The Spirit of Reflection

In The Spirit of Reflection, one feels the Vastness of Spirit.

The Spritt of Reflections
The Spirit of Reflection. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.

I Am finding it more and more difficult to express The Spirit of Reflection, as I Reflect more and more of my sovereign Spirit in the Mirror of self. I find the literal becomes distasteful and pathetic. The only view The Spirit of Reflection then chooses to experience becomes the Anagogic. A mystical interpretation of a word, passage, or text, especially scriptural exegesis that detects allusions to heaven or the afterlife. Which for some may open a can of worms. You Know, sometimes worms discover their freedom from the phsyical can. And the Allegroic. The representation of abstract ideas or principles by characters, figures, or events in narrative, dramatic, or pictorial form. The symbology of Spirit.

Can you begin to SEE my challenge? Why it is becoming more difficult to write, The Spirit of Reflection.

Words can never express the vision of Spirit. I will give it my best shot using the spells, creating the sounds of language. How else can The Spirit of Reflection be expressed to another? It’s an experience. Some experiences are just that, experiences. Words create a description which in turn casts the spells of magic, of the experience. As words cast spells and I don’t have the command of words that I would Love to express this new vision of Spirit. So I hesitate to write anything at all. As I have moved completely into Spirit. I Am still getting my bearings in this New Experience of me. Give me a moment.

Know Thy Self.
I pray I find the words to Express. The Spirit of Reflection

It has taken a lifetime to find my true self, The Totality. I discovered that everything I experienced in the old paradigm of me has lead me to this moment. Being born again in Spirit, The old literal me is dead. Rest in peace. I can’t go back, nor would I choose too. One would have to be insane to repeat the old experiences and emotions. To repeat the old mistakes and relive the old life. Not sure that is even possible. Spirit is the constant expansion of consciousness.  My true desire is to express this expansion of consciousness in the mirror of The Spirit of Reflection. This is The Spirit of Reflection in a nutshell. I have got my work cut out for me when I choose to share. I have to crack that nut!

What I feel is a sharing of The Spirit of Reflection. What frightens me is being sucked back into the carcass of the old dead me. I know how to face fear, being sucked back into the old me would be the second death. The death of Spirit. This is something I choose not to experience. Therefore, I refuse to be drawn back into the old paradigm. The old world view of death and destruction. The old world view of Good against Evil, of Darkness and Light. Of Negative and Positive as that world of polarity died with the body. I AM NOW, The Spirit of Reflection. Full of Life. A Singularity.

In The Spirit of Reflection I SEE. The Spirit of Man moving on a lateral time line, to the east, made up of four cardinal points, and the first few elements of life. In the moment, all I can See is Spirit. Ebbing and flowing at the same time. Very much like the Earth spinning in both directions at once, which I have already express how this is true. It’s a matter of perspective.

The Spirit in trees
Some See Trees. Others See a Reflection.

The Power of Spirit

For those still  encased in body, let’s review what we truly are. What the body is made of and the power of the magic which Spirit uses to create the body. It’s the magic of the DJINN, or gen. Silent D.

I will list a few primary elements of the body in an attempt to express the Magic of Creation of the human body. Remember this is only The Spirit of Reflection. I Am new to this Reflection and words, what can I say? I may have bitten off more then I can chew with these baby Spirit teeth. But if you are willing to listen and then visualize. I believe you will SEE the creation.

The four cardinal points of creation are Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. These are reflected in the Zodiac and the body as we are made up of photons of light which contains all of creation. We are all.

We are all well aware of the need for water in the human body. Air of course is a function of the lungs, a form of water. Fire is the spark of Spirit or light, the photons in the DNA. And carbon is the earth/clay which the body is made of and returns too. Man, this is difficult to express with clarity. Easy to SEE in Spirit. Difficult to relate to in the literal.

The Source Field and The Mastery of Awareness
What a great Dream we have created together. We are the reflection of the God within

The most abundant elements in the body is Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon 12. Isn’t it strange that most end with Gen? Yep, in The Spirit of Reflection this is what 99% of the body is made of. Which of course those elements have Animal Medicine which are the wholliest of holy animals that have ever been reflected in the mind of Man. The Serpent, the Ox, the Lion, and the Lamb.

Taking the first letters of the animals SOLL. Or the word soul. This reflects the sound of creation. Which gives the illusion of YING and YANG, the literal, In The Spirit of Reflection I found it best to find the neutral points to envision the whole. One finds balance in the neutral points. Thus, walking the fine line through the eye of the needle. Into the new world of Spirit.

I was going to attempt to explain the meaning of the Elements above, but I find I don’t have the words in this moment. I attempted, but found myself at a loss for words. Casting the the spells of the literal. Which left a distaste in me. Maybe in a later post as I become more accustomed to The Reflection of Spirit.  As the vastness of Spirit has blown my mind. I no longer have the Reason for words. Spirit sings the Universe. How can one sing a post?

The Spirit of Reflection
Can you put this into words? Welcome to my world. The Spirit of Reflection.

As I stated, I Am speechless in this reflection. May I recommend a movie that might demonstrate my experience, the feeling I Am experiencing. The Wall, on Netflix. I Spiritually recommend this Movie. As I reflect back on the vision of the Wall, it has all the answers in the Allegroic and Anagogic senses that my Spirit feels. I find it difficult to separate my old self from my new self when I write, I find my old self being absorbed into the new self. And the new self being absorbed into the whole. It has opened my Eyes/Heart/Spirit to The Spirit of Reflection. I become.

I don’t have the command of sound in my new state of The Spirit of Reflection. Time will tell.

The Spirit of Reflection
The IS of Spirit. The Spirit of Reflection Is.

To move into Spirit one unlearns the Magic that created the body. The Magic that holds us in the physical, thus releasing Spirit to the all of creation. Yep, That’s what happened to me. In the Twinkling of an Eye. You are God. What you experience is The Spirit of Reflection for yourself. Life then becomes a Game. Want to Play? Abracadabra. Presto!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back



The Spirit of Reflection
In the Vastness of Spirit. One Sees the Point.

Standing in Spirit one becomes speechless. In The Spirit of Reflection, one feels the Vastness of Spirit.

One thought on “The Spirit of Reflection

  1. Wonderful reflection! I enjoy learning about the cardinal points of creation. Perhaps we may hear more about the abundant elements in the future. I know it seems ineffable are words when describing Spirit. I hope to go there in myself with speaking and writing too. A challenge it can be, but worth taking the journey!
    Speaking about “The Wall” I originally assumed Pink Floyd, but to my delight I discovered that I’ve been intending to watch this on Netflix as it seemed intriguing. So now this is a definite sign. Thank you for all that you do and share!
    Much Love,

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