The Big Bang

The Big Bang, or was that a Pop?

The Big Bang
The Big Bang. The expansiveness of consciousness.

Billions of years ago there was The Big Bang, or so we have been told. Let’s pretend that The Big Bang did happen the way it’s described. Throwing all those galaxies out on to the canvas of the Universe. Creating this wonderful experience we call life. Now What?

I have seen where artists place a canvas and then throw ink or paint at the canvas. Creating random works of art. As the medium hits the canvas it’s just like The Big Bang. The medium starts to spread out all over the canvas, dipping and flowing on the empty canvas of the Universe. Picture that we are some where out on the edges of the Universal canvas. And here we are experiencing this painting called life. As if it was the only life we have ever known. Could life really be a random act of art created by the GOD of the Universe? Are you a random act of consciousness created at the moment of The Big Bang?

Expanding you
Somewhere out there. There is you. Or are you The Big Bang?

The Big Bang

I have wondered whether I was there at that moment of The Big Bang. Or am I some random act of sex created by my parents? Out of all those little tiny swimmers this one just happened to make its way to the egg and Presto, I was born. What are the odds of that? One might say 100 percent, because here I Am. Come to think of it, I could have been a blow job with no chance at life at all. If I Am to believe that, than my father is GOD that created The Big Bang, as his father before him, and his father before him and so on, and so on. Which Reason would suggest we are all Big Bangs creating life on the canvas of the Universe. So in that sense we are all GODS creating The Big Bang.

To define ourselves as being a random act of sex, limits us to our little tiny space on the edge of some galaxy on the vast canvas of the Universe. Thus we must believe we are only inside our skin, in the vastness of this Universe. Well this consciousness must say good luck with that! You must be pretty lonely in there. To know that we are consciousness present at the moment of The Big Bang opens up the vastness of the experience of this thing we call life. So billions of years ago you where/are The Big Bang, or a random act of sex. Is there another choice? So choose!

The Big Bang as another meaning
Which one is you? Or could they all be you?

Sex and The Big Bang

For the sake of discussion let’s pretend you are a random act of sex. Living within the skin. With a life expectancy of 100 years, and then nothing. So from nothing you became and to nothing you will return. What is the sense of this experience? Well it would be for nothing of course. To experience nothing is of course your choice and that’s your free will to experience this. It is not for me to decide what your experience will be or should be. Is it important to you to know that you are GOD or that you are one with GOD? What difference would it make to you to know this? Because really you believe you’re an accident that just happened. Now you have to suffer this life you were thrown into. Because you have no choice. So life becomes something that happened to you as opposed to something you choose to be a part of.

However, there is another option. Which of course is the option I would choose for myself, but that’s me, and you are you. Since I AM me and this is my experience, and while I have this moment where my Spirit has the wish to share my experience and use the skin to write this post, The Big Bang. Simply because that’s what Spiritual beings do! I must leave the vastness of Spirit and step into the skin. As I explored my Spirit, I found that I longer needed words nor can I use words to describe the experience of Spirit. How does one put into words the feeling of being one with the Universe? To know that one is GOD. To coin a phrase, In the beginning there was the word, and the word was YOU. As Spirit doesn’t need words to know. In Truth, I haven’t had much to say. Why say anything at all, as I would just be talking to myself anyway. I have said everything all ready and shared my experience on this blog. It amuses me to think that it would only be me reading what I wrote. What more can be said?

So here we are. A complicated new being experiencing what we call life in the skin. Where we cut ourselves off from the rest of the Universe so we can have the experience of The Big Bang. Only to rediscover our consciousness again. What a funny game we play with our self. To be the expanse of the Universe only to cut our self off from what we are. Only to rediscover again what we truly are. We must be really bored. For me to be back in the skin is the boring part. As Universal Spirit is so vast and there is so much more I wish to explore and rediscover.

Dream Traveler shared some Magic
Seeing The Big Bang for what it is

So let’s play shall we? Let’s say the earth is just this big rock somewhere in this vast Universe. Separate from the Universe, and yet part of it. Is that even possible? How can something be part of something and separate at the same time? How can you be a part of this Universe and separate from it by the skin. It’s impossible! Can one separate the Heart from the body and still experience life? Therefore, one can not separate them self from the whole of the Universe and experience life. As all the parts make up the whole. Thus the Universe wouldn’t exist without you being a part of it. So in this way we become one with this experience we call the Universe and life. We become one. We are in a Cause and Effect relationship with creation. A duality. Be the Cause or be the Effect. However this only Causes the Effect of the separation. In Spirit one can be both which is The Singularity.

As I experience The Big Bang, I realize that my Spirit is still expanding. Creating new life, new worlds to experience and the Universe/Spirit is my play ground. So how would you define yourself, if you were GOD and you are. Than you are not something as a result of The Big Bang, you are The Big Bang pretending to be who you are in the skin, to experience what you wish to experience. Are you having fun yet?  Quit taking this life so serious. It’s only a game you are playing with yourself to rediscover yourself. Where everything and everybody is simply a reflection of you. To remind you of who you are. Remember, Remember, Remember.

Dreaming Spirit
The choice is yours to make

The Death of The Big Bang, Nothingness

For some Reason we have this Big fear of Death. Here maybe this experience will help with that. If consciousness were to die and experience nothing. How is nothing an experience? Well I guess it could be. But really what kind of experience is nothing. Consciousness is the experience, so if one is conscious than one can not experience nothing. Here try this. Try to experience or even conceive of nothingness. So quit worrying about death, as death doesn’t exist for consciousness/Spirit. It’s the EGO that’s worrying and the EGO doesn’t exist except in the mind of man. Enough about nothing let’s get on with life and the experience of The Big Bang.

So here you are at the very beginning of it all, being it all. When BANG!!!!!!!! As you expand into all those bubbles of perception you begin to experience the experience of the bubbles of perception as different points of view. The expanse of Consciousness/Spirit as it flows and vibrates with all the sounds of creation. We wake up never having gone to sleep. We begin to dream a dream, within a dream, within a dream, and we call that life.  When it is only a dream our consciousness is having while being awake. So you come into being, being a dream of being somebody else. In the Twinkling of an Eye you are and yet you don’t remember how you do it. Maybe you don’t need to remember because you all ready know. So in essence there is nothing to remember. Because you already know. You are The Big Bang! Enjoy the vastness of the experience.

Free Spirit
Born of Light and Love The Big Bang

Oooops, I Am slipping back into Universal Spirit and losing the need for words. We may meet again. Now that you have experienced The Big Bang what have you got to say? See your Speechless.

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Experience The Big Bang


Winky says
Was The Big Bang, GOD’S fart? Just wondering!

Sorry, I was just passing Gas, was that The Big Bang?

2 thoughts on “The Big Bang

  1. Our Spirit is One and I Am you Brotha! WE choose option B, rather than A: where one comes from nothing and lives for nothing. Option B to live a purposeful life is our true Birth right. To be Born again a spiritual Being on this earth is a BIG gift. Thank you for sharing the Big Bang reflection of Spirit! There really is nothing more that can be said about the Big Bang experience. I Am speechless. Words… I keep slip, slip, slip, slipping away. See you in Your/My/Our Dreams.

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