The Invisible Man

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Original Sin
Ah, come on! An Apple Really! The Greatest Story ever told. Has a snake in it too! Wrapped around the Tree of Life! WoW

There are very few that have not heard this story. Our Religions have gone to great lengths to tell us this story, of The Invisible Man convincing us it’s the Truth and given to the human race to save them from themselves for free. Because we are all sinners, born in sin and will die in sin, if we do not repent.

Those that have taken authority for truth, must find it very difficult to than find the truth as authority.

Because they have been convinced of this story, by the authority. It’s the greatest story they tell with all the drama, ritual, and pompous dress. That our eyes have failed to see the signs. The signs and symbols tell the true story but few understand the secrets behind them. Since they don’t have an understanding of the symbols, and they are so busy, they reason that authority must use them because they know the truth. They must be Good Holy Religious Symbols. And these religious leaders must have an inside story. So they are telling us the truth. Because after all they are Religious. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

What's that symbol on his staff mean?
The Greatest Story ever told by the biggest lairs on the planet. What’s that symbol on his staff mean?

Are we Missing the Point? Forgetting that the last act that killed the truth was treason. Or was it? As one, of the true brothers in truth, he must have known the truth. And the truth has a plan.

The problem is we use reason to determine and understand the story. Instead of following our heart to know and feel the true story. We are told we must believe the truth and have faith in the truth to be saved. My question to you is, Which Truth?

Because belief and faith come from two different places within the human form. Is it the truth you hear, or the truth you feel? Even the story itself tells us to seek the truth inside but few hear this truth. Even fewer feel it.

Because we have to believe the truth. As the story goes. And belief is an act of reason. Where as faith is an act of heart. We believe our ears, because they are on our heads. Believe what we read with our eyes. Again because they are on our heads. So it’s natural for us to use our heads to believe the story we have been told, because we can see it and we hear it once a week, twice a week if we’re lucky.

The signs are all wrong
Blind Faith is Never having experienced knowing, what your heart is saying

Instead of using our faith to feel the truth in our hearts everyday. Our heart has a mind of its own, which must mean it has ears and eyes as well. Plus the heart has something the mind doesn’t have. Feelings! However most believe that the mind is the center of consciousness. When in truth, it’s our heart. It’s at the center of our being for this purposes.

It’s been said, those that have ears let them hear. We assume this individual that said this, was telling us to listen. We would hear the truth. And he was telling us the truth, however what we are hearing may not be the truth at all. Because we are listening with our ears of reason.

Instead of our hearts. Since our heart has ears. One can listen as well with their heart. The question remains, Which ears is one using?
This individual was telling us the truth but one must realize he was living from his heart. Where the truth can be heard, felt, and lived with heart.

Here’s my take on the story we have been told. Listening with the ears of reason. And see with the eyes of mind. The ones on our heads. And the truth will set you free! So I have to tell you the truth so that your heart may hear!

The signs of Reason
Think or feel the the truth.
Which one do you choose?

The Greatest Story Ever Told, The Invisible Man

When it comes to bullshit, big time bullshit, one has to stand in awe of this story. This story is the all time champion of all false promises, exaggerated claims, and false truths ever told. The Invisible Man of Religion! Called God The Father.

Just think about it. Religion has actually convinced people that there is this Invisible Man, living in the sky, on some cloud somewhere. Or this place called Heaven. Which in reality, the Heavens are all around us. It contains the stars. It’s even called the heavens. Get a clue.

Where's the Invisible Man?
Heaven is all around us. The signs are in the Heavens

The Invisible Man watches everything we do, every minute of everyday for all the billions of people here on this earth. For their entire life. Not including any life out there in the heavens. He keeps track and marks it all down on a list or book, so when you die. You face him and he goes over everything you ever did wrong and right. And marks with an X all those you didn’t ask forgiveness of. Even the ones you forgot. That’s why he keeps the list. So he can remind us!

The Invisible Man has a list of ten things he does not want us to ever do. But it’s OK if he does them. After all he’s God. Do as I say, Not as I do. God works in mysterious ways. But if you do any of them and don’t confess them and ask for forgiveness. Then he has this special place called Hell. That The Invisible Man has created just for those bad, bad people. Because he needs a place to put them. So they don’t mess up his creation.

This special place called Hell is full of fire and brimstone, smoke, burning, torture, anguish, and the tearing of flesh. Where The Invisible Man will send us to live, and suffer and burn, and choke, and scream, and cry, forever, and ever until the end of time. Because I stole that loaf of bread to feed my family from the Kings table.

The Invisible Man Knows All
I burn in hell because of this?
What happened to all that manna from Heaven?

The Reason for it all

Yep, The Invisible Man loves you! He really loves you! He loves you so much that he sent his son down here to be killed and hung on a cross (T), which was really an X. Romans remember! Because he wants to save you from all the pain, and anguish of Hell, you are going to suffer because you sinned and he can’t forgive you unless you worship his son that he sent down to be killed, so you could be saved. And he really, really loves his son. But he really, really, really hates sin. And he just can find a place in his heart to forgive you any other way.  It takes a sacrifice to save the sinners. And “they will love me if it’s the last thing I do“.

That’s the Greatest Story ever told. Oh, that’s just the first chapter. Of The Invisible Man.

Oh, The Invisible Man loves you and he needs money. For some reason he always needs money. Can’t manage to save a dime and he needs you to give ten percent of your earnings to the church, in his name. Most of the time you pay before you even hear the story the church is going to tell you. That way if you don’t like the story, it’s to late to get your money back. Of course he will pay you back with ten percent interest. He’s just borrowing the money. Even if Money is the Root of all Evil. That’s his promise to pay. And don’t give me that love of money stuff.

Money, Money, Money
It’s all about these worthless pieces of cotton

He’s all-powerful, all perfect, all-knowing, all-wise. Sees all. Hears all and feels all, takes care of all the creatures on the earth. Feeding them. Housing them. Will give you what you need but not what you want. But to do all this, some how he needs money. The Invisible Man just can’t handle his money properly. Seems he has a hole in his pocket and all his money goes through to helping the needy, which in reality, few needy really ever get the help they need. There are so many needy people that he always needs more money to help them. Because for some reason he can’t do it without money. Some how those needy people just can’t take care of themselves with out his help. So the church must do it for him. That’s their job and why God create the church. Some how he can feed all the animals and creatures of this earth, but humans.

Swans showing the sign of love
God loves you. He really loves you. He just needs money!

Well I guess he runs out of money! So we are on our own. We need to give more money. But don’t forget he loves you more than the creatures, That’s why The Invisible Man gave humans dominion over the animals. Because he loves us so much more.

The Invisible Man is your Father, who art in heaven and he created everything. All of creation is his and under his control. You can’t do anything with out his say so. When was the last time you remember a man giving birth to anything?

Is this the story you hear in your head? The one you reason to be the truth? If so you need your ears cleaned. Or better yet, leave those ears dirty on your head. Use the ears you have in your heart! Because they hear the truth. And that’s the ears Christ was talking about.

Live in your Heart
This is what I am talking about. See I am pointing to it.

Christ was living from the heart, so he was listening and speaking from his heart. He was seeing with his heart and feeling and saw what a sorry bunch of people we are here on this earth. Always living life in their heads. So he did tell us the truth. But in truth, we listened with the wrong ears and now look at the way of the world. No problem, be in the world not of it. And don’t worry he’s coming back to save you.

He’s going to lift you up in the clouds were he’s at, so you will be safe from all the destruction, he’s going to bring because his father commands it to be so. And you don’t have to do a thing to make the world a better place. But he only wants the ones and only the ones that love him. They get to go. The rest just aren’t worth saving. Oh you could love him and ask his forgiveness. You have free will. To love him or suffer for ever. And that’s the truth.

Because you just can’t find the truth in your heart. You can’t feel the truth. So you reason the truth. So he gave you a reason. You need a savior. Oh really isn’t that just more of the greatest story ever told? Why does he need to come back here. Can’t he just take care of everything from the comfort of heaven? Oh, he needs to beat up Satan and cast all those bad bad people down into hell for eternity, but he’s only going to chain Satan there for a thousand years and then let him out again to see if he forgot some body. Than finish the job for good.

Atomic bomb blast
Ooops, I made a mistake.
Wait, I’m God I don’t make mistakes.

The Greatest Story ever told, all right. Bullshit! My heart just can’t believe this bullshit. I love Christ. I love the idea of Christ, I love the Christ consciousness, Christ brought. The consciousness, Christ shared in his teaching. The Christ Consciousness, I feel in my heart. The Christ consciousness, he died for on the X. Because the world just can’t LOVE. It needs money.

That’s the truth my heart feels. What yours feels. There is no way of me knowing. And to be truthful, it’s not my heart, therefore not my concern.

I also hate Christ. I hate what they did to the Idea for Christ, I hate what they did to the consciousness of Christ, I hate how they covered up, change, rewrote. lied about the teachings of Christ. And my heart hurts to think that this magical being would have to suffer for all those people’s sins, that he never committed. So they can be saved. And they just keep sinning because all they need to do is ask for forgiveness and their sins are forgiven. What about all the people they hurt with their sins? What about all the people who have die because of their sins? What about all the damage that has been done to the earth because of their sins? God works in mysterious ways and they are in a better place. That’s what Forgiveness is for. Bull shit!

He had to die like this to teach us forgiveness. God needs to learn a lesson from his son.

It’s your heart you find it. You feel it, you listen to it. You hear the truth. Use your faith and intend the truth. I know what mine is. I know what my intent is. I have poured my heart out all over this website. For people to find and feel the truth. However it may speak to their heart. However they feel it. I know not everyone will. Just like my brother knew.

It’s been said and I have a few to add. Those that have eyes let them see. Those that have ears let them hear. Those that have heart let them feel. Those that have voice let them speak. Those that have fingers, let them type. And those that have wisdom, let them think. Than again you may think you have your reasons.

I have my heart. And I don’t want to trade it for reasons, thanks anyway for the offer!

I like The Invisible Man story, It’s a really good story, in fact. it’s the Greatest Story ever told. The Invisible Man that lives on a cloud, that always needs money, and is coming to save the world. That’s a good one. Holy Shit!……….

A Battle with Reason and It's Descriptions
Ok, That sounds Reasonable. Great that gives me a reason for the Reason for The Invisible Man

Did I just say Shit? No, I said Holy Shit!………

What? What was that? I hear you brother. This story is so full of holes. Do you feel they will ever understand? What? What was that? God only knows! LOL

That’s a good one. I love you bro. The Invisible Man, Hey, where are you anyway? On a cloud?

Hey Brother, about this faith stuff. How does it work exactly. I can’t find the truth anywhere around here. And I have this big rock I would like to move.

What? What was that?…………………………………………….I hear ya, man, I hear ya in my heart. You want me to tell them, what?………

My Brother in Heart
Tell them to live from their Hearts

If they only knew! Hey, how many do you feel, felt this post? … I don’t want to end up like you. I hate hanging around all day with nothing to do.

What? What was that?…….Suffer………………. LOL, You crack me up!  What? You tack me up! That’s even better! LOL

Hey, how’s The Invisible Man, I mean, the Invisible Old Man Anyway?…. Is he still playing golf?……………..He’s using Fire Balls! Is that a New brand? I know he liked those Comets for awhile…………..What!, He finally hit a hole in one!

Comet Lovejoy Oh No, Anothe New Comet
Hole in one!


What? What’s that?…….. Fore!!!! Yikes!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Live from your Heart


The Invisible Man The Greatest Story ever told
Man this guy has Heart. Hopefully they have more nails this time.

The Greatest Story Ever Told, The Invisible Man. He’s just make believe. That’s why he’s The Invisible Man!

Caught Between Two Worlds

We are Experiencing a Duality

We are Caught Between Two Worlds
Our Duality

We are Caught Between Two Worlds at this very moment. The old world we have experienced is falling away. We are experiencing this falling away all around us. Yes it’s frightening. As with any change there are the moments of uncertainty when we get our first glimmer of light and we see for the first time the unknown. Our sense of loss over takes us and we lose touch with our Spirit. Or we realize our lack of Spirit. The old ways and the old beliefs no longer support our world which we have come to understand. So many things are happening all at once. That it is difficult to find a place to take a breath, gather our thoughts and center our feelings. When we look this way we see that. So we look in another direction and we see this. It appears no matter which way we turn, we find this or that.

We are Caught Between Two Worlds.

In The Holographic Projections of Beliefs. I  shared my experience with being Caught Between Two Worlds. The world of my old beliefs and the world of my new beliefs. This is when I realized, Change a Belief, Change a Reality.

Caught Between Two Worlds
Dreams of a old Paradigm. When the dream becomes a nightmare. When do we wake up?

The old world in which we lived is changing, a new paradigm is coming, in fact, has already arrived. See Birthing a New Humanity. The falling away of the old world or paradigm has been prophesied and therefore should be no surprise. At this very moment a number of new energies are enveloping the earth and humanity. These new energies are the Cause and Effect of this shift. Being sent to us from the source, or creation itself. A freeing Gift. It’s time that humanity fulfill its destiny. As humanity has been under the yoke of negativity for far to long and is in fact holding back the uplifting of other beings. Our Mother Earth is a living being and she has made the choice to uplift her consciousness in harmony with the energies she is experiencing. She has free will.

Therefore, We are Caught Between Two Worlds. Which leaves humanity with a choice. It’s called an exercise in free will. We have all been taught that we have free will. Well, now is the moment in which, we as human beings get to exercise it. We can exercise it to stay within the old paradigm. Keeping our old beliefs and the reality they reflect. Or follow Mother Earths example and join her in her new paradigm. Leaving the old world/paradigm behind.

The Knowing of Knowing

There are three definitions of knowledge or experiences we humans can experience. The known. Which is everything we know at this moment. Everything we are and have experienced. Right up to this very moment. The known then becomes very comfortable to us. Simply stated, We know it. The old paradigm is that known knowledge. In fact we have our beliefs and applied faith to this knowing. We have invested a lot of our being into this knowing. This is what makes it so difficult to see it all fall away. Yet it’s doing that very thing right before our eyes.

The Key hole
Seeing a New Paradigm

Thus we discover the next experience.

The unknown. Although the unknown sounds really scary. It’s just the unknown. The interesting thing about the unknown is that it is knowable. Once experienced the unknown becomes the known. And we are right back where we started. Or are we? As the unknown is a completely different experience than the known. We humans placed the unknown into our known, and again we become comfortable. So one could say our known just became bigger. I like the idea that we have faced the fear of the unknown and our spirit has grown to experience the unknown as something known. But in our reality all we have really done was face our fear and Presto!

Then there’s the unknowable.  Now the unknowable sounds really, really scary, because let’s face it. It’s unknowable. But let me ask you. Now that you have faced the fear of the unknown. Is there any difference between the two, the unknown and the unknowable? Spelling doesn’t count. The interesting thing about the unknowable is that although it can’t be placed into our known. The unknowable can be experienced. This maybe uncomfortable to us, as it’s kind of like experiencing hemorrhoids. It’s unknowable to us, how we got them. But the uncomfortable feeling of the experience, let’s us know it’s there. Maybe not the best example. But it’s difficult, if not impossible to describe the unknowable when it’s the unknowable. And yes, hemorrhoids are scary and uncomfortable.

The whole reason for going over this information again is that this new paradigm is either the unknown or the unknowable. What we are really faced with here is the fear of being Caught Between Two Worlds. When one realizes that this new paradigm is going to be a wonderful experience because all the negative aspects of the old paradigm will be done away with. Our new experiences will be filled with excitement, love and joy. Then what is left to fear but the fear itself?

Reality Check Ahead
The Signs are everywhere.

The New Paradigm

Onward to the New Paradigm. How exciting! As stated above The Earth and Humanity is being affected by numerous new energies. Some have to do with the space we are in, in space. Some having to do with all these in coming objects into our solar system. Some having to do with our galaxy and the black hole. Some having to do with the upliftment of the whole universe. We have come to discover that our so-called universe is made up of dimensions. And I don’t want to try to explain all the theories that lead scientist to this conclusion. The String Theory is the best example. It states that there are eleven dimensions or branes each vibrating at a different frequency or resonance. Each brane is a single dimension. Thus when we put the eleven together, we call this the known Universe. Simplified yes. But the point I wanted to make with all this fancy talk is. What we are feeling and experiencing , what Mother Earth is feeling is the creation and expansion of a brand new twelfth brane. This in turn will uplift all the other branes at the same time. Called ascension or as I stated, upliftment. How cool is that?

So all this chaos, we are experiencing is what happens when a new vibration is introduced to an old vibration. At first there is a mixing of points and counterpoints of these two frequencies. Soon after that there becomes a harmony or blending of the frequencies as they reach equilibrium.

String Theory
Here comes the big finger to play a New Song

Picture this. Close your eyes. Just kidding, than you can’t read on. We have one string vibrating. This vibration causes energy in the surrounding area. Next to it we have another string. And a large finger comes and plucks that string. Now we have two strings vibrating and the energy of the two affects the area. But wait there’s more!

Humanity has a frequency or let’s say a vibration. For a long time now there have been two notes. The note of the first string, and the note of humanity all vibrating. The frequency of the past was a combination of these two notes. And to be quite honest the sound was terrible. A long comes this big finger and plucks this other string. And Presto! We now have a chord. At first the new chord sounds like shit. But as humanity changes its vibration to harmonize with the other two strings, we hear beautiful music. This is why it is so important that humanity changes its vibration to harmonize with their sounding vibrations. It’s Mother Earths New Song. Not the same old song second verse. That song is finished. Tada!

Mushroom Cloud
Yep, Tada! Up in a Cloud of Smoke and Ash


If you want to understand the truth. All these visitor visitations are the audience coming from far and wide to hear Mother Earth’s New Song that is about to start. And yes, some of the visitors like the old song and are booing as the performers come on stage. But they are free to leave anytime they like. And those that wish to remain and cause a disturbance as the New Song starts will be thrown out of this concert and asked not to return. As the other visitors that came here to hear the New Song, don’t want to be disturbed. Being a musician, The first thing we did after setting up our equipment was to tune our instruments to each other. So that way when we plucked a cord. The strings where vibrating at the same frequency thus making beautiful music. Yep, that’s the truth. If you don’t believe it. Here’s the big finger.

The Finger
What the?

The new paradigm is the New Song. One can either sit back and enjoy the concert. Or better yet, get up and dance. As this always made us musicians play better because we were all enjoying the music. Feeling the vibrations along with the energy of the dance is why we stated playing music to begin with and why you came to listen. It’s the high.

So the deepest question I have for you is? What kind of music do you want to hear. We take requests! If you know how to play, maybe we will have you sit in on a few tunes. The more the merrier.

So relax, yes things look really bad right now, and we are hearing and seeing all kinds of crap. Feeling some pain as the old paradigm falls away, This is to be expected. Just remember the big finger has a hand connected to it. And we need a hand right now. May I suggest, you tune your instrument up to the music frequency inside your heart. Once you’re tuned up and you know the song. Just walk on up, plug-in, and join the song. We can always us the help.

We are playing in the Key of Spirit.

Key of Spirit
The Key of Spirit unlocks the door to freedom of the Heart

We may be Caught Between Two Worlds, but we won’t be for long. There’s a new paradigm on the way, how wonderful is that? Are you ready? One and, two and, three and,

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Sing your Song


Winky, thumbs up to you
I am a whole note in the New Song of life.

Caught Between Two Worlds, just step into one.

The Holographic Projections of Beliefs

The Holographic Projections of Beliefs is that reality?

Holographic Projection of my Belief Reality
Holographic Projection of my Belief Reality

As discussed in the Holographic Universe and our Brains and Dimensional Shifts in the Holographic Universe. Reality is a projection of consciousness on the Holographic film of the our Universe. Why? because it’s there.

Excerpt from Holographic Universe and our Brains: There is evidence that suggest that our reality and everything in it are just holographic images, projections from a level of reality beyond our own, quite literally beyond both space and time.  Well that was then this is NOW. Years ago scientists believed that memories were localized in the brain. Every memory a person has been believe to have a location somewhere in the brain cells, memory traces called engrams. However, they never knew what an engram was or what it was made of, is it a molecule, a neuron, chemical or hormonal reaction inside the brain?  You know, It’s weird how scientist make up words and then look for meaning. They believed but they didn’t know what they believe. Interesting to this writer is that the engrams they made up, may now be understood, at lease by me. Hey, At least I don’t go around making this stuff up. And is the topic of this discussion. Enjoy!

Excerpt from Dimensional Shifts in the Holographic Universe: Just as every portion of the holographic film contains the image of the whole, every portion of our universe enfolds the whole. This means that if we could access or change our perspective, which we can, we could find the universe, or anything in it, in our thumb nail. Every cell in our body enfolds the entire cosmos, as does everything and everybody. (We are all one) (All are the one). Every region of space is full of different kinds of fields composed of of varying wave lengths and or vibrations. Every wave has some amount of energy. The varying wave lengths or vibrations hold varying amounts of energy or information. Thus, when you calculate the minimum amount of energy a wave can possess you find that every cubic centimeter of empty space contains more energy than the total energy of all matter in the known universe not including dark matter. Space is not empty it is full.

The Holographic Projections of Beliefs is what we call Reality.

If one does not like what’s being displayed on the Holographic film of the Universe one can simply change their consciousness that is projecting the reality. How one changes consciousness is what this Doowan wishes to share with the reader at this moment. Engrams as stated above were never understood until now. Of course this is my opinion and as such is simply my opinion. We all know opinions are like butts, we all have one. If you wish to share your opinion get your own blog or comment. That’s reality! Anyway, I got that garbage out-of-the-way!

Engrams although not understood were thought to be memories or pictures imprinted in parts of the brain. After writing and studying about this topic and others, I believe that engrams are so much more than just a memory or picture. It really has to do with how reality is projected on to the holographic film of the Universe. We all know that when you take a picture there must be a source of light to imprint the film. Light (Photons) is the energy that activates the emulsion of chemicals on the films surface and presto! A picture develops. I have come to understand that engrams maybe the light or energy source that imprints our holographic projection of life. Thus reality. How?

Holographic Projections

This is the Holographic Projector of Beliefs
This is the Holographic Projector of Beliefs

Consider this, our consciousness is all that really exists. All matter is simply vibrational energy that exists at different wave lengths. We as consciousness interpret those wave lengths through beliefs and create the concept of matter. Through a belief that matter exists. Our belief that matter exists creates the projection of matter on the holographic film, and therefore matter develops as a picture. 3 Dimensional and it appears to be solid. Or so we believe. So it is my opinion that the engrams are our beliefs about reality or even matter for that matter. These engrams become the energy or light source that imprints the holographic film from our projector of consciousness and reality develops. Even better our beliefs reflect on the holographic film and our reality develops and then reflects those beliefs back to us. To project a different reality, change a belief and the holographic film will reflect that back to us. I believe I AM cool. LOL

Simple Physics. Or even Computer Science. Garbage in, garbage out. The question is: How do we get rid of the garbage inside so we can reflect a clean fully functional program outside? Well that depends on you the reader! If the reader wishes to change their reality to reflect something they wish to see. Examine your beliefs. Yes, this means we have to take a long hard look at ourselves in the mirror. That’s why I have stated in a number of my blogs that: LOVE and the Self are one. The discovery of either is the realization of both.  Love is the strongest emotional vibrational energy we can manifest. This engram of unconditional LOVE imprints the holographic film and reality develops. Really how much easier could creation make itself for us? Change a belief, Change reality! Really, can it get any simpler than this? Well I guess that’s a matter of opinion. Or my opinions the only one that Matters! LOL Sometimes I even crack myself up. Now would be the time to leave a comment!

Believing is Seeing the Holographic Projections

Why do we believe? When we take a look at our engrams, we may find that those engrams were never really ours to begin with. We were taught to believe this or that or even the other thing, by our parents, our teachers, our peer group, our society, our rulers, our governments, the church and everything and everybody that we have come into connect with and shared Ideas. Finally, We come to the point of I AM. If you exist and apparently you do because you are the reader and reading this. The reader can decide NOW for them I AM selves NOW in this moment to change their beliefs. They can even choose to drop those beliefs they no longer wish to believe. Or continue to believe whatever, So what, Who cares? It’s not my fault! I can’t change anything! They are doing this to me! Why am I here?

Holographic Projections of the Great I AM

The miracle of the Holographic Projection of Beliefs
The miracle of the Holographic Projection of Beliefs

You are the Great I AM. So ask yourself, The Great I AM this. What the hell made them so smart that I AM should continue to believe their garbage bullshit? Just kidding! Not Really ask yourself this. What belief would I have to believe to reflect this reality that I AM seeing? This opens us up to our core beliefs and that’s were we create this view of reality. Once we open we come connected to our source our higher selves. If we WILL, we can see that some of our beliefs have beliefs that have beliefs. Sometimes, They don’t a line with the source of creation and our higher selves. Causing pain and imbalance. In so doing some of those beliefs might not and will not make any sense to us and those are the beliefs that separate us from our true selves. Those are the garbage in beliefs that give us this garbage out reality. Delete those. Dump, drop, erase, reformat, empty waste paper basket and open up the windows to the source of all. Our true higher selves are always connected the source of creation.  You are creation. That’s the truth. Then ask yourself , what belief do I need to believe that will allow me to accept that abundance that I wish.  Or even what belief must I believe to express the truth I have within me. Plain and simple just like truth. We are expressions of creation in the creation of experiences in our own creation of our truth. I AM. If the truth came up and slapped you in the face. Would you get upset and bitch slap truth back? Well would you? Examine your beliefs. It’s just self discovery what’s so scary about that? Wow, you might find something about yourself that you didn’t know. How scary is that? Fear what a bullshit emotion! I might die. Self limiting self-destructive. Who needs it? Change belief, change reality! I AM ALL that I AM! Always will be I AM.

Holographic Projection of Myself

We or the Great I AM as I prefer, can choose to create a parallel reality that reflects the beliefs I wish to believe. Presto! Engram imprints holographic film, reality develops and we live the experiences we wish to experience. Or we can just believe that this is all and life is something that happens to us. While we are busy trying to make a life. Masters of Limitations! It’s an article I wrote for my friend Ido for his blog site, To Be Aware, there’s some really good articles there, written by yours truly and other fantastic writers. So To Be Aware! It is a call to action.

So as I was saying. We can through our beliefs limit ourselves to this reality or we can change our beliefs, hence the engram and create an unlimited parallel reality. It takes the same amount of energy to create either one, choose the one that works best for you and create, imprint, restore, and run your holographic film of the life you wish to live. We have the tools to create abundantly it’s natural. Just do it! It’s not a matter of this or that. It is, this and that. This and That unlimited that’s a free be folks. Enjoy! I don’t care who you are that’s some deep stuff!

What’s stopping the reader NOW? … A belief?   Well……………………….! Presto!

Well that’s my opinion. If you have one, Please keep it to yourself! Just kidding, lighten up and create. Pun intended. Comment or go home at lease read the tags.

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back


Holograms are fun to create Holographic Realities.
Holograms are fun to create Holographic Projections of Realities.

I truly hope this takes the mystery out of the Holographic Projections of our beliefs and places the mystery back into the Wonder of you. Now you can go out and connect with the source of all and Imagine New Parallel Realities and Dimensional Shifts that reflect the abundance you wish to experience. It’s your life, your creation, your experiences. I just wish that those damn mystics would have told us this from the start. Instead of making it so mystical. Reality is an illusion, what does that mean anyway?

Enjoy! The Wonder of your Great I AM and the New Parallel Realities and Dimensional Shifts your Imagination can create! Then Project your creation on the Holographic Universe and live life!

The Holographic Projections of Beliefs