Fire in the Sky

The Shape of Things to Come

Fire in the Sky
There’s Fire in the Sky. What could it be?

There’s Fire in the Sky. One would have to be blind not to notice. Yes, there are meteors, satellites and comets. What I am referring to is the UFO phenomenon. The question is not are we alone? Not anymore. The real question is, who are they and why are they here?

If in doubt UFOs are real, Watch this Video.

Records indicate that we have been visited by 58 different races from the stars or wherever. Of course this has been since we have kept records. The Russians have a book that they have kept called Alien Races. In which they have recorded the contacts they have made, and you can bet our U.S. government has done the same.

Fire in the Sky, could be man made
Phoenix Lights? Could be.
Our governments secret space program.

Our hidden governments have been back engineering theses craft for a long time now and have built their own. It is my understanding that the triangular craft are these very craft. Triangle like the pyramid shape. Imagine that! Who could be behind these craft? LOL One would have to believe that the Illuminati exist. But now days is that such a stretch? The shape of the craft usually indicates the race that the craft represents. However there are imposters out there.

The Shape of Things to Come

UFO Fire in the Sky
The shape of things to come. Their here already.

As mentioned the shape indicates the race. There are round or orb shape. Cigar and saucer shape, bell shape, hat shape, star shape, top and diamond shape, and the latest horseshoe shape UFO in our skies. Everyone is coming to hear Mother Earth’s New Song,

The shapes of things to come

There’s Fire in the Sky, and Caught Between Two World’s expands on this concept. Not all the races are friendly towards humanity but at this time there is a good number that are. Those friendlies are here to help Mother Earth through her changes and humanity as well. Get to know them.

But they will not do everything for us, as humanity has to meet them half way and ask for the help they need. Humanity has been under the yoke of the (Service to Self) races for a while now. The others, (Service to Others), have come to help Gaia, as she is called, and humanity rid themselves of these Service to Self races. That’s their job and I must say, Thank You, very much for your help, and keep up the good works. We can’t do it without you.

New Human Paradigm
Our Brothers and Sisters are here to help. If you will let them

Those of us in Service to Others will be fine during these troubling times. I am not saying there won’t be hardships. Look at what Mother Earth has had to endure. This is a fact of change. But be assured that you are being cared for, and so is Gaia. We are Loved.

Gaia our Mother Earth
Gaia and her children. A new day is dawning.

Those in Service to Self, well see ya. I wouldn’t want to be ya! As Mother Earth has had enough of your raping and pillaging. She wants them out of her life and those that love her and care for her are welcome to stay.

Birthing a New Humanity expresses where humanity is headed in this new paradigm and whether one believes it or not, doesn’t change the truth. As truth doesn’t needs ones belief to remain truth. Because truth survives ones skepticism, even if one doesn’t believe. That is the beauty of truth. The truth will still be the truth whether one believes or not. The same can not be said about lies. Lies need belief for them to continue. Lies only exist because one believes them to be truth. Without this belief, lies simply disappear. So believe or don’t believe, it makes no difference to the truth. It was once said, “We the gods, will live as long as the humans believe in us. The day the humans no longer believe in us, all the gods will disappear.” The truth can set us free, from the fear, drama, and conflict in our lives. This is absolute truth, and can’t be said any more simply than this. They are not Gods!

Alien in Background
They are not Gods!
Alien Sighting
Does this look like a god to you? Nor does it look all that friendly.

There’s Fire in the Sky

So how does one know if the craft they are seeing is friend or foe? Since there are imposters. This is where ones connection to Spirit comes in. If one is connected to Spirit. Than the feeling one gets when confronted by the visitation is the key. Whether it’s the craft or the beings them self, it’s the feeling one has inside that is the sign. If one feels and overwhelming fear, than follow your intuition, and heed the warning. Set up energy boundaries within ones self and around ones self. As we are very powerful beings. The truth is, if one does this and those beings still persists in the confrontation, than chances are they are not friendly. Rebuke them. They are there to feed off your fear.

Alien on Video
They are here to feed off your fear. Become a happy meal, if you want.

Friendlies will not confront someone who is not ready. Their goal is to meet one on a level of LOVE and understanding. The friendlies will only present themselves. If and when you are ready. They are waiting for your call. Therefore, if one sees something, and feels almost giddy inside. Lighthearted and at peace, say hello to your bothers and sisters from the stars or wherever. You are ready to meet them. Share the LOVE. We humans have a lot to learn. Good thing we have friends in high places. The lessons are on their way, are you present?

To see a good friend in action, watch this video.

There’s Fire in the Sky, the key here is not to get burned.

Knowledge is Power

Experience Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Heads Up


Winky, thumbs up to you
I am an orb. See you soon.

Is it better to burn out, or just fade away? There’s Fire in the Sky, time to meet the family.

A Visitors Perspective

 A Visitors Perspective outside the human consciousness perspective.

Alien Gray
You are not Alone!
We are here.

This contact happened in the middle of the night around 3:33 Am. Don’t shoot the messenger as I only typed what it said to me. This is from the Visitors Perspective, but the truth is, I have to agree. Alas, I can not take credit for this writing. BTW they prefer to be called Visitors. We are not alone!

A Visitors Perspective

We are confused by the arrogance of the human species.  We are here shaking our heads and wondering why humans considers itself special over and above another species in creation. So much of what humans do to each other and their world has the rest of creation shaking their heads in disbelief as well.

Are you more Special?

Cosmic fact, because one human is born here and the other is born there doesn’t make one or the other more special. Because one human is born with white skin doesn’t make them more special than one human born with dark skin. Humanity needs to understand that the bodies they use are just vessels for the human consciousness.  The pigmentation of their skin has nothing to do with the consciousness contained within. The body is simply a vessel to experience human four-dimensional, (length, width, depth/height and time), consciousness. We offer you this example. If one would go into your dessert, any desert, and pick up one grain of sand from all the other grains of sand. Is that one grain of sand more special than all the others in that vast desert? Or is one drop of sea water more special than all the other drops of water in the sea?

The Visitors Perspective on Religion

The point of view that one’s religion is the only true religion is very dogmatic and narrow-minded. One religion is not more special than another. When in truth one would do well in studying all religions to find the common thread that holds humanity together. Not apart. Religion was shared with humanity to bring into their awareness the concept of creation. The fact that this universe is created. Is proof of the creator. As to who, what, and why, even we have mysteries we have still to discover. But we can offer you this. The creator does not exist in the form of matter.

The Visitors Perspective on Science

And the science of, this reality is all there is. Is just plain wrong in the sense of only five senses. Humanity must realize that it is of spirit/consciousness and not its flesh and blood vessel. Your Science states it has weighed the human soul, and found it to weigh 21 grams which many still believe today. We ask you this, does light have weight? From your tiny speck in the universe, how can humanity be so certain that their science gives them the full perspective of all that exists. On-top of all this your weather has gone awry. Yet your science still has no explanations and most of the events aren’t even reported to the average man. Or does he even seem to be concerned.

Why is it that one explanation of reality has more credibility over another when in fact your science can prove nothing of its beliefs. Why is it that Darwinism gets guaranteed preference in the school systems and others theories of the creation of consciousness gets ridiculed and or suppressed? Earth is a school and all theories should be given equal consideration. When one takes into consideration that science has offered zero proof of any of its theories. This fact, should be taken into consideration when one is attempting to define reality.

Remember this, a theory is just a theory until it’s proven.  Believing in a theory doesn’t make it fact. It only narrows ones perspective of the bigger picture. We can offer you this. Science can only ask the questions. Consciousness can only answer them. Science has yet to prove Consciousness exists, yet here you are.

Alien in the Background
Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain.


The Visitors Perspective on War

In your personal experience. Do you know of anyone sane, who wanted a war? Know of anybody that has an interest in war that is not self serving? Yet humanity has been in a constant state war. War on terror, war on drugs, war on women, war on poverty. Why is that humanity must war? War is a blood sacrifice. The shedding of innocent blood so that others may live in luxury. War is horrific and must be avoided at all cost. The belief that the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few or one, is of course backwards. When in reality it is only a few that actually benefit from war. Consider this, when was the last time you personally benefited from war? Who’s behind them? Do you have any idea how many wars have been fought on your planet? How many innocent lives have been lost to satisfy the needs of the few? We can offer you this. If humanity must war. Start a war against war and call that peace.

The Visitors Perspective on Economics

The present Economic system is destined for failure. It was from the start. Consider this, the more successful it is in its own definition. The more it must produce, consume and then through away. This results in the quickening of the destruction of the planet. The present Economic system insist that every year that 20% of humanity consume 80% of what is produced. As that 20% grows in proportion it takes more from the earth, to sell it fast and then produce more. All the while the other 80% gets by on only 20% of whats produced. We can offer this, Money in your current system has no real value. There is an implied value but there is nothing of value backing your money system. It’s not back by gold or silver which in reality have no value in them selves. But an implied value given to them by past Visitors. They found value in it because it helped save their planet.

Realize this planet is not yours to consume and then through it away. This planet Earth is a living being and will do what it must to save itself.  If Humanity wishes to continue its existence here it must start to heal the earth and give back that which it has taken. Humanity must learn to share with its mother earth and each other. He who dies with the most toys doesn’t win. In fact all of Humanity will lose. Stop this madness. Or Mother Earth will cleanse herself of this disease call Economics and Humanity along with it.

We Visitors have come to realize that taking from one for the benefit of another is a dead-end. Taking from this Earth being and giving nothing in return will only lead to your destruction. She can and has provided everything Humanity needs. But she has reached a point at which she can longer continue to give more and more. She is now concerned for her own continuum. Mother Earth being is crying out for help and we are all coming to her aid. We love her more than you know and will do everything in our power to save her. We will not allow humanity to destroy this wonderful being. Humanity must change.

We can offer you this. Learn to share what you create and stop taking from those around you. Humanity has the power to create as well as the power to destroy. It time for humanity to learn the power of creation.  Thus, curtailing its destructive nature. As destruction only leads to destruction.

Creation always create. Through compassion for all life will life be created. Through the sharing of life gifts will all life become a gift. We offer this example of creation. One plants a seed, than waters that seed and the earth goes to work. A plant is created from that tiny seed. It’s not just the earth that allowed that seed to grow into life. But all of creation, ie Sun, Earth, Water, and you. From that plant, as it is cared for, its fruit is created. It brings forth its fruit that in turn carries its seed. This plant is a living being as you are a living being. In our eyes there is no difference.

All life has fruit and all fruit has a seed. In turn that plant shares its fruit with humanity so that humanity may experience this reality. Life than becomes a sharing. The plant loves to grow fruit, and all of creation loves to bestow life. Its been said to humanity to be fruitful and multiply. The point here is the fruitful part. If one doesn’t bear fruit one can not create the seed. Without the seed one can not multiply. It appears humanity has missed the point of this teaching as well.

The Visitors Perspective on Conventional Wisdom

Even though the systems humanity has in place and the conventional wisdom you pass on from generation to generation states this is the only way of doing things in this reality. The wisdom says that this is the way of the world, all the while this wisdom is dismantling your planet and killing all life that exists upon it. Ask any of your leaders how to solve this environmental situation and they will tell you, humanity needs more growth to raise the money to spend on environmental clean up. Isn’t this like using gasoline to put out a forest fire?  Truth be known your leader haven’t a clue and misery loves company.

It’s Conventional Wisdom to treat animals as commodities. You make them as fat as possible, inject and spray them with all kinds of chemicals. To feed them as little as possible, grow as quick as possible, and then make them as miserable as possible during their service to you. All in the name of humanity. You call this Conventional Wisdom? We call this insanity.

Conventional Wisdom judges success in health care by the number of treated diseased individuals, not by how many people are healthy. Conventional Wisdom should be asking, why are there so many ill individuals?

Conventional Wisdom says that house prices are a sign of economic growth as they climb higher the better for the system. When thousands of families are homeless because they can’t afford a home.

Conventional Wisdom states that the system is successful and working fine when in fact. Every year your system turns out more suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse, pain and suffering, child abuse, and laws than the year before. Just imagine what kind of trouble humanity would be in if your current system wasn’t working?

Un-Conventional Wisdom says it’s not working. We Visitors think humanity must be insane. Is it any wonder we fly high above your world. Only contacting a few. While you wish us to land and save you from yourself.

The Visitors Perspective of Humanity

We have to admit these are interesting times to observe. As it appears the average man has no clue that this is happening or why and who’s behind this system. Yes, there are theories that aliens or demons are behind it all. Is that Conventional Wisdom? To blame somebody or something else for the inadequacies of ones own understanding/knowledge of the reality they create by their actions or non-actions. It’s much easier to point at somebody else all the while you have three fingers pointing back at you.

Humanity considers itself so clever and wise, but it is the lack of wisdom that is the source of the problems you face. Yes, the system is clever but it is not wise. And the proof is being reflected in the reality around you. Your water is poisoned, your air is poisoned, your food sources are poisoned. Your oceans are polluted to the point that the creatures that inhabit them are killing them selves intentionally in an attempt to save a few. We find the actions of the animals and creatures of the oceans to demonstrate more wisdom than that of the average man.

Humanity would be wise to observe and take lessons from their fellow creatures. Not to mention your Native Peoples who for all intent and purposes find this cognitive system to be completely ass backwards.  Humanity would do well to consider this piece of Native American Wisdom.

“When you have cut down the last tree, and poisoned the last river. Man will finally know that you can not eat money.”

As we stated before and we will state again this is not your world to buy, trade, sell, and consume into oblivion. This world belongs to all of creation.

How can you buy or sell the sky, the freshness of the air, or trade the sparkle of the water? You do not own the land of this world in any way, shape or form. The Earth is a sacred being and You were her honored guests here but we are afraid you have worn out you’re welcome. As her call for help has gone out through the universe and the Great Spirit has heard her cry.

If humanity doesn’t join in creation it will be removed from creation. The choice is yours! Change now and honor your caretaker/host. Treat her with respect nurturer her and her others guests or be kicked out of this inn and become homeless. If the beast of this earth should go. We will die of a great loneliness of the spirit. For what ever befalls the earth befalls the children of the earth.

We can offer you this, Remember who you are. Awaken into yourself. We are more like than different as humanity has many star people threads within one consciousness. As it takes a community to raise a child. We are not your God, but we are your parents. You are our creation and our hope for our future. We come to help you remember but time is short. Remember, Remember, Remember.

End of conversation.

Little Green Man
A Visitors Perspective


A Visitors Perspective, Do you want our help or not?