In GOD We Trust

In GOD We Trust, The Stealing of One’s Soul.

In GOD We Trust Flight in Spirit
Are Soul and Spirit the same Thing? We are always Spirit. When in body one needs a Soul to link to Spirit. The wholly Trinity

It’s a Matter of Trust. In GOD We Trust.

Or is it in the Laws of Man, we find god. Give me a second to expand, In GOD We Trust. Where you seeking for some enlightenment? Well wrap your Spirit around. In GOD We Trust, It’s a Matter of Trust is Spiritual enlightenment maybe not in the form you were expecting. To journey to the light in the shortest time. It’s necessary for me to state some claims, make some Big Presumptions and then state them as facts. Why? Because that’s life. It’s the function of Law. You’re a lawful person aren’t you?

I am going to steal little bits and pieces of your soul in this post. Just to prove my point as that’s what they do to us everyday we continue to believe their lawful lies. Don’t worry, I will hold your soul in trust for you. In GOD We Trust. I will be your soul trustee. Therefore you are the sole Beneficiary. You have made the investment of your soul. To experience this reality. You’ll get it back if you have the heart to claim it back. From the individuals that are stealing it, piece by piece. Until there is nothing left. As soul is what is required to live in Spirit on earth. It’s the connecting link to Intent. After all it’s your soul on the Sliver line. Did you feel that?

In GOD We Trust, that’s what law is. Which god is the question? Whether you believe this or not. In truth, I don’t care what you believe. Because in law, all Law is Trust law/Contract law. The presumptions I make, I believe are the law unless rebutted. If you would like to file a case. Go right ahead. As I don’t have to stand in the truth or tell you the truth. That’s the way our system of laws works. I can make a claim that is a total lie and false as the night is long. And it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is prove me wrong. If you can. If you rebut my claims, Oh well have a nice day, see you next time. Did you feel that?

Summons to Court
The summons is an invitation to contract. Don’t ignore it. Just let them know you are the Beneficiary in your answer. Your investment must be protected.

However if you ignore the invitation or fail to rebut my claims and presumptions, you are going to pay with your soul. Do we have a deal? Just sign your name. Don’t expect me to prove my statements. I don’t have to. Your only option is to rebut my claims and presumptions in the proper form. Use legal paper with lines numbered while you stand on your head and sing the National Anthem and quote the constitution. If you can’t handle me denying you the facts. You need a lesson in life and fast. Facts are only facts if we both agree. Simply by denying you the facts eliminates the facts. The truth becomes irrelevant. That’s how our system of law works in the world of, In GOD We Trust. If you believe God is going to help you. Better hire an Attorney. Because you have already lost another piece of your soul. LOL Did you feel that?

The world of law is praying/serving the wrong God. That’s bad. Go ahead, prove me wrong. Get a life. This is a world of laws. The sooner we wake up to this fact the better off we will be. We need an agreement of the fact. Therefore if you can’t handle the truth. Not because the truth is so awesome. Simply one does know how to deal in truth. We have been dealing in lies. To late you have been served. Appear in court or don’t appear. The choice is yours. It’s only your soul you are fighting for. If you feel your soul is not worth the fight. Thank You very much, I will add it to my coffer. See you in hell. Dress warm! It’s burning cold in hell. Did you feel that?

A Cold Day in Hell
See they lie about everything.

Prelude to In GOD We Trust

We are going to travel back in time where this all started. Yes we can travel in time. Time as we know it doesn’t exist. We are traveling in time it right now. As we are experiencing life from the past. Our past is what make us experience what we are today. Right? If one doesn’t like the present experience, travel back in time and correct the past. Experience a parallel present. Or shut up, sit down, this my court of law and the truth means nothing here. What is your name for the record. Did you feel that?

However rise your right hand and swear, “Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God”?

To that my answer is HELL NO. Why must I be disadvantage of having to solemnly tell only the truth? The truth doesn’t matter. They want you believe it does, while they steal another piece of your soul.

Did the judge solemnly swear to listen only to the truth? Does the other party solemnly swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth? You know, I didn’t see the opposing lawyer get sworn in. Do they ever? No because they take an oath but to whom? The Judge takes an oath but to whom? The Temple Bar. Ask the next time you go to court to see their oath of office. The next question should be. Are you acting under that oath as you listen to this case? See if they will answer you, Or threaten you with contempt. It’s a simple question and request why can’t they just answer it? The answer will surprise you. Only the witnesses get sworn in. So if they swear you in. You must be a witness. If you happen to be the defendant, you witness against your self. Did you feel that?

In GOD We Truth
I should have just kept my mouth shut and my eyes and ears open

Traveling back, In God We Trust

No, we are not traveling back in time to the Garden of Eden. Talk about presumptions. We’ll go back to around the thirteen hundreds where the first Trust was claimed and nobody has rebutted. It holds true to this day. You might be surprised who owns your soul, without you even knowing. Maybe you believe it’s a good thing. There is hope, in Spirit, it’s never to late to rebut, so let’s get into the Way Back Machine and turn the dial back to the thirteen hundreds. Boy, I am really showing my age.

In the Thirteen Hundreds is where this world went Dark for the common folk. The new dark ages. Maybe the old one never ended. Where we lost our souls to the system we now live under. Never fear as we are Spiritual Beings and can change a Belief and change our Reality in a moment of realization. We may first have to Battle our Reason, to find Inner Silence and stop believing all the lies. Stopping the World. Thus reclaiming our souls, allowing us to rejoin our Spiritual Family. As the time is Now. We only have this moment in which to live. Remember your truth doesn’t matter to them.

In GOD We Trust But which Ones GOD?
Ok, which one is God? God is all of them!

In GOD We Trust.

We live in a system of presumptions. A system of laws In GOD We Trust. As we awaken we discover that this system is controlled by some powerful forces. We presume this dark system is all their fault. I won’t argue with you, and yet I can’t agree. As one has to assume responsibility for them self their truth. It goes back further than the people currently present in this time. Our present is a reflection of our past. We are talking hundreds of years to get this system into place, the system we are now facing. Wow! More that seven hundred years back to the future. Probably more but the records are lost. Or so the story goes. This system is a work in progress as we will soon SEE the progression, that brought us to our knees. Did you feel that?

Even a blind man can see they have had a lot of time to build their system and we aren’t going to change it without understanding how we got here in the first place. All these wars, famine, pain and sufferings is a result of this created dark system. And it’s all based on a presumption, they made. We the People haven’t simply rebutted. So get in the Way Back Machine, sit down, shut up. Let’s go back to the thirteen hundreds. In GOD We Trust. Did you feel that?

We all know deep inside there is something terrible wrong with the system. We can feel the darkness of it. Yet we haven’t a clue what it is. Our gut reaction is to start pointing fingers and finding somebody or something to blame for our lack of understanding of In GOD We Trust. We all just want to live in peace, harmony and rise our families as that’s what we believe life is supposed to be all about. Right? Then why is it so difficult to do just that? Well, we are going to find our answer in the past. But you may not like it because it’s going to steal your soul. In truth your soul has already been stolen. You just don’t know it yet. The only way to get it back is to steal it back from the thief. And that’s exactly what we are going to do. Unless you don’t want your soul. Did you feel that?

Know Thy Self.
In GOD We Trust

In GOD We Trust the Dark History

In 1302 the Roman Cult (Catholic Church) created a Trust with a presumption. Pope Boniface VIII had this wicked idea to steal everything from humanity. His name means Good doer, or do Gooder. Go figure! Through the Catholic Church he brought his idea to fruition. This is around the time the Original Knights Templar were killed by Prince Phillip with help from the Catholic Church in 1307. They needed them out-of-the-way as they defended the truth. The Knights Templar started back in the time of King Solomon. Seems strange that a holy organization would destroy another holy organization unless one of them wasn’t holy. The winner always writes history and destroys the old records. Since than The Original Knights Templar have gone underground and the New Knights Templar stole their name and perverted their cause.

In God We Trust, He didn't
What a Traitor to Humanity. He even looks miserable. Looks like he lost his soul. But he got that cool hat.

Pope Boniface VIII in 1302 created the first Express Trust in modern History. If One doesn’t understand Trust Law. How could one believe, In GOD We Trust. In truth they are one in the same in the sense of Trust. Now God that’s a different story. I will share some links and websites where all this information can be verified. But chances are you won’t bother your self with all that. Because it’s easier to ignore the truth then to realize a lie and then have to change a belief. As I Am a truthful man. It’s my nature to ask questions then seek the truth to the best of my ability. Others prefer the Simpsons or Family Guy. Hey I’m not judging. Whatever you believe is your business. The funny thing is, that’s exactly what it is. A business. Ooops, Did you feel that?

The Idea of trusts started when the Knights would have to go on the Crusades at the call of the church. They had to leave their family and land to a trusted friend until they returned, Trustees.

The first Express Trust in history was called Unam Sanctum. What’s in the Papal Bull in the Unam Sanctum that has cursed humanity so much? Is where this story starts. Are you ready because this ain’t going to be pretty and rose-colored glasses are for pussies to afraid to SEE the truth. They would prefer to color life and the truth through technology. How Rosary!

The Unam Sanctum a trust created by the Catholic Church partly states:

  • “Therefore, of the one and only Church there is one body and one head, not two heads like a monster”.
  • “We are informed by the texts of the gospels that in this Church and in its power are two swords; namely, the spiritual and the temporal.”
  • “Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff.”
  • “Let no one persuade you that you have no superior or that you are not subject to the head of the ecclesiastical hierarchy, for he is a fool who so thinks.”
  • In other words, All the World and all the Souls in it belong to us.

Sorry, you must have felt that.

Of course they claim the original Papal Bull was lost, but can you Trust them? It’s in their coffer. Can you trust them alone with your children? How quickly we forget about all the pedophellia that has gone on behind the scenes in the Roman Catholic Church. Oh, but they stopped all that after they were caught. Yea Right. What? That makes it OK? Well it so nice of you to forgive them as they rape little children and steal your soul. I even bet you believe they stopped doing those ungodly things because you haven’t heard anything on the nightly news. Hey Slave. They just paid a silencing fee to shut the mouths of their victims. How could anybody trust a thing they say? They are disgusting, scum, an abomination, Filth! Not one priest went to jail for the crimes. Oh, they made a Vow all right. We’ll handle this internally. As the law turns it’s back on the victims. Did you feel that?

Catholic Church Pedophellia
We Vow to pay those children to keep their mouths shut. We are not vowing to stop the pedophilia.

In GOD We Trust they claim they are the one true church, they can save our Souls. Do you want them too? Who’s going to save theirs? Why because they make a claim and we believe it to be truth. To their claim I rebut, For he is a fool who so thinks.

Anyway, To keep it simple and painless. They made a claim of right. Their claim is that they own the World and all the Souls on Earth. The interesting thing about a claim of right, once one files it, they hold title until someone rebuts their claim. Think gold claim. To date. No One Has. So as far as the law is concerned. They are lawful in their presumption and claim, they own it all. Did you feel that? In GOD We Trust. Getting the picture? Wait there’s more. There’s always more, they weren’t just satisfied with your soul, they wanted more.

Your Birth Certificate is their title to your soul and it’s registered though the number. This all has to be legal. Ever stop to wonder why one needs a Birth Certificate? Isn’t it rather obvious your alive.

Note: Birth Certificate and Live Birth Record are different documents with different meaning and different powers. As the Live Birth Record doesn’t have ones name in all Capitals like the Birth Certificate does. If it does one can get the Live Birth Record changed legally. Isn’t that interesting?

Body Tag
This is how they picture us in court.

Could the legal fiction that the Birth Certificate creates be the legal representation of your soul? And that’s why the all capital name is so important. Because it makes your soul a corporation. That the church holds the title to and owns. Which they presume they are the Beneficiary, making you the trustee. The trustee is liable if they breach the trust and fail to perform. Once they attach your all capital name to a body. Guess who’s going to pay for the breach of trust. Just another little piece of my soul now baby! Janis Joplin, You know they got it, if it makes you feel good. Did you feel that?

Well they can do anything they want with their property. As the Beneficiary’s investment must be protected under trust law or the trustee as breached the trust and is liable. Did you feel that? I don’t know if the all capital name is your soul. This sure sounds like the claim. As I was writing this post, the question just popped into my head. Could be an interesting topic to discuss.

Tree of Knowledge
Oh Adam, It’s good to eat. We own it.

Not the first time, In GOD We Trust

This isn’t the first time in human history humanity has attempted to wake up. Remember the Inquisition and the Renaissance? Well not personally, I mean from school or your own reading. Those were two recent attempts by humanity to wake up and attempt to take their Soul/Freedom back. Yet both times the Catholic Church crushed the awakening and cursed humanity back into slavery.

In GOD We Trust. Did you feel that? Yea, they are looking out for humanities best interest. Wake up. They are looking out for theirs and charging interest. Hello, They claim they own the World and your soul. That little child is a soul they own , it’s their property. They are charging us all interest on their property because they presume we are leasing it. Their called taxes. I know you can feel that one. We all do!

Let’s take a quick jump back a little further in time to 325 AD to see where their presumption and claim in trust came from. If you have the stomach for it. In other words The Will.

Constantine the Great In GOD We Trust Not.
Doesn’t he just look all holier than thou. Some say he created the fiction of Jesus. Figures The Catholic Church would make him a Saint. Jesus, he even looks like Jesus!

Do you remember, Constantine the Great, the Emperor?

If not, you have a lot of reading to do to prove me wrong. LOL Starting with Constantines donation. This donation was written to his Pope Sylvester I. Constantine states in his donation, Saint Peter is the Apostle of Jesus Christ. Whom Christ gave the keys to the kingdom of this earth. Therefore we are going to claim taxes. The question remains whether this document is real, but in law that doesn’t matter. All one has to do is file a claim. The truth doesn’t matter. Imagine that. You didn’t even feel that one did you? They make a claim of taxes and to this date nobody has rebutted their claim. Time to put on those rose-colored glasses.

Starting to feel a little soulless, are you?

No wonder we have lost our connection with our Spirit. We are all a bunch of soulless individuals. Zombies as we walk around pretending to live, In GOD We Trust. What a crock of shit. We don’t even know our self much less our GOD. And don’t have the balls to question anything they claim. Somebody might get upset. We need to be politically correct and never say the Z word.

Without those rose colored glasses on this is what we look like.

And worse, some believe in the god of the Catholic Church. Who in my opinion are all Satan worshipers. They speak Latin in their rituals don’t they. And Latin is the language of the Saturn people. Some of you may know what I am talking about. Others, Oh, this can’t be true. Be advised, I don’t care what you believe. State your claim. Rebut me if you can. Wait it gets even better for In God We Trust.

All our taxes are going to Rome and the Catholic Church. The elite families are the Black Nobility Families. That run the Catholic Church from behind the scenes. Your hearing a lot about the Cabal lately. Well these families are the Cabal and go as far back as Babylon. Do you recall what GOD did back then? In GOD We Trust. This dark system has been built for quite sometime. They had time to work out the bugs and cover up the truth. They have think tanks where they think about things. Just believe what they tell you and everything will be OK. Here we have this savior for you because you are lost and all sinners. He can save you. You must confess your sins in my ear so you can be forgiven. Here just chant this 10 times and all is well. Go in peace my son. Drop something in the kitty on the way out will you? Salvation isn’t free you know. Did you feel that?

Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t dislike of Jesus. How can one dislike somebody that never existed? I feel a Christ energy in my Heart. Christ is a consciousness of Spirit. In India they were worshiping Krishna thousand of years before the Catholics adopted Christianity. Jesus how many names does Jesus have anyway? It’s like they were covering all the angles. This Jesus they portray has many of the same attributes of Krishna and others from around the world. The Catholic Church knows this. Of course now that they own everything, Who Cares. Not much left to steal. But keep paying those taxes. We’ll keep putting on the show.

Christ Consciousness
Why it’s just like looking in a mirror. I know how strange.

In GOD We Trust Pyramid Power

What does the pyramid mean that we see everywhere, on everything? Now their claiming, there are pyramids all over the world. It’s the pyramid of power. The power of control. And us common folk are the Debt Slaves, the power source. You little copper top you! Duracell, maybe you’re an Energizer. We come in all shapes and sizes, how about Sees, no I want dees. Did you feel that?

The queen on top is just a figure-head just like our president, a puppet. The church owns everybody. Or so they presume. The Jesuits, The Free Masons, and the Zionist all work together behind the scene. Keeping the dark system running like clock work. As they claim the World and our Souls. Oops, just took another piece of your soul. See losing your soul is absolutely painless. You didn’t feel a thing. And you never will until you reclaim it. There in lies the challenge because one’s voice/power/freedom come from Spirit. Without your soul you will never be able to communicate with your Spirit here on earth. And they know this. That’s OK. The Cabal needs Slaves and soulless people make the best Slaves. What? Was that a rebuttal? From one of the slaves!

In GOD We Trust the Pyramid
See that’s me down at the bottom just like you. In GOD We Trust

Yea, I didn’t believe so. No guts, no glory as the saying goes. Are you ready to bleed a little more, pay more taxes? Because that’s what is happening. Obama Care is a tax. It’s a health tax. That will be paid to the Catholic Church. Because whether your healthy our not you have to pay taxes. When you sign up you create a contract. What would happen if nobody signs up? Can they collect the tax then from all of us dragging us into court? With no contract how can they enforce a non-existing agreement? Oh, they have ways. They presume there is an agreement. And of course you remained silent in agreement. There will always be those soulless people who do what they are told. Yes Master. Did you feel that? Because they can’t find their Spirit. I don’t blame them. I understand completely. Their afraid. And fear is their first natural enemy. It controls them. They would rather pay with their soul. Oh well just stay a Slave and live. What other choice do you have? If you call Slavery living. Hey check this out. Live reversed is Evil. It’s right in front of you, yet you are blinded by fear. Yea, I gave you a freebie. No charge. See what a nice guy I AM?

My Brother in Heart
Tell them to live from their Hearts. That’s where Spirit dwells. Thanks Bro.

In GOD We Trust, moving Forward

In 1455 AD the first Testamentary Trust was created. Pope Nicholas the V is the creator of this Trust. Isn’t it interesting that the Catholic Church is the holder of all these trusts. Did you feel that? Wasn’t it in 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed off to discover the Americas? Yep, The Church is looking for new lands and new souls to steal from the inhabitants of the Earth. Of course the history books tell you a different story. Yea, a trade route to India. The Church wouldn’t lie about that now would they? All those poor souls not believing in Christ. They need to be saved. While we steal their lands and wealth. Oh don’t worry you won’t feel a thing because your saved. Jesus is coming back to save you. Here pay this tax.

In GOD We Trust. Until then, sit down, shut up and pay your taxes. This is my court even though I am a Public Servant. Remember you have no soul your dead. We own you. And you thought we were fair and non-bias and looking for truth. Think again!

The Testamentary Trust by Pope Nicholas then went and conveyed all the previous trusts the Catholic Church has into this one claim and presumption. It’s a Trust that claims all your real estate. You know all those title you have? Those are just titles, you don’t own a damn thing. Your renting or leasing your home, your car, everything. Even if you believe you own it. Did you feel that? As those Titles can be stripped at anytime by the owner of the real estate. Which just so happens to be the Catholic Church. Why? Because they filed a claim, and they presume they are the Beneficiary. Wow, wasn’t that easy?

Mother Earth In GOD We Trust
Sorry Earth, The Catholic Church owns You. Have a rebuttal? I bet you do.

In GOD We Trust the Power of Creation

The Native Peoples had/have this understanding. We can’t own the earth and we don’t own a thing. They are molecules. Some believe they are Spirits. They belong to the Universe. The creator owns creation and the power of creation which it uses to create matter. The Four Elements of creation are Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. And the Fifth Element is the soul of (Humanity). Oops, I see a problem here. There’s a claim that the Catholic Church owns the Earth. In GOD We Trust?

Well when are you going to start defending your GOD’S Trust? You are the Beneficiary, aren’t you of GOD’S last will and Testament? Did you feel that? Don’t be a fool. The Catholic Church knows they can’t own a thing. They aren’t stupid their just insane. There’s a difference. They are taxing you for right of use.

Which seems insane to me as I was born here just like every one of them, Maybe. There are old myths at say we have been visited by others, like fallen angels and the like. Oh, those are all Fairy Tales, creation only created us humans in the entire Universe. Hey Numbnuts. What about the animals and insects and the plant kingdom. Aren’t they a part of creation? Yea, but God made man in his image. SO WHAT, WHO CARES. What image were the fallen Angels created in? Reason what a joke. But that’s in another writing here on this site. See The Invisible Man

The Title gives you the right to be taxed, (right to use). So the more you believe you own, the more taxes one has to pay. I mean really, Do you really think you own your home even if there is no mortgage. Stop paying your taxes you’ll find out in a hurry who believes they own your home in this system. Then just never abandon your home. Oh that would take a set of balls to stand up to the system. Plus Heart and Spirit. I am not telling how to fight your battles. Because it’s clear you won’t fight. We can rebut this system if people would just have the balls to fight for their soul. Oh, I don’t want to die or go to jail. Secret, you are already dead. Simply because there is no life in you. Feel that?

The Finger
Yea, this is what I say to their religion. What’s next a right to life tax? What a scam!

Back to Testamentary Trust In GOD We Trust.

Romanus Ponifex or Summus Pontiff means in Latin, “The Greatest Pontiff”. In the past the crowns indicated the trusts each Summus Pontiff held. When one looks closely at the Popes crown there are three layers that show three trusts they claim. Funny how the last three Popes refused to wear it. You don’t think the system is starting to fall apart do you? We are starting to wake up again. But this time we are going to stay awake. Well some of us will. In GOD We Trust will SEE to that. The crown layers also represents the Three Kingdoms. One of them is the fictional characters they created. I believe it’s that little cross on the very top. And that small little orb thing. Looks like another trust is in the works. Did you feel that?

Popes Crown
Cool hat Pope. Three layers awesome. What’s that little thing starting to expand on the very top? Maybe a failed attempt at something.

In 1481 they created another trust. In the Papal Bull it’s says “For a Perpetual Remembrance”. Doesn’t this sound like a trust? It’s called Aeterni Regis (Eternal King’s) and was issued on 21 June 1481 by Pope Sixtus IV. This makes the common folk Slaves, it’s the beginning of the commonwealth. One doesn’t have to think to deeply to get the meaning of that word. Has it occurred to you yet? That they need us more than we need them.

One might presume the Catholic Church is the most powerful entity on this earth at this point, but you would be wrong! Here’s my rebuttal. It’s the Temple Bar in London. This land has no title. Does this sound like the court systems to you? The Bar Association. The Law. It’s the law is their famous saying. You broke the law is another one.

In truth, there’s even a more powerful entity that exist here on earth.That has no title and is the Beneficiary of the most powerful trust. In GOD We Trust has no meaning in the Courts. Because We the People are divided. We all believe in a different GOD. Because they have created so many and now they want us to believe in this one GOD. Which sounds wonderful doesn’t? The one true GOD. Question, what if the one true GOD they want us to believe in is not the same GOD they serve. What if the one true GOD doesn’t exist. It’s a fiction. How clever is that. But of course that’s not happening because the bible says this and the bible says that. Who wrote the bible for mankind? I hear it God. Back up to the top. Which God? Hint: Even their fiction states, Seek ye first the Kingdom of GOD. Could that Kingdom be in the hearts of mankind? That’s my presumption so why do I need them?

Let them pray to their God. Well really it’s the dark god of Bal Sagoth. The Greatest of these gods is Gol-goroth who sits forever in the Temple Shadows. The House of the Necromancer. Because if one stops and thinks about it. We are dead, when we walk in to court and pass the bar. And they bend us over and give it to us where the sun don’t shine. Whether we are in truth or innocent. As they don’t care. They are serving their god. As they have sworn an Oath to Him. I bet you felt that? Just another little piece of your soul.

In GOD We Trust. But which GOD
In GOD We Trust. Yep, That’s Me

In 1531 Convocation of Canterbury. The Canterbury Tales tell all about this Third Trust. You have run out of soul. Your Birth Certificate number is the number that latches you to this Cestui Que Vie Trust, this is the name of our enslavement. This is the number of the beast. And we all have been Feeding the Beast without even knowing. Cestui Que Vie is 666 in Latin, Satan’s language. Who ever he thinks he is. And there are three of them. I bet you were looking for that number in the future and it’s already here hidden in your past. Feel that?

In GOD We Trust Canterbury
Can you believe the Catholic Church Owning the World, Aren’t they clever?

In GOD We Trust you have lost your soul.

I am done here in my court. I rest my Case. Now it’s your turn to defend your soul. Oops you don’t have one. That’s OK just bend over the bar. LOL What you find that offensive? Yet you let them do it to you everyday you don’t question and remain silent. You can’t even rebut their presumptions and you find me offensive. Ever look in a Mirror? That’s the problem with vision. One SEES the good and the bad. I haven’t come to color your world all rosy for you. You came here to have a Spiritual Vision. What one SEES is a matter of person power. If you can’t SEE the good in this article. Then you have lost your soul. There is a Spiritual way out of this mess. But one must have Spirit. Your Soul is in trust remember? I’m your soul trustee in this moment. Tell me Beneficiary what you would like me to do with the pieces of your Soul I collected.  In GOD We Trust.

Looking Back
I see a reflection of myself. Which one is truly me?

Quick Review. There are three Trusts, they call the Cestui Que Vie Trust. 1435 is the first trust that stole our land. Because no body rebutted. Hell maybe they did and where behead. The Church wouldn’t do that. 1481 is the second that has taken away your personal property. And last but not least, 1531 the trust that stole your soul. Your Baptism was the washing away of your soul. I warned you! It’s not a pretty sight. Hey, you can always rebut this presumption and claim. I pray you do. But most are too frightened to stand up to them. They look and act pretty scary.

Touche' Turtle My Champion
Touche’ Turtle says it time to come home and reclaim your soul.

In GOD We Trust Closing, Returning to the Present

Trizzle trazzle trizzle trome. Time for this one to come home. Yep, We may all be unprepared to do the job Mr. Wizard gave us to do. All one has to do is rebut their claims. One doesn’t need to go to court to do this. Rebut them in your Heart. Clear your mind of their lies. Believe in your self as your source of strength. Your GOD can wait while you sort things out. This moment is for your experience. GOD knows the trials and tribulations we go through. Don’t let anyone tell you. That you are not worthy of GOD. GOD lives inside us all. They just haven’t figured out a way to claim it yet. They believe in a different God one outside of them self. They will never find the one true GOD that lives within. Because they have no Heart. Their works prove this. We just have to agree on the facts. Can we agree?

I Am an Honest Man that lives in honor. Not because I want to, but because I can’t live any other way. My Spirit demands it. That’s me, that’s my Spirit. I have no need for your soul but that doesn’t mean Satan doesn’t. You lost it now you are on your own. I can’t fix Stupid. Ok, Sorry, maybe you where asleep. Are you awake now? Here’s the return of your soul. Presto!

So I will leave you with the most important sentence of the article. And I pray you learn the Art of rebuttal. It’s the only defense we have against the Evil presumptions that rule this system we are voluntary enslaved by. I hope this makes more sense to all your five sense and the senses you haven’t experienced yet in your Dreams. Of course that’s a Presumption. Do you have a rebuttal? Just Sit down, Shut up, and pay your taxes, Slave. This is my Court. Well I am waiting.

Just testing to see if your Soul has returned yet, and if you can speak with your Spirit from Heartmind. It may take a little time and effort. But I am sure you’ll find it. In GOD We Trust Right?

In GOD We Trust Spirit has two I's in it
A United Humanity. Where we come together in Spirit finally.

As I stated at the beginning everything that happens is Trust Law. In GOD We Trust, of course in court they let you presume it is our GOD they oath to. But in the world of law that couldn’t be further from the truth. As we all know the truth doesn’t matter in court. GODS law is written on the Hearts of humanity. Only the Claim matters. And the only way to fight their presumption of Claim. Is to claim your own presumptions. I didn’t make this system up. They did. Sometimes one has to fight fire with fire, when water is unavailable. Fight hard, fight wise, most of all join the fight, become a Warrior. It’s your soul you are fighting to keep. I have ready died in defense of mine. As they consider me already dead. How Sweet it is. How many of you reading this will do the same. Your moment is fast approaching. Be warned! One must face Evil, turn it around to Live. You will SEE Evil is nothing but a presumption. To be frightened by a belief is just stupid. You’re already Dead. Be reborn of Spirit. Now live! Your Spirit commands it. Awaken! Remember who and what you are. We Doowans call it Sandamara.

Out of the Past, We Came Walking. For life without Spirit/freedom isn’t life at all. It’s Slavery. How’s that working for you so far? Ready for a change? Let there be Spirit, Presto! You are! Can you feel that? I Am That I Am.

In GOD We Trust
In GOD We Trust. We are Free!

In GOD We Trust, The Final Words.

“Tudor, Tudor my Boy. Be what you is, not what you is not. Folks what they is, is the happiest lot”.

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

In GOD We Trust

Which GOD?


In GOD We Trust Winky
Winky Says, Up yours! Claim that is.

Legal Disclaimer: Don’t Presume I am an Attorney. I won’t join that cult. I am not offering you legal advice. I won’t speak those words. This is for your Spiritual enlightenment, enjoyment, and entertainment. You have links, use them for your self. Make your own Presumptions. Or hire an Attorney from the dark Country Club to fight your battles for you. I fight my own battles, lose or win. Today is a good day to die! Why pay them to A-ttor-ney me over to the dark system they belong to? They can’t work for you. Their soul belongs to somebody else. Ask them to whom have you taken an oath to, before writing that check. See if they will tell you. If you hear, the Temple Bar. You have an honest Attorney. But you’re better off, In GOD We Trust.

Visit these links. In GOD We Trust

The Stealing of One’s Soul, It’s a Matter of Trust. In GOD We Trust

3 thoughts on “In GOD We Trust

  1. I’m truly enjoying the design and layout of
    your blog. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me
    to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a designer to create your theme?
    Great work!

  2. Hey there CJC,

    I can sure feel that and what a feeling it is. Masterful work on this post. You might have just tickled a few feelers out in the crowd. Always keepin it real my friend!

    _Snow Warrior out

    1. Hellooooo Snow Warrior, I see you have visited my area. Thanks,for the flakes. I believe this is nicest comment anybody has left on this site. I Thank You. I am humbled and honored. Tickled a few feelers, tickles my fancy if you know what I mean. I am pleased you felt what I was attempting to convey. It appears your soul has returned. Great, now keeping it is going to be your biggest challenge. One I’m sure your up for. It was wonderful to hear from you. Say hello to Fearless for me, and your Deer friends. Deer is the totem of love. With Fearless at your side there is nothing that can stop you on your path. Well except for yourself. Keeping it real is what we must all do my friend. Did you feel that?

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