heart. Generally speaking they are perhaps what I would call the most extreme expression of ‘service to self’ ie the suffering we see on the planet is the very practical manifestation of the actions of individuals but also more importantly groups (which often operate covertly) who deem it legitimate to use, abuse and exploit other individuals and groups for self gain. At the heart of this exploitation we find that one of the central methods employed to execute the abuse is that of deception.

    Now what is deception really? All it entails is convincing large swathes of humanity that reality, objective reality is something other than what it actually is. An example would be 911. That this was orchestrated by the CIA and Military Industrial Complex is the objective reality and yet millions have died in wars on the back of this event because the world (largely) has been convinced that the objective reality is something other than what it really is. My point is that in order for this collective ‘tonal’ to be raised and transmuted people need to take on the responsibility of refusing to align themselves with illusion. And so changing the tonal to reflect the heart must also necessitate reflecting the truth, meaning the real truth about the world ‘out there’ which requires actually looking hard at the darkness.

    Had one hundred million people across the Globe dedicated their consciousness in the months after 911 to looking at the darkness and manipulation surrounding these events and thus aligning themselves with objective reality and not illusion, these wars could not have taken place and so many people would not have died because action follows thought and the shear force of that consciousness would have manifested in practical action against the perpetrators. On the macro level playing field on this planet it is illusion and the mis-alignmnent of consciousness with objective reality that causes suffering.

    Without observing the Shadow and ‘making the darkness conscious’ as Jung would say, we shut out, deny and ignore one half of the truth. In order that the ‘truth set us free’ we are spiritually bound to journey towards objective reality which is that on a personal, global and cosmic level, the soul contains both light and dark. To manifest more light we must acknowledge that the darkness is very real and once that step is taken we can then go about transmuting it. I think many in the ‘New Age’ paradigm have the idea that ‘focusing on the negative’ is somehow spiritually wrong or foolish but this is naive. Really, the conceptual division between spiritual self work (moving towards heart mind as you put it) and political activism is a false division. I’d suggest that political activism, which involves exposing and combating darkness is truly spiritual work on a global level.

    1. Thank You Axis, As both Light and Darkness can blind a person. What’s of most importance to Humanity is the finding and repair of it’s Spirit. Walking a fine line between the Darkness and the Light keeping them both in balance is threading the eye of the needle. Once done we can sew humanity back together. We are not alone in this walk. It’s truth that the humanity has been under a dark spell of the service to self beings. Living in the illusion of lies. Humanity in it’s ignorance has been Feeding the Beast. Thus the essence of this post. The Spirit manifests itself to a warrior at every turn. However this is not the entire truth. The entire truth is that the Spirit reveals itself to everyone with the same intensity and consistency, but only warriors are consistently attune to such revelations. So we fight the good fight. As you know warriors don’t venture into the unknown out of greed. Greed works only in the world of ordinary affairs. To venture into the terrifying loneliness of the unknown. One must have something greater than greed. They must have Love. One needs Love for life, for the intrigue, for the mystery that life holds. Warriors need an unquenchable curiosity and guts galore to hold the Darkness a bay. This warrior thinks only of the mysteries of Awareness. And the finding of Spirit is all that matters. Humanity knows nothing of Spirit. But if we could change just a tinge of that, what mysteries must await us? What mysteries must await humanity? Wonderful to meet a fellow warrior on the path with heart. We Doowans salute you!

  3. “Love your God with All your heart.” That can change us and our reflected reality in an instant. I hope we all can begin to share and feel this. Let go of the thoughts and reasons and become who we truly are, Love!

    1. You go Girl. If we all could just move into our hearts for a moment. What a wonderful world this would be. One heart at a time. As our hearts have been harden by our reasons. Thank You very much for your loving words and your support. Know you are loved.

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