Who I Am Not

Who I Am Not, the Shadow of you.

The Shadow of Who I Am Not
Who I Am Not. The Shadow knows

Who I Am Not. Are you Crazy? We have all been hearing lately, Know Who You are. When you know who you are, you will discover the truth and The Truth will set you Free. However we are never told. How we are to accomplish this. To discover Who I Am? We need to discover first. Who I Am Not. I know this sounds strange and it took me sometime to wrap my Heartmind around this. When I did,  the answer was loud and clear. I now know Who I Am Not. Keep reading you may just discover Who I Am Not for your self.

I call this not doing. It’s a form of Dreaming. Where we SEE the source of the shadow as we become the light. The Source Field will help with this understanding. Our shadow is Who I Am Not. What cast the shadow is Who I Am. We have been taught all our life who we are to be. Without ever knowing Who I Am.  So we live in the shadow cast by the beliefs and presumptions of others. Either by trying to live up to their beliefs. Or attempting to prove them wrong. Thus, our life becomes a burden of proof. Which I must admit for a long time I tried to prove them wrong but they would never listen. Until one day in my not doing. I realized, I was going about this all wrong.

Shadow People
One must see them with their own eyes.

In this realization I discovered something that I wish to share about myself. In hopes that some might apply the same principles and experience what I have. This might just give you the insight to discover. Who I Am Not? Or maybe just maybe. Who I Am. Therefore setting you free once and for all.

Free Spirit
Spirit doesn’t cast a Shadow. It’s the light. Can you feel it?

In my understanding we can never answer the question. Who I Am?  Without asking our creator. Simply, because we don’t know ourselves. If by chance you are a Spiritual Being. Please ask your creator for yourself. Then share in the comments below. We New SEERS can use your insight. We may never know Who I Am, without your help.

For me at this point, that’s irrelevant because we may never know, Who I Am. But we can answer, Who I Am Not. I have tried very hard to discover Who I Am. That I forgot, Who I Am Not. Until now. Our creator left the scene before we could ask the question. Who Am I? So we don’t know for sure. Only the creator knows for sure, Who I Am… What the creator did do, was leave us in charge of the creation. So when we realize this, we realize that first there was the creator and then on Mother Earth there was mankind, ( I Am).  So we now realize that we are next in line in creation and everything else is below that order. This is the power you hold now in, Who I Am Not.

Who I Am Not
Are you the Shadow of your former self?

Who I Am Not?

I am not, what everybody else says, thinks, presumes, or dictates I am!  Therefore, Who I Am Not, is what they believe me to be. We are much more than what we have been taught to believe. Simply by realizing that we were left the stewardship of this Mother Earth puts us in charge of its care. The question remains, are we fulfilling our title as Caretaker/Captain? If not, there is something we should know. It is our charge, our title given to us by the creator. To take control of our self and our world around us. Or somebody else will. And therein lies the problem, of Who I Am Not. They have their presumptions and they believe them to be true. Until you set them straight. If you don’t. That the original sin.

When we break it down to its simplest form. First there was the creator and then there is mankind. Maybe not created in that order but after all was said and done. Mankind was left in charge. And the creator left to go create some more, somewhere else. What we have forgotten is this. Who I Am Not. Everybody alive today is the owner of their own vessel. This vessel is in your charge. You are the Captain of your own ship on the Sea of Consciousness. This ship is waiting for your command. If by chance you wish not to control your vessel there are others that are waiting to assume command and that is what has happened. However we can take our command back once we know, Who I Am Not?

So as Captain we command our ship where to go and our ship carries a cargo aboard. That’s what ships do. Whatever that cargo is. Where ever it may sail. Our goods and services we all perform for the betterment of mankind. Is our most important cargo. It is in our charge to protect that cargo and our ship at all costs. If not you could be a pirate ship. As we all know pirates steal the cargo of other ships.

All hands on deck! Pirate ship coming to steal our cargo! Load the cannons, get ready to fire!

Mermaid and the Pirate ship
Oh those silly men. Will they never understand?

Understanding Who I Am Not

Let me explain what brought me to this understanding. I have been dealing with an Identity Thief. Because I didn’t know Who I Am or Who I Am Not. They presumed I was somebody, they believed me to be. Had I not discovered the truth. They would have acted and convinced me that I was what they believed me to be.  And my ship could have been sunk or taken over by the Pirates at large. The truth I discovered is that they presume us to be something we are not. And if they had convinced me that I was, what they believe me to be. One falls prey to the seizure of their vessel. Therefore the Captain goes down with the ship. Thus paying their price. And all they did was assume. But we never corrected their assumption. So there is nobody to blame but our self. Who I Am Not will help one fight the battle of the high seas.

I discovered that they presume the thing you are. Is the thing you become, simply because they presumed it. It’s called the presumption of law. Because one has never set them straight as to Who I Am. And Who I Am Not is an understanding within one’s self. It’s a reflection of my reality. Not theirs. They can object and argue with you. But if you know, Who I Am Not. They can’t tell us to be something we are not. Once one understands this concept all things fall into place. In the fact that in the creators absents, I am in charge. Meaning I have excepted full responsibility for my actions and charge for my existence. We live by a higher law. It’s not Lawlessness. But a higher Law within one’s self. A Common Law. The law of causing no harm. And if by my negligence, I cause harm. Than I assume the responsibility. My word is my bond. When we accept full responsibility we empower a title like Captain, Grantor, or Director.

Trust Laws
It’s Slavery because you haven’t claimed your title. As CEO of the Legal Corporate Person you are in charge and they become employees.

My title is the Director of my life. It’s my name, my birth right. Therefore I Am Sole Beneficiary of my given name. To not claim it leaves it up for grabs by somebody else that will use it and leave you to pay the price. Your name in all capitals letters is a legal fiction. A corporation. That was created with your birth certificate. This than becomes a trust between the government and you the flesh and blood person with your legal fiction as your property. It’s only your property if you claim it back from the government that has held it in trust for you. When one understands this trust concept everything begins to make sense. As one can see the government is acting on your behalf presuming they are doing what’s right to protect that trust.

However once one claims their name they are in charge. And being second in line under God leaves all government employees as your trustees. Meaning they work for you as a public servant employees. Or public servants. That’s what everybody is that works for the government. That’s what you are if you don’t claim your trust back from the government and become the CEO of your own Corporation. Who I Am Not is a government trustee. Interesting how employee and trustee both end with double e.

Product Baby Legal Fiction
They presume they own us. Set them Straight

The Corporation of Life is Who I Am Not

Let’s look at life-like a corporation. Your life is your business! Unless you allow somebody else to run your business. Secret, your are still the beneficiary of that corporation. A stockholder so to speak in the corporation of you. Your legal name is your trust that was setup by your parents and the government with your record of live birth. When you claim your name this makes you the CEO/Director of your life. Because if you don’t. The government owns the title because you are missing in action. After all they are the trustees to the trust that was created at your birth. They are acting on your behalf, but if you don’t claim your right what rights do you have?

At this moment you become the sole Grantor and Beneficiary of everything with your name on it. As owner of your own corporation you can assign somebody else to be in charge of it. And that’s what they presume. They are in charge! They than make you an employee with their presumptions. Because you have been missing. Once you take charge of your own corporation, they become employees for you and now you are the boss. They must follow your orders as there is nobody above you but God. As stockholder and sole Beneficiary in your own corporation. You can hire a CEO to look out for your interest as sole stockholder/beneficiary. That is an option. Therefore this puts you in the seat of power.  As you have vested interest in you. You can even be the CEO of your own company. In reality, why would you be anything less? Unless you didn’t know Who I Am Not? My father always said to me. If you want something done right. Do it yourself.

Trust Law Book
It’s not about religion. It’s about Gods Trust. That’s Trust Law.

God’s last will and Testament, Who I Am Not

The Holy Trinity in the bible is the law of Trusts. It’s the highest law. Totally new concept! Well really it’s a total old concept. Everything else is codes and statues. Think of it as a pyramid. There’s the father. The CEO. On top. The Son. The Beneficiary. On the left hand corner. And the Holy Ghost. All those invisible employees, or trustees. On the right hand side. In the absence of the CEO/God. He has left his son the sole beneficiary in the trust. Making him/you/me, the CEO and Beneficiary of his last will and testament/trust. Simply this is why they say God is dead. As beneficiary you can never be a trustee for your own trust. And legally that’s a good thing. The rests are all employees that work for us. As CEO we command the employees to do the job that we need done. Can an employee of a company fire a CEO? Better yet is the CEO responsible for the Corporate debt?

Then why let them tell you who you are? Quit falling for the Lies, Lies, and More Lies. Know Who I Am Not. By realizing Who I Am Not. We are not employees, we are the CEO of our human corporation. Start giving directions and steer your Ship on the Sea of Consciousness. Otherwise, Government, Judges, Police Officers, everybody else will take command of your ship and protect the cargo on aboard. As that is what they were hired to do. They are just doing their job because you are not doing yours. Or they are pirates.

Returning to Paradise Lost
Understanding the Freedom Movement. They lose their grip. Their control of the Legal Fiction

Yep, you didn’t know that they presume you, (The Spiritual Being) to be that legal fiction that they contracted with. You can be if you want to. But one must understand what a legal fiction is. Who I Am Not is that legal fiction they presume. I Am the Director/Administer/Executor , Sole Beneficiary of that legal fiction. This is a position of power in trust law and your investment must be protected by the trustees or they are in breach of trust. That is the law! Invest in yourself and claim your property.

Presto! The good thing is now you do, by discovering Who I Am Not. All one has to do is to claim their birth right and your God-given rights in your name. Rebut their presumptions and set them straight. Nothing else is needed but your understanding of this trust. God couldn’t have made it any more simple for us. We just forgot for a moment, Who I Am Not. Of course this doesn’t explain Who I Am. But we now know Who I Am Not. And for me at this moment, that’s a step up from where I was. And that’s a good thing. Now I Am on the path with heart in the discovery of the Totality of self.

It’s OK to say, I don’t know Who Am I. As I stated. We may never know. But I now know Who I Am Not. I am not a government employee. I Am the CEO and benefactor of my corporation. Thank You, Government for holding that trust for me. I have returned. I will take the wheel of my ship now. Your fired! Have a nice day. Your checks in the mail. I know Who I Am Not.

Goverment Shutdown
Shut them down or make them work for you. Remember they contracted with you. Make them pay.

The thing the government fears the most is that you will discover Who I Am Not and they will have to pay you all the benefits they have kept in trust for you. Is it really any wonder why they call us the enemy. They presume your property is theirs, and we are their employees. The government has the right to tax its employees And enforce its codes and statues. We have been asleep, but now we are waking up and their sacred.

Who I Am. Is Who I Am Not, Get it?

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

It’s a Matter of Trust Law.


Winky says
Dot your i’s and cross your t’s . And don’t forget to put me at the end of a sentence.

 The Shadow of you, Is Who I Am Not.

4 thoughts on “Who I Am Not

  1. Really good stuff here CJC. I’m glad you were able to post it! I’ll definitely be looking more into this. I was checking out the youtube video you provided at the end. The gentleman in the video is speaking about Canadian law. Sounds to me though it is very similar in the US? Either way very interesting stuff buddy. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks Warrior
      When one realizes that trust and contract law is pretty much the same in both counties. Idea is valid in both. But I feel you might be missing the point here. This isn’t about the laws(Codes and Statues) are designed for the employees of the corporations. All governments are corporations. It would be like you having to obey Mc Donalds corporate policy. How are you bound to corporate Mc Donalds that you should have to obey their policies? That’s for their employees. If your not an employee your not bound. Understanding our title and excepting our position is the Idea here. Once we know who we are not. We have won 3/4 of the battles already. Because if I am not what they presume me to be. Than all I have to do is tell them. Who I Am. We can start with, Who I Am Not.

      This is where being the CEO of your own Corporation comes in handy. As no one can talk for you or make changes to your corporation but you. So they can’t force you to do anything with your corporate person without a binding contract. Then it becomes a contract dispute and if you have crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s all they have to do is show you the contract that compels you to perform. No contract, No performance. It really very simply to understand. That’s why I like this stuff. Anybody can understand this and this is what the law is, Simple. I Am a corporation. Mind your own business!

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