A Big Presumption

A Big Presumption, May the Best Presumption Win

The signs of Life
Aren’t They both A Big Presumption?

A Big Presumption. Isn’t this a funny Title post? May the Best Presumption Win. In truth, it’s not funny at all, because that’s how our life is being played out. A Big Presumption. And Then it Hit Me. Everything we do here on earth is A Big Presumption. We presume we have Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. A Big Presumption.

Wiki defines A Big Presumption as: In the law of evidence, a presumption of a particular fact can be made without the aid of proof in some situations. The types of presumption includes a rebuttable discretionary presumption, a rebuttable mandatory presumption, and an irrebuttable or conclusive presumption.

Yep, that’s my feeling too.

Need I say more? This is our life under the law. They presume something and you have a mandatory chance of rebuttal. Or presume something that they have to rebut. May the Best Presumption Win. Unless of course you agree with them. However if one doesn’t rebut. Even if their Presumption is outrageously in error. Their Presumption wins in court regardless of the facts. And Facts are interesting in themselves. As nothing is a fact unless agreed upon by the parties. More on that further down. Or read Lies, Lies, and More Lies. There are facts in there as well.

Aren’t we always being Judged? Isn’t somebody always Presuming something? Life then becomes a game played, a rebuttal game of sorts. Maybe a Tennis Court match, where we hit the ball of Presumptions, back and forth until somebody miss, hits the net obstacle, or hit’s one out-of-bounds.

Key of Spirit
The Key of Presumptions unlocks the door to freedom with the Heart of Spirit. Because Reason just isn’t going to open the door.

Definition of A Big PRESUMPTION

1: presumptuous attitude or conduct : audacity
2 a: an attitude or belief dictated by probability : assumption
b: the ground, reason, or evidence lending probability to a belief.
3 : a legal inference as to the existence or truth of a fact not certainly known that is drawn from the known or proved existence of some other fact.

Oh there’s that word again, Fact. We’ll get to that one here as well, and that’s a fact. LOL

Cloned Sheep Dolly
Are we Sheep being lead to the slaughter? That’s what they Presume.

Here, let me show you how I presume this all works.

I believe that the earth has no gravity it just sucks us to its surface. (That’s my Presumption).
Now you have a mandatory responsibility to rebut that presumption.

So let’s say you come back with: No, I believe there is Gravity. (This is your Presumption)

Since we can’t agree, we have to take it to court. So the Judge can hear the arguments and make a ruling. First I would like to ask? Who or what gives the Judge the authority to make a ruling on my beliefs, or yours for that matter? Any Guesses? So to keep us from punching each other out and killing each other over our Presumptions. We agree to go to court. Your summons is your invitation.

Summons to Court
A summons is an invitation to play the Game. Don’t ignore it Just let them know Who is coming to play/contract. In your answer.

The Judge then becomes the referee in the Tennis match and sits on that high chair so he can see the game. When we enter the court to play the game we allow or fall under the Jurisdiction of the Judge. It’s his court. He makes the calls about the game rules. The problems arise when one party and the Judge belong to the same Country Club/Organization where the match is being held. If I am a member I might get a fair match, but if I am not? Who do you believe the Judge is going to favor in his rulings? However we have a remedy. If we know who the players are. See Who I AM Not, for further understanding.

Since I filed the case/match. I get to server the ball first. (I believe the earth sucks). If you don’t hit the ball back with, (I believe there is Gravity). Than I get the point. Let’s say you return the ball of presumption. Now I have to hit the ball back with another presumption. So I say, see everything is sucked to the earth except birds. You Say, That’s because they have wings. I say, Than jump up and see what happens. Doesn’t the earth suck you back down? And the match is on. And the judge’s head just moves back and forth, Shaking his head NO, watching the ball of presumption being hit back and forth until one of us misses the ball, hits the net, or hits the ball out-of-bounds. Then he makes a call. Which again is A Big Presumption. Because Justice is blind and can’t see the ball.

Blind Justice A Big Presumption
Yes she’s blind. And the scales are tipped in favor of their of their partners. As they are all members of the Bar Association. Our make A Big Presumption this isn’t the case.

Yep, That’s the legal system, and how the court game is played. So entering facts that the judge can’t see. Is useless.  All he can see is the claim/game before the court. All he can hear is the presumptions. Therefore court becomes A Big Presumption. As one presumes the Judge reads the papers in the file. Bad Assumption because those papers are private and between the parties. Unless they become Public Record. Match Point!

Mineral Mud Bath
Would that be Mud Bath or Blood Bath?
I Presume, both would work. The question remains, Which do you prefer?

A Big Presumption

A conclusion made as to the existence or nonexistence of a fact that must be drawn from other evidence that is admitted and proven to be true. A Rule of Law. If certain facts are established, a judge or jury must assume, (A Big Presumption), another fact that the law recognizes as a logical, (Logical Justice? Never heard of such a thing, Have you?), conclusion from the proof that has been introduced. A presumption differs from an inference, which is a conclusion that a judge or jury may draw from the proof of certain facts if such facts would lead a reasonable person of average intelligence to reach the same conclusion. A Big Presumption is that the Judge and/or Jury is a reasonable person of average intelligence.

Crosseyed Man
Am I Missing the Point? I am a Reasonable Man. A Big Presumption

A conclusive presumption is one in which the proof of certain facts makes the existence of the assumed fact beyond dispute. The presumption cannot be rebutted or contradicted by evidence to the contrary. For example, a child younger than seven is presumed to be incapable of committing a felony. There are very few conclusive presumptions because they are considered to be a substantive rule of law, as opposed to a rule of evidence.

So not only do they Presume. They make the Rules about what we presume. And we have to live under these Rules. Starting to sound more like a Card Game where the deck is stacked. Don’t worry you have Spirit and Spirit can do some amazing things.

A rebuttable presumption is one that can be disproved by evidence to the contrary. The Federal Rules of Evidence and most state rules are concerned only with rebuttable presumptions, not conclusive presumptions. There all Presumptions. A Big Presumption.

God is Coming
You guys presume I am going to help you. When in fact, I already have. Find your Spirit

A Big Presumption, of Facts

Facts are not facts until agreed upon. As fact is presumed and if not rebutted. Then it becomes a fact under the Law of Presumption. Which they have written all the laws and then presumed them as law. When was the last time you voted on a law?

1. Knowledge or information based on real occurrences: an account based on fact; a blur of fact and fancy.
2. a. Something demonstrated to exist or known to have existed: Genetic engineering is now a fact. That Chaucer was a real person is an undisputed fact.
b. A real occurrence; an event: had to prove the facts of the case.
c. Something believed to be true or real: a document laced with mistaken facts.
3. A thing that has been done, especially a crime: an accessory before the fact.
4. Law The aspect of a case at law comprising events determined by evidence: The jury made a finding of fact.

Idiom: in (point of) fact. In reality or in truth; actually. I bring up these questions. What is reality and/or truth? Aren’t they all presumptions?

Let it Go and find your Freedom
Next time you have a thought. Just Let it go.


[in Indo-European roots.]

Usage Note: Fact has a long history of usage in the sense “allegation of fact,” as in “This tract was distributed to thousands of American teachers, but the facts and the reasoning are wrong” (Albert Shanker). This practice has led to the introduction of the phrases true facts and real facts, as in The true facts of the case may never be known. These usages may occasion qualms among critics who insist that facts can only be true, but the usages are often useful for emphasis. There is Good usage, Bag usage, and Usage. Know which one you are using.

As one is beginning to see, there are a lot of assuming and balls of presumptions flying around. We all have beliefs. It appears we can’t agree on those beliefs as they are all Presumptions. We can either rebut them or agree. Ignoring them is where the trouble starts. As Silence means Acquiescence.

Stop Feeding the Beast
What? I can’t hear you. Did you presume something?


To accept, comply, or submit tacitly or passively —often used with in and sometimes with to.

Examples of ACQUIESCE

They demanded it, and he acquiesced. Apparently the contractor expected me to acquiesce to my own fleecing. Or the tender understanding with which he had acquiesced to her wish not to consummate their relationship out-of-wedlock.

A Big Presumption is they presume Silence to be an agreement with them. So you are guilty, If one doesn’t rebut their Presumption, even though you presume yourself to be innocent. The Game of Life. I always believed we were innocent until proven guilty. A Big Presumption on my part. Did you make the same Presumption? No wonder they need these big Armies to enforce their presumptions. Walk softly but carry a big stick, so I can beat you over the head with my presumptions. Because if I can silence you and then presume you are guilty. You are! May the Best Presumption Win.

It’s time we all found our voice and rebut them in their presumptions. Or remain silent and agree with them. I really don’t see another choice, do you? So agree or disagree it’s all A Big Presumption. We either believe in our self or believe what they believe. If one has Spirit or is a Spiritual Being. Then they know what they must do. Otherwise remain Silent and take your lumps.

Dream Traveler shared some Magic
Live in Spirit and fly away. As the World of Presumptions Sucks.

Of course either way we get hit with the big stick. They may silence us but they can never take our Spirit. That is, if you have one. Hint: It lives in your Heartmind. As ones voice comes from their Spirit. I believe when, We the People find our Voice we will join together and rebut A Big Presumption. They are making us an offer, it is dishonor to ignore their offer. Remain in honor with A Big Presumption of your own. This puts the Burden of Proof right back at them. The ball is in their court. Will they miss it, or hit it out of bounds because we put a spin on the ball they weren’t expecting? A Battle with Reason, as we Presume they are Reasonable. A Big Presumption.

We are just talking about beliefs here. Therefore Belief = Presumption = Law. Change a Belief, Change Reality. After all Reality is A Big Presumption as well. Quit Feeding the Beast.

A Big Presumption
All those Presumptions flying around. Remove the log from thy own eye first.

One way or another they will compel you to Perform/Act. The Games not over yet. As we are playing The Game of Life. And as we all know Silence is Acquiesence, the reluctant acceptance of something without protest. Synonyms are: accept, consent to, agree to, allow, concede, assent to, conour with, give the nod to, thus an agreement with them.

I believe, A Big Presumption is one of the greatest writings here on Earth. Do you have A Big Presumption rebuttal?

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

We have the Power of Presumption

Use it or lose it


A Big Presumption Winky
They presume you are a Slave/Employee/Trustee.
Keep Silent and Agree, or rebut A Big Presumption

Don’t Presume: No I am not an Attorney. And I am not offering you legal advice. This is for your understanding, enjoyment, and entertainment. I gave you some links, look it up for your self and make your own Presumptions.  Or hire someone from the Country Club to fight your battles for you. I would rather fight my own battles and win or lose. Why pay them to lose for me? Don’t Presume they work for you. Ask them who they have taken an oath to, before writing that check. See if they will tell you. If you hear the Court. You have an honest Attorney. Don’t presume A Big Presumption is not true.

As that would be A Big Presumption.

A Big Presumption, May the Best Presumption Win

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