Burning Desire

Burning Desire, With the Fire from Within

Burning Desire to be free
Burning Desire to cling to Nothing. The Dragon Awaits

Burning Desire takes on a different perspective when viewed from the Anagogic. Experience becomes Wisdom. The Anagogical is a method of spiritual perspective that brings a deeper meaning to the literal happening.

On Sept. 15th. our community experienced a wild-fire that change the life of many people who experienced this event. Costing some people everything they owned. Some might say this is a bad thing and literally it is. However, when ones Spirit learns a valuable lesson that saves their Spirit. Their perspective changes to the Anagogic. So to speak Spiritual, a Burning Desire becomes a blessing. Some may not view it as such, So here’s the perspective.

First let me fill in some blanks using the literal, as the devil is in the details. We value life though the things we possess, or better said, possess us. Although some may not have much, it’s all they have. When all those things are striped away. The true value of life becomes crystal clear. Our life changes path and we begin a new Spiritual walk that takes us on a direct path to the Great Spirit. That Great Spirit is YOU. YOU are here to know Thy self.

Burning Desire. The expansiveness of Spirit consciousness.
Burning Desire. The expansiveness of Spirit consciousness.

Burning Desire

I became aware of the fire when my partner came back from the Gym. She was lucky to have gotten out of the area alive. By the time they smelled the smoke and changed cloths the fire had engulfed the surrounding area and was headed for the school up the hill. (By the way, the building she was in burnt to the ground.) At this moment the fire was still 10 to 15 miles away. With the 45 mph winds it would not take long to reach the area in which we live. It was head straight for us and it looked as if nothing was going to stop this Burning Desire.

I moved up the driveway to the road and could see the smoke rising in the air. From the looks of it this was no small fire. The black smoke was heading our way and fast. It was marking the way of the fire with its own Burning Desire. Stood there for a moment with the wind hitting me directly in the face. Bad Omen, I could hear the wind howling in my ears. I started knocking on doors to warn the friends and neighbors that live near me. As we stood in the street watching the fire advance. People were starting to pack up their cars and head for the evacuation center. One of my neighbors turned to me and asked? ” Are you going to evacuate”? I turned to him and asked, “Where will I go? Everything I have is right here and I have no place else to be. I will stay and fight the fire to save what little I have”. I will go down battling the fire with water! Talk about a Burning Desire!

Burning Desire up in Smoke
Burning Desire to be more of ME

I got the hoses ready. Gassed up and oiled the chain saw, as some trees may have to fall to save the house in which we live. Under these conditions a fire moves very quickly over the ground blown by the wind, burning the dry grasses and low shrubs. The trees are the things that spread the sparks to other trees and often will explode. And yes we have trees that are close to the house. Those were the ones I was concerned with.

Kept an eye on the smoke as it climbed ever higher in the sky blocking out the sun. Watching for the flames to appear over the ridge that’s a few miles from the house. My partner started packing a few things, clothes, water, some food. It was at that point I was wondering what else would I take like important papers, medical supplies, dog food, etc.

That’s when the Anagogic perspective came into view. It’s just stuff. Am I being possessed of my possession. What makes this stuff so valuable that I would risk my body in an attempt to save it? The Burning Desire was to let it all go up in flames, and me with it. I would send my partner and the dog to the evacuation center. That’s when I let it all go, I saw the insanity of collecting stuff that I thought had value. When in essence it’s all physical literal bullshit. Yes, a roof over ones head, food to eat, and water to drink are important in the physical sense. But in the Spiritual what is important is that we learn what it means to be Spiritual. In a flash of Blinding White Light I found the true meaning to Spirit. Yes my body may have burned up in the fire along with the rest of the possessions. However my Spirit is immortal. So be it.

Burning Desire of Spirit
At last free from all possessions. I AM no longer possessed by my Burning Desire

What is the sense of living the life of a lie? Where one believes that what they have reflects the value of their life. Where having more so that others have less is why there is lack. Where wars, the killing  of innocent men, women and children for the want of others. Where fraud, lying, cheating and stealing, is answered with, I am just doing my job. Where people think only of what they can get, as appose to what they can share. Where the people support a government/Goven Mind that could care less about the Peoples needs. And only seeks to tax, fine and imprison the people it is supposed to serve. Taking the Peoples Soul essence to support some legal fiction. That only lives in a two-dimensional world called paper. Even their own legal maxims state, “Legality is not reality”. Where how much money one has determines ones self-worth is the norm. When the “Normal” becomes insanity, it’s time to let it go! So in that moment, I saw the insanity of my insanity. Thus becoming instantly sane in the mirror of Self Reflection.

Rise up in Spirit.
Rise up in Spirit as the Phoenix

However from the Anagogic perspective of self, I see the event to be more like the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes of a life wasted on collecting stuff, working like a slave day and night to buy more things of no value. Where the true value one has is the Spirit in which they live. That’s when the true miracles start to happen. One finds that one doesn’t live in a house or apartment. They live in their heart. The only food one needs is the food of LOVE. And the only water one drinks is the waters of truth.

That’s my Burning Desire.

Butterfly Nebula
We fly though the fire of Burning Desire

The Wisdom of the Burning Desire Experience

Spirit is not two-dimensional, it’s multidimensional. Spirit is not a state of mind. It’s a state of being. Spirit consciousness is the knowing Christ being called Christ Consciousness. Yes, the second coming of Christ is at hand. Christ won’t be coming in a cloud to save You. Christ comes to ones heart though a Burning Desire. I have seen the face of Christ. And that Christ is ME/YOU. The Kingdom of Heaven is within. We are all sparks of the All spark. The sparks from the fire burned away all that was a lifetime of lies. Now the Phoenix rises on the wings of LOVE. To a new state of being. Nothing else matters as matter is the ashes.

Oh, about the wild-fire. What”s interesting to note, is that once this realization came to me, and I was willing to let it all go. The fire was being stop by the wonderful people who risk their lives doing such things. The smoke went from Black to White. The wind slowed down. So as you can SEE the Universe took care of the event. Or was my realization of Let it all go?

Could it be that this fire was the Kause for the effect? The miracles that happened that day are beyond explanation. Yes, one of them was the firer fighters coming together to battle this blaze and Thank You doesn’t seem to be a just reward for them risking their lives. For if it wasn’t for them, who knows what would have happened in the fires Burning Desire.

There are some unseen miracles as well. Such as the one that happened to ME. Three days later. I was walking home from a friend’s house after talking about the fire and a huge cloud formation in the shape of the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes was moving over ME in the Sky. In that moment I knew the Phoenix was Me. Rising above the Ashes. This experience brought the Wisdom needed to change ones life.

In the process of Burning Desire, we become lighter than air.
In the process of letting go, we become lighter than air. From our Burning Desire

I offer this sharing of experience as a learning experience of the Burning Desire I experienced so YOU don’t have to. No Reason to learn a Spiritual lesson the hard-way. Just Saying!

Yep, Miracles do happen. All one needs is a Burning Desire to SEE them.

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back


Winky, and The Emerald Tablets
He’s not Blowing Smoke up your Butt.

Burning Desire to burn with the Fire from Within

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  1. Good post! I read your blog often and you always post excellent content. I posted this article on Facebook and my followers like it. Thanks for writing this!

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