Flying On The Wings of Consciousness

Flying On The Wings of Consciousness with Creation

In Creation We Trust Flight in Spirit
Flying on The Wings of Consciousness to visit friends

Flying on the Wings of Consciousness, A conscious flight into the unknown. That becomes Known through Experience. A Conversation had with Friends. We share this concept together in the LOVE of all of Humanity.

Flying on The Wings of Consciousness with The ARCTURIANS

We Arcturians have often spoken of Heart/Mind in the heart, where your Quad Heart and the duel/dual mind, along with ones multidimensional consciousness, are merged into ONE. This joining creates a connection that initiates a quantum shift of ones BEING, which becomes multidimensional in Creation, and our Hearts ability to receive, contain, and share this Unconditional love of Creation can BE Experienced.

Fly on the Wings of Consciousness to this location. We'll find YOU.
Flying on the Wings of Consciousness to this location. We’ll find YOU.

Since Unconditional love is the bonding force of this multiverse, once allowed into ones Universal Consciousness/Spirit/Heart it bonds Unconditional love into ones awareness. At the same time, ones multidimensional consciousness guides one to perceive and accept Creations Unconditional LOVE. The ability to feel, think, and SEE multidimensional to receive, use, and express Unconditional love is the key to this transmutation of ones Earth vessel consciousness.

Human Being
The shape of things to come. Try fitting this shape into your puzzle.

The multidimensional Consciousness, (YOU/ME), and Unconditional love becomes Crystallized into our HeartMind, the Three Fold Flame within ones Quad Heart becomes activated to initiate the return of our innate power within, infinite wisdom and Unconditional love to our daily life. These attributes not only serve as a “virus protector” by emanating a multidimensional energy field around ones energy body. We become our Quad Nature and as such, A Four Fold Flame as we light up from within. I call it Burning with the Fire from within.

Some call this enlightenment.

This energy field creates a “Vision/Clarity/lens” which expands perspective beyond the limitations of our physical veiled reality so one can place their attentions onto the higher frequencies of reality. Where ones attention is, there you are…

Hence, as your multidimensional consciousness chooses to EXTEND to a higher frequency of reality, our Unconditional love bonds with this higher expression of Creation. In this moment, one creates an energetic pathway into fifth-dimensional New Earth and beyond. One begins to Travel at the Speed of Consciousness.

Flying with the phoenix
Flying on the Wings of Consciousness taken from Hubble. Yep that’s me

Free of many third dimensional illusions and limitations one begins to resonate to the power of multidimensional BEing, SEEing, FEELing, the wisdom of these higher dimensions brings the ability to live within the constant feedback of Unconditional LOVE. Unconditional love is much like a mirror. When our aura resonates to Unconditional love one consciously perceives and experiences every energy pattern that one transmits into ones reality. The Mirror, Mirror of self. Plus, one begins to SEE the other energies coming at them from other reflections in their reality.

Looking Back
I see a reflection of myself. I Now know, which one is truly me. The Blinding White Light has reveled.

Thus one has instant feedback of the energy that one sends and receives from their perceived world. This component of Unconditional love is what prepares us for life in the fifth dimension where there is no time. Within the NOW of the fifth dimension, ones thoughts and emotions are instantly manifest.

The Fifth Dimension

SOW, if one hold any fear-based thoughts or emotions, you create a thought wave that can only manifest in a reality in which there is fear. Since there is no fear in the fifth dimension and beyond, our consciousness is instantly pulled into a lower frequency of the third and fourth dimensions where that thought form can be, and is, manifest.

SOW to speak, the frequency of our thoughts and emotions dictates the level of reality in which the thought-forms are manifested. Thus, this manifestation pulls our consciousness into the lower frequency/dimensions of reality in which our thought forms manifest.

Therefore, when our thought form is created within a LOVE-based thought, and one feels that thought with Unconditional love it is manifest in a reality that resonates to a higher frequency of Unconditional love. Hence, our consciousness is instantly pulled into the higher resonance of reality in which that thought form manifested. In this manner, we will begin to create an energetic pathway to Creation / New Earth / New Worlds. Which ever YOU choose.

Come inside a join the Family. The Kingdom of Heaven is within.

New Earth

New Earth is not a place. It’s a state of being. New Earth is a higher frequency of the Earth on which you hold this physical form. Therefore, one can maintain this physical form while Flying on The Wings of Consciousness to visit New Earth, or other new worlds.

Just as you would leave your car in the airport parking lot when you fly to another location, you can leave this physical body on this physical Earth plain while you travel inter-dimensionally Flying on The Wings of Consciousness.

However, just as you may not want to leave your cherished car in a vacant field, you may not want to leave your earth vessel in an insecure location while you transport your consciousness into these higher realities. It is important to make sure your physical vehicle/vessel is in a safe place while you take these inter-dimensional “flights”.

Fortunately, this New Earth does not resonant to time. Hence, one can leave their earth vessel, which exists within NOW, and return to it just a millisecond after you left it. In fact, you may be having many visits of which your physical body and 3D consciousness is unaware. A Dream within a Dream, within a Dream. However, your cellular consciousness is aware of these visits, as it is protecting your energy form while you are “gone” into no-time, Dreaming.

Know Thy Self in Consciousness
I Dream of a New World and Worlds beyond Flying on The Wings of Consciousness

Fortunately and unfortunately, there is a bonding frequency that adheres our earth vessel to this frequency of our third/fourth dimensional reality. Our cellular consciousness is aware of this frequency and emits it from our physical body while one is on a multidimensional journey. Our multidimensional consciousness perceives this emanation and uses this energetic beacon to “light its way” back into our physical form.

Feeling the Effects of Flying on The Wings of Consciousness

Many of you are feeling great fatigue because it is increasingly difficult for you to maintain the lower dimensional consciousness of your physical form. In fact, it is hard work to have our consciousness limited to such a low frequency when our HeartMind is Flying on The Wings of Consciousness into the higher realms of Creation.

Our third dimensional EGO/MIND is addicted to the frequency of operation that it has maintained, defended, and was taught for countless incarnations. Therefore, the higher light that is here NOW activating our HeartMind is creating an inter-dimensional tug-of-war. Push ME, Pull YOU. One component of our consciousness seeks to remain in the familiar operating frequency that binds us to this third/fourth dimension. While another component of our consciousness is pulling ME away from that density of reality.

Dream Traveler Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness shared some Magic
The Universe is your play ground. Consciousness is your gift from Creation. Are you refusing the Gift?

Hence, one may feel like an airplane that is trying to take off, while still being tethered to the landing strip. This tug-of-war creates a great fatigue in our present physical meatstick form. When we fight this fatigue we are functioning via our third dimensional operating system. On the other hand, when one surrenders to the fatigue, we begin operating from a fifth dimensional state of consciousness.

Since our state of consciousness adheres us to a reality of the same frequency resonance, our third dimensional consciousness/behavior of fighting for what one wants or has, adheres us to this physical world. Conversely, the fifth dimensional consciousness/behavior of surrendering to the moment, or Creation adheres one to a fifth dimensional reality of NOW.

In our life journey through this third dimensional life, we have learned that we must fight the constant illusion that we are not good enough, We have sinned. Now we must release this third dimensional behavior of fighting, so that we can embrace the fifth dimensional behavior of surrendering to the NOW of each moment.

Who needs Comets and Hopi Prophecy when you have thousands of these?
Who needs Comets when you have thousands of these? Time to leave this all behind.

The many illusions of this time and space have created a belief that we must fight our way through the myriad of 3D barriers that lie between ME and MY goal. In the fifth dimension, our goal is to BE our Multidimensional SELF. Thus, when we surrender to our goal, we surrender to our Multidimensional higher SELF. When one fully surrenders to our Multidimensional SELF, we ARE fifth dimensional.

Therefore, when one surrenders to the process of transmuting our 3D earth vessel into a 5D Lightbody, one greatly advances this process.

The Transformation Begins

This transmutation begins by becoming aware of our fifth dimensional consciousness merging with our third dimensional body, which is already connected with the cells and DNA of this physical earth vessel. Our cellular consciousness is already multidimensional.

Our cells are made up of molecules. These molecules are multidimensional in that they extend into the subatomic levels in which the templates are formed for our body. The Mold of MAN, Our cellular consciousness is also connected to our 12 strands of DNA.

Changing Human Form 12 Stranded DNA
Changing Human Form, 12 Stranded DNA offers Wings

Therefore, as our DNA continues to expand from just the 3% third dimensional DNA into the 97% multidimensional DNA, our consciousness expands from our physical reality into our multidimensional expressions of self. Furthermore, while we are shifting at this level of our DNA, we are also shifting at the level of our daily state of consciousness and awareness.

Our cellular DNA consciousness maybe best identified as our “sub-superconscious.” This sub-superconscious, or subquantum consciousness is the quantum level in which the 97% DNA functions as a two-way portal of light Photon. These trillions of light portals are two-way in that this DNA serves as a portal that is able to receive the higher frequencies of photon light into our Earth/Heart vessel, while it also projects that light into our ordinary life.

When we are editing a paper that we are writing, you may “save a copy” of the original so that you have an unaltered version to consult while you are editing the new version. However, in this case one is in the process of using the original version of our earth vessel. Thus, the “copy” of our transmuting vessel is the one being saved to our fourth dimensional “Computer Human files.”

Computer Human I'm not an Animal
Computer Human I’m not an Animal

In this manner, you can still function on physical Earth while you are simultaneously altering your body at a cellular level. NOW, you have two versions of this earth vessels. You have the original version that can only function on the physical plane, as well as the multidimensional Lightbody version that can function on any frequency of reality. Presto!

Two Spirits become as one
The Energy Body just is. Use it or lose it.

We hear your question of,“Why don’t we just keep the transmuting vessel?”

This is a good question, which we will now answer. Here are two reasons why you may want to keep your original vessel.

First, the transmuting vessel is still “under construction” and can only be operated by your higher states of consciousness. Since you are transmuting your body while you are still holding many third dimensional obligations, it is often difficult to maintain a constant connection to your multidimensional consciousness. Thus you still need to “drive” your physical 3D vessel while your consciousness is attached to this physical 3D reality. The 5D consciousness is still here. It’s just in the passengers seat for NOW. As your 3D self drives to the dealership. Sow to speak.

The second reason is because you are in a partnership with Gaia. Therefore, you have volunteered to align your personal consciousness with the planetary consciousness.  The Tonal of Humanity. Thus, as your personal consciousness expands, so does the planetary consciousness. Likewise, as the planetary consciousness expands, so does your personal consciousness, exponentially. Also, since many of Gaia’s inhabitants, mostly human, need a little more “time to transmute” their personal earth vessels, likewise, Gaia is keeping Her planetary 3D earth vessel. In the same manner, you are maintaining your physical 3D vessel so that you can assist others, if needed.

She Is the Wobbling. However she is hanging in there for us all.
She Is Wobbling. However she is hanging in there for us all.

Many of you are feeling as though you are two persons. Or walking between worlds. In fact, this is exactly what is happening. People and Planet are maintaining a physical “original” while they experiment with the new concepts of ascension without Total destruction of self. Furthermore, you may find that some of the alterations that you have made to your copied double do not work. Bad programming maybe? Fortunately, you still have your original to consult.

For example, you may find that you have taken in more Light than your transmuting version of SELF can easily contain. Therefore, that vessel is “temporarily out of order” until you have adapted to the new, higher frequency operating system. In this case, you can return to the 3D version of your vessel while your transmuting “copy” is grounding the higher light within the core of the planet and within the core of each cell of your physical vessel.

What would happen if you turned on a huge generator and did not ground it? It would short circuit. Your 3D vessel is your grounding cord, while your “copy” is your transmuting vessel is accepting higher and higher programming frequencies of light. In this manner, there is no destruction of your physical form. Therefore, you do not need to “die” when you ascend. In the same manner, Gaia has maintained Her original version of a 3D planet while Her “copy” is being transmuted. Then, She too has the physical Earth to ground the higher light that She is also downloading. Thus, just as you will not destroy your physical personal vessel, she is not destroying Her physical planetary vessel.

We are not transmuting our form while in a Temple at the peak of an isolated mountain. TRUTH is, No one is caring for our earthy needs or our physical form, but YOU/ME. Furthermore, many of you may plan to maintain your original earth vessel so that you can assist others who are ascending at different speeds and in different manners.

Choices the Seed of Man
Growing the SEEDS of TRUTH. Some are just breaking ground.

Keeping an operational version of our earth vessel guarantees that there are physical humans on the physical planet while other beings are adapting to this higher frequencies of light.

Flying on The Wings of Consciousness

Our physical earth vessel serves as an inter-dimensional landing pad for the increasing inter-dimensional experiences of our multidimensional consciousness. Also, once our personal adaptations are complete, our fourth dimensional expression will transmute into our multidimensional Lightbody, while we still maintain a physical earth vessel. Then, our Lightbody will travel the Cosmos via its Merkaba/Starship, and “land” our earth vessel to share our experiences with others. If YOU Please. Remember this is just a sharing.

Newer model of the Human body Consciousness.
Newer model for the Human body Consciousness. Looks like Consciousness will fit in that model just fine. We still have Wings

We will return soon to share how the higher light transmutes each Chakra. We ask that you take this message into your meditations so that your HeartMind can assist you to access your inherent Infinite wisdom, Power within, Unconditional LOVE and Multidimensional being to deeply embrace these multidimensional constructs. Of course One can always do or be what they will.

It's a Pleasure to meet you! We will talk again soon.
It’s a Pleasure to meet you! We will talk again soon….. Likewise I AM sure!

If you call upon us, we will assist you”.

The Arcturians visiting with Thunderbird

Spirit and Playing with Reality
Flying on the Wings of Consciousness. With Creation under my Wings. Come visit us. We have been waiting here for YOU.

Knowledge is Power
Experience is Wisdom
Your Power is Yours
Fly on the Wings of Consciousness


Winky, My alter Ego
Damn, when do I get my Wings? Hey CJC,  I mean Thunderbird, can you give me a lift?

Winky, I won’t leave you behind! Just waiting for the two seater Model. You got Gas money? LOL

Flying on The Wings of Consciousness. Sooner or later it’s going to happen to YOU. You can fight it, if YOU want to. Why would you do that?



The Recapitulation

The Recapitulation, a Powerful Tool in the Heart of the Warrior.

The Recapitulation
The Recapitulation is a blast from the past that brings one to the present

The Recapitulation used by the practitioner has two transcendental abstract goals of fulfilling a Universal code that demands that awareness be relinquished at the moment of death and the extreme pragmatic goal of acquiring perceptual fluidity. In other words, The Recapitulation is used to relive all the experiences of ones life to offer the Eagle its food. The average person is not concerned with SEEING. Things look very much the same to them every time they look at the world. However, when ones learns to SEE on the other hand, nothing is ever the same every time they SEE it, and yet it is the same. To the eye of a SEER, a human being is like an egg, and every time they SEE the same person they SEE a luminous egg.

At death the Warrior tricks the Eagle to win his/her freedom. This is one’s chance to have a chance that I have mentioned in previous posts. As with most of my posts there are deeper meanings that can be found with the eyes to see, and the ears to hear, the Heart to feel, and the Reason shut down (Inner Silence). I ask the reader to note that this post is written in common speak. As a Rose by any other name or spelling, is still a Rose. All one need do is feel the intent behind the words to receive their meaning. Power rests on the kind of knowledge that one holds. What is the sense of knowing things that are useless? They will not prepare us for our unavoidable encounter with the unknown.

At the moment of death of an ordinary person the awareness flies up to the Eagle’s beak and is consumed, simply because that’s what the Eagle eats. However, the Warrior uses The Recapitulation as his/her secret weapon to offer the Eagle it’s awareness happy meal while the warrior darts pass the Eagle to be free keeping his/her awareness. This is the Eagle’s Gift to the Warrior who has struggled all their life to live the Warrior’s Way. There is a world of happiness where there is no difference between things, there is no one there to ask about the difference. But that is not the world of the average man. Some people have the vanity to believe that they live in two worlds, but that is only their vanity.

There are a few basics we must discuss before we get to the actual practice of The Recapitulation. I Am not going to pull any punches here as it matters to me not whether one Recapitulates their life or not. The choice is simple. Become food for the Eagle at the moment of your death or offer the Eagle its happy meal and move into the freedom of infinity.

The Recapitulation
The Recapitulation of the other you

Definition of The Recapitulation

1 : a concise summary
2 : the hypothetical occurrence in an individual organism’s development of successive stages resembling the series of ancestral types from which it has descended so that the ontogeny of the individual retraces the phylogeny of its group.
3 : the third section of a sonata form

Well that’s the white-mans definition of The Recapitulation. For the Warrior. The Recapitulation has a much different meaning and purpose. As you will soon SEE.

The Recapitulation and you
Mirror, Mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?

The Recapitulation of a Dying Person

The Recapitulation is a natural act. It is the last act of a living being just before the disintegration of their individuality, at the moment of death. Let’s face it, we have an appointment with power in our life. We can’t take this meat stick with us into the Eagles emanations, only Spirit. We have a chance to keep our experiences and lessons learned and take them into our next great definitive journey if one so chooses.

People that have been revived after being declared clinically dead often report that their “whole life passed before them“. Is it that outlandish to think that because we remember, we are? Our capacity to associate and remember is what gives us our sense of individual identity and continuity. It seems natural to me that in the moment just before ceasing to be, we would remember all those events that caused us to identify ourselves as ourselves during our life here on earth. This is the moment when our EGO I, in taking its leave, enjoys reliving for the last time all that it will no longer be able to remember, and all that it will no longer be. This experience of reliving the events of one’s life is The Recapitulation. A Warrior thinks of his/her death when things become unclear. The idea of death is the only thing that tempers our Spirit.

Those rare people who revive possess an increased capacity to appreciate their existence, living with a better sense of equilibrium, force, impeccability, and decision-making than they have ever had before. One must ask why? This is due not only to having been close to death, which without a doubt nourishes an awareness of life, as well as a partial Recapitulation of their life while dead as given them a Burst of Awareness.

The Recapitulation is a Powerful Tool
We are all connected to The Source Field The Recapitulation helps clean the connecting link with Intent

The Burst of Awareness from The Recapitulation

Once the body has completed its final Recapitulation, a burst of total awareness occurs, Burn with the fire from within, that last only for a moment before the Eagle consumes the awareness of the dying person. Therefore thanks to The Recapitulation we become pure awareness. Yep, that Eagle is a glutton. He likes his happy meals super-sized.

Warrior’s ask, Why wait for the moment of death for The Recapitulation, and that burst of awareness? Why not Recapitulate before and make use of the burst of awareness and its power to change our lives now? Discovering The Recapitulation as a means of liberating and developing awareness has a Universal value. It’s not done simply because we are all going to die and Recapitulate anyway. The effects of The Recapitulation are too far-reaching to be ignored. When one considers their Totality. A Warrior has no honor, no dignity, no family, no name, no country, they have only life to be lived. Under such circumstances, their only tie to their fellow-man is their controlled folly.

As stated The Recapitulation is the reliving of past experiences. While one is still alive and during The Recapitulation one can restore, change, or cast off lost or given energies during those experiences. Let say during The Recapitulation one has received some negative energy from a past experience. One can Recapitulate that experience and change that energy to something of a positive value or better said, return the negative energy to the sender. Therefore change the experience to a better point of view. Or even retrieve lost energy from some past experience we left behind. Another option is to change the energy from some past experience lost in the Body Memory. Thus, in essence changing the experience lost in the Body Memory. True it doesn’t change the experience, but it can change one experience of the experience.

A Stairway to Heaven The Recapitulation
We have an appointment with Power. Be prepared, The Recapitulation clears the way to freedom from the past

The Recapitulation and Body Memory

Something needs to be made crystal clear, that The Recapitulation does not refer to the ordinary memory. The Recapitulation is the not-doing of the memory. While ordinary memories deal only with thoughts, which are simply EGO memories by means of the Internal Dialogue to which we add images. The Recapitulation as more to do with a sense memory having to do with feelings and it does so by liberating the feelings stored within the body memory.

The vast majority of us are emotionally tied to our past, which is to be expected since the past provides the support that the EGO uses to justify itself. The past determines what we are, EGO Wise, and makes us feel justified in maintaining our everyday behaviors even though these behaviors maybe be causing great harm, to ourselves and to those we love. Come to think of it, a large part of our time is spent remembering past experiences. Never realizing that what we are remembering is not reality. But interpretations of the reality we experienced in the past. We are unaware of the real past because the EGO has the need to justify itself through the images and the Internal Dialogue it creates so it can hear itself think to justify its existence. Creating a history it wishes to believe.

However, the awareness of what we have truly lived and experienced is not totally lost. It is in the Body Memory, an alternate memory hidden in the awareness of the other self. Which has nothing to do with the interpretation of the EGO. These Body Memories are possible to recover. The Recapitulation is a bodily experience contained in the totality of our being that allows us to relive the feelings implicit in the events without the EGO images and interpretations. During The Recapitulation of a past event one may come to realize that the information provided by The Recapitulation may not coincide with what our ordinary mental memory says about that event or our own existence for that matter. Intent is not a thought, or an object, or a wish. Intent is what makes a person succeed when their thoughts tell them that they are defeated. It operates in spite of the Warrior’s indulgence. Intent is what make him/her invulnerable. Intent is what sends the consciousness through walls, through space, to infinity.

Therefore, The Recapitulation is not remembering something that was and no longer is. Rather, it represents an encounter with something that continues to operate in us right down to the present moment, profoundly affecting each and every instant of our present life. In this present moment each and every one of us is tied to other people long forgotten. To an unlimited number of places, objects, people, and situations that are not apparent at first glance. All of these ties are in reality filaments of our Energy Body that are attached to all these people, places, situations, and things, though out our lives. We drag these attached filaments around with us like an enormous weight that keeps us fixed in our old routines, our old ways of thinking and living. Thus, when we want to move, change, intend, create, and undertake something completely new to us. We find we can’t. The people with whom we interact in the present, although they may be different ones, we find the events will repeat themselves time and time again.

The Eagle and the Recapitulation
I come of the Great Spirit to impart this Wisdom to you. It’s a Gift.

The Recapitulation A Doorway to Freedom

So why bother with our past? Shouldn’t we be concerned with our present? Haven’t we been told to live in the here and now?

The world is all that is encased here life, death, people, and everything else that surrounds us. The world is incomprehensible. We won’t ever understand it, or unravel its secrets. Thus we must treat the world as it is. A sheer mystery! These past events or experiences being referred to are still registered on our bodies. I Am not referring to events that happened a long time ago, (History), but with the past that is still in effect right now, in our lifetime. The experiences that happened to us that have effected our present moment. These experiences are determining our way of thinking, of being, of experiencing this present moment and our interpretation of this moment. The people we interact with, which things are easy for us or difficult. Our weak points or strong points, how we dress, our way of loving, all those characteristics that would be included in Who I Am or Who I Am Not. More importantly the way we live our lives in the present moment.

Therefore we can deduce that The Recapitulation is a Doorway to Freedom if we choose to walk through it. Here’s how! We can know directly, without interpretations, how the EGO is formed, what things we renounced, what promises from the past we secretly drag along behind, how it is we come to believe who and what we believe we are. We are capable of perceiving the EGO as a fabrication during stages and experiences of life. Realizing the EGO is not as real or definite as we have been lead to believe. Mostly by the EGO its self. This then means we are capable of change. It means we are not condemned by this vulgar belief in history we call our past. This implies that we can know what our structured routines are, then we have the necessary information for determining what not-doing we should partake in The Recapitulation for dismantling our routines and the EGO, for erasing Personal History and losing Self Importance. Personal history must be constantly renewed by the EGO, by telling family, friends everything one does. For a Warrior who has no personal history, no explanations are needed. Nobody is angry or disillusioned with their acts. Above all, no one pins them down with their thoughts and their expectations.

We can then choose how to live, how to be, and what type of world we want to live in. We can abandon repetition of behaviors, eliminate boredom, and replace them with the magic, mystery, amazement and joy of a life fulfilled. When nothing is for sure we remain alert, perennially on our toes so to speak. It is more exciting not to know which brush the rabbit is hiding behind than to behave as though we knew everything.

If by chance you don’t what or need these things in your life. How about the effect of increased Energy from The Recapitulation by detaching these foreign filaments losing the parts of others that prevent us from living a full life. No, OK, be a Happy Meal.

The Eagle Speaks
AH, another awareness. Good I Am hungry

Techniques for The Recapitulation

There are many ways to Recapitulate. First let me clarify that these exercises of The Recapitulation and the Recapitulation proper are not one in the same. Exercises of The Recapitulation can bring us to Recapitulate, but they do not in themselves constitute Recapitulation. True Recapitulation comes from the body memory without the help of any method or procedures. It has its own dynamics according to the way the energy body handles itself as a field of energy.

One of my favorites is being buried in a box in the earth for short or long periods, over night if possible. This probably is the fastest and easiest method. No, don’t like that one. Don’t worry your time will come.

All one needs is a wooden box, a list of events to Recapitulate and some special breathing techniques I will expand upon. These breathing techniques can and should be used with all techniques or exercises of The Recapitulation. Because there are over thirteen exercises that one can do to facilitate The Recapitulation. I Am not going to explain each and every one of them. As that would take up much to much of my valuable time. And to be honest, I Am just not feeling it. If one is truly interested in the freedom The Recapitulation has to offer one will find a way to contact me or research the web. I Am done with holding your hand, it’s time you act. I will offer you this, look for a book called Magical Passages it has these exercises and a lot more that can change your life. Who knows, you may just save your awareness as well.

Some use trees to Recapitulate but then one would have to talk with trees. Plus one would have to know when the trees are awake. Yes, trees sleep. Not like us, but they sleep never the less. Sounds boring doesn’t? Well it’s not Meat Stick. Imagine being suspended in a tree 30 to 50 feet up in the air on a branch you hope holds your weight over night. Yep, I’ll bet you would be talking to that tree all right. And I’ll bet you come down from that experience with new love for life as well. Nothing like looking death in the eyes to awaken the life in ones Spirit. Not recommended for the weak in Heart.

The Spirit in trees
The breath of life comes from The Recapitulation, breath

Breathing The Recapitulation

Breathing is the magic element in the process of The Recapitulation, through which you can direct the repairs to your Energy Body energetic structure.

I will start with the breathing exercise because it is the key to The Recapitulation. Plus it is something we do naturally. However the breathing we normally do and the breathing of The Recapitulation are as different as night and day. In truth one needs only the breathing technique to start The Recapitulation process so The Recapitulation can be done while dropping the kids off at the pool, (Taking a dump or leaving one would be more accurate), if one so desires, and I find this is one of the best times to Recapitulate anyway. So might as well make the best of the situation and multitask.

The breathing is actually two parts, the inhalation and the exhalation. Seems natural but they serve two different purposes. Which I will expand upon. Note, however during The Recapitulation exercise only one aspect of the breathing cycle should be focused on. Either the inhalation for the purpose of gathering energy back from the event. Or the exhalation for removing unwanted energy from the event. It’s a good idea not to do them both at the same time as this will confuse the energies inside the beginner. So breathe in or breathe out, but not at the same time.

The Inhalation is the principal movement in the exercise of The Recapitulation. It is the central element, as its name (inhale) indicates. It is the inhalation that pulls or attracts the energies lost in the event being Recapitulated where we find an experience that has left us feeling incomplete. The inhalation will aid us in recovering the luminous fibers that have been left along the way in the experience. Pulling these back to our Energy Body receiving the energy we lost.

To accomplish this, one must be relaxed in body and mind with the spinal column straight, with eyes closed. This is where the box comes in handy.

Begin by having your head facing forward with your lungs empty. Without inhaling turn your head until it faces over your right shoulder. Start a slow inhale, move your head 180 degrees as you breath in until your lungs are full and your head is now facing over your left shoulder. Both movement and breathing should be slow and synchronized. From the left shoulder, hold the air while turning your head to the center starting position then slowly exhale. Repeat this process until your body says it has had enough.

Usually in each process one only needs a few minutes. The hard part is intending which energy to leave and which one to receive. This is why it’s best to do one or the other breathing exercises depending on the event.

The Exhalation is the central element of the process and its purpose is to separate or detach the luminous fibers that one has picked up or attached from another to your own Energy Body during an event. Or in other words, energy received during an event that you no longer wish to feel. An example of this might be a “promise” that we made long ago that we no longer wish to be contracted or honor NOW in our life.

Begin as before with the head facing the center position. From this position take in a deep breath than turn your head to the left should, slowing exhale turning your head 180 degrees to the right shoulder until the lungs are empty. Again both movement and breathing should be synchronized. With your lungs empty turn your head to the center starting position and repeat the process. Your body will tell you through feeling, when to stop.

This process liberates the foreign luminous filaments attached to you during an event returning the energy back from where it came. Freeing one from the extra dead weight we drag behind during our life time. Giving one a feeling of lightness an almost floating feeling.

Only the one doing The Recapitulation can decide which process is needed. Sometimes and it is recommended that a list be made of the events needing to be Recapitulated but most of us are lazy and this list building can take as long as a year to complete. Myself, I find when an event comes to mind I Recapitulate the event there and then. Sometimes right after the event thus the event is still fresh in the mind. The Box is great because it eliminates outside distractions and frees the mind from the senses so the past event can be relived and all the feelings felt.

Eagle eating
I will come for you quickly.

The Recapitulation and the Eagle

One might be asking what all this has to do with the Eagle and our death. The greatest flaw of human beings is to remain glued to the inventory of REASON. Reason doesn’t deal with man as energy. Reason deals with instruments that create energy, but it has never seriously occurred to reason that we are better than instruments. We are an organism that create energy, we are energy. In our so-called modern societies, one of the central doings on which is built the EGO of the individual, and by extension the EGO of the society, is the denial of death. We are trained at a very young age to forget that we are born to die. We never talk about death, yet we measure the extent of a natural event by how many lives were lost. Go figure! By the denial of one’s death we lose the magic of being alive. In our society it is the custom to buy Life Insurance, to pay for our own burial on credit, to inherit property, and the violent shock produced when we witness another person’s death are some of the examples of how we have been trained to consider ourselves immoral. We are prepared to pay almost any price in order to keep on believing we are immoral.

As long as man feels that he is the most important thing in the world, he cannot really appreciate the world around him. He is like a horse with blinders, all he sees is himself, apart from everything else.

Just look at all the religions selling eternal life, if one will only obey, submit, and do what we tell you to do. We put our faith and belief in such dogma that we forget the more subtle aspects such as Inner Silence, using death as an adviser, losing self-importance, erasing personal history, and the practice of leading a more simple life style. It just seems strange to me that we forget the one inevitable event in our lives because death represents the mysterious, the unknown. Therefore we fear the mysterious and the unknown. It doesn’t matter how one was brought up. What determines the way one does anything is personal power. A Warrior is only the sum of their personal power, and that sum determines how they live and how they die.

At the bottom of all this deception is the EGO. Because being a Spiritual being it’s the EGO that dies at death and it fears this event, and rightly so. Faced with death the EGO is reduced to what it really is. Nothing, nothing at all. Death is not the negation of life. Rather it’s the negation of the EGO. Life on the other hand is sustained by death. The awareness of our death is one way to carry us alive beyond the boundaries of the EGO. While the EGO has no way of dealing with death our Spirit/Energy Body as a field of energy has intrinsic knowledge of its true nature and destiny. Spirit as the true self can deal directly with the mysterious/unknown and interact with the unknown without interference from the non-comprehension of the rational mind or as I call it REASON. People have been telling us from the time we were born that the world is such and such and so and so. Naturally we have no choice but to accept the world is the way people have been telling us. Or do we?

Thus the awareness of death is a doorway to the awareness of being. We are luminous beings, fields of energy. So at or before death feed the Eagle your other self, (EGO) while your Spirit darts past the Eagle to be free. The art of a Warrior is to balance the terror of being a man/woman with the wonder of being a man/woman.

Mortals enjoy the value of each precious moment, they know with total certainty that death is stalking them, that their appointment with power will have to be kept without fail. Since death can touch us at any moment, Warriors give themselves to it before hand, (EGO, The happy meal), considering each and every act their last act on earth. Therefore Warriors give the best of themselves. Warriors make the awareness of their inevitable death their cornerstone of knowledge and struggle of this life. Instead of believing in empty values and abstract ideas that would give them false ideas about their destiny. They rest their knowledge on the one sure event in life. Yep, DEATH. Presto, your free!

Spiritual Beings and the freedom of the Recapitulation
Being Spirit feed the Eagle the useless EGO

The Recapitulation will give the Warrior the speed, sobriety, ruthlessness, cunning, patience, control, disciple, forbearance, timing, will, impeccability and sweetness needed to win their freedom. All characteristics of a seasoned Warrior. Remember the Eagle’s gift of freedom is not a bestowal, but a chance to have a chance. I will leave you with one of my favorite poems.

I Am already given to the power that rules my fate.

I cling to nothing, so I will have nothing to defend.

I have no thoughts, so I will see.

I fear nothing, so I will remember myself.

Detached and at ease. I will dart past the Eagle to be free.

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

The Recapitulation


Winky,on the Recapitulation
It’s up, up and away! To your destiny of freedom

Receive the Burst of Awareness from The Recapitulation.

Energy Body

The Mastery of Awareness

Energy Body
The Energy Body and the Mastery of Awareness

We are more than the physical body that we sense and play with on a daily basis. Sorry, I didn’t say that right. Oh well. We are more than just flesh and bones. We are energy and as such we have the Energy Body. Awakening our Energy Body is of primary importance to experience new realities and new dimensions. This energetic configuration accounts for everything, said, heard, imagined, felt, and done. Not accounting and caring for our Energy Body automatically deprives us of our completeness. It’s like walking down the street not being aware of our legs and feet. Tripping over ourselves on our path to freedom. Then falling off a cliff.

The key point of importance here, that must be addressed is the concept of Self Importance. To awaken the Energy Body, the handling of Self Importance is crucial in it’s development. Self Importance or Self Reflection consists of the never-ending stream of thoughts and feelings one has about themselves and the world in which they live. It is by definition self-limiting where we become The Masters of Limitations. Our thoughts and feeling can’t possibly encompass or capture the entire order of ourselves or the universe. Because of the emotional and mental aspects of Self Reflection. The common denominator of mental and emotional Self Reflection is the snare one creates to hold perception back. (I am more important). It is a self-serving loop created by ones self, by having our thoughts and feelings, (Internal Dialogue), mirror our thoughts and feelings in a reflection of this world. Rather than learn what the world of energy actually is. In other words, one has a highly refined sense of self where one usually gets lost in this reflection of the self and forgets about the rest of the world. Lost in a mirrored bubble of perception of our own making. (Inner Silence) can help with this.

We build a complex inventory of thoughts and feelings, without ever challenging the inventories content, value, or it’s effects in our reflection of reality. We forget that this inventory is only a reference point within the infinite reflection of our total awareness. This inventory has the power to hem us into a world view that restrains the recognition of other inventories, other cohesions, other worlds, other realities, or the fact that they may even exist in an Energy Body.

The Energy Body Is the Key
Even though they are right before our Eyes

The Other World of Energy, Our Energy Body

Our Energy Body rests in a sea of flowing energy emanating from the source of creation. The emanations from the source are constant and stable, but forever flowing and fluid. They exist as objective portions of the universe at large. Perhaps this source maybe considered as GOD! That’s simply a matter of ones inventory. Just as the physical body has various systems. Our Energy Body has distinct features and systems with in it.

The first field of our Energy Body is on our right side. It consists of a narrow band of emanations that makeup our entire Energy Body and this is our ordinary awareness that regulates our social, emotional and mental  standards of agreements. In essence, everything known, our (accepted) knowledge, our current inventory. By expanding ones inventory to except the fact of an Energy Body. One deliberately expands their inventory, and therefore, their right-sided awareness becomes larger than normal, indicating an increased awareness. Allowing one expanded into heightened awareness.

The second field of our Energy Body is on the left side. It consists of everything unknown to us. It holds the energy of dreaming. By expanding our first field into our second field, the unknown becomes known to us. One can do this through controlled dreaming. As one develops awareness through dreaming, the first and second fields of our Energy Body merge. This increases ones state of being. We become aware of more of what we truly are, and what the world truly is.

Your Energy Body can take you There
We are Here. Where do you want to be?

The third field of our Energy Body is on the outside. It contains or better said, it’s the domain of all the emanations, of the source available to our energy bodies awareness and those that are not. This awakening of the Energy Body not only provides total being, but sets the stage to catapult ones awareness beyond the confides of all humanness into the sea of energy of the unknowable. Where we unfold into new worlds and perceive new and more flexible relationship with the contents of the source. In terms of exploring and developing this perception, the problems arises when we give so much of ourselves as energy, clinging on to the accepted agreements of our reflected inventory. Thus shutting down the flow of formless energy of our Spirit, God, the source. This results in a stagnation of our primary awareness and traps us into a world view of our current everyday reality.

Within our Energy Body are different capacities for perception. The sum total is the totality of our perception as the cornerstones, and are indeed the support structures for engaging our Energy Body and the totality of our Awareness/Consciousness.  Why settle for a third of ourselves? When we can be the Totality of ourselves. After all it’s what you are.

The Energy Body And Dreams
Nothing ever said we can’t going fishing!

Off we go to another dimension, into a world that doesn’t make sense to our reason. But feels so natural. A landscape without any feelings, or thoughts of the self. Where time has no meaning and infinity is in the moment. We have all been here before, or is it just a distant dream? Exploring and discovering, we are at one with the source. But before you go there are a series of truths one must comprehend before setting off on the discovery or the Mastery of Awareness. As it means to be a Master of Awareness and our Energy Body, these truths must be internalized, actualized, and acted upon.

First Truth: Our familiarity with the world we perceive compels us to believe that we are surrounded by objects. Existing by themselves and as themselves, just as we perceive them, when in fact, there is no world of objects, but a universe of flowing energy.

This is were the three types of knowledge comes to its full meaning. The known, is every thing we know at this moment. It is our right-sided awareness of our Energy Body and where our assemblage point usually rest. Allowing us to perceive and interact with our world of daily affairs. The assemblage point rest on this point because we have been taught a description. We have all been taught the same description of the world therefore we all see the world the same way, well almost the same way. Which means our everyday world we perceive is the world of right-sided awareness. And we all agree.

It would be a deadly mistake to assume the unknown and the unknowable are the same thing. This is why one must understand the difference, and why the unknown has been defined as something veiled from man. Shrouded in mystery and in terrifying context. Nevertheless, it is within ones reach. In truth, we carry it with us on a daily basis. Never knowing the unknown is part of us.

The unknown becomes the known at a given time. The moment we start to discovery the totality of ourselves. Yep, you guessed it. The unknown is our left-sided awareness and where we start to discover our Energy Body. In actuality it is a greater part of ourselves we have yet to discover. There is more to the human consciousness and the Energy Body we have yet to discover than what we have discovered to this point. So our left-sided awareness is much larger than our right-side awareness. Of course this is just away of seeing it, as we would look really funny if that was physical manifestation. I guess one could say our center-line is more to the right. What this means is that there is more to us that still needs to be discovered, and the reason for this writing. The unknown does become known at some point. This then becomes an act of power. As it takes personal power to shift the assemblage point ever so slightly to the left. where we start to discover more of what makes us human. For the average person it’s usually at the moment of death. Ever had a near death experience? Ever wonder why people come back change from one? I am not saying go out and seek one. The near death experience changes the position of the assemblage point. Therefore these folks come back with a different perspective. You can change the position of the assemblage point at will with the (Power of Intent). So why not become aware and use it while you are still alive? Why wait for death to arrive at the Totality of ourselves like the average person? Because we aren’t average now are we?

To be or not to be The Energy Body
Nothing average about us. Why limit ourselves?

The unknowable, on the other hand, no pun intended, is indescribable, the unthinkable, the unrealizable. It is something that will never be known to us, and yet it’s there. Dazzling in its display and at the same time horrifying in its vastness. It’s the part of reality that is outside the Energy Body. And can be experienced but there is a price to pay. Therefore it should not be intruded upon foolishly our even prudently. Unless one is prepared to pay an exorbitant price for the faintest contact with the unknowable. We’ll get there, why rush it?

So here’s how we tell the difference. A simple rule of thumb. Pick a Hand any Hand. In the face of the unknown, one becomes adventurous. It is a quality of the unknown that gives us happiness, a sense of hope. One feels robust, exhilarated. Even the apprehension one feels is fulfilling. In essence we are at our best when faced with the unknown. However the unknowable creates some disastrous results. One feels drained, confused. A terrible oppression takes possession. Ones body loses tone, their reasoning and sobriety wanders way aimlessly. Because the unknowable has no energizing effect on our energy body whatsoever. As I write this it makes me wonder, if humanity and the earth has ventured into an unknowable area of space/emanations. Because there sure are a lot of us that feel just like this. The energy some feel is oppressive, dark and draining.

Oh well, that’s the unknowable and we shouldn’t go there. Just remember this, what ever is beyond our capacity to perceive is the unknowable and the distinction between it and the knowable is crucial. So be careful in your adventures into your Energy Body. Learning how to Dream can help, but it’s still no cure for the unknowable.

The Energy Body or Flesh and Bones
Everything we need is inside of our Energy Body at this very moment.

Now let’s get back to the Energy Body. Our senses are capable of everything. If we just consider the function of our physical bodies then we become limited to our five sense. How boring! Touch, hearing, taste, smell, and sight. Is that it, really? Well we have already forgot that these are on the right-side awareness. There are more senses on our left-sided awareness that we haven’t become aware of as yet.

When perceiving with our left-sided awareness a full range of supersensory perceptions becomes available to us. We have never used before. Where each of us is an amazingly beautiful display of light, color, and energy. We are all divine beings of energy!

I have already told you the first truth. Just to believe this is truth is an act of reason. And just to reason this out is not verification. Conclusions arrived at through reason have very little or no influence in altering the course of our lives. Remember the saying to err is human? What a crock! That’s the power of reason. Anyway, The first truth is that the world is as it looks and yet it is not. It’s not as solid and real as our perception would lead to believe, but it’s not a mirage either. The world is not and illusion, as it has been said to be. It’s real on one hand, and unreal on the other. If you know what I mean. The question is. Is the world of everyday the real one, our the world of the Energy Body?

We perceive. This is a hard fact, but what we perceive is not a fact of the same kind. Simply because we have learned what to perceive. Yes, were back to the description, but this everyday world is what we were taught to perceive. What if we were taught from birth to perceive energy? Would the world look different? You bet it does. I mean, you bet it would. And if you could see the world as Energy, than you would be writing this.

Cross eyed man
Don’t look so confused. You have to Lighten up to become light.

Something out there is affecting our senses, this is the part that’s real. The unreal or illusion part is what our sense tell us is out there. Catch my drift? Take a mountain, for instance, we have all seen those. Our senses tell us that it is an object. It has size, color, form. We even have categories of mountains, and they are down right accurate. What never occurred to us is that our senses only play a superficial role in the perception of that mountain. Our senses perceive the way they do because a specific feature of our awareness forces them to do so. (The Description) If we could move our assemblage point ever so slightly to the left we would see the mountain or our world for that matter. As energy, fluid, forever in motion, and yet unchanged, eternal. I will tell you a secret.

The reason for the existence of sentient beings is to enhance awareness. You have a better meaning for life? Leave a comment. If it’s to get to know God. Move back up to the top of this post and start all over again. Or read the (Antichrist). Or (Be Fruitful and Multiply). I am not writing about a matter of faith or religious beliefs here. I should just write a book and sell it instead of sharing this information freely. But than how would my friends and loved ones get out of this messed up world they are trapped in? Why enhance awareness if we can take it with us? Food for another being maybe? That should blow your mind. But don’t stress out. We all have to eat.

For the perception of these effects of stress is just to awaken awareness in most people, various deleterious conditions tend to accumulate in our nonphysical energy bodies without us knowing it. Over time such deleterious conditions of the Energy Body become what is considered “normal” and are taken for granted. We forget the purity and wholeness that we had as a child, before such conditions accumulated. Almost nobody is paying attention to their Energy Body. Everybody is living in a blur of negativity, stress, sadness, lack, and frustration. Everyone is running on automatic and letting everything affect them. Most people never do anything but run on automatic. Everything affects them. They are not truly in control of their lives. They are like zombie sleep-walkers. Yikes! They are blind to themselves and the world around them. Consuming every ounce of flesh they can find.

Zombie The Human Condition
I ‘ll have another helping of Ribs, this Arm is a little tough.

I hate that when that happens, Brain Fart. I was talking about the Energy Body and what happens when we move into left-side awareness. Well to put it simply, we begin to truly SEE. We start sensing the world in new ways, ways we have never experienced before. With new senses we never known existed. Our awareness expands and we become more aware. More aware of ourselves and this creates a new love for life, and our self. We begin to see things differently. As stated above, be careful. Because the unknowable is just outside the boundaries of our Energy Body, and there are some scary things out there. I could go on for days on this topic. But to be honest there is enough information here. To help one discover their Energy Body. And I have come to an understanding within myself. That it is not my place to spoon feed the individuals that wish to discover themselves. That’s the part of discovery that is personal. It becomes the responsibility of the person to take action. To follow their path with heart. As all paths lead to the same place. That place is Death.

I’ll be waiting for you.

What’s important is the magic we discover along our path at makes the difference personally and gives our life magic and power. Your life is in your hands in more ways than one. So Pick a Hand any Hand. And get busy, as time is running out for this world description in which we live for now. I was compelled to show you a new world description into which one can slip into and increase your awareness. With out leaving the home and safety of your Energy Body. It’s all you. Take it or leave it. I will leave you with some information that may help you. As far as the others truths. You will find them out for yourself, that way you don’t have to take my words for it. What could be better than that? What a Silver Spoon? Looks like somebody forgot the part about Self Importance.

Your body consists of five layers of energy. It’s all called the Energy Body. The first layer is your physical body. The outer four layers of energy are commonly referred to as your aura. Collectively, these five layers or “energy bodies” are the human energy field emanations. That are molded/stamped into human form by the Mold of Man. But that’s another story. And it’s kinda scary. Halloween is just around the corner. Maybe I’ll scare you in another post.

Energy Body Who needs it?
The Energy Body is a terrible thing to waste. Sometimes all it needs is a Dream

The Energy Body

The Physical Energy Body – The first layer is our physical Energy Body. This is the layer that we generally think of as our physical selves. But, our physical bodies are also energy, same as the other layers of the body that most people cannot see or sense on a physical level. Let’s get physical, physical.

The Etheric Energy Body – The second etheric layer of our Energy Body is located approximately one-quarter to one half an inch, but not more than one inch, from the physical body. Energy practitioners who are adept at psychic sensing this layer have described it as feeling “webby.” Much like a spider web, it feels sticky, or stretchy. It is also grey or grey-bluish in color. It’s where dreams are made. The Etheric Energy Body has also been referred to as the blueprint or holograph of the physical body.

The Emotional Energy Body – The emotional layer of our Energy Body is the third layer. Centrally located among the five layers this body is the keeper of our feelings. And emotional energy safe or strong box so to speak. It filters a lot of what we experience. It is here where both our fears and joys reside. This layer can be quite volatile when we are experiencing extreme highs and lows of emotion. Keeping your emotions in check is the key. I am not saying don’t experience emotions. Just don’t let them run your life and swing you like a pendulum. Is it any wonder that 60 to 75% of adults are on psychotropic drugs of some kind.

The Mental Energy Body – It is in the mental layer where our ideas come from. Belief systems or our descriptions are also stored here. This is where our thoughts are received from our higher self and then sorted out. In this layer our personal truths, or rather, our perceptions based on our experiences are housed, reasoned out and then reflected. But don’t forget a description is just a description. And reason doesn’t have an answer for everything. Even though it believes it does. This is where our Spirit inside rubs elbows with the Great Spirit. Or to put it another way, the Spirit of creation lets us know it’s there.

The Spiritual Energy Body – The spiritual layer of the human energy field is the last layer. The unknowable is just beyond. It has been said to be the place where our “consciousness” or “higher awareness” resides. But I liken it to the Spirit of all Consciousness. The One, the big Kahuna, The big Cheese. The Totality of ones Self. Where we stand with creation in all it’s glory, in awe, and wonder for eternity. What are you waiting for Christmas?

Birthing a New Humanity with and Energy Body
We stand before our Destiny. All we need is our Energy Body to take us the rest of the way.

It’s all one Body, Yours as a matter of fact. It’s just layers of the Energy Body with three depths. Well if this doesn’t help. I don’t know what will. Numbnuts, and you know who I am talking to.

Good Luck on your Journeys through your Energy Body. If you make it into the next world, and beyond. I will see you there. Maybe we can find (Dream Traveler) and his people there. He loves to kiss people, and fill their Spirit with Love.

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

And use it in your Energy Body


Winky, thumbs up to you
Well at least you have an Energy Body. I wish I just had a Body!

The Mastery of Awareness is finding the Energy Body. Would you rather be flesh and bones, or something more powerful. Meet your Energy Body!