THE OUTSIDERS, turning inside out

Who I Am Not
Are you the Shadow of your former self?

The OUTSIDERS is an adventure into the Unknown Territory of Dreamscape. Not for the faint of heart as the implications are out of this world. Sow unless one is prepared thus willing to venture into the Unknown Territory with an open Heartmind, One best not view The OUTSIDERS.

A Word of Caution: Dreams are a mystery. The OUTSIDERS is a mystery mankind may never comprehend. When one considers dreams to be just the subconscious mind, it leaves one open to great harm. However, when one considers dreams to be journeys into the Unknown Territory, one prepares them self.

What started as a conversation turned out to a revelation of profound importance. As the implications are beyond comprehension. Where we journey inward to find the answer to the question, ARE WE ALONE?

Becomes rather obvious in ones Dreamscape. Although this answers one question, it brings many more to the thinking mind. Some touched upon in, THE OUTSIDERS.

Sow get prepared…

A Stairway to Heaven The Recapitulation
We have an appointment with Power. Be prepared, The Recapitulation clears the way


Below is a summary of the phone conversation, and email response.

No If, ANDS, or Butts

NoWayHIX commented on DREAMSCAPE… The Unknown Territory Who is asking the …
My friend in Dreamscape, If I may, share another point of Vyou from dreamscape.

I was asleep dreaming of an adventure into the unknowable, I awoke to find myself at the house of an old childhood friend. This place, I have not been to in many years.

My friend and his sister are here, so I begin to tell them of my travels within Dreamscape. During which, I realize that their mom is listening in on our conversation from the next room…

Once I realized this, my assemblage point shifted. There was a deceptive intent to this listening in. Dark Necessities which are part of our design were unveiled to me. I walked into the next room where the listening entity sat.

She quickly looked away but I still could see her watching me from the corner of her eye. There is something not quite right about her eyes. At this moment I realized what is going on.

I am asleep, and yet another Dreamscape. I decide to test this theory by flying, which I am successful at by floating down the stairs out the door, to the sky, then headed North.
I see New York City down below then I go up further and further, until I see where the atmosphere ends and Space begins. I run into a ceiling, bang!

I cannot pass the atmosphere. I awake in my Bed here in the 1st attention. This is a regular dream experience for me. To find myself hitting a barrier around the atmosphere.

From what I have found, once you break the simulation of the dream, you are still contained within this planet. Now I do not know if this is for Everyone, this is not the first time I have encountered this. Food for thought.

Colliding Galaxies
Where thought is the intent of perception


What is the process by which one thinks a thought?
Depends on the individual and if they have Their own mind back or not.

Well, there’s a thought, do you? What I have found is perception intends thought.

When one has a thought in Dreamscape, that is not their thought, where did that thought come from? From whom did it come from? Is that me or you?

Depends on the experience, using my example above this thought originated from the entity visiting my dream. Sow who is asking the question? Thus the question which thought is truly mine?

However that’s off topic or is it? Not at all off topic. Knowing the difference is key.


That is a difficult skill to fully achieve. Yes, but not impossible.

Only you can know. Here let me ask you… Can the human mind think two thoughts at the same time? Or is it, we have two minds?

Dual mind. I agree, we do have 2, sometimes conflicting minds in the 1st and 2nd attention (not able to say for sure about the 3rd..).

However, as you mentioned, there are other entities within our dreams. As an example, my friends “mother” in the story above. Who was clearly influencing my thoughts.

I did not know she was in the next room until I saw the foreign planted thought. Thus leading me to the dream and freeing me from the simulation. At least to an extent.

Was I hearing their thoughts? Yes

When one uses their dreams to make decisions about their everyday life who’s thought was it? It pays to have that skill of knowing which thought is truly yours…. These beings in the Dreamscape are my thought right?

Sow how is it this being can influence my thoughts within that Dreamscape?
How do we influence your own dreams?

Through intention. It’s a skill to be able to implement dreams into another. Sometimes a rather dark one. Something that I would say crosses personal boundaries.

We could argue that the experiences are for our own good but that feels off to me. For how long do we wish to stumble around in the dark before someone turns the light on?

Could that someone be me?

Wouldn’t this just be my thoughts influencing my thoughts?
Sometimes, not always.

Does the unconscious mind have a different voice than the conscious mind?… It can, but doesn’t have to. Sow which voice is yours? How did they get into my mind having the dream?

Parasites. Tricky bastards.

Yep, they R!

The Recapitulation
Who is asking the Questions?

NoWayHIX commented on DREAMSCAPE… The Unknown Territory, Who is asking the question?

Thank you! It has been quite the journey. Sow one idea, has to do with the Grid around this planet. From what I have seen, some have an intention set to keep us here.

Not that I be-lie-eve. (Sow was eve the lie?), It is all said and done and there is no way out. Oh, Really? Perhaps, I have just not found it yet during my conscious dreaming awareness. Yep!

Dreaming is a peculiar state of awareness as one travels in the various layers and aspects. Many times I have found myself in worlds that have no relation to this planet. Although in those times I can remember Now, I was not aware, I was actually dreaming.

In fact, sometimes those Now’s feel more normal than certain ones of this planet :c) In the states of awareness, where you awake within the dream, is where I eventually seem to hit the barrier. Those times have been clearly of this world. At least so it seems…

Well, Imagine that. You have found yourself in other worlds outside the grid. Sow there must be away out.

If you have any light to share regarding this I am all ears! One Doowan to another. Maybe this discussion can bring light for others as well.

Could just work for you> I AM not saying you aren’t in the light.

Skunk Medicine and Kundalini
The power that lives in us all.

Compelling Implications

I send you this because of the implications I find compelling. What I find, is You and I are convinced there are other beings living in our Dreams. This in itself is above and beyond most people’s comprehension. Many have never consider, or even experienced this fact.

This alone opens up a big can of worms. How can their reason explain this? I know it can’t… It simply says it’s all bullshit. However that doesn’t change the fact.

What this implies, is there are other beings living outside of this world. Yet live within our dreams. This answers the question… Are we alone?

Live in Spirit. It's what we truly are.
To Each Their Own

The other compelling point is… if they live in our dreams, do they enter into our dream, or do we enter into theirs?

Maybe Dreamscape is a place these beings live, thus we enter their realm when we dream. We become The Outsiders, sow to speak, they become the Insiders.

Anyway, thanks again, most don’t have time to consider their reality, or the courage to share. I AM tempted to post this in Dreamscape sow others will know we are never alone.

The most compelling question I find personally is… Are they THE OUTSIDERS, or are we? Of course one is having their dream, however where one goes in a dream depends on personal power. Thus, it is possible we trespass into their world making us THE OUTSIDERS.

After all they where there first, right?

“Here let me ask you… Can the human mind think two thoughts at the same time? Or is it, we have two minds”? Well since you asked…

I found that most thought is nothing but the internal dialogue repeating a description reaffirming the world that surrounds Reason. Thus it is rare that one has an original thought. Therefore having two thoughts at the same time would be highly unlikely. However, since thought is a matter of perception. Hence we can perceive two places at the same time having different thoughts. NOW there’s Food for Thought.

Thank You, NoWayHIX for the bravery you shared in answering the questions in Dreamscape.

The power in Spirit.
Flying on the Wings of Consciousness with Creation under my Wings

Knowledge is Power
Experience is Wisdom
Your Power is Yours

The OUTSIDERS are INSIDERS, if  you know what I Dream!


Winky, My alter Ego
What can I say? You found me out, or would that be in?

The OUTSIDERS turn the world inside out.

The Singularity

The Singularity, Does exist!

The Singularity
Did everything start from The Singularity?

It’s “YOU”

I was minding my business, answering an email. When The Singularity struck. I would love to share my experience with The Singularity. Because that’s what Spiritual Beings Do! Where one can feel The Singularity. This may clear up the Concept as to the meaning of the word. Or create a big Black Hole. This Singularity is brought to you by none other than The Singularity. The Singularity does Exist. You are The Singularity.

Spirit is a continuum. Constantly evolving and forever growing. The never-ending growth of consciousness. As we discover our Spirit. We continually grow in our awareness of Spirit. The Singularity of Spirit. We all share! Thank you Teresa, for sharing your Spirit.

Now days, I don’t believe a word that science spews in their studies. Or anything my Reason has to say. Of course, science can’t study Spirit. How can they study something they can’t find? SPIRIT/FEELINGS, What’s that?. They just presume it doesn’t exist.  Experience The Singularity and it is nothing of what Science describe. How can “they” describe The Singularity? And Reason The Singularity forget that.

Oh well, I Am Spirit, The Singularity, I can do whatever I choose to do. I can create whatever I choose to create. I can believe whatever I choose to believe and then experience all these bubbles. That’s Personal Power. Because it’s personal, I don’t need them to tell me what is what. I can always believe my own Reasons. Let them create their own world. Yea, how’s that working so far?

The Singularity of Mind
The Singularity of mind. Is that even possible?

The Singularity

The Universe is singing! Uni, One song, I sing. This song has one Verse, and that verse is you/U. You are singing the song of the Universe. So as we awaken to Spirit, we begin to Sing the one song. Once sung. Which of course is U, You singing. The Singularity is you. Can it have more clarity? Sing-U- with Clarity.

When we sound out the phonics of the word, Singularity. We SEE sound. The sound of “SING”. It sounds, its meaning. It’s a vibration, a frequency, Energy. The vibration of you creating your Universe. The Singularity. Is that a sine, wave! LOL

Here, sing this one verse. As Sound is the Power of Creation.

I Am Me as You are We and We are all together.

As The Singularity, Consider this, We are all together peeling back the layers of the onion. As we move from layer to layer seeking the freedom of Spirit from the onion. We are all together the onion, The Singularity with layers. Where each layer is a reflection of you. I hate Onions. They make my eyes water.

Sometimes it’s difficult to put into words. As words have a limiting effect on reality. As they are vibrations, Sound. They create magic in ones being through the Power of Intent. Spirit is unlimited as is The Singularity. Unconditional Love. Why be limited by Words?

The Singularity Countdown
Are we headed for The Singularity?Returning to our self?

Can you prove to me, or your Self, Reason, that another being creates your Reality? No, of course not. It’s your consciousness. Your Spirit, your Creation.

You create it. You reflect it. You experience it. You interrupt it. You feel it. In your reality you are God. After all, it’s your creation. So create something you desire to experience in The Singularity. In the Twinkling of an Eye. This is the power of Spirit in Love. Your Star. Your Sun. You are God.

As religion makes us believe, there is something outside of our self that we must give our soul too. We must have Blind Faith in something other than our self. Divide and Conquer. In discovering our Spirit we have come back to the truth in “YOU”. What God has joined together. Let no one man put asunder. Your God Self? Reality is your creation as you are the only one that can experience your created/reflected reality. Of all the billions of so-called people in the world. Creating their own reality, it begins to look more like the stars of heaven. The Universe. The Singularity.

It’s my experience. This is the U in The Singularity. It’s a cup, fill it up. Your chalice. It’s all a reflection of you. Some call it the illusion. What’s in a word? Characters/Sounds/Creation. Hearing is good, when listening for Zombies in the Real World.

Really, it’s a creation of The Singularity. Reflected in the mirrors of beliefs. Change a belief, change reality. Or Your Reflection of reality. One could try to change the mirrors. However, which one is easier for you? Change a belief, or change the mirrors!

You are The Singularity
It’s a paradox. We are all The Singularity Together. How can that be?

The Singularity of Time

We believe that time is linear, that it moves forward as we live in the past. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As the only time in the Singularity is NOW. How could it be anything else?

Therefore, be here NOW, as The Singularity, in Spirit we can move sideways in time. Remaining in the NOW and yet experience other time lines. Which I call, Parallel Realities. The NOW of multiple time lines. Thus we become Multi+Dimensional. In the NOW. How could we be anything else?  Thanks, Kate of Gaia!

I Am Me as You are We and We are all together.

As Spirit we can experience all time lines. This Singularity Dreams, We Dream a Dream, Within a Dream. The Three Attentions. Who knows there may be more. We are unlimited in Spirit. Limited in our beliefs.

Being multidimensional we have an infinite number of time lines to choose from. I call them Bubbles of Perception. Or descriptions. You pick a word that best describes it for you. That creates your creation. If one doesn’t like that bubble of perception move to the next, and the next until. Presto! NOW, YOU are Singing!

This is the power of Spirit with the magic of sound. Perception. Clarity! We create as many bubbles as we desire to experience. The Singularity is Experience. A Single Experience.

What do you feel? In your Heartmind. We all think. We Reason. We think, We Reason. Zombies have five Senses. And yet they feel nothing. Spirit feels Inner Silence. Spirit laughs. When Reason stops talking to its self… One stops thinking the world. We begin to feel Spirit. The time line remains in the Now. Remember, you are God, The Singularity. So laugh. Get use to it.

Of course one can always believe you are something other. That’s the power of the God Self. To believe I Am something different, just for the experience. How wonderful I Am. Did you feel that ?

The event horizon of The Singularity
In The Singularity, what is the event on the horizon?

The Singularity of Spirit

There is only one Spirit in the Universe. How wonderful it is to experience, or believe we experience another Spirit, or no Spirit at all. All those other billions of Spirits available to experience. When in fact, all consciousness shares one Spirit and that Spirit is Unconditional Love. That’s the power of feeling Spirit. Some do, some don’t. Choose!

Isn’t it amazing, everything and everybody you perceive and experience is a reflection of YOU? The Golden Rule may help. Do unto others as YOU would have them do unto YOU/U. Of course, there are two U’s in WE. Called the double YOU. They perceive as well. The Singularity. And then to blow your mind even further. All those Singularities out there experiencing YOU. YIKES!

Yep, that’s the power of The Great Spirit.

Spiritual Beings
We are Light Beings. Science says Light can’t escape The Singularity. What about Sound?

The Singularity of you

You is plural. Is that gooder English? It’s about usage as well. Sound usage. When all is said and done. We are all, The Singularity. Aren’t you? As confusing as this may sound. Here and Now, I Am Me is a Singularity. Here, I create the world in which I Am living for me. I discover that nothing exist outside of me. It’s a reflection of me. Being reflected in the mirror of my beliefs. The flip of ME is WE. That E is an interesting character. Sometimes silence. Notice how the E is always played with in the advertising. Now, That’s my experience. All that is. Is a reflection of me, myself and I. As I Am God in my reflection. It’s my creation. I Am Me as You are We and We are All together.

When you apply this feeling to you. The Singularity, must sing! What else can “YOU” do? Therefore all you have, is a Reflection of YOU/U. As you are the Singularity. Could it be that I Am just a reflection of YOU? Experiencing yourself. In polarities, YOU are just a reflection of me. And We becomes a reflection of US. We are you. And We are all together.

Hence, The Singularity is you. The Singularity is We. The Singularity is Us, all together, I.

So Sing, will U, in Clarity! C is just U turned on its side. Dreaming. Pleasant Dreams! A pouring out of Spirit.

A Stairway to Heaven
Experiencing The Singularity

The Singularity of Dreaming

In the Dream, You Dream of Me, As I Dream of You. I Am the Dream, And the Dream is We. We are all together in the Dream of The Singularity. I Am Me as You are We and We are all together in the Dream.

A Gift from Yourself to Yourself, for Yourself. YOU are God, The Singularity. Wow, NOW that’s amazing! That was fun! Did YOU feel that?

Enjoy the sharing of Spirit. As YOU pour out your Spirit to be filled again with Spirit. YOU are more powerful than YOU know.

Aren’t WE all?

The Key hole
In the Twinkling of an Eye. You are! The Singularity

The Sing-U- larity Sings: I Am Me as You are We and We are all together.

Next Bubble please! POP!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Spiritual Beings are The Singularity


The Choices of Spirit
I AM Single. Are YOU the Singularity?

The Singularity, Does exist! The Singularity Singing.

The Voice of Knowledge

The Voice of Knowledge speaks.

The Voice of Knowledge
The Voice of Knowledge. Hearing the Truth

Learn how to listen.

The Voice of Knowledge says, in the moment when we separated from God, we began to seek God. For the love we believe we don’t have. Humanity continues to search for justice, beauty, for the truth. We feel is out there, somewhere in this reality.

Humanity is seeking the way it use to be. Things change!

Before we believed the non truths we have been taught. We listen to The Voice of Knowledge as it speaks to us. In search of our Spiritual self. Our Totality?

The Voice of Knowledge continually speaks to our mind telling us loudly what is right and wrong, what is beautiful, what is ugly. The Voice of Knowledge never stops judging our intent, beliefs, our actions.

The creations of God
The Voice of Knowledge whispers in our heads

The Voice of Knowledge

We were born, Spiritual beings. We still are. We didn’t have The Voice of Knowledge inside our heads. In truth, it doesn’t belong to us. It’s a foreign installation.

The Voice of Knowledge comes after we start to learn. First language, different points of view, then judgements and non truths we hear from others. Forgot your feelings?

We then form opinions and judgements of our own and our first attention is hooked. Sometimes our second attention, where our Dreams become nightmares.

We are Perceivers, with all that knowledge inside our heads. We believe, what we perceive is truth. When in fact we only perceive our own truth. Which in truth are mostly non truths. Our Spiritual eyes become opened. Our Dream of Heaven than becomes a daymare of Hell. Thus fear becomes the motivating force behind our lives driving us right back into hell. Keeping us separated from God and our selves.

The Touch of God
We feel in so many ways.
Our Heart knows the Difference.

There is this conflict in our awareness with The Voice of Knowledge between the truth, and what is not truth. This then sets up a Cause and Effect relationship in our reflected reality where believing in truth is goodness, love, happiness. Whereas believing the non truths is injustice, pain, and suffering.

Polarities. This is not only reflected in society, but in each and every one of us as well. All human suffering is a direct result in believing the non truths, The Voice of Knowledge whispers in our heads.

Every human is born perfect because only perfection exists. We humans don’t know what we are. But we know what we are not. The image we perceive to be, is what we truly are.

Energy Body
The Energy Body doesn’t need The Voice of Knowledge

When we invest our faith in The Voice of Knowledge. We then build descriptions to support the whole structure of non truth to support our reflection. Simply put, If we invest our faith in a non truth, non truth then becomes truth to us. Faith is a powerful force. Thy will be done, is the power and magic behind our faith.

Light is a living being that contains all the wisdom of the universe and occupies every space. Light is sound in a different form. It’s all energy. Light constantly sends information to everything in existence, and expresses itself in billions of different forms.

Life is the force of transformation that creates, and transforms the stars. It’s the same force that creates and transforms every atom of our physical being. This force is always present and obvious, but we can not see it when our attention is focused on non truths. However the opposite is true as well.

The Voice of Knowledge
The Milky Way Galaxy

Every human is part of the infinite, as is everything we know. There is no difference between any of us. As we all are made from light. Life creates what is real to us, and humans create a virtual reality. (A Story) about what we perceive and interpret, qualify and then judge. What we perceive is an ongoing reflection in the mirror we call Dreaming. The Art of Dreaming is the art of living/Loving.

Everything we say, do, and feel is an expression of this force of life. Hence creation is ongoing. It’s endless. In truth, it’s happening at this very moment.

The Voice of Knowledge continually tells us this story as we humans are storytellers. It’s our nature to tell stories , to interpret everything we perceive. With our awareness, we give our personal power to the story, and the story writes, itself.

With our awareness, we become the authors of our story, and if we don’t like our story, we have the power to change it. What I call The Voice of Knowledge is Reasoning. We tell our selves what we know and then try to make sense out of the unknown. The problems arise because The Voice of Knowledge makes us do things that goes against our Spiritual self, our inner knowing.

Third Eye
We can see into our self. And discover the truth. Who needs The Voice of Knowledge?

We don’t need the internal dialogue to know. We can know without Reason. We can perceive through our feelings. Why waste the energy telling our self something we all ready know?

When The Voice of Knowledge finally stops talking, we experience Inner Silence. The result for taming The Voice of Knowledge is to stop believing in the stories it tells us. All the non truths will not survive our skepticism and will simply disappear. Truth survives our skepticism.

One can follow these two rules. Stop believing yourself, and stop believing anybody else. As we all have stories to tell. In truth they are just stories. The realization that they are just stories becomes a tool for communication that will take you where you what to go. We can not say the same thing about lies unless we believe them.

If we refuse to obey, The Voice of Knowledge it becomes quieter and quieter and speaks to us less and less and no longer controls us. When the voice loses its power over us we become Spirit again. The non truths no longer have an effect and reality changes in that moment.

Dream Traveler shared some Magic
Live in Spirit and fly away.

The Emotion of Truth

Every emotion we feel is real. It’s truth. It comes directly from the integrity of Spirit. Feel it. Can one fake a feeling? We can lie about what we feel or try to repress our emotions. The truth is, what we feel is authentic. Everything we perceive causes an emotional reaction.

Not only our feelings but, knowledge, thoughts, judgements, and beliefs. We hear The Voice of Knowledge telling us it’s story. Humans are possesses by knowledge and a distorted image of ourselves. We are free to feel the truth as we must Reason the truth, or so we have been taught. We may even try to repress the truth.

Emotional pain is a symptom. When felt we must try to find the cause and not treat the symptom. The cause is some non truth we have put our faith into. Following and feeling our emotions we can change our circumstances. Our faith is trapped in the structure of our knowledge, and only the truth can set it free.

Know Thy Self.
Recover lost Faith The Voice of Knowledge has trapped

Blind Faith

Blind Faith leads us nowhere because it doesn’t follow truth. What part of blind do we not understand? We fall into the illusion that we are separate from the source, and we lose the power of creation. This then becomes the structure The Voice of Knowledge uses to control the Dream of our life, trapping our faith in its words. The word is pure magic. It is a power that comes directly from the source. Faith is the force that directs this power. Real faith or free faith is what we feel when we have the power to believe whatever, we want to believe, or nothing at all.

This moment is the real you. Have faith in your life. Faith in yourself, faith for no reason. This is the power of creation in the moment. From this point of free faith, we have the power to create whatever we create. Faith is the force that gives life to every word, to every belief, to every description, that our mind stores.

When we agree with a concept, we apply our faith and it becomes the mortar that holds our beliefs together and gives sense and direction to our entire Dream. Dream truth for a change. A Dream within a Dream within A Dream.

The Energy Body And Dreams
Nothing ever said we can’t going fishing there

The way to transform what we believe about our self is to unlearn the description. This will allow our faith to return to us from all non truths we have invested in. We now have the power of our faith to invest in New Dreams and New Beliefs.

When the edifice of The Voice of Knowledge collapses, or we jump in. We have a chance at a chance to create a story according to our integrity, our Spirit. In the Dream of the Second Attention we recover the power of faith. Our will is free again, and what we can do with that is beyond your wildest Dreams. In this moment one is not Reasoning, one is expressing. Creating and doing what you love to do.

Love and the Self are One, Your discovery of either, Is the realization of both. Emotions are coming out and the expression feels great. The best way to rewrite ones story is with Spirit. Love is the material that comes directly from ones integrity, from the Spiritual you, direct from the source.

What? You need a road map. Sometimes we do need a sign.

The signs of Life
The Voice of Knowledge speaks to both Faith and Reason

Reality is about to change!

Every activity of our life can become a ritual of Love. Eating, walking, talking, working, and playing are all expressions of Love. When everything becomes a ritual of Love, we are no longer Reasoning. We are feeling. Just to be alive makes us intensely happy. We justify and explain everything through the eyes of Love. We Love our self unconditionally. Our attention then becomes focused on Love, this makes it easy to feel unconditional Love for all the characters in our story. The only way to know Love is to experience Love. It takes courage to jump into the ocean of Love. Guts Galore!

There is another reality right here right now. More than the reality we perceive of light and sound. Perceive the emotions coming from the reflection of every object in reality. This is Love. The reality of truth, the reality of Love. It’s our destiny.

The Voice of Knowledge states, if we can not see it now. We are blinded by the non truths from years past. Like sun light, the emotions of Love looks different depending on what is reflecting the light of Love.

The Voice of Knowledge gives us this choice. We can listen to its lies, fear, and destruction. Or feel the truth, love, and creation. The time is now to make a choice. Which do you choose?

Dreaming Spirit
The choice is yours to make

Heaven is a story we can create when we surrender to life and allow life to manifest in truth. All we need is the Heartmind to perceive.

The Voice of Knowledge is silent. Listen to your breath as you breath the truth.

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

The Voice Of Knowledge Speaks no more


The Choices of Spirit
Knowledge is Power. Speak TRUTH to become the Voice

The Voice of Knowledge speaks, but we don’t have to listen.