Thirty Pieces of Silver

Thirty Pieces of Silver, Is that all your Christ is worth?

The Finger
Yea, this is what I say to them. Charging me to use my own body. What a scam!

We have all heard the story of Thirty Pieces of Silver. However, do we comprehend the Anagogic meaning of what it means for ourselves? When one realizes Silver to symbolize Truth. We put on an anagogic set of eyes to SEE the Truth. You may think this is holy shit and it is.

Yep! That's what I Am talking about. Holy Shit
Yep! That’s what I Am talking about. Holy Shit !

If one believes the literal story of Judas and Jesus you are missing the anagogic point. You have your Thirty Pieces of Silver.

The whole story is quite different according to the Dream. So let’s Dream a Dream, within a Dream. You Dream don’t you?

It’s been said, Young men have Visions, old men have Dreams. To be neutral let’s use beings instead of men because we are both male and female in the duelity of this world. Better yet, let’s use souls. OK? Asks Lucifer. OHK, Says Creation!

Thirty Pieces of Silver is an Anagogic Dream. Where we can play both characters in this Passion play to find the true anagogic meaning of the allegory for ourselves within ourselves. As we all have the Dream to play either character or both. In truth we are playing one character or the other and some of us play them both at the same time in the literal. Talk about psychopathic.

Warning: Don’t get caught up personally/emotionally in the characters them self. It’s the message they bring that we should take to heart. Where the whole Truth can be felt.

The power in Spirit.
Flying on the wings of Spirit

Thirty Pieces of Silver

So with that said, the story goes something like this. At the last supper Christ whispered something in Judas ear and we went off to betray Jesus. Receiving Thirty Pieces of Silver to kiss Jesus as to bear false witness against him. In other words ID him to the authorities. Authorities, yea right! We all know what the authorities did after that and how the story ended. Or do we?

Here/s what Thirty pieces of Silver will buy you
Blind Faith in Thirty Pieces of Silver

Judas my Brother

Let’s play the part of Judas for a moment to SEE from that characters eyes, shall we?

Hear, I Am the most trusted of the Disciples. The treasurer, the one that took care of all the needs of the crew. When they needed something they came to me and I produced it for them. I keep all their money safe and balanced the books so they can see where every penny went. And not a penny is missing. If fact, I Am Christs most trusted friend some may say brother. So when he came to me and asked me to betray him. I was confused and hurt. Why would he ask me to do something that goes against the trust and love we have for each other? Who would do such a thing? Betray the one I LOVE. Christ don’t ask me to do that. Ask one of your other eleven disciples to do that. What? You can’t trust them to betray you. Why me? Yes, I love you and would do anything for you. Anything but that. Yes, I see the bigger picture after our talk, and how humanity has lost their way. Yes, we are here to show Humanity the way, the truth, and the life. Oh hell, that’s a convincing argument. Yes, I know Thomas doubts, Paul has his own agenda, and Peter, that dick, will deny, his Christ three times but… Oh yes, you did tell me the secrets of Creation. Oh, I SEE creation needs you to do this and you need me to help you show the truth of Creation. Wow, Christ I just went fractal. I don’t know. Let me think about this. I will give you my answer tonight at the supper. Hey, what kind of bread would you like tonight? Sourdough it is. Any fish?

In the Mind of Judas

Let me SEE, If I don’t do this thing that Christ asked me to do. Some, if not all of humanity will be lost. If I do this thing than humanity has a chance to have a chance of finding their Christ consciousness to join Creations divine plan, however it goes against my very heart and soul. Hum, that’s a hard decision. What will happen to me? If I don’t do this I AM lost as I Am Humanity. If I do this I Am lost to myself. Damn! Jesus Christ! I Am lost either way. What a bitch it is to be the most trusted and loved. That”s compassion for you, Damned if you do, and Damned if you don’t. Hey, I can make some money if I do this. I can sell my Christ consciousness for Thirty Pieces of Silver. Wait, I know I will take the Thirty Pieces of Silver and then give it back. That way the divine plan of Creation can be fulfilled and I can keep my soul. Yea, that’s the ticket. Maybe, I will just hang myself and teach them all a lesson.

All for Thirty Pieces of Silver
Not my Circus, not my Monkeys. Yet I pay the price.

We all know how their story turned out. My question to you is. What would you do?

You SEE you are Judas selling your Christ consciousness for Thirty Pieces of Silver, Some call it a pay check, I Am just doing my job scenario , because we all have to live, Right? Yep, Creation doesn’t have a plan for me. How can I possibly trust Creation to give to my needs? You know, Creation takes care of everything else but little old me. Well how will I ever know, because I have sold my Christ consciousness for Thirty Piece of Silver. It’s OHK, Creation has a plan once we trust Creation. Just ask Christ. That’s the Christ within you. Remember the warning?
Warning: Don’t get caught up emotionally in the characters them self. It’s the message that they bring that we should take to heart.

Let’s be Christ for a moment, shall we?

My Brother in Heart
Tell them to live from their Hearts. That’s where Spirit dwells

In the Mind of Christ

Yes, Mother, How’s Father? I know I have to do this for Creation. Humanity has been deceived. Can you take this cup from ME? Father said, I have to do this? OK! Man this is going to hurt. Hey, humanity doesn’t know ME. How will I get them to do what needs to be done. They don’t follow my teaching. Instead they would rather worship me and hang their sins on me. Forgive them for they know not what they do! How will they even know it is ME, I carry no pictured ID. Yes, Judas is my most trusted brother. I can’t ask him to betray me. We LOVE each other. Judas will never do this to me. He will need to know the divine plan to help motivate him. Cool Father, I will let him know, but the decision must be his. Yes, I will let him know what LOVE truly is, (The Law of Creation in the Truth of Consciousness), He will SEE the big picture once he knows. I can trust him to do this for me as long as he knows the whole truth. Ah, that’s where the Thirty Pieces of Silver comes into play. Awesome, Father so that’s the plan. Oh, I have a Question. What if humanity doesn’t get the message? Oh, you have a plan B. I know just because the message may not be received doesn’t mean it should not be sent. Man, this is going to hurt Judas as well. I AM not THAT sure if he will do this after all so Your plan (BE) better work. Thy will be done. I know Creation has this. Be with you soon!

OUCH! Is that all you got?

Letting go of the name
Be what you is. Not what you is not. People that is, is the happiest lot…

It is finished…

When one stops to consider the way of the world. One can only assume that the message was not received by humanity. Even though it was written in our Hearts. I have three Questions for you that only you can answer for yourself. Ready? That one didn’t count. Why did the bible mention the three nails where they were one short to do the job? If Christ was to be hung on a cross or (T) one would only need three nails, right? So why say anything at all about the nails?

Hint: Maybe it wasn’t a (t) at all. Just sign here on the (X) will you!

Why would I share this Dream? Because it is time we all get the message. Why? If not NOW, when, if not you, then who? How many more Christ consciousness must sacrifice themselves for the sake of humanity? The Truth is very simple. You SEE you are Christ sacrificing yourself to Humanity/System. As we SEE, Christ is in service to Creation, as we are all creation. Serve your Master. It would be a shame to waste another Christ consciousness on dead people. Let the dead bury the dead. One cannot serve two masters. One can serve Creation by becoming the Christ consciousness within you thus becoming the all. Or One can Idol worship. Serving the system that has lied, cheated, and sold your very soul for Thirty Pieces of Silver, I might add.

The Eye of insight
If they only had the eyes to SEE,

Is that what your Christ Consciousness is worth? Thirty Pieces of Silver all though Silver is truth. It’s only Thirty Pieces of Silver. Not the whole truth now is it?

In Truth, they are not to blame. It’s been your choice all along, NOW hasn’t it? Because if it wasn’t for them showing a contrast or polarity, some of us would not get the message this time. So in the big picture of Creation, it’s perfect. And they didn’t have to pay much to educate you. Just Thirty Pieces of Silver should do the trick. Greedy bastards!

The whole truth is written in your Heart. That is if you have one. Hey, I AM not judging. I SEE dead people walking around believing it’s life. And paying with their very soul to live. In truth that’s just my observation. I SEE that Judas had a choice to make. With closer examination and using a Dream one discovers there is only one choice. Which of course is not a choice at all, NOW is it? Sow what is stopping you from being the Christ you are? Thirty Pieces of Silver? Jesus Christ, all one has to do is BE! Well if that’s to difficult for humanity/you.

The Seed
Lost in our own mind. The Space can be cruel. Sow I will just Plant a seed.

Well, what more can I Say? I can’t help you.Those that have ears let the hear, those that have eyes let them SEE, those that have heart, let them feel. I will say, Those that have Spirit let them BE CHRIST. Or receive their Thirty Pieces of Silver.

Remember, You reap what you sow! Sow here’s payment in full. You can have your soul back if you want it. Payment has been made in full, That was Thirty Pieces of Silver. Sow it’s free to you. Sow just take it. It’s yours after all. Wow, look you have a choice. I can’t say the same for Judas.

god creates man
I wonder. Did God create man in his Image? Or did man create God in his?

My people suffer for the lack of Knowledge. Hum, why is that? It’s written in their Heart. All one need do is Remember. Connect with Creation is all the remembering one needs and to know the Law of Creation is inside of you. As Above, so Below and vise versa. Remember, Creation has this. It doesn’t get any easier, does it? Unless you need someone to BE Christ for you.

OH, I have Thirty Pieces of Silver waiting just for you! Go Ahead give ME a KISS, Judas. Not something I would do, but that’s ME. Those that have Spirit let them BE.

Dream Traveler Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness shared some Magic
The Universe is your play ground. Christ Consciousness is your gift from Creation. Are you refusing the Gift?

Knowledge is Power
Experience is Wisdom
Take your Power Back

Winky, My alter Ego
A Christ-mind is a terrible thing to waste

Sorry, Lucifer. My Christ is not for sale.

You can keep your Thirty Pieces of Silver. Have a Nice Day!



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