Fractal Within A Fractal

Fractal Within A Fractal is a Journey within or without.

wd950403 Fractal
Fractal Within A Fractal

Which ever you Choose.

The Fractal is a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale. A Fractal Within a Fractal is difficult to understand until one sees one for them self. When one SEES the fractal as them self, a knowing begins.

In attempting to convey this idea or should I say vision. I will use the vision that brought the knowing to me. It’s an experience, so in essence a fractal is a vision, you’ll SEE.

All beings can use Fractals

Fractal Within A Fractal

Lately, I have been working on a project that will serve the community in which I live. Yes it’s a Community Garden. I have wondered why I AM involved in a Community Garden when the community doesn’t seem interested in having one except for a few select beings. If but one shall awaken. However, if this Garden is to blossom it needs more than one to awaken to bear fruit.

I have been to a few meetings attempting to let this project manifest, and a beautiful plot of land was suggested for the garden. Committees were setup to determine our needs. I use the word determine because of the phonics involved in a project. After all a Camel is a Horse designed by a committee.

SEE already the road seems long and treacherous. The Heartmind knows better.

Here let’s break the word (Determine) apart.

de·ter·mine /dəˈtərmən

I’ll be it’s a verb. Note above: The e’s are upside down and backwards making them a’s so they spin in on themselves. Creation is an outward flow.

1. cause (something) to occur in a particular way; be the decisive factor in.
2. ascertain or establish exactly, typically as a result of research or calculation.
3. firmly decide.
4. bring or come to an end.

Deter-mine or simply put, Deter ones mind. Yep, right off the bat the whole process seems setup to fail. However, I know phonics/Phoenician, as creation is sound. Sow, they are in for a Garden treat. I have no personal attachments to the Community Garden as my partner and ME have ours. I know that’s gooder English, LOL, because ME is Magnetic/Electric. However, I AM in service to humanity. Sow, if creation will allow this, then I AM good with creating a Garden for humanity.

Humanities Fractal Garden
Humanities Fractal Garden

Lucifer Talking

I already know that if you want something to fail, put it to a committee. We don’t have the money, too many deer around, there’s a water shortage, somebody might eat healthy, blah, blah, blah. Not being Deterred. We spent a week walking around the land cleaning up dead brush, trash, and moving rock for walls and keyhole gardens as the land has no shortage of rocks. I say we because a good friend of mine lives right across the street so he’s involved by default. Planning where this will go and that will go. As we want to use Dome Greenhouses because of the magic in the design, and disturb the land ecosystem as little as possible. Thus keeping every tree. This has all been done without the committees help. Waiting on a committee to act is like watching paint dry. It dries, but it’s slow.

Easy make Keyhole Garden Planter
Easy make Keyhole Garden Planter

Damn, they won’t even bring a tractor out to help ME move rock, because somebody needs to get paid. Sow, to date it has all been done by hand. I say this because it gives ME an intimate knowledge of the land and rocks, lots of rocks. Sow, I started building walls to outline the Garden design, using what’s there. All at no cost. SOW, shut the hell up Lucifer. Get behind ME.

To be honest, I would love the community to come together in the Spirit of sharing and build the garden without the committee’s money, just to show them what living in the Now of Spirit can do!

Fractal Within A Fractal continues infinitly
Fractal Within A Fractal continues infinitely

Fractal in, Fractal out

I was in bed waking up from a dream and the vision of the Community Garden came to mine. A Fractal Within A Fractal. I pictured in my mines eye how the garden may look and how the land is perfect in nature NOW. Did I want to change nature and make a garden for the Community? I pictured what has already been done in the one weeks time and saw all the piles of rock that still needed to be move. This is when I saw the Fractal Within A Fractal and how it works.

The fractal in, is my conception of the Garden, how I picture it. All the benefits of growing your own fresh food on a piece of vacant land, etc. The Fractal without is how the land looks NOW. The two Fractal patterns don’t line up with each other. Sow, one of us has to change. I could change the Fractal within and not build the garden, or the Fractal without could change to reflect the Fractal within. Therefore a Garden. Either way I AM tickled pink.

The fractal without is what I pictured the land to be in the NOW. Being in the NOW makes all the difference within. Let ME expand the Fractal. SEE the land is perfect in nature NOW, before one rock was moved.The Fractal within didn’t match the pattern of the Fractal without. So I went outside of myself and started building the garden, the fractal within.

I felt like Lucifer thinking I can do better than creation. After all Lucifer is a part of creation as well. I don’t want to change nature. I want to work with nature and humanity. The rocks don’t care were they are rocks. Their happy being rocks in the ground or rocks in a rock wall. I didn’t change the rock, just it’s placement. This allowed ME to SEE the Fractal Within A Fractal.

AS above So below As within So without. Creation at it's finest
AS above, So below, As within, So without. Creation at it’s finest

The Fractal within is a reflection of the Fractal without and vise versa. It all depends on ones awareness. We are a fractal of creation. Thus creation is a Fractal of Consciousness. Think Holographic film. We have the universe within our being. Not to mention the Zodiac.

Here’s a basic understanding of the Zodiac within, what the signs mean, within the fractal of you. What their motto is and what their energy in the cycle is and how their polar opposite sign is as a major clue about how your own road map applies in your journey. Here are ALL 12 signs within where all things must be brought into balance to reach the I Heal/I Heal Not, status of the 13th warrior/Christ-mind of Ophiuchus:

Aries, the Ram (Head or Brain) I Am, I Am Not,
Taurus, the Bull (Throat, Tongue or Voice) I Have (halve), I Have (halve) Not
Gemini, the Twins (Arms, Lungs/breath) I Think, I Think Not
Cancer, the Crab (Breasts) I Feel, I Feel Not
Leo, the Lion (Heart) I Will, I Will Not
Virgo, the Virgin (Belly/Womb) I Analyze, I Analyze Not
Libra, the scales (Kidneys) I Balance, I Balance Not
Scorpio, (Sexual Organs) I Want, I Want Not
Sagittarius, (Thighs) I See, I See Not
Capricorn, (Knees) I Experience, I Experience Not
Aquarius, (Shins/Calves) I Know, I Know Not
Pisces, (Feet) I Believe, I Believe Not

Be the Fractal of the Universe, be YOU
Be the Fractal of the Universe, be YOU

Yes, there are thirteen signs in the Zodiac.To arrive at the Totality of ones self. One must solve every part of this within ones self and the motto’s are the perfect guide to ask one self these questions as it pertains to the Golden Rule. What one wishes upon others, is that which one would/will wish upon ones self, and how you might be polarized or being truly neutral on this. In this respect creation is a Fractal of the one within. In case one is unaware, we have left the age of Pisces and moved into Aquarius.

Time for a new Fractal. This is where the state of knowing comes into being for humanity/YOU. However, one doesn’t need to wait for an age to come and go to work on the twelve disciplines or disciples to become Christ like or better said, Christ minded. Our true state of being. The 13th sign of the Zodiac Ophiuchus is YOU.

You the Fractal in the Stars
You the Fractal in the Stars as Ophiuchus

I offered this alternate view of the Fractal Within A Fractal for increased personal awareness. Or one could go to Wikipedia and try to figure that mess out.

Knowledge is Power
Experience is Wisdom
Take your Power Back

Winky, My alter Ego
A Christ-mind is a terrible thing to waste

Fractal Within A Fractal, It’s a Vision within a Vision


The Root of all Evil

Money is the Root of all Evil. Yes, I know it says, The Love of Money.

The Love of Money
Money is the Root of all Evil

Can one Love something if it doesn’t exist? So, if money didn’t exist could one love it? It’s the actual money concept that creates the love of it, that is evil. Therefore, Money is the Root of all Evil, or the lack of Money that creates the Evil.

One may argue the point that it’s the love of money that’s evil. Which brings up and interesting point. Can the love of anything be Evil? I considered the lack of Love is what creates Evil. But than again. Some people just Love Evil.

How can this be? Is loving Evil really Love? Maybe it’s just liking Evil a lot and not true Love. And these Evil loving people just think it’s Love. Hence, the love of Money is the root of all Evil.

Isn’t Love felt, and not thought? So when someone says, “I think I Love you”. Run away!

Which brings up another question. Is Evil a personage, thought, feeling, or maybe an action?

Money the Root of all Evil
Evil Personified. Can Evil Love Evil itself ?

If Money is the Root of all Evil then to eliminate money would eliminate evil right? Probably not, since money has no real value except the implied misconception that it’s something of value. Thus, Evil takes hold in the misconception.

Sow is it the Love of something valueless that creates Evil. Maybe it’s the implied value that’s Evil. Since Money doesn’t have real value. It’s the belief of value that’s Evil. Man, this Money is the Root of all Evil is a hard one to figure out.

Coins however, have an inherent value in the metals they contain, like gold, silver, copper, and nickel. Even these have an implied value, because these metals only have value if the metal can serve a human purpose.

All paper money is a promise to pay. This is why it’s called a promissory note, tender, or bill. Nothing of value ever changes hands. It’s just the promise to pay that was really exchanged. Is the promise the thing that has value? Yet this promise is an intangible object that can’t be seen, touched, tasted, smelled. Oh, however it can be heard.

Money is the root of all Evil is again a misconception because it’s not the money that’s really evil, but the implied misconception that one needs it. This conception is really the root of all evil. Because, if one places a dollar bill on the table, is that dollar bill inherently Evil?… No, well than again, Yes.

No, if it just sits there. Yes, if one feels the need to pick it up and use it.

I think I have it ! It’s the need for Money that is Evil. Or is it the use of Money? I give up!

Changing Ones Mind

Akashic Records
Mind is a terrible thing to waste. Sometimes all it needs is a change. We’re not talking Money here. However, it is a cool play on Words.

What I do know is that home-grown Non-GMO Heirloom Vegetables and Herb Seeds could replace the money of no value, with a promise to eat something of real nutritional value. Next time you’re hungry, try eating a quarter, or a Dollar Bill.

You may, at this time, think that I can go to the store with Money and buy something to eat, Money is the Root of all Evil, and this is typical money backed thinking. This type of thinking will change very quickly when the store shelves are empty. Or your Money backed belief that money has value is devalued.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that this will never happen. Money is the Root of all Evil, (Latest happening was with Sandy in NY). Plus the fact, the United States is on the brink of economic collapse. The U.S. owes trillions. The people it owes trillions too, don’t what a promise to pay in the future. They want something of tangible value now.

The Money Spiral
Deflating Dollars being sucked down the Black hole of Debt. We need something of value. Seed Money!

We have tendencies to think that things will never change. Change is a powerful consent in this Universe. Sow we may need to change our thinking, thus find value in something else besides Money.

Like Non GMO Heirloom Vegetable and Herb seeds. Investing in seeds now is the best investment ones worthless fiat money could make.

Ever try eating a coin. Has the favor of dirt. For some reason it doesn’t break down into nutrients the body finds useful. Another interesting concept about seed money is that one can harvest their money/seeds and grow more money next year. Try that with a bank account now days.

Of course, one needs to start with Non GMO heirloom seeds if they want to harvest their Seed Money. Because Hybrid and Monsatan GMO seeds just won’t grow next year, just like a saving account in the bank.

Gold Bars
Is this what the fuss is all about? Ever try eating a gold bar?

Some people believe Gold and Silver have value now, because of the economy. When the economy collapses then what? Let them plant their gold and silver and see what grows for them to eat. They can have their gold and silver false Gods. We Doowans are banking on the Non GMO Heirloom Seed Gods for our salvation.

That's a lot of Seed Money. The Seed GODS have Spoken.
That’s a lot of Seed Money. The Seed GODS have Spoken.

While Seed Money is mostly a new lighthearted Doowan concept, it also carries subtle statements and questions about our relationships with nature and the value of money. However this Seed Money concept makes good sense, a growing wisdom. Can you imagine a culture that deems food so important that its currency system is based on seeds? Call it the seed standard, instead of the gold standard. When having a pocketful of seeds is a sign of wealth and prosperity? Being able to feed a your family, or even a community could be worth it’s weight in, let’s say gold/seeds.

Seed Money
Seed Money in all shapes and sizes

Dump your Gold and Silver, purchase something of value. Keep the paper Money as you will need it for something when there is no more toilet paper on the store shelves.

Seed Money will be the next form of Currency. Money is the Root of all Evil, No matter how one looks at it. Any form of fiat currency is absolutely worthless.

Seed Money is a currency one can grow with. A currency one can bank and gather some interest on their deposits. It’s much better to have seed money in the ground than fiat currency in the banks. Grow rich with seed money, it does grow on trees, and in your garden. It only takes a few seeds to grow into something of great value.

Open your seed money-saving account today. Health plan included at no extra charge. Invest in your future today. Grow in wealth tomorrow.

Money is the Root of all Evil. Unless it allows one to receive the Love of Seeds. Grow Rich with Seeds. Now that’s the value of Love!

The power in Spirit.
Flying on the wings of Spirit

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Invest in Seeds, Money is the Root of all Evil


Winky, thumbs up to you
I am a Seed. Watch me grow in value!

Touching your heart with things that matter. Together we are strong. Speak The Language of the Source of Creation. Grow in the Consciousness of Gardening. We planted the Seed. Become the source of creation for you and your family. It’s Time, Create! Connect with Spirit, You are the power of creation.

Love has Seed Value. Money is the Root of all Evil.

Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds is very easy and profitable.

Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds is easy

Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds sounds great, who could argue with growing your own heirloom tomato seeds instead of buying them? But when you take a look at what’s involved with saving seeds from squash and corn seeds you may start seeing the beauty of buying them. Even easy seeds like beans and lettuce require some forethought. Do your spring planting with fall seed harvest in mind. But saving tomato seeds is easy. Not only can beginning gardeners do it, people who don’t even have a garden can do it. Think business. At 5 cents a seed the profit adds up fast. The best tomatoes to eat are also the best source of seed. To know the difference between GMO, Hybrid and Heirloom read this.

The only thing to remember is that Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds means a tomato that is not a hybrid. We should all be very grateful that tomato names are now in style. Instead of “tomatoes,” pure and simple, the farmer and increasingly the restaurant offers let’s say Brandywines, Jetstars, Aunt Marie’s Marvels and who knows what-all. There are hundreds of possibilities. Doesn’t matter. As long as you know the name you can Google the name “XYZ seed”. If it’s a hybrid that seed can’t be saved, “hybrid” will be part of the description.

To begin, with any process in which you want to preserve the best qualities and traits, look for the best example of the fruit or vegetable that you want to preserve. It may feel like a sacrifice, to have to cut up the biggest and best Heirloom tomatoes in the garden, but you’ll reap the rewards for years to come. With this method one is only removing the center so the whole tomato isn’t sacrificed.

Hybrid Tomato
This looks like a hybrid not very many seeds

Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds

This Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds process is a process of fermentation. Don’t worry the A.T.F. will not becoming to the door. No still is needed unless you want one. But than we would be talking about a different process.

Select the seeds from an Heirloom Tomato that has a flavor that you love. If you’re a home gardener and saving seeds from tomatoes that are growing in your garden choose tomatoes from the very healthiest looking plants. Choose perfect, dead ripe tomatoes. The better they are of their kind, the better your chances of repeating their greatness. The riper the fruit, the more ripened the seed it will contain.

Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Cutting your Heirloom Tomato

Once you’ve selected the best of the best, cut the tomato lengthwise or across the equator. Which ever allows you to expose as many seeds as possible. Squeeze, or better yet spoon the seeds, gel and juice out into a small container, glass or plastic which ever you prefer. No need to separate the seeds just yet.

Add enough water to the container to make soup out of the seeds and gel. Usually just cover the gel and seeds with about an inch of water.  The water will help to separate the seeds from the remnants of the tomato interior. If doing a number of different varieties at the same time now would be the time to label the containers.  Loosely cover the jar with cheesecloth, a piece of paper towel, or use plastic wrap but be sure to punch some holes in it, so air can get through. Fresh air needs to get in and out of the container to help foster fermentation.

Put the container someplace warm (not hot), out of the sun, a place where odd smells won’t be noticed. On the top of the refrigerator is an excellent site to place the container of seeds. Now Mother Nature will take over and begins to ferment the seed and water mixture.

Allow time for mold to grow. The mold is necessary for the seeds. The mold is an important part of the process, as it dissolves the gel coating from the seeds. This process which will take anywhere from three to five days, depending on the time of year and the temperature at which you keep your home. The top of the liquid will look “scummy” when the fermentation process has separated the “goo” from the seeds during which the jar contents will bubble. It also helps destroy many of the possible tomato diseases that can be harbored by seeds.

Many garden bloggers say they don’t bother to ferment tomato seeds and it isn’t absolutely essential, and this is true, as we had a number of volunteer tomato plants germinate this year in our garden beds from fallen tomatoes. But it does 3 important things:

It separates the floaters from the sinkers. The floaters will not germinate so there is no reason to keep them. It removes the germination inhibitor that keeps the seeds from sprouting inside the tomato. And last but not least, it gets rid of many seed-borne diseases as stated above.

Now that the process is complete. Carefully pour off the smelly water and debris from the top. So  all that is left are the good seeds. Then, fill the jar with cool or room temperature water and gently swish the seeds around to wash them. Then put the seeds in a strainer and rinse under running water.

Tomato Seeds
Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds for Seed Money

Place these seeds on to a paper plate or paper towel, this will help wick excess moisture from the seeds as they dry. The idea is to allow the seeds to dry fast, so that no mold grows on them.

Place your dried seeds into a labeled baggies or envelopes and keep in a cool, dry place. Don’t forget to label them. I tend to keep mine in our refrigerator, but they can also be stored on the lower shelf of a root cellar. If you want to keep them for years. If you choose to store your seeds in plastic the seeds must be BONE DRY, otherwise any moisture in the seeds will be transferred to all seeds inside the plastic packet, it will foster mildew and rotting and the seeds will be ruined.

Tomato Seed
Aren’t they cute. Remember Sinkers not floaters

Presto! You saved your fabulous Heirloom Tomato Seeds for next year. With the way things are going Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds may be the next form of seed money!

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back


Winky, thumbs up to you
Color me red and call me a Tomato.

The next form of money. (Seeds) Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds is very easy and profitable.