Playing with Reality

Playing with Reality, Bubbles of Perception

Playing with Reality
You maybe Playing with Reality and not even know it

Playing with Reality, It’s been wonderful to experience the lack of need to write something. So  I haven’t. Did you miss me? Been taking some much-needed time to explore my Spirit and Playing with Reality. However, I experienced a few Bubbles of Perception I would love to share with you.

In Playing with Reality, I have realized a few interesting aspects to this thing we call reality that has opened my Heartmind to the world we create for ourselves. How what we believe creates the world we experience and how by changing our Bubbles of Perception can change our reality.

Here are a couple of bubbles I have recently experience. I share these stories because they happened to me. You hear it from the white horses mouth, so to speak. In the mirror of reflection I share.

Bubbles of Perception, Playing with Reality
Each Bubble is a Reality all it’s own. Playing with Reality

Playing with Reality

My girl friend and I were preparing our winter sowing together for this years garden. We made our soil from the compost and worm castings and added some rabbit poop to make a seed starting soil. We have been gathering old one gallon plastic jugs to make into mini greenhouses. So we spent the day deciding what plants we wanted to start. And put them out to do what they do best.

I had worked up a powerful thirst and asked my girl friend if she would go to the store and pick up a few beers. Being the sweetheart that she is. She started off to the store. What was strange, when she left there was a big “Y” where she had backed up and then drove off. With a mark going up the driveway all the way up to the road. Our driveway is dirt so the mark stood out. No sooner had she left and I see her coming back down the driveway. ” Wow that was quick”, I said. She got out of the car and said there is something wrong with the car. So I got in the car and started up the driveway and on to the road and could hear a noise coming from the car. It was vibrating and grinding so I turned around and parked the car in front of the garage. Walked into the house and said Yep, there is a problem. So I asked her what she thought we should do.

I mentioned all the things it might be like a brake problem or a bad wheel bearing. It was getting dark so I figured I would check it out the next day. Hey, maybe the car will heal itself over night. Some hopium added for good measure. We only have one car as my truck is not registered or insured. She needed to go to work the next day as she cares for a shut in. So she was starting to feel the pressure. I sat calmly looking at her and could see the fear and frustration starting to build in her. As neither one of us can afford to buy another car. So I mentioned we could drive the truck. But that would mean registering it and changing the insurance over. You know all that Computer Human programming.

Playing with Reality Changing the Human Programming
It’s programming. The program runs continuously. Time for a reboot

Being the rebel that I Am, I suggested we do what we need to do and forget all that. She just simply drive the truck and not worry about all that legal stuff. This will give me a chance to check the car out and see what’s wrong with it. The hard part was I really wanted that beer so I asked her, if I went with you, do you want to go to the store? After great deliberation she agreed to go with me. So we got in the car again and started to the store. Going slow I could really feel the vibrations and hear some grinding and we looked at each other and I turned the car around and parked it in front of the garage again. Knowing full well that we would not make it to the store. Now she was really upset. But I had located where the sound was coming from and it was the right rear wheel that seemed to be locking up so it was going to be an expensive repair I imagined.

Our car is a 1989. In great shape and everything still works. I was wondering whether or not to repair the car because of its age. Plus, I could see in my mind’s eye all the work in replacing a wheel bearing or fixing a break problem, as I am no stranger to doing my own repairs. Another thing will they even have the parts I need and how will I get to the auto parts store to get the parts. All these problems coming into view. My head was starting to spin. But my mood was calm. We talked a little more about our plan for the next day. She called her client and explained the situation to her. The funny thing is this client is usually very demanding but she was calm and understanding which surprised the bejesus out of me. And in that moment something happen.

I got up from the chair, walked outside and up to where the car was parked and walked around to where I hear the sound coming from. Looked down and saw the problem right away. I had to smile at that point because in my mind I had created a reality where the car was fucked. Costing big money to get repaired if that was even possible. We where going to have to start taking the bus to town or asking friends to help. All those scenarios that had gone through our minds.

Spirit and Playing with Reality
Nobody ever said Walking in Spirit was easy

Then I realized that this big Spirit walking smart guy that I think I Am, was beginning to feel real stupid. And looking pretty dumb because neither one of us thought to look at the wheel. Nothing like the Universe kicking some EGO butt. Talk about waking up to the truth. Playing with Reality can work to ones advantage.

I walked back down the driveway, walked in the door and looked at my girl friend with this big smile and she looked at me through her tear filled eyes and said What?

I said, it’s a flat tire, I will put the spare on in the morning. Presto!

What this taught me was that we are Playing with Reality when we think we know. Or did we, by remaining calm and not letting our emotions get the better of us change reality? In this moment I can SEE it either way. I can SEE it as a wheel bearing or a flat tire. The universe is a mysterious place. It taught me a valuable lesson about Playing with Reality.

Shadow People
One must see them with their own eyes. Inner Silence

Playing with Reality Again

This second story is much stranger because it involves inorganic beings Playing with Reality. You know the kind without bodies. One might consider them disembodied awareness. Are they real? Well yes because I saw them and so did a friend of mine but he not sure, even though he saw them twice. I know what he is going through, as the first time I saw them it was hard for me to wrap my mind around the construct. I call it a Battle with Reason. It is up to him to decide what he saw. Because what he believes he saw is none of my concern.  He is Playing with Reality the way he knows how. I will not interfere with his creation.

Anyway, this all started when I went to go see him and his wife. I will call him Tye. They live up the street from us.  I had somethings I was wishing to share with him. I had received five sweaters as a gift. I didn’t need all five so I decided to gift him. So I walked on up and offer him the gift, which he just happen to love. Great! If by chance they don’t fit or you don’t want them just pass them on to somebody else.  So we sat outside talking about reality and what he had studied. Along with some of his life experiences. He mentioned that he really doesn’t have anybody he can talk with about the things he has discovered. No problem, you know me. Two hours later. I had worked up a powerful thirst so I mentioned I was going to walk back to my house and have a beer and asked if he would like to join me. He said yes, so he mentioned it to his wife and she stated that she had heard so much about our house that she wanted to come over and check things out. But they wanted to eat something so I started back home and they would come down after lunch. Cool.

Shortly after they arrived my girl friend came home and we all started talking and having a good time. Tye and I walked outside and sat in some chairs we have facing the lake continuing or conversation about Playing with Reality. We were laughing and having a great time. In our earlier conversation I had mentioned that I SEE other entities and proceed to tell him about the inorganic beings I have seen.

Shadow Playing with Reality
Shadow play. The Essence of Light and Darkness. They need each other.

We were talking about vision when I looked up and just across the lake from us, which is about a quarter-mile, I saw the being standing right in front of us. So I asked Tye if he could SEE it. He said no until I pointed it out to him. He stood up and started looking at it. I asked, what do you think that is? First words out of his mouth was a bush. I mentioned that there are no bushes over there right at the water’s edge. So he said then it’s a rock. I said that funny because I can SEE the rocks over there but that rock doesn’t look like the others. Notice how it’s outline is much different from all the other rocks in the same area? He looked at me and asked what I thought it was? I said and inorganic being, and at that moment there was a big pop of to our right. He jumped and we both looked to our right. I asked what was that? He looked at me and just then a pine cone landed right in front of us as if somebody was throwing it at us. I was just laughing inside. As I know how these beings love to mess with people’s minds.

Night was beginning to arrive so Tye and his wife left. We invited them back for chile on Thursday. That’s when he saw the being again only this time there was two of them. We sat in the same place only this time they had moved to our right. There were two identical beings, (Rocks as he called them), standing about twenty feet apart at the water’s edge. He said I see two of them.  I said Yep! What could they be?

He said is it time to eat yet? I said Yep! His Reason, had had enough. You know he hasn’t been back since. Who can blame him? Oh, he was wearing one of those sweaters, it looked really good on him.

Just like with the car, our minds are Playing with Reality. One could see them as rocks or as inorganic beings. I won’t tell you what they were. I can only tell you what I saw. What you see is your Playing with Reality.

I can tell you this. Those beings weren’t there the next day. Maybe those rocks moved somewhere else. Here’s what they looked like. They had a human shape with two arms. Their head had two big ears on them like bear ears. They didn’t have feet or legs. It looked like their form just came right out of the water’s edge. They are blacker then the blackest shadow. So black that even your shadow may get confused. At least that’s how they appeared to me. However, I know they can change shapes. This is not the first time I have experienced them. How they appear to you, I can’t say. I know you have seem them, are you just Playing with Reality?

The Voice of Knowledge is Playing with Reality
The Voice of Knowledge.
Seeing the Truth, and Playing with Reality

Playing with Reality, the Moral of the Stories

In the car story, I can SEE how our minds can create all kinds of (sinairios), that can affect our immediate reality. It can create all kinds of emotions, worries and fears, simply because we believe something to be real. True it could have been a wheel bearing going out that would have been an expensive repair. But as one can see from the experience that was not the case. So the question remains in my mind. If I had gotten all upset and let my emotions get the upper hand would Reality reflect that creation? Or by keeping a level head, balancing and going with the flow did I create a lesser problem with an easy fix? To what seemed an insurmountable problem in our minds. The Universe was teaching us a lesson. Be careful what you wish for, your wish will be granted. Lesson learned!

In the second story, I saw how Reality is created for each and every one of us. In my reality I saw inorganic beings. Why, because I know they exists in my mind. However in Tye’s mind he didn’t see it the same way. His Reason had the answers for him. There is no right or wrong Bubbles of Perception. We both created a reality and they were both different. I have no need to try to convince Tye what he saw. However, when he saw them the second time it was Tye that pointed them out. And he didn’t need to convince me they were real. Again the Universe was teaching me a lesson. The Universe is more mysterious than our Reason can fathom. What one chooses to believe or not believe doesn’t change that the Universe is a mysterious place.

As I walk in Spirit, I find for me, it is more enjoyable to sit back and watch the Bubbles of Perception unfold and fold back in on them selves. Moving from one Bubble to the next without judgement. Without the need to control or change anything. As the Universe is perfect the way it is. It doesn’t need my help to make it better. What I need to do is make myself more excepting of the Universe. How can perfect be made more perfect. At anytime I can choose a different Bubble of Perception and SEE the Universe the way I choose. No need to pop your Bubble!

Playing with Reality It's just play
You have the awareness to create. Start Playing with Reality.

I have this last vision I woke up with this morning and why I chose to write today. I woke up SEEING this big vagina in my mind’s eye. Then I saw the letter (i). That’s the i of creation i heard my spirit say!

I mean really when you SEE one, isn’t the i where it all starts from anyway. Threading the i of the needle. Hey, i Am just Playing with Reality!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Playing with Reality


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The Battle of the Mind
What if the world was different?

I could be a Tire or an inorganic being. Playing with Reality
I could be a Tire or an inorganic being. Playing with Reality

Pop goes the Bubbles of Perception when you are Playing with Reality

The Big Bang

The Big Bang, or was that a Pop?

The Big Bang
The Big Bang. The expansiveness of consciousness.

Billions of years ago there was The Big Bang, or so we have been told. Let’s pretend that The Big Bang did happen the way it’s described. Throwing all those galaxies out on to the canvas of the Universe. Creating this wonderful experience we call life. Now What?

I have seen where artists place a canvas and then throw ink or paint at the canvas. Creating random works of art. As the medium hits the canvas it’s just like The Big Bang. The medium starts to spread out all over the canvas, dipping and flowing on the empty canvas of the Universe. Picture that we are some where out on the edges of the Universal canvas. And here we are experiencing this painting called life. As if it was the only life we have ever known. Could life really be a random act of art created by the GOD of the Universe? Are you a random act of consciousness created at the moment of The Big Bang?

Expanding you
Somewhere out there. There is you. Or are you The Big Bang?

The Big Bang

I have wondered whether I was there at that moment of The Big Bang. Or am I some random act of sex created by my parents? Out of all those little tiny swimmers this one just happened to make its way to the egg and Presto, I was born. What are the odds of that? One might say 100 percent, because here I Am. Come to think of it, I could have been a blow job with no chance at life at all. If I Am to believe that, than my father is GOD that created The Big Bang, as his father before him, and his father before him and so on, and so on. Which Reason would suggest we are all Big Bangs creating life on the canvas of the Universe. So in that sense we are all GODS creating The Big Bang.

To define ourselves as being a random act of sex, limits us to our little tiny space on the edge of some galaxy on the vast canvas of the Universe. Thus we must believe we are only inside our skin, in the vastness of this Universe. Well this consciousness must say good luck with that! You must be pretty lonely in there. To know that we are consciousness present at the moment of The Big Bang opens up the vastness of the experience of this thing we call life. So billions of years ago you where/are The Big Bang, or a random act of sex. Is there another choice? So choose!

The Big Bang as another meaning
Which one is you? Or could they all be you?

Sex and The Big Bang

For the sake of discussion let’s pretend you are a random act of sex. Living within the skin. With a life expectancy of 100 years, and then nothing. So from nothing you became and to nothing you will return. What is the sense of this experience? Well it would be for nothing of course. To experience nothing is of course your choice and that’s your free will to experience this. It is not for me to decide what your experience will be or should be. Is it important to you to know that you are GOD or that you are one with GOD? What difference would it make to you to know this? Because really you believe you’re an accident that just happened. Now you have to suffer this life you were thrown into. Because you have no choice. So life becomes something that happened to you as opposed to something you choose to be a part of.

However, there is another option. Which of course is the option I would choose for myself, but that’s me, and you are you. Since I AM me and this is my experience, and while I have this moment where my Spirit has the wish to share my experience and use the skin to write this post, The Big Bang. Simply because that’s what Spiritual beings do! I must leave the vastness of Spirit and step into the skin. As I explored my Spirit, I found that I longer needed words nor can I use words to describe the experience of Spirit. How does one put into words the feeling of being one with the Universe? To know that one is GOD. To coin a phrase, In the beginning there was the word, and the word was YOU. As Spirit doesn’t need words to know. In Truth, I haven’t had much to say. Why say anything at all, as I would just be talking to myself anyway. I have said everything all ready and shared my experience on this blog. It amuses me to think that it would only be me reading what I wrote. What more can be said?

So here we are. A complicated new being experiencing what we call life in the skin. Where we cut ourselves off from the rest of the Universe so we can have the experience of The Big Bang. Only to rediscover our consciousness again. What a funny game we play with our self. To be the expanse of the Universe only to cut our self off from what we are. Only to rediscover again what we truly are. We must be really bored. For me to be back in the skin is the boring part. As Universal Spirit is so vast and there is so much more I wish to explore and rediscover.

Dream Traveler shared some Magic
Seeing The Big Bang for what it is

So let’s play shall we? Let’s say the earth is just this big rock somewhere in this vast Universe. Separate from the Universe, and yet part of it. Is that even possible? How can something be part of something and separate at the same time? How can you be a part of this Universe and separate from it by the skin. It’s impossible! Can one separate the Heart from the body and still experience life? Therefore, one can not separate them self from the whole of the Universe and experience life. As all the parts make up the whole. Thus the Universe wouldn’t exist without you being a part of it. So in this way we become one with this experience we call the Universe and life. We become one. We are in a Cause and Effect relationship with creation. A duality. Be the Cause or be the Effect. However this only Causes the Effect of the separation. In Spirit one can be both which is The Singularity.

As I experience The Big Bang, I realize that my Spirit is still expanding. Creating new life, new worlds to experience and the Universe/Spirit is my play ground. So how would you define yourself, if you were GOD and you are. Than you are not something as a result of The Big Bang, you are The Big Bang pretending to be who you are in the skin, to experience what you wish to experience. Are you having fun yet?  Quit taking this life so serious. It’s only a game you are playing with yourself to rediscover yourself. Where everything and everybody is simply a reflection of you. To remind you of who you are. Remember, Remember, Remember.

Dreaming Spirit
The choice is yours to make

The Death of The Big Bang, Nothingness

For some Reason we have this Big fear of Death. Here maybe this experience will help with that. If consciousness were to die and experience nothing. How is nothing an experience? Well I guess it could be. But really what kind of experience is nothing. Consciousness is the experience, so if one is conscious than one can not experience nothing. Here try this. Try to experience or even conceive of nothingness. So quit worrying about death, as death doesn’t exist for consciousness/Spirit. It’s the EGO that’s worrying and the EGO doesn’t exist except in the mind of man. Enough about nothing let’s get on with life and the experience of The Big Bang.

So here you are at the very beginning of it all, being it all. When BANG!!!!!!!! As you expand into all those bubbles of perception you begin to experience the experience of the bubbles of perception as different points of view. The expanse of Consciousness/Spirit as it flows and vibrates with all the sounds of creation. We wake up never having gone to sleep. We begin to dream a dream, within a dream, within a dream, and we call that life.  When it is only a dream our consciousness is having while being awake. So you come into being, being a dream of being somebody else. In the Twinkling of an Eye you are and yet you don’t remember how you do it. Maybe you don’t need to remember because you all ready know. So in essence there is nothing to remember. Because you already know. You are The Big Bang! Enjoy the vastness of the experience.

Free Spirit
Born of Light and Love The Big Bang

Oooops, I Am slipping back into Universal Spirit and losing the need for words. We may meet again. Now that you have experienced The Big Bang what have you got to say? See your Speechless.

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Experience The Big Bang


Winky says
Was The Big Bang, GOD’S fart? Just wondering!

Sorry, I was just passing Gas, was that The Big Bang?