13 Chakras in Consciousness
Consciousness MATTERS, 13 Chakras to TOTALITY, where it MATTERS

There are 13 Chakras in our Human Consciousness, I have Explored thus far. This is an opportunity to expand ONES Consciousness. BE-Cause YOU Aint seen nothing yet.

We have heard about 7 Chakras and it’s almost true… If one Speaks only part truth are they telling lies? Whatever…, are you expecting Lucifer to tell you THE Truth?

Who is asking THE Question?

7 Chakras, Oooops, there’s one missing, The Zero Point Chakra. Can you SEE the Light?

Really there’s, 8 Chakras contained within your AurA presently. Here’s one you may not know about until NOW. It resides in THE BALLS of your feet called Zero Point Chakra.

SEE Girls,,,…!!!!!!, SURPRIZE !!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE BALLS !

Choices the Seed of Man
Growing the SEEDS of TRUTH in Consciousness.

The Zero Point Chakra is the grounding Chakra that Restores ONE to Mother Earth. Only in walking BEAR foot will ONE Experience the ZERO Point Ground Chakra connecting the circuit to Mother Earth. This Opens ONE up to NEW Experiences.

ONE feels the First 8 Chakras as they awaken self, becoming Aware Completes the Current. Thus Awareness Expands ONES AurA Electric Circuit to the Other 5 Spiritual Chakras. 13 in ALL.

Electric Universe
Charge up the other Chakras with Creation.

THE Bridge. To the OTHER side. OK, I may have assumed and presumed you’re ready to BE YOU. Or that you already KNEW/NEW | YOU.


OOOOPs, Sorry YOU!


THE OTHER FIVE CHAKRAS. Is the Present behind this last post. The Bubble of Perception we Experience is Creation. As we open ourselves up, Creation flows in lighting the other Chakras. Expanding our perceptive Horizons|Consciousness, all life that exists becomes our New Experiences. Organic and Inorganic. Even ROCKS have Consciousness. You SEE… Fear simply Blinds, US to all the life that exists in this given moment.

If by chance you know nothing about the 7 Chakras. HUMM! How have you survive thus far? Oh, That’s right, buy THE Grace of GOD. Just take your shoes off, OPEN A BEER, kick back in your Lazyboy Lounger and enjoy THE RODEO.

EAT ME!………………………………….NOT!

Tickets Please!

Awaken yourself to Mother Earth ZERO Point once Again. There’s a New World! Sorry, your E Ticket is missing. (Old Disneyland ERA), (How I date myself).

When The Third Eye opens we SEE with Crystal Clear Clarity…Are we SEEing only an Illusion? Remember, Clarity is to Witness the MIRACLE | Mirror of U.

Those with E Tickets need NOT get on this Ride. OPEN your WINGS. One will not experience new life without the Spirit of Consciousness | Experience. This is the THE FIRE from Within, where the Phoenix rises from the AsHes Forever. Leaving behind the Carbon 666. If you have no clue what E represents. Read, A Viscous Circle.

THE PHOENIX RISES . The expansiveness of Spirit consciousness.
THE PHOENIX RISES . The Expansiveness of Spirit Consciousness.

Those with E Tickets, it’s time to take your AIRE and fly this nest.

On the Wings of Consciousness, Flying on THE Winds of Creation.

Spirit and Playing with Reality
THE NEW YOU, Flying on the Wings of Consciousness. With Creation under your Wings

Welcome HOME! Come in. Join THE CELEBRATION. DRINKS are on ME. In REMEMBRANCE of those we left behind.

The Singularity is where we become One with Mother Earth. It’s the grounding Chakra. Through this Chakra we discharge all that Dark Matter THAT was, the heavy past we no longer wish to Experience. No harm, no foul. No name, no Game. 2 BE or Not 2 BE, Remember?

Spiritual stairway to heaven
Losing Human Form. The path less traveled.

Anyway, It’s these Other 5 Chakras is where ONE may Experience new Realities, Let ME Introduction you to your Expanding Consciousness. YOU! It’s the Quad HEART of Spirit. In my Experience, there are 13 Chakras. To the Totality of Creation. Are you not Creation? When WE light up these Other 5 Chakras, One at a time, as our AurA becomes Enormous, really fast. Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness. We transverse Infinity. Relax you have received your 8th Crown Chakra. Wear it in Humbleness. Enjoy! The Totality of YOU. You have Experienced the Sow below. NOW, we | ME open ourselves up to the AS Above.


Nibiru With THE Wings of Consciousness. There are those that don’t know truth.

The 9th Chakra sits above the Crown Chakra. This Chakra is as Above. It sits just above the Earth and through this Chakra One is able to Experience All life forms that inhabit this Earth | Heart. Sharing Consciousness as you please. All life shares Consciousness. Experience, if you please, Experiencing all Beings on this Earth. Sharing their Consciousness. While They share yours. Consciousness expands really Quick. In Truth, you see,… you are all these beings and they are you.

Hint: Animal Medicine is this Experience! Did you take your Medicine?

Albino Hummingbird
Hummingbird on the fly

Good… it won’t be such a shock to Experience the Eagle NOW?… When the 9th Chakra begins to light up we get an Enlightened Clarity Perspective of the light all around us. Yes, even the Shadows. Shadows have Power to share, If you Please. Creation is Dark & Light.

Eagle toughing the Great Spirit
Flying with THE Great Eagle

THAT’S OK. HEY, it’s Consciousness. Being One or the Other separates us from ONE Another.

It’s Creations, Creations/life to BE Experienced. Get over yourself. There is sow much more to Creation you can Explore. You haven’t come thus far to turn back NOW have you?

OOOPs, you can’t NOW can you? THAT Bridge has been Burnt. Otherwise, THE Phoenix you are wouldn’t BE HERE NOW. Plus, what is there to go back to Anyway? A 666 Luciferian Carbon Atom/ADAM & EVE. Or Diamond/Demon in the rough. THERE is nothing left, but a Burned out cinder/sinner of a life that use to be.

THE PHOENIX RISES . The expansiveness of Spirit consciousness.
THE PHOENIX RISES . The Expansiveness of Spirit Consciousness.

Go if you must. Whatever…!!!!!?

The 10th Chakra sits even farther above the 9th Chakra. As far out as the OORT Cloud. Man, your AurA/Consciousness has really expanded, NOW… How AwEsome is THAT?

WTF? Your still Here?

You are here.
OORT Cloud  YEP, You are here.

The 10th Chakra contains our Solar System and all Life forms within. It’s a good OMEN we have ETERNITY, because we need it. Just Experience! All life forms that Inhabit this Space inside you. Stop along the way and smell THE ROSES. There are some AmAzing worlds to Discover. Not to mention the Beings that inhabit those worlds. And you haven’t even left the comfort of your Lazyboy Rocker.

Starting to SEE … THE Immensity of who, and what you truly are? And you thought/believe you are a three Dimensional MEATSTICK. Even worst, some two Dimensional flat piece of Bond Paper, Legal Name Birth Certificate…… BULLSHIT. THAT Ship has sunk. B.C. Before Christ is time past.

What's in a Name? Your belief.
What’s in a Name? It’s a piece of paper with some fancy writing and a Seal. OORT, OORT.

Laugh Out Loud !!!!!!!!! Surprize !!!!! Who LOVES YOU BABY? Mirror | Mirror.

Time for Some Music at this Celebration. But First! I have to PEE.

WEBSTER you Dick-tion-ary, Black Magician. Spinning Webs in word spell Definitions trapping the Spirit Breath of the Innocents. For some Luciferian Master you serve. You Arachnoid, How’s THAT working for you?

Peeing in the Ocean
The Fountain of Youth. YEP, that’s a recent picture of ME


Sing Along NOW……..

The Itsy Bitsy Spider went up the water spout… down comes the Rain/Water/Truth and washes that Spider out… Out comes the sun/son and dried up all the Rain… and that Itsy Bitsy Spider climbs up the water spout Again.

Hey, I sing them as I HEAR them.

Spider Eyes
Spider Medicine Some of the Oldest Animal Medicine

On THE Wings of Consciousness Again!

The 11th Chakra is even higher still. NOW, you have a sense of direction and where we are Flying, How your Consciousness is expanding. Look you have WINGS. The 11th Chakra sits above our Galaxy. It’s called the Milky Way Galaxy for A Reason. It’s the land of Milk and Honey. Never mind!

Hey, I can SEE the Andromeda Galaxy from here….THAT”S close, and coming closer. OH MY, Looks like a Booty call. Is that A and M coming together. SEX is just Masterbation with a Friend. Hopefully, they are a Good Friend. And we use to call that LOVE. AM I making a pun? You bet ya!

Sex in Space. Look what you've been missing
Sex in Space. Look what you’ve been missing. Your Cosmic Orgasum,

What Name shall we give our new Galaxy soon 2 Be Born? Any Suggestions?

XX or XY. I know! How about I AM. You OXYmoron. Hey, THAT is just a figure of speech in which contradictory terms appear in conjunction. And conjunction they will. True Story!

At this point, I will Open myself up to STAR WATER, FLOW, and Spirits ELECTRIC, SPARK, FIRE. THE Two become ONE and make STEAM. THE Fun One. If your not haxing Fun on your journey, why bother?

A Drop of Truth in a Sea of Lies
A Drop of Truth in a Sea of Star Water

At this point we are well on our way.

The 12th Chakra, A Quantum Leap. The 12th Chakra sits above this Universe. This is where we BE-come our Universal self. All in ONE & ONE in All. THE ONE. Again all life can BE Experienced. Relax, You can travel anywhere you want in an instant. You are still inside your self.

Expanding you
Somewhere in there. There is you. Are you getting the picture?

THAT”S Consciousness. You are an Infinite BEING. Your GOD self sow to speak. It’s the Expanding Universe you R. Full of Life. Are you having fun?

And TRUTH IS you haven’t even gone outside of yourself yet. Still sitting down some where? THAT is about to change. Are you ready for your present? I made it myself.

You are the Totality of Yourself. A Universe within self. At this point we change our perception, to FACE perception outward to see outside of self, thus truly begin to SEE.

Bubbles of Perception,Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness to other worlds Playing with Reality
Each Bubble is a Universe all it’s own. Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness will take no time to visit ALL.

The 13th Chakra connects ONE with Creation. It’s the Assemblage Point outside of self, yet part of self. What a paradox!

Remember, it’s on the outer edge of our Luminous Cocoon, our Energy Body. Which at this moment perception is beyond the confines of self. One can either be-lie-ve the Assemblage Point Exists, or Know it Exists.

Therefore Experience, ONES Duelity in THE Duality of Creation. SEE?

The Meaning of "You" is the Reflection of you

THAT’s the Mastery of  Awareness of Consciousness… OHO, the QUAD Nature of duelity in Duality….THE FOUR LEAF CLOVER….The Mirror | Mirror of Mind Reason and Spirit Heart.

The secret kept from U, for far to long is THAT your Assemblage Point Exists.

NOW, Truth is, it’s no longer a Secret. Cats out of the bag, sow to speak. When ONE KNOWS. Just BEING aware that it Exists makes THE difference in ONES Consciousness..


Dragonfly Reflections
Isn’t THE Universe just a reflection? Reflect something new!

With OUR Assemblage Point we Assemble our Consciousness with the power of our perception. Here NOW we Assemble a Universe of Multiverse and Vice Versa just for the FUN of it. But wait, there’s an add bonus, if you buy in today! LOL

Plus, all the Multiverses of Universes here after. NOW we are soaring on THE WINGS of Consciousness outside of OURSELVES. SEE the wonder of Creation | YOU.

Fractal Within A Fractal continues infinitly
Fractal Within A Fractal continues Infinitely

Let’s go Fractal for a moment. ABRACADABRA…

Just like the 13 signs of the Zodiac within. We are Energy BEings with 13 Chakras. 12 Strands of DNA, 3 Attentions, 4 Natural Enemies, 3 Eyes, 7 Senses. 2 halves of a mind, we make whole, and 1 Heart with four chambers, plus an Assemblage Point. What the hell have you Explored? Wal-Mart

YEP, and they call that junk DNA. They can Kiss my Ass. Here’s Thirty Pieces of Silver for the double cross trouble. BE what you want to BE, or BE what you ARE.

I mean Really!…. Come on!!!………Is there a Choice?………. Free WILL?

I have Envisioned Truth and join Creation in the Celebration of life. With help from my friends… Without friends what kind of Celebration would this BE anyway? OHO, is it time for another song? It’s a New Age don’t you know…?

I get by with a little help from my Friends… Yea…. I get by with a little help from my Friends…  You Can BE……… EVERYbody!…….. You Want somebody to LOVE?

We are Bubbles of Perception
We are Bubbles of Perception of the Universe we are!

HEY you! Let ME introduce YOU to U, A good friend of mine. A STAR IS BORN.

Hey U, spark that one up. How’s THAT for A Introduction. THE TOTALITY of U in YOU. Creation in a Nutshell, ME & BEYOND.

Give yourself a big Sqweeze OHIO. We made UNI. Let’s Party Hearty! STRIKE up the BAND, it’s time to DANCE are asses off.

Shake, Shake, Shake………. Shake, Shake, Shake, ………. Shake your Booty……. SHAKE YOUR BOOTY……………………..

Hey, who’s going to clean up this mess?  Yep!

The Devil
Oh, come on. Do I have to wear this costume? While I clean up?



In TRUTH, there is nothing more I can share. IT’s all about you. I have all ready shared MY LIFE”S OPEN BOOK. It has cost you nothing to read it. However, it has cost me everything to write it. I have lost family, wives and friends. Not to mention what has been stolen from ME. Experience is Wisdom. In MY Wis-dom, I realize how Wis+dumb I AM.


Would I trade it for this world? HELL NO, Creation Awaits. It SEEMS all I lost, I never owned anyway! SOW, I have lost nothing and NOW Experience the abundance of Creation.

Would I recommend that you follow ME? Well, that depends on you! Are you still wearing Depends?

Do you enjoy battling FEAR, Having HOPE, and Living in DOUBT of what you truly are? I can not and will not tell you want you need do. Nor, will I change your diapers. That’s your shit.

In TRUTH, I have only Shared my Life Experiences|Consciousness. Knowledge is Power. That Power is PERSONAL power. What one does with personal power, well THAT”S, personal. Instead of pissing that power away on worldly pursuits. I used it to SEE, FEEL, and DREAM, who I AM in the Mirror X Mirror of Creation.

SEEing the Invisable
SEEing the Invisable


Here take this TRUTH IN LOVE. It’s part of your present. The Capital (L) represents THE’S LAW. It’s the lower case laws that are luciferian. Watch out for those. When ONE knows THE’S LAW all the other laws are superfluous. (O) is Creation, the Cosmic EGG, Sow to speak. It contains Everything. (V) is the womb of Creation that the I has intercourse with, thus Creating the Q in Quantum. THE (E) of course is Consciousness. It could BE yours. It is Mine after All. E is the Experience of LOVE. THAT’S THE TRUTH I LOVE.

Sharing unconditional LOVE with OTHERS takes on a Tremendously New Awareness… NOW, BOW to Creation. Thus creating NEW worlds inside of self/ME|YOU. Where I can only stand in TRUTH, Be-CAuse THE TRUTH has set ME free.

Neils PictureIn TRUTH, I no longer have compassion for the DEAD horse. I tried kicking it. Calling it names. Pleading with it, Even Pecking at it. It won’t wake up. It’s dead. It just lies there. SOW, it’s time to FLY away. Do I want to continue living in a world of the dead? NO FUCKING WAY.

NOW, I walk into a NEW World of THE LIVING. YOU SEE, this world of the dead is only a description. One I laugh at, and then throw it away. Therefore, I perceive a NEW WORLD, knowing that it is just a description as well. However, this NEW WORLD has abundant LIFE within.

The Red Dragon Awaits
The Red Dragon Awaits

In TRUTH, time is short, a change is here. >CHANGE NOW< Whether you believe this or not. I could care less. TRUTH doesn’t need your belief. Because whether this world changes or not. THE real change came within ME. SOW, whether you change or not, is not my concern. I wish you well. AM I thy brothers keeper? I WAS, but I have changed and NOW KNOW. It is for YOU, to discover who YOU are. SIMPLY, because your not ME.

In TRUTH, I wish all could SEE what I SEE. However, that’s just an Illusion. MY HEART tells ME sow. Awareness is a MASTERY. To BE fully Aware is Consciousness. What a wondrous journey I AM. And yet, I only scratch the surface. SOW, Further and Deeper I go, where only THE TRUE LIGHT of SPIRIT shines from within THE LOVE of ME, can BE seen.

DSC01122In TRUTH, Enjoy, My BOOK of LIFE, all the links are on this page.. I have left Bread Crumbs so that others may eat the Knowledge, I have shared along the way. Watch OUT!!! You may find a few piles of shit along the WAY as well. Watch your step! As this is not an easy path to follow.

The funny thing is, all paths lead to the same place. I Question you. Are you even on a path to discover the TOTALITY of YOU | SELF. IF not, YOU’RE lost. Maybe you’ll get a second chance. One can always HOPE one will change. Well, your not DEAD yet,… or are you?

In TRUTH stand. There is HOPE for You yet. In losing all HOPE, One either is or isn’t. Good Luck with THAT. Living in a world of make believe just doesn’t work. It’s a DEAD END. THE ONLY true WORLD is inside of YOU | ME. Get a FUCKING CLUE, The Kingdom of Heaven is within. And here I STAND in AWE and wonder.

One DAY One morning, I saw!
One DAY One morning, I saw!

How come nobody ever told me about this? Hello $$$!, BE HERE NOW!

In TRUTH, it’s your life. Isn’t it time you started living your life and stop the IDOL Worship/Warship of your Pagen Masters? Two dimensional TREE falling, false light MOON worshipping Horrs of Baby-lon. Grow up !!!

Get out of Babylon while you still can. Otherwise suffer their fate. No Judgement from ME. It’s just an observation. CREATION has this covered. I wash my hands. I kneel before Creation humbled. Just look up! THE SIGNS are everywhere. This Luciferian System is done forever. They have sold you a bill of goods where all the boxes on the docks are empty. One EYED Pirates! And you Thought, Believed you were buying your Salvation. Hanging your sins on something else outside of you. Where’s the IMPECCABLE  in THAT? The Blind have led the Blind right to edge of the Abyss. Quick,,, Open your eyes before you fall off never to return. Or just jump with the rest of them. I no longer have com-pass-ion as it was used against ME. You made your choice, and I made mine. We’ll SEE.

DSC01116In TRUTH, there is nothing more I can do for you. It’s taken all I have to SEE this far. And I still have Infinity ahead of ME. SOW, you are on your own. Really, all we ever have is our self anyway. And just SEE how WONDEROUS you truly are! I can live with “THAT”. Can you live with your Creation? Alas, again, that is not my Concern. I no longer wish to cast my pearls amongst swine any longer. Those pearls are gone in the mud of the PIG pen that smells of piss and shit. YOU keep them. Their all yours. I know, I will go DIVING in the Sea of Consciousness and find some New Pearls to DISPLAY/WEAR around my HEART.

Crying Eyes
Don’t CRY for ME

In TRUTH, I have nothing more to share/say, I have said enough ALREADY. Maybe we will meet again, maybe we won’t. WE’LL SEE.



Knowledge is Power
Experience is Wisdom
Take your Power Back to
Fly on the Wings of Consciousness

Winky, My alter Ego
Awesome it’s time to go. It’s been real, it’s been fun. But it hasn’t been real fun. Let the Celebration begin!




Spiritual Beings

Spiritual Beings, Our Description of God, The Mold of Man

Spiritual Beings and the Mold of Man
Is God the Mold of Mankind? Become Spiritual Beings and see for yourself.

As Spiritual Beings, The Mold of Man is one of our sturdiest aspects of the First Attention Description. Our idea of God. Our aspect of God is like a powerful glue that binds our Assemblage Point to its original position. For Spiritual Beings to assemble another true world with another great band of the Eagles Emanations, it becomes necessary to take an obligatory step in order to release all ties from this world to move the Assemblage Point to aline the next world. In the world of our Dreams the Mold of Man will be found.

Before we go deeper into this Rabbit Hole. We must first discuss the Creation of Mankind and the stories behind our beliefs. We are all familiar with the creation story of the Bible. and other religions, so I will not reiterate them here. So if one is not afraid of the dark and willing to view God with a different perspective. Let’s become Rabbit Medicine and journey deeper into our description of God.

Of course if one feels God might become angry and punish them, it might be best that one keeps their description of God, and watch a ball game. God’s cool with that.

Or become Deer, as Deer offers another path to the Great Spirit. But there are demons along that path. One will need Heart to face the demons. All paths lead to the same place, the Great Spirit. It’s following the path with Heart that will make a difference in your life.

Spiritual Beings path
Follow the path with Heart to become Spiritual Beings

Spiritual Beings

The idea that there is a Spiritual reality to life is an ageless construct. Some religions have held the belief for thousands of years that our human bodies are mere vessels animated by our Spiritual Beings. Often accompanying this belief are doctrines concerning “reincarnation or afterlife.”

In the Christian religion, the word “soul” has long been used to reflect Spiritual Beings which survives death of the flesh and bone physical body. This begs the question, is the Mold of Man our physical body, or our Spiritual one?

By appealing to the persons vanity, it is easy to breed an animosity against new religions, new perspectives in otherwise tolerant people by presenting religious intolerance in psychological terms. As the Way, Salvation, Original Sin, and the likes. All creating a bias towards other beliefs.

Ironically, most of the anti-cult activism today comes from the so-called Christian “right-wing” in its effort to stamp out the “works of Satan,” which includes all religions not adhering to fundamentalist Christian beliefs. Of course, all religions have this built-in intolerance. Thus we keep fighting among ourselves. Therefore we lose sight of our true goal. Becoming  Spiritual Beings.

The greatest danger from a new perspective or religion, is not that it represent anything new or different, it is that it can become an effective tool for dividing people into factions, just as religions have done in the past. This can be accomplished through no fault of the religion/belief itself. Just by existing and being attacked, a modern religion may become an embattled faction when it finds itself operating in a social climate of “cult hysteria”. This type of social climate is easily generated today because most educated people fancy themselves knowledgeable about human psychology. But again have forgotten the Spiritual aspect of Humanity.

Spiritual beings having an Experience
This says it all. Seems we have a lot of things backwards.

Science has become the new religion. The scientific method is simply an attempt to understand and explore an area of knowledge in an intelligent and pragmatic fashion. It strives to find Cause and Effect relationships and to develop consistent axioms and techniques that will lead to predictable results. This is the type of methodology which needs to be, and can be applied to the realm of the Spirit, but it has not been done to any large degree.

The great universities and foundations are too busy with their “Man is Brain/Reason” studies to do more than superficial studies into the mounting evidence of our Spiritual existence. The major religions already have their “Word of God” writings and so they rarely undertake scientific studies into this area of Spirituality.

Since they believe, In the beginning there was the Word and the Word was God or with God. And the Word was printed in the book. It must be the Word of God. And if one reads it and studies it they will find their Spirituality. Well, hows that working so far?

Have we become more Spiritual because of the Word or less? One needs only to search their heart in truth to discover the answer. In fact less than 5 percent of Christ’s teaching are recorded in the Bible. What about the other 95 percent?

He had to die like this to teach us forgiveness. God needs to take a lesson from his son.

Some people deny the existence of a Supreme Being altogether. And it is difficult to blame them considering the level to which Spiritual knowledge has deteriorated. However, the overwhelming evidence of an individual Spiritual Beings existence and the many characteristics which all Spiritual Beings seem to share in common would suggest that a “Supreme Being” of some kind probably exists as a common source of all Spiritual existence. If a Supreme Being exists, it is likely that most people would not recognize it if they encountered it. Many individuals expect a Supreme Being to be a giant man in a flowing white beard, living on a cloud who rants, raves, and kills people. Others think that a Supreme Being is a bright light that exudes love and warmth. Still others perceive it as some completely unfathomable mystery that no one can ever hope to comprehend except through strained mystical contortions, rituals, and dress. A Supreme Being is probably none of these things. As the universe is never what it appears to be.

There are many ideas of what a Supreme Being might be. Perhaps the best way to tackle the issue of what the Supreme Being is. May be to first try to determine what individual Spiritual Beings are.

Shall we give it a go? This is going to be along article to make a point. Hey, What else have we got to do?

Spiritual Beings
We are Light Beings. As our DNA contains 1000 photons per DNA molecule.

Spiritual Beings, The Spirit of Mankind

Spiritual Beings appear to be something that is not a part of the physical universe, and yet it possesses both external awareness and self-awareness.

The mounting scientific evidence of Spiritual immortality in near-death episodes and in documented past-life memories indicates that Spiritual Beings are best defined as timeless and indestructible units of consciousness. Every Spiritual Being, or unit of consciousness, seems to be completely different and independent. Each appears to possess its own distinct perspective which cannot be entirely duplicated by any other unit of consciousness. This uniqueness and individuality of perception appear to be the very essence and purpose of Spiritual existence. We see evidence of this when individuals are crushed into a sameness, they become unhappier and worse off. Their perceptions deteriorate and they are less creative.

When true uniqueness and individuality are restored, we regain our vitality and creativity. It appears that every unit of consciousness is capable of infinite creation because creation by Spiritual Beings is accomplished by the acts of feelings, thoughts, and actions. This is where Heartmind comes to fruition.

Pink Elephant
See here’s a real Pink Elephant

If we feel and then reason that there is a pink elephant in the room, we have created a pink elephant, even if it only exists in our mind. Such creations, when shared and agreed to by others, eventually give rise to universes that can be shared and experienced by all others.

This seems to be how Spiritual Beings create Parallel Realities and Dimensional Shifts of their own and in cooperation with others, and why there exists evidence in modern physics that our universe appears to be ultimately based in consciousness.

For any universe or reality to exist, an infinity must first exist in which a universe or reality maybe placed. All reality, including this material universe, arise out of this infinity and not vice versa, this has been demonstrated by some remarkable mathematics being done at various universities.

Every unit of consciousness is the source of its own infinity because consciousness has no bounds, any amount of space, time or matter may be imagined by any Spiritual Beings and ultimately agreed to and shared by other Spiritual Beings. This would be an interesting experience to have seven or eight people agree there is something in the room, Pink Elephant, that they all agree on. And then bring somebody else into the room to see if they can see it as well. Of course the seven or eight people would have to have a detailed description of the object. Great party fun.

Where did all of these countless units of consciousness come from? Did there exist at one time only a single unit of consciousness from which all others originated? May be a singularity or God. The many similarities between all Spiritual Beings make it appear so. That original unit of consciousness would be what is normally called a Supreme Being, which we might also call the Primary Being.

The creation of Man
We can Transcend our suffering by becoming Spiritual Beings

It appears that individual Spiritual Beings are actually the units of consciousness of a Primary, or Supreme, Being, yet each unit is possessed of its own self-awareness, personality, freewill, independent feelings, thoughts, and infinite creativity.

This would mean that a Supreme Being had created, or had given “birth” to, an infinite number of unique and individual units of consciousness through which that Supreme Being could experience the infinities, universes, and realities which all of those Spiritual Beings could freely and independently create. Using the Mold of Man to stamp the beings out of its self. A Supreme Being might be very crudely likened to a person sitting in a television control booth who puts out trillions of video cameras. Each camera (Spiritual Being) feeds a picture into its own individual monitor screen in the control booth to be viewed by the (Supreme Being). Each camera is situated a little differently and so each has a different viewpoint or perspective. Each camera is also capable of creating its own “special effects” (universes).

At this point, one might ask, How could a Supreme Being have been so foolish? Why would it create awareness units that were self-aware? After all, it is the quality of self-awareness, or the consciousness of being aware, that allows Spiritual Beings to be completely independent and to engage in the silliness which has caused them to suffer the sorry plight that they now appear to be enduring on Earth and probably elsewhere. Why did a Supreme Being not simply throw out an enormous number of consciousness units that were only externally aware having no consciousness of their own existences? Better yet, why did a Supreme Being not do the reasonable thing and simply retain its own single undivided consciousness?

Spiritual Beings
Since we all come from the Source Being we become the Source. Each and every one of us becomes its own creation

Self Awareness becomes the source of Infinity or Infinities

Self-awareness is apparently the quality which gives the Spiritual Beings the capacity for consciousness, and therefore to be a source of infinity and creation. Without self-awareness, Spiritual Beings could not create their own reality. Self-awareness appears to act as the “mirror” against which Spiritual Beings can become a source of an infinity, and within that infinity can create realities and universes. Of course, a Supreme Being is already capable of creating an infinity and creating anything within it, but only from its own single perspective. A Supreme Being could only be the source of one infinity. Its own.

If a Supreme Being wanted to experience another infinity, it has to first create another unique self-aware unit of self-consciousness like itself.

Presto! It apparently did just that. However it did not satisfy itself with just one more unit of consciousness. No way Jose, it appears to have stamped out an infinite number of them so that it could enjoy an almost infinite number of infinities and realities. This suggests that the potential scope of a Supreme Being extends far beyond the boundaries of this one small universe, it encompasses trillions of potential infinities and universes.

Or one can simply believe God is a man on a cloud keeping track of your sins so he can punish you later.

Spiritual Beings Logic
Ok, That sounds Reasonable. Great that gives me a reason for the Reason for GOD

But Aha!” you might interject. “By definition, only one infinity can exist. It is redundant for something already capable of infinite creation to expand itself. Infinity multiplied by infinite trillions is still infinity. Fair enough, but our infinity appears to be solely the product of our human perspective. Only units of self consciousness are capable of perceiving. Therefore there could exist as many infinities as there are units of consciousness (Spiritual Beings). Infinity does not arise out of the mechanical universe, or from any of its laws. Rather, the mechanical universe and its laws all appear to arise out of infinity. Hello, we have to see the bigger picture if we are to see at all.

So what went wrong? How did so many Spiritual Beings, each capable of infinite creation, wind up with such a dull creation on Earth thinking that we are nothing more than meat and electricity?

Spiritual Beings Body
Just Meat and Electricity. Yea, Right. Where does that Electricity come from?

What?  You want me to answer all the questions of life for you without you having to do any investigation for your self?

There are apparently many factors that caused this, I will leave it to you to discover your own reasons for your existence and how you became trap in Reason. I will only add that Spiritual Beings can become hopelessly caught up in the labyrinths of their own intricate creations, that’s a matter of fact.

Although the universe appears to operate on very simple building blocks, once those blocks are put into place and other beings are introduced, a universe can become extremely complex and solid-looking, like the universe we share now.

Humm, could there be other awareness out there that have their own self-awareness? What might their intent be? Another interesting note, is all matter that can be seen in this Universe makes up less than 5 percent of the entire Universe. This sure leaves a lot of unknowns out there.

I will add this, When Spiritual Beings become fixated in those universes, they become like cameras anchored in a dense rain forest. The cameras are unable to perceive beyond the foliage of their own creation directly in front of them. After staring at the foliage for a long time, the cameras may begin to believe that they, too, are nothing but foliage, and they forget that they are cameras (Spiritual Beings).

Salvation would come by restoring to those cameras their true self-identities and by giving them the ability to come and go from the rain forest at will. Dreams are a way of discovering a way out of this jungle of matter.

When we look at individual Spiritual Beings on Earth, we see that we are very small in relation to the universe at large. This is the situation that apparently occurs when Spiritual Beings become trapped in physical bodies or other physical objects. In that state, Spiritual Beings have lost their power to change perspective in relation to the physical universe. Perspective is apparently what determines the “size” of a Spiritual Being.

Have you ever stood on top of a skyscraper and looked down? Your first reaction might be, “Gee, those people sure are small. They’re the size of ants!” Those people look so small, and really are so small, because you simply changed your perspective.

Spiritual Beings Solar System
What we have been taught is not how reality works

Spiritual Beings in an entrapped state of matter can apparently change perspective in the same way in relation to the entire physical universe. The universe can appear no larger than a coffee cup, or an atom the size of a mountain. This is apparently how Spiritual Beings become “bigger or smaller”. Changing perspective in this fashion is not an act of mere thinking. It is a matter of actually shifting direct Spiritual perception in a real and tangible fashion as the person who hops on an elevator to the top of a skyscraper.

Spiritual Beings on Earth are largely confined to the single perspective dictated by the physical bodies they animate and the description we were taught. Mental perspectives can change, (Change a belief, Change reality), but not the direct perspective of the Spiritual Being in relation to the universe itself.

Some mystical religions teach that one’s ultimate Spiritual aim should be to permanently “merge with or rejoin” with Supreme Being. This appears to me to be a false goal. If Spiritual Beings were created to act as unique and independent consciousness, it would be contrary to the purpose of creation to permanently “merge” with another  consciousness or with a Supreme Being for that matter. It may not even be possible to do so.

The true goal of any salvation program should be to fully recover one’s unique Spiritual self-awareness and perspective. Of course this is just my perspective, and yours I am sure is different from mine. However as I share my perspective with the Supreme Being, I share it with you as well. How else will we see a different perspective. Or may be something that we may all find salvation through. As this involves you becoming aware of yourself and not somebody else suffering for you. Suffer your own injustices after all you created them.

Wholly Smokes, I haven’t even gotten to the Mold of Man yet, as we still have one more thing to discuss here. And that’s the Creation of Mankind. However I am not going to go over the religious descriptions as one can find those anywhere. There’s one you may not have heard which for me makes more sense but again that’s my perspective. So if your up for going even deeper into the Rabbit hole, grab a carrot and let’s go.

Spiritual Symbolism
Spiritual Symbolism, this sign is engraved all over the world.

The Creation of Mankind on Planet Earth.

Some claim that an ancient wisdom about Spirit had once existed. If such a wisdom ever did exist, and it does, it long ago became hopelessly muddled by countless false ideas, strange mystical beliefs and practices, incomprehensible symbolism, and wrong scientific teachings and religions of the past and present. As one will find this has been done to keep Mankind trapped in a matter reality.

As a result, the subject of the Spirit is today almost unrecognizable. On top of that, many scholars trained in Western scientific methods reject the idea of a spirit entirely, apparently because they cannot put a Spirit under a microscope and watch its squiggle, or plant electrodes in it and give it a jolt.

So how did this all start? Why was Mankind created? What are we here for?  

The idea that human beings were created as a slave race owned by an extraterrestrial society is not a new one. It was expressed thousands of years ago in mankind’s earliest recorded civilizations. The first of those civilizations was Sumeria. A remarkably advanced society which arose in the Tigris-Euphrates River valley between 5000 and 4000 B.C., and flourished as a major
civilization by 3500 B.C. It seems it just appeared out of nowhere.

Spiritual Religions
Divide and Conquer in the name of Religions

Like other ancient societies which arose in the Mesopotamian region, Sumeria left records stating that human like creatures of extraterrestrial origin had ruled early human society as Earth’s first monarchs. Those alien people were often thought of as “Gods”. Some Sumerian “Gods” were said to travel in the skies and through the heavens in flying “globes” and rocket like vehicles. Ancient carvings depict several “Gods” wearing goggle like apparel over their eyes. Human priests acted as mere intermediaries between the alien “Gods” and the human population. This became the Royal blood lines. Or so they would like to believe.

However not all Mesopotamian Gods were human like extraterrestrials. Some were obvious fabrications, and fictitious attributes were often ascribed to the extraterrestrial human like Gods. Once the obvious fictions are stripped away, however, we discover within the Mesopotamian writings a distinct class of beings who do indeed fit the “God” mold. Historical records and modern testimony describe them as physically human like, racially diverse, and most importantly, very similar to human beings in behavior.

Anunnaki tablet
It your fault. No It’s your fault.

Because God is not the right description for them, I will use “Visitors”. As that is what they are. They were not created here on earth. Just because they haven’t left yet does change the fact. They have had an extended stay that may be coming to an end as humanity begins to wake up to the fact that they exist. And that they are not Gods.

The ancient writers describe their extraterrestrial “Gods” as being capable of love, hate, amusement, anger, honesty, and depravity. Ancient records and modern testimony would indicate that Visitors personalities run the entire gamut from saints, sinners, to angels from the most degraded of awareness, to the most loving of humanitarians.

Makes them more like us or better said, us like them. After all children learn what they live.

Sumerian Tablet
The Gods were Giants among Mankind. Big but not Gods.

The Visitors had male and female bodies, and they bred by sexual intercourse. Ancient Mesopotamian tablets credit one of the Visitors in particular was supervising the genetic manufacture of Homo Sapiens.

That “Visitors” name was Ea. Ea was reported to be the son of an extraterrestrial king who was said to rule another planet (Nibiru) within the far reaches of the Visitors empire. Prince Ea was known by the title, “EN.KI,” which means “(lord or prince) of Earth”. Ancient Sumerian texts reveal that Ea’s title was not entirely accurate because Ea was said to have lost his dominion over major portions of Earth to his half-brother, Enlil, during one of the innumerable rivalries and intrigues that seemed to forever preoccupy the Visitors ruler.

As above so below. The Mesopotamian texts portray Ea as an advocate who spoke before the Visitors councils on behalf of the new Earth race. He opposed many of the cruelties that other Visitors imposed, including his half-brother, Enlil, inflicted upon human beings. It would seem from Sumerian tablets that Ea did not intend Homo Sapiens to be harshly treated, but his wishes in that regard were overruled by the other leaders. As we see, our ancient and highly civilized ancestors told a very different story of humanity’s emergence on Earth than what we have been told today.

The Mesopotamians were clearly not schooled in Darwinian theories of evolution! Nevertheless, there is some surprising anthropological evidence to support the Sumerian version of prehistory.

The Old Testament tells us that Adam (first man) was designed to be a servant. His function was to till the soil and to care for the lush gardens and crops owned by his “God.” As long as Adam and Eve accepted their servant status and obeyed their ever-present masters, all of their physical needs would be met and they would be permitted to remain in their “paradise” indefinitely. There was, of course, one unpardonable sin that they must never commit. They must never attempt to seek certain types of knowledge. Those forbidden forms of knowledge are symbolized in the story as two trees. The “Tree of Knowledge of good and evil” and the “Tree of Life.”

Sumerian Tablet
The Tree of Life

The first tree symbolizes an understanding of ethics and justice. The second tree symbolizes the knowledge of how to regain and retain one’s Spiritual identity and immortality.

Adam and Eve obeyed the commandments of their masters and lived in material bliss until another party entered the scene. The intervening party was symbolized in the story as a snake/serpent. The serpent convinced Eve to partake of the “fruit” from the “Tree of Knowledge of good and evil”. Eve followed the serpent’s suggestion, as did Adam. “God” (i.e., The Visitor leadership) became immediately alarmed.

And the Lord, God said. “Look, the man has become as one of us, knowing good from evil. And now, what if he puts forth his hand, and takes also of the Tree of Life, and eats, and lives forever?” (WTF, We better do something about this and fast!) Implied

Original Sin
Ah, come on! An Apple Really! The Greatest Story ever told. Has a snake in it too!

The above passage reveals an important truth echoed by many religions. A true understanding of ethics, integrity, and justice is a prerequisite to regaining one’s Spiritual freedom and immortality. Without a foundation in ethics, full Spiritual recovery becomes nothing more than a pipe dream. Step away from the bong! The Visitors clearly did not want mankind to begin traveling the road to Spiritual recovery. The reason is obvious.

The Visitors needed slaves. It is difficult to make people who maintain their integrity and their sense of ethics. To be slaves to others. It becomes impossible when those same individuals are undisturbed by physical threats due to a reawakening of their Spiritual immortality. Most importantly, if Spiritual Beings could no longer be trapped in human bodies, but instead could use and abandon their bodies at will, there would be no Spiritual Beings available to animate the slave bodies. Then what would the Visitors do with all those clones?

A common misinterpretation of the Adam and Eve story is that the “Original Sin” had something to do with sex or nudity. This confusion comes from that part of the story in which Adam and Eve eat from the “Tree of Knowledge”, and immediately became ashamed of their nakedness. It was not nudity, that shamed them. Adam and Eve became mortified by what their nakedness represented.

Ancient Mesopotamian records depict human beings as being stark naked when performing tasks for their Visitor masters. The Visitors, however, were depicted as being fully clothed. The implication is that Adam and Eve felt degraded by their nakedness because it was a sign of their enslavement. Not because being naked in itself is bad. There is also the idea that knowledge is clothing. Being fully clothed would mean in full knowledge.

Nudity is not being naked
Come on Adam, We aren’t naked. We are Slaves!

If we compare ancient and modern ideas about how mankind came into existence, we find two very different versions. The ancient version is that an extraterrestrial society had come to possess Earth and sought to exploit the planet’s resources.

To make the exploitation easier, a work race was created, Homo Sapiens. Humans were treated as livestock and were often butchered when they became too numerous, troublesome or noisy as the story goes. To preserve Homo Sapiens as a slave race and to prevent future rebellion, Spiritual Knowledge had to be repressed, human beings were scattered geographically into different linguistic groups, (Tower of Babel) and conditions were created to make physical survival on Earth an all-consuming chore from birth until death.

Sounds like life now doesn’t it? It appears nothing has changed in almost six thousand of years. What isn’t being told is that Man had become like the Gods after eating the Fruit and was building a launch pad and spacecraft to visit the stars just like the Gods do. And the Gods couldn’t have that now could they?

This arrangement was to be maintained indefinitely for as long as the Visitors Society possessed Earth. In contrast, the modern view is that human beings had evolved accidentally from “star-dust” into slime, into fishes, into monkeys, and finally into people. How did the first cells know to become a heart or a brain cell? The modern view actually seems more fanciful than the ancient one. Of course one can believe what they want to believe. But hey where’s the proof? Where’s the missing link?

Missing Link
I can’t say where it is. I can’t see where it is, What, I can’t hear you.

In the story of Adam and Eve we noted the appearance of a snake. The serpent was said to be “God’s” enemy, Satan, who had literally transformed himself into a reptile. Yet, God didn’t know his enemy was in the Garden. The Bible suggests that snakes are feared and disliked today because of Satan’s alleged transformation back in the Garden of Eden. However, it should be remembered that the Biblical Adam and Eve story is entirely symbolic. Taken from older writings and written in the Bible. The snake, was a symbol, not an actual reptile. God sure was careless with his creation allowing his children to play around snakes.

To determine what the Biblical snake represented, we must go back once again to older pre-biblical sources. When we do, we discover that the snake symbol had two very important meanings in the ancient world. It was associated with the Visitor “God” Ea, the historical creator and benefactor of mankind, and it also represented an influential organization with which Ea was associated.

Snake Totem and the tree of Knowledge
Snake a sacred Symbol for Spiritual Beings. But be careful it doesn’t have the same meaning any more.

Of all the animals revered in ancient human societies, none were as prominent or important as the snake. The snake was the logo of Ea’s group which had become very influential in early human societies on both Hemispheres. That group was a disciplined known as the Brotherhood dedicated to the dissemination of Spiritual Knowledge and the attainment of Spiritual freedom.

This Brotherhood of the Snake (also known as the “Brotherhood of the Serpent”). The Brotherhood also imparted scientific knowledge and encouraged the high aesthetics that existed in many ancient societies. For these and other reasons, the snake had become a venerated symbol to humans and, according to Egyptian and biblical texts, an object of the Visitor leadership hatred.

When we look to discover who founded the Brotherhood, Mesopotamian texts it points right back to that rebellious “God,” Prince Ea. Ancient Mesopotamian tablets relate that Ea and his father, Anu, possessed profound ethical and Spiritual knowledge. This was the same knowledge that was symbolized as trees in the Biblical Adam and Eve story.

In fact, the Biblical tree symbol came from pre-biblical Mesopotamian works, such as the one showing a snake wrapped around the trunk of a tree, identical to later portrayals of the snake in Eden. From the tree in the Mesopotamian depiction hung two pieces of fruit. To the right of the tree is the half-moon symbol of Ea; to the left is the planet symbol of Anu. The drawing indicates that Ea and Anu were associated with the snake and its teachings. This connection is affirmed by other Mesopotamian texts which describe Anu’s palace in the “heavens” as being guarded by a God of the Tree of Truth and a God of the Tree of Life.

Tree of Knowledge
Oh Adam, It’s good to eat.

We therefore find Ea designated as the culprit who tried to teach early man (Adam) the way to Spiritual freedom. This suggests that Ea intended his creation, Homo Sapiens, to be suited for Earth labor, but at some point he changed his mind about using Spiritual enslavement as the means.

If Ea was a true historical personality as the Sumerians claimed, then he was the probable leader of the Brotherhood of the Snake at its founding on Earth. The Brotherhood may have adopted the snake as its logo because Ea’s first home on Earth was said to have been constructed by a serpent-infested swampland which Ea called Snake Marsh. Another possible explanation for the snake logo is the biblical word for snake (nahash), which comes from the root word NHSH, meaning “to decipher, to find out.”

Despite all of their reported good intentions, the legendary Ea and early Brotherhood clearly failed to free the human race. Ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and biblical texts relate that the “snake” was quickly defeated by the other Visitor factions. The Bible informs us that the serpent in the Garden of Eden was overcome before it was able to complete its mission and give Adam and Eve the “fruit” from the second tree. The Tree of Life. Ea (who was also symbolized as a snake) was banished to Earth and was extensively demonized by his opponents to ensure that he could never again secure a widespread following among human beings.

The Devil
Oh, come on. Do I have to wear this costume?

Ea’s title was changed from “Prince of Earth” to “Prince of Darkness”. He was labeled with other horrible titles as well. Like Satan, the Devil, Evil Incarnate, Monarch of Hell, Lord of Vermin, Prince of Liars, and more. He was portrayed as the mortal enemy of a Supreme Being and as the keeper of Hell. People were taught that his only intentions were to Spiritually enslave everyone and that everything bad on Earth was caused by him. Humans were encouraged to detect him in all of his future lives (“incarnations”) and to destroy him and his creations whenever he was discovered.

Yep, we have enter the darkness. It appears the ancient records goes against what we have been currently taught. Go Figure.

If one just takes a moment and considers. Why would the Snake in the garden tell Eve about the Tree of Knowledge. And why an all-knowing and all-seeing God didn’t know the snake was there. One may find that the record from the past tells more of the story than the bible does. I am not telling anyone what to believe, I am just offering a different perspective that comes from writings older than the Bible. One can take it or leave it after all it’s your Spiritual freedom at stake.

A Stairway tp Heaven
The path to Spirituality requires Heart

All beliefs and practices named after EA various affiliations such as (“Satanism, Devil Worship,” etc.) were to be made so horrific and degrade anyone interested in discovering Spirituality would be damned to hell. Therefore no right-thinking person would, or should, have anything to do with them.

Just keep your head down and do what God tells you to do. He and his followers were to be viewed by human beings with nothing but the utmost loathing. Look how good it worked.  Just change a name and put evil attributes to that name and presto! Yet why is it that all the evil doers seem to prosper and all us do gooders continue in slavery?

This is not to say that Ea was actually portrayed by ancient Sumerians as a saint. He was not. Ea wound up giving his enemies a powerful tool of Spiritual repression. Ea then appears to have compounded the blunder by founding and/or empowering the early Snake Brotherhood which, after its reported defeat, continued to remain a powerful force in human affairs, working for the enslavement of mankind under the domination of the very Visitor factions that Ea and the original Brotherhood were said to have opposed.

Ancient history indicates that the Brotherhood was turned under its new Visitor “Gods” into a powerful weapon of Spiritual repression and betrayal, despite the efforts of many sincere humanitarians to bring about true Spiritual reform through Brotherhood channels all the way up until today. By reportedly creating a work race and the Brotherhood of the Snake, the “God” Ea had helped build a trap for billions of Spiritual Beings on Earth. Now using the Brotherhood against Spiritual freedom. Am I suggesting that one worship Satan?

The Mastery of Awareness
Why Worship anything? Do we really need something else to discover what we truly are?

HELL NO! What this says to me is that these Visitors are not GODS never have been, never will be. It appears to me, they are just as screwed up as you and me. I brought this point up because it seems a number of individuals are Feeding the Beast without knowing what the Ancient Records truly indicate. And in fact are not even sure which God they worship. They have been told a story and believe a story without checking on the facts. If one wants to keep it real? What has changed in over two thousand years of worship of this God of the bible? Has the World become a better place? HELL NO! If anything it has become worse. More separation, more fighting, and killing. If I would suggest anything. It would be to withhold ones worship from any being.

The true source of creation doesn’t need worship. It’s your Spirit, your consciousness that was given to you. Take the time to discover it before one goes and gives it away to some undeserving being pretending to be a God. At the very least make them prove them self to you. It sounds to me, that they need us more than we need them. They created us to be a servant. Ooops, sorry we ate the apple. Now what?

Sentient Beings
I am a Spiritual Being as well. I just have a different Mold than you.

The Mold Of Man

Ok, finally we have arrived. That is if you is still reading this post. Damn this has been a lot of work just to find our Spirituality. So let’s see the Mold of Man. When The Mold of Man is seen, Please don’t fall down upon your knees and worship this. Would one worship a blender? Because it makes the perfect Margarita? Or toaster because it makes perfect Toast?

The self-confidence of the warrior is not the self-confidence of the average man. The average man seeks an agreement in the eyes of the onlooker and calls that self-confidence. He seeks reassurance from the world around him. The warrior seeks impeccability in his own eyes and calls that humbleness. The average man is hooked to his fellow-men, through an agreement of the description. While the warrior is hooked only to infinity and stands in awe at the wonder of it.

The first step to see the Mold of Man. One needs to realize, the Mold of Man is a huge cluster of the Eagle’s Emanations in the great bands of organic life. It is called the Mold of Man because the cluster appears only inside the cocoon of man. Inside our Energy Body. The Mold of Man is the portion of the Eagle’s Emanations that seers can see directly without any danger to themselves.

Viewing the Mold of Man
I am melting into the light.

The old seers as well as the mystics of our world have one thing in common. They have been able to see the Mold of Man, but have not understood what it is. Mystics, throughout the centuries, have given us moving accounts of their experiences. But these accounts, however beautiful, are flawed by the gross and despairing mistake of believing the Mold of Man to be an omnipotent, omniscient creator; and so is the interpretation of the old seers, who called the Mold of Man a friendly spirit, a protector and savior of man.

The new seers are the only ones who have the sobriety to see the Mold of Man and understand what it is. What we have come to realize is that the Mold of Man is not the creator, but the pattern of every human attribute we can think of and some we cannot even conceive. The Mold is our God in a sense, because we are what it stamps us with and not because it has created us from nothing and made us in its image and likeness. To fall on our knees in the presence of the Mold of Man reeks of arrogance and human self centeredness, in other words Self Importance.

The Face of the Great Spirit
No I am not God either. But I do grant Gifts of Life. If one can dart pass me, they will be free.

The Mold of Man is a pattern of energy that serves to stamp the qualities of humanness on an amorphous blob of biological matter, called DNA the building Blocks of life. Using a mechanical analogy, it is like a gigantic die that stamps out human beings endlessly as if they were coming to it on a mass-production conveyor belt.

All species have a mold of its own, and every individual of every species molded by the process shows characteristics particular to its own kind. Hence the name. The Mold of Man.

The belief that the biblical God exists is based on Blind Faith and, as such, is a second-hand conviction that does not amount to a hill of beans. As most people’s belief in the existence of God is based on hearsay and not on the act of seeing. Even when or if, you are able to see The Mold of Man, one is bound to make the same misjudgment that mystics have made. Anyone who sees the Mold of Man automatically assumes that it is God. We all know what happens when one ass-u-mes.

The mystical experience of the mystics is a chance seeing, a one-shot affair that has no significance whatsoever because it is the result of a random movement of the assemblage point. The new seers are indeed the only ones who can pass a fair judgment on this matter, because they have ruled out chance seeing and are capable of seeing the Mold of Man as often as they please.

We have seen, therefore, that what we call God is a static prototype of humanness without any power or feeling whatsoever. For the Mold of Man cannot under any circumstances help us by intervening in our behalf, or punish for our wrong doings, or reward us in any way. We are simply the product of its stamp; we are its impression. The Mold of Man is exactly what its name tells us it is, a pattern, a form, a cast that groups together a particular bunch of fiber-like elements, which we call mankind.

Spiritual Beings viewing the source
Mirror, Mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?

When our assemblage point is moving away from its customary position and reaches a certain depth, within our energy body it breaks a barrier that momentarily disrupts its capacity to align emanations. We experience it as a moment of perceptual blankness. The old seers called that moment the wall of fog, because a bank of fog appears when the alignment of emanations falters. As we perceive nothing just like in a thick fog.

The Mastery of Awareness is what gives our assemblage point its boost. After all, there is really very little to us human beings, we are in essence, an assemblage point fixed at a certain position on our energy body.

Our enemy, and at the same time our friend is our internal dialogue, our inventory or description. Be a warrior; shut off your internal dialogue, make your inventory and then throw it away. The new seers make accurate inventories and then laugh at them. Without the inventory the assemblage point becomes free to a line new worlds, new emanations.

We have to go beyond the Mold, the mold is merely a stage, a stop over that brings temporary peace and serenity to those who journey into the unknown, but it is sterile, static, without power. It is at the same time a flat reflected image in a mirror and at the same time the mirror itself. And the image of the perfect man, but is still only an image.

Live in your Heart
The image of the perfect Spiritual being is only an image.

Why do so many people continue to wear the chains of bondage that prevent them from being who they truly are? What motivates the fear that fosters their conformity to being sheeple, just another face in the crowd hiding their head in the sand?

It seems as though their fear is grounded in their unprecedented need to conform, they cling mysteriously, to something they don’t even know or understand and which is devoid of truth. This momentous amount of Blind Faith has been energetically fueling a prophetic myth for a very, very long time and is evidence of the power that the Spirit of man has, the ability to which each individual can individually and cumulatively create reality. People seem to place more value on freedom, more than any other thing. Yet they consistently refuse to claim it as their birthright.

Or even begin to attempt to fathom the hypocrisy of religious freedom is beyond me. How can one be free when they must conform to another’s Ideals or beliefs. We worship a god that has done nothing but enslave us, curse us, and kill us. And yet we call that love.

We must lose our human form. And yet we know nothing about the Mold of Man, the human form, or our Spirituality. The human form is the force of Spirit and the Mold of Man is … well … a mold. The human form is a sticky force that makes us the Spiritual Beings that we are. The human form has no form, but in spite of not having form, it possesses us during our lives and doesn’t leave us until the moment of death.

You have the wrong image of me as well.

The only thing that makes one think we are our self is the human form. Once it leaves, we are nothing. Yet we become everything. Everything we see is a reflection of the world of a description. We talk and act the way we do because we clinging to our human form. We are human creatures, we have Spirit. Who knows what’s waiting for us or what kind of power we may have.

Our Reason is the demon that keeps us chained. We have to vanquish it if we want to achieve the realization of being Spirit. The issue for me, has been how to vanquish my Reason.

By Reason, I don’t mean the capacity for comprehending, inferring or thinking, in an orderly, rational way. To me reason means attention or Tonal. Our first attention and the description it inventories. The daily world exists because we know how to hold its images. We have been taught this from birth, consequently, if one drops the attention needed to maintain these images, the world collapses.

Once one gets their attention on the images of their dreams, their attention is hooked for good. In the end one can hold the images of any dream for an infinity.

The Mastery of Awareness
What a great Dream we have created together

We choose only once. We choose either to be warriors or to be ordinary humans. A second choice does not exist. Not on this earth. The problem for us therefore becomes a challenge. Whether or not we will be capable of developing our will, the power of our second attention to focus indefinitely on anything we want. As Spiritual Beings, The Mold of Man is one of our sturdiest aspects of the First Attention Description. Our idea of God. Our aspect of God is like a powerful glue that binds our Assemblage Point to its original position.

For Spiritual Beings to assemble another true world with another great band of the Eagles Emanations, it becomes necessary to take an obligatory step to release all ties from this world description to move the Assemblage Point to aline the new worlds.

In the world of our Dreams the Mold of Man stands before the gateway to the next world. We must change our belief of God before we truly know God. As God is not a belief. God is an experience.

Feeding the Beast
Ok, which one of you is God? God is all of them!

Go experience God for your self. That way you will know the truth. We are Spiritual Beings aren’t we? Spiritual Beings can talk with other Spiritual Beings, see if you get a response from the Mold of Man.

The power in Spirit.
We can Fly on the Wings of Consciousness, or remain grounded to an old Description

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Spiritual Beings become Spiritual


Winky, thumbs up to you
I am a Spiritual Orb. Orbs are people too!

 The Mold of Man is … Well … a mold. Spiritual Beings  are …Well … Spirit.

The Three Attentions of Human Kind, (Part Four), Totality

The Three Attentions of Human Kind will bring us to our Totality.

In GOD We Trust
I just kept my mouth shut and my eyes open

The last installment of The Three Attentions of Human Kind, The Totality of the self.

This is the Totality of Human Kind. Male and Female alike in the energy of LOVE. Creating the Totality of ourselves in the creation of LOVE, The Creator.


As human beings we are more than just flesh and bones. Body, spirit, soul, and mind. In The Three Attentions of Human Kind we take ourselves apart as we discovered new pieces of ourselves to find were these pieces fit to make us complete human beings.

This will happen through out our lifetime. It’s actually a good thing to do this from time to time, to clean out the old parts of the description in the First Attention we are not using anymore. I refer to it as sweeping the Island of the Tonal. You know a little house cleaning for your Second Attention guest, that will be arriving very soon. Which reminds me, I promised somebody that I would complete this blog topic because they were looking for the Totality of themselves in The Three Attentions of Human Kind.

Before I go there, I feel we need to reassemble our description of what it means to be of the Tonal of human kind. You can start with whatever element you feel, I like to start with Spirit, than Soul, Awareness, Perception, Assemblage Point, Three Attentions, Will, Intent, Mind, Body, (flesh and bones) in the Totality of LOVE energy.

Just call me mister potato head.

Looks like all the Pieces are in the Right Place.

Sometimes during dreaming, I rearrange these elements in a different order and take a look and see, how by changing the order of something in me… how the world descriptions changes.

Hey, simple minds have simple pleasures, it’s not hurting anybody and at some point, I’m bound to get it right. It’s called the cubic centimeter of chance. If you read the four natural enemies then you know there is a chance that when we die we can take the Totality of ourselves into the infinite beyond, called death. With the Totality of ourselves discover what’s beyond the so called death? Look at it his way, when we face death and we will. Would you want to face death with just your Body, and hope you get it right?. Or the Totality of yourself that you discovered through out this life time?

It makes no difference to me what you decide,,, I know which one I choose. I used my death as an adviser in my life. It has shown we what’s important in life and what’s not. We all have to choose, what’s important.

It appears that some peoples have made their choices that greed, money, and power is what they want. Well my friends, death has a way taking care of all that for you, as a matter of fact, you can deposit all that into the Bank for safe keeping.

No interest will be paid on your account. Death will hold the interest he’s made off your deposit because that’s what he does. He’s the Bankster of life. Oh yes, he’s insured by the FDIC (Forget Deposit it’s Crap). Just one solar flare from our sun/son and your digital account is wiped clean. Ooooops, that was an act of God, he doesn’t cover acts of god, he just collects on them.

I choose to keep the Totality of myself. This way I except myself for value then, get a return for value, A4V. No need for FDIC. The interest on my account is payment in full for his services render during our relationship. Time for me to move on, Have a nice Day!

You passed go. Collect the Totality of yourself.And advance to free parking. Oh as my free gift to you here's a get out of jail free card!
You passed go. Collect the Totality of yourself.
And advance to free parking. Oh as my free gift to you here’s a get out of jail free card!

The Three Attentions of Human Kind,

The Third Attention.

In our Second Attention we discovered that the glow of awareness brings new worlds, depending on what filaments are engaged by the Assemblage Point in the human domain of filaments are lite. There are filaments outside the human domain that the Assemblage Point can engage. These are new worlds outside the human domain are as real as the ones inside.

Let’s recap for just a moment. Our first Attention engages the world of our everyday life using the description we have been taught from birth. Look around it’s time for a change of that description. Things have gotten out of hand, we are now facing total annihilation from dark forces that believe this is their domain. They maybe right, the First Attention maybe their domain. It’s called the System, or SSSSSSSthem for reason.

We have become nothing but slaves, useless eaters to them. They want us gone. I don’t want to be here anymore either. My Totality is mine! They want us gone because discovering the Totality of ourselves we have become useless to them for food. They consume the energy of hate, greed, and fear. (See the World News).

The Second Attention is the worlds of our dreams and is a displacement/shift of the Assemblage Point during our entering into dreaming sleep. These second attention worlds are as real as this one in the First Attention. Sometimes, more real, more beautiful, and more exciting than this first attention one could ever be.


The problem lays with energy. We have been drained of our energy/personal power, by dark forces, to maintain our Assemblage Point, on the First Attention continuously. So we return to our First Attention to be eaten again. If we had enough energy/personal power we could leave this world of the First Attention and never come back, to be consumed again time after time.

We can gain enough energy to maintain our Second Attention, when we change our routines in the First Attention. How? Stop playing their games. First over come your fears. This weakens the dark forces. Stop paying your bills, I mean stop paying the price they require you to pay for being here in this First Attention.

Remember who and what you are. A sentient being created by the creator. They want you to believe they are in control, just more lies. Or a description you’ve been taught by them. Stop going to work and being their slave. I mean work at something you LOVE. This weakens them even more. They can’t tolerate LOVE energy, it’s poison to them. Hence, they stop eating you, now you have even more energy!

Bubbles of Perception,Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness to other worlds Playing with Reality
Each Bubble is a Reality all it’s own. Consciousness is the one blowing the bubbles

Ever notice that when somebody teaches LOVE, they are crucified? Be assured you are dead either way, play their game and be consumed, or be crucified because you are no longer of any use to them.

Discovering our Totality determines the out come of the game we are playing. In this game there can only be one winner. Truth is, in The Three Attentions of Human Kind we win either way

I want to be the Hat. You can have the Car.What about the dog?
I want to be the Hat. You can have the Car.
What about the dog?

The Third Attention

When we are in our Second Attention we have an energy body, (find your hands), once we become familiar with this energy body, and aware it’s as real as the flesh and bone one, we discover that it has an Assemblage Point which in reality is the original Assemblage Point we have been discussing. The Assemble Point can be displaced in our energy body while we are in our Second Attention to filaments outside the human domain. This is done with the power of Intent. When this happens we discover our Third Attention. Thus our Third Attention can only be accessed through our Second Attention. With intent while dreaming we shift our assemblage point to filaments outside our energy body.cropped-source-field-universe4.jpg

(Here’s the Secret)

We can do this by stretching the assemblage point, from it’s ball shape, into a line. This line lights up more of the filaments. Therefore one is able to perceive more of creation.

The Third Attention movement of our Assemblage Point to filaments outside the human domain, to worlds beyond our dreams can be a frighting affair. We take the Totality of ourselves to these worlds beyond the worlds of our dreams. To New Worlds beyond description.  When we try to describe these new worlds it becomes a description again, a part of reason. These new worlds can only be experienced in The Three Attentions of Human Kind.

In the dreaming reassembly of yourself notice that reason is not part of you. Mind is there, but it has swept away a reason for everything.

Looking Back
I see a reflection. If it wasn’t for the reflection would we see anything at All?

We use reason in the First Attention to create a reason for reason. It just becomes a vicious circle. Reason doesn’t belong in the Second, or Third Attentions, only in the First to keep us in the 3D game. Actually, your reason isn’t really your reason, it’s theirs. You are possessed by their reason. However, you may have some reason for it.

By taking our Human Totality to our death, we have beaten our forth natural enemy, death which we all seem to fear. We take something with us when we leave here. Which has been said we couldn’t do.

You have Your Totality. Now here is the Totality of you in all of creation exploring and discovering this multiverse, with the energy of LOVE in The Three Attentions of Human Kind.

Dream Traveler
Dream the Dreams of other Worlds were love is shared.

Isn’t Life Grand? There is more to this story, however you won’t need me to share it with you. Go out discover it for yourself. The Three Attentions of Human Kind is complete.

Time for the nails! I what Three nails just like my brother, Y you ask? Can you SEE?

Thanks for Attention on The Three Attentions of Human Kind, now go out and play!

Spirit and Playing with Reality
Flying on the Wings of Consciousness. With Creation under our Wings. NOW, that’s Freedom!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back



What do you Say?
I can point to any Attention. which one do YOU prefer?

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind. I don’t imply or condone the breaking of any laws. Or am I telling anybody to do anything regarding themselves. We are all big boys and girls and can make up our own minds, if the Clowns would just take the fluoride out of the water supplies.

The Three Attentions of Human Kind, the Totality we take with us!