Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Listing of Contents. I realized, I have written a lot.
How is anyone going to find what’s here?…

I got it, make a Table of Contents. Copy a post title from the Table of Contents. Paste it in the search box on the right and hit return.

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The Art of Being Human

The Winds of Change
Flying on the Wings of Consciousness
The Spirit of Reflection
Monkey Man
The Balance of Power
A Viscous Circle
Burning Desire
The Blinding White Light
The Recapitulation
Missing the Point
The Warrior’s Way
The Singularity
Spiritual Beings
The Voice of Dreaming
The Mastery of Awareness
Losing Human Form
Lies, Lies, and More Lies
The Enemy Within
And Then it Hit Me
A Big Presumption
The Power of Intent
A Battle with Reason
Inner Silence
Energy Body
Dreamland, The Art of Dreaming
Return to the Dreamtime
Dream Traveler
The Third Eye
Changing Human Form
Computer Human
Blind Faith
The Game of Life
The Essence of Life
Birthing a New Humanity

Animal Medicine

The Great Spirit
Falcon Medicine
Deer Medicine
Opossum Medicine
Bear Medicine
Owl Medicine
Hummingbird Medicine
Coyote Medicine
Crow Medicine
Dragonfly Medicine
Snake Medicine
Lizard Medicine
Frog Medicine
Bat Medicine
Ant Medicine
Spider Medicine
Raccoon Medicine
Rabbit Medicine
Squirrel Medicine
Skunk Medicine
Turtle Wisdom
Having My (Snake) and eating it too!


The Number Nine
The Seven
Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness
God in a Door Knob
To Each Their Own
One plus One equals One
Parallel Realities and Dimensional Shifts
What’s in a Name?
The Meaning of “You”
Zombies in the Real World
Feeding the Beast
Cause and Effect
The Truth will set you Free
Dimensional Shifts in the Holographic Universe
Holographic Universe and our Brains
The Holographic Projections of Beliefs
Is the Universe a Giant Hologram?
Mankinds Four Natural Enemies (Part One)
Mankinds Four Natural Enemies (Part Two)
The Three Attentions of Human Kind
The Three Attentions of Human Kind We’re Back
More on the Three Attentions of Human Kind
The Three Attentions of Human Kind, Totality


The Great I AM Voice of Creation
Who I Am Not
The Great I AM The Voice of HEART
The Great I AM Voice of WILL
The Great I AM The Voice of Reason


In the Twinkling of an Eye
Thirty Pieces of Silver
The Emerald Tablets
The Language of the Source of Creation
In GOD We Trust
Out of the Past, We came Walking
Blood is Blood
A New Beginning
If I Owned The World
Is “Love” the Language of the Heart?
In Discussing “Love”
All That Is
The AntiChrist
DNA Strand Found in Humans
Be Fruitful, and Multiply
The Root of all Evil
The Great Deception?
The Invisible Man


A Doowans Point of View
Playing with Reality
Sleep Anatomy
Sleep Apnea
The Way I see a Miracle
Truth is
I Need to Make a Change

Out of this World

Fire in the Sky
The Moon
A Visitors Perspective
Letter from The Little Green Man
Fractal Within A Fractal
Crop Circles
Caught Between Two Worlds
The Big Bang
We could have been Killed!
Extinction Level Event
Comets and Hopi Prophecy
New Comet Coming Towards Earth
Comet ISON, Beware
Nibiru, Truth or Dare?
Strange Sounds
New Theory of E=mc2
The Kill Shot
Photon Belt
Something This Way Comes
Stars, What’s up?

Doowan News

What in the Worlds going on?
The Pope’s Decree
The Cost of doing Business, Merchant Service Ripoff
Drought Update
The Year without Summer
It’s not looking good sorry to say!
That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles
Mother Earth’s New Song
Earth Changes Messages from Mother Earth
2012 The Year of Change
Drought Conditions in U.S.A.
National Drought Worsens
Out of Sight Out of Mind?
The Rats Are Deserting
Coffee Grounds

Doowan Events

The Big Event
Of Glowing Concern
When it Rains We Glow
Fukushima, A day at the Beach
How to Fix Fukushima
We are Fukushima-ed
Oh No, Another New Comet

Need a Laugh ?

Feeling Love
Rain Barrel Mystery
Tickle your Fancy
Feel Good Post 101
“I LOVE YOU” Just having Fun and Wondering
One Size fits All
The Contagious Yawn
New Terrorist Group
At a Loss for Words
It’s Hot when you see the Signs
Sometimes you just need a Visual Aid
Are We Tired or did We just get Lazy
The Right to Remain Silent

In the Garden

In the Garden
Heirloom Verses Hybrid Verses GMOZ
Early Seed Start Method
Seed Money
Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Diddling your Squash
Ah, Bananas
What the Heck is This?
Closeup look at Composting made Easy!
All About Worms
Gardening with the Moon
Biochar, The Secrets Out
Talkin’dirt and playin’dirty
I just soiled myself !
Dome Greenhouses
Proboscis or Bust
Seville Gazebo In Action
Cracked Earth, 2013

Reality Check

What in the government is going ON!!!
Come Join the Celebration (Non-GMO Month)
The Silent GMO Sterilization of the Human Race
GMOZ Corn the New Contraceptive
GMOZ and You
GMOZ and Bees
Gmo Armageddon
The Gmo Poisoning of US
GMOZ, Telling it like it is
New Insights on GMOZ
New Threat from GMOZ
GMOs Friends and Foes and You
The Great and Powerful GMOZ has Spoken
GMO- Give Me Options !!!
GMO’s “The Silencing of the Masses”
Farmer Speaks on GMOZ
GMOZ Farmer to Farmer
MonSatan Speaks
Monsanto GMOZ News Flash
Monsatan’s in the News
Monsanto’s Clutching at Straws
FDA has Approved GMOZ Salmon
GMOZ Salmon We are Swimming up Stream
Good News
New Study Reveals
GMOZ Evil begets GMOZ Evil
Dr. GMOZ Sells his Soul
The GMOZ White House
Gmos, Chemtrails and You
Chemtrails, Nanobots and You


Good Medicine?
Pick your Poison
Vaccinations, That is the Question?
What’s next Fluoride in our Drinking Water?
We Are What We Eat
More Beef
The Microwave Ovens Effect
Important Information
Big Pharma is Drugging our Children
Pepsi the Next Generation
Aspartame, How Sweet it Is?