The Big Bang

The Big Bang, or was that a Pop?

The Big Bang
The Big Bang. The expansiveness of consciousness.

Billions of years ago there was The Big Bang, or so we have been told. Let’s pretend that The Big Bang did happen the way it’s described. Throwing all those galaxies out on to the canvas of the Universe. Creating this wonderful experience we call life. Now What?

I have seen where artists place a canvas and then throw ink or paint at the canvas. Creating random works of art. As the medium hits the canvas it’s just like The Big Bang. The medium starts to spread out all over the canvas, dipping and flowing on the empty canvas of the Universe. Picture that we are some where out on the edges of the Universal canvas. And here we are experiencing this painting called life. As if it was the only life we have ever known. Could life really be a random act of art created by the GOD of the Universe? Are you a random act of consciousness created at the moment of The Big Bang?

Expanding you
Somewhere out there. There is you. Or are you The Big Bang?

The Big Bang

I have wondered whether I was there at that moment of The Big Bang. Or am I some random act of sex created by my parents? Out of all those little tiny swimmers this one just happened to make its way to the egg and Presto, I was born. What are the odds of that? One might say 100 percent, because here I Am. Come to think of it, I could have been a blow job with no chance at life at all. If I Am to believe that, than my father is GOD that created The Big Bang, as his father before him, and his father before him and so on, and so on. Which Reason would suggest we are all Big Bangs creating life on the canvas of the Universe. So in that sense we are all GODS creating The Big Bang.

To define ourselves as being a random act of sex, limits us to our little tiny space on the edge of some galaxy on the vast canvas of the Universe. Thus we must believe we are only inside our skin, in the vastness of this Universe. Well this consciousness must say good luck with that! You must be pretty lonely in there. To know that we are consciousness present at the moment of The Big Bang opens up the vastness of the experience of this thing we call life. So billions of years ago you where/are The Big Bang, or a random act of sex. Is there another choice? So choose!

The Big Bang as another meaning
Which one is you? Or could they all be you?

Sex and The Big Bang

For the sake of discussion let’s pretend you are a random act of sex. Living within the skin. With a life expectancy of 100 years, and then nothing. So from nothing you became and to nothing you will return. What is the sense of this experience? Well it would be for nothing of course. To experience nothing is of course your choice and that’s your free will to experience this. It is not for me to decide what your experience will be or should be. Is it important to you to know that you are GOD or that you are one with GOD? What difference would it make to you to know this? Because really you believe you’re an accident that just happened. Now you have to suffer this life you were thrown into. Because you have no choice. So life becomes something that happened to you as opposed to something you choose to be a part of.

However, there is another option. Which of course is the option I would choose for myself, but that’s me, and you are you. Since I AM me and this is my experience, and while I have this moment where my Spirit has the wish to share my experience and use the skin to write this post, The Big Bang. Simply because that’s what Spiritual beings do! I must leave the vastness of Spirit and step into the skin. As I explored my Spirit, I found that I longer needed words nor can I use words to describe the experience of Spirit. How does one put into words the feeling of being one with the Universe? To know that one is GOD. To coin a phrase, In the beginning there was the word, and the word was YOU. As Spirit doesn’t need words to know. In Truth, I haven’t had much to say. Why say anything at all, as I would just be talking to myself anyway. I have said everything all ready and shared my experience on this blog. It amuses me to think that it would only be me reading what I wrote. What more can be said?

So here we are. A complicated new being experiencing what we call life in the skin. Where we cut ourselves off from the rest of the Universe so we can have the experience of The Big Bang. Only to rediscover our consciousness again. What a funny game we play with our self. To be the expanse of the Universe only to cut our self off from what we are. Only to rediscover again what we truly are. We must be really bored. For me to be back in the skin is the boring part. As Universal Spirit is so vast and there is so much more I wish to explore and rediscover.

Dream Traveler shared some Magic
Seeing The Big Bang for what it is

So let’s play shall we? Let’s say the earth is just this big rock somewhere in this vast Universe. Separate from the Universe, and yet part of it. Is that even possible? How can something be part of something and separate at the same time? How can you be a part of this Universe and separate from it by the skin. It’s impossible! Can one separate the Heart from the body and still experience life? Therefore, one can not separate them self from the whole of the Universe and experience life. As all the parts make up the whole. Thus the Universe wouldn’t exist without you being a part of it. So in this way we become one with this experience we call the Universe and life. We become one. We are in a Cause and Effect relationship with creation. A duality. Be the Cause or be the Effect. However this only Causes the Effect of the separation. In Spirit one can be both which is The Singularity.

As I experience The Big Bang, I realize that my Spirit is still expanding. Creating new life, new worlds to experience and the Universe/Spirit is my play ground. So how would you define yourself, if you were GOD and you are. Than you are not something as a result of The Big Bang, you are The Big Bang pretending to be who you are in the skin, to experience what you wish to experience. Are you having fun yet?  Quit taking this life so serious. It’s only a game you are playing with yourself to rediscover yourself. Where everything and everybody is simply a reflection of you. To remind you of who you are. Remember, Remember, Remember.

Dreaming Spirit
The choice is yours to make

The Death of The Big Bang, Nothingness

For some Reason we have this Big fear of Death. Here maybe this experience will help with that. If consciousness were to die and experience nothing. How is nothing an experience? Well I guess it could be. But really what kind of experience is nothing. Consciousness is the experience, so if one is conscious than one can not experience nothing. Here try this. Try to experience or even conceive of nothingness. So quit worrying about death, as death doesn’t exist for consciousness/Spirit. It’s the EGO that’s worrying and the EGO doesn’t exist except in the mind of man. Enough about nothing let’s get on with life and the experience of The Big Bang.

So here you are at the very beginning of it all, being it all. When BANG!!!!!!!! As you expand into all those bubbles of perception you begin to experience the experience of the bubbles of perception as different points of view. The expanse of Consciousness/Spirit as it flows and vibrates with all the sounds of creation. We wake up never having gone to sleep. We begin to dream a dream, within a dream, within a dream, and we call that life.  When it is only a dream our consciousness is having while being awake. So you come into being, being a dream of being somebody else. In the Twinkling of an Eye you are and yet you don’t remember how you do it. Maybe you don’t need to remember because you all ready know. So in essence there is nothing to remember. Because you already know. You are The Big Bang! Enjoy the vastness of the experience.

Free Spirit
Born of Light and Love The Big Bang

Oooops, I Am slipping back into Universal Spirit and losing the need for words. We may meet again. Now that you have experienced The Big Bang what have you got to say? See your Speechless.

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Experience The Big Bang


Winky says
Was The Big Bang, GOD’S fart? Just wondering!

Sorry, I was just passing Gas, was that The Big Bang?


Using Death as our Adviser in Life.

The Death of a Terrorist

In a blog I have followed the writer mention that he was afraid of death. This is no surprise as most are. This encouraged this Doowan to write about death since I Am closer to mine with every moment. Isn’t it strange how birthdays remind one of their death as we get older? My definitive journey is fast approaching. So now seemed like an appropriate time to act and write about death and how it can be used to live ones life as an adviser.

The fear of death seems strange to me as it really boils down to being simply fear. All my life I have been faced with death as one involved in the practice medicine, I saw it on a daily basis. Yes, I know they call it a practice. True, it wasn’t my death I faced, but it was death never the less. But then again maybe it was my death. With each patient that died in front of me. I died too! So In essences, I have died a number of times, to many to count. This is why I feel I can write about death, having died so many times. After seeing death so much we became friends. This may sound strange that one would become friends with their death. But in fact this is true. Most people live in fear of death. How can one live life in fear of death? It seems like an oxymoron, like liquid gas.

Death, Life. What’s the difference?

Living life in fear of death only makes one afraid. Constantly afraid as death can touch us at any moment. This constant fear sounds a lot like the filers mind to me but that’s because, I know they exist. In my post The Enemy Within, I talk about who and what the fliers are. In the post Inner Silence I discuss how we deal with them.  So let’s talk about death. Which in reality we are really talking about life.

Death is mysterious only because one doesn’t know death. All our lives we have been taught to fear death and quit frankly, death is a little tired of this. Or so I’ve been told. We are sheltered from death at every turn in our lives, by our parents, friends, government, belief systems, and the like. All protecting us from something that is inevitable. Why? What’s so scary about death that we should never look upon it in real life. Yet, T.V. has nothing but death on it. You know, We read Murder mysteries because they excite us. Now that’s strange. Look closely and one will see death is everywhere. So why not become familiar with death. Make it a friend. We all have friends we don’t like, but they still come around. Just like death!

Death is indispensable ingredient to life its-self. In having to believe in death, without the awareness of life. Everything becomes ordinary. Dull, trivial without life. It is only because death is stalking us, we have to believe that life has a purpose. Life has meaning and in fact it does. Death makes our life and this world an unfathomable mystery. Having to believe in such a fashion is the expression of ones innermost predilection. Our predestined destiny. Can one imagine life without death? What would one do with immortality. What watch more T.V.or play more computer games about death?

Death Angel
What’s so scary about him? He’s an Angel after all.

Talking about Death

The prophet, Kahlil Gibran, wrote about Death and if I may, I would like to share this writing.  And he said:

“You would know the secrets of death. But how shall you find it unless you seek it in your heart of life? The owl whose night-bound eyes are blind unto the day cannot unveil the mystery of light. If you would indeed behold the spirit of death, open your heart wide unto the body of life. For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.”

“In the depth of your hopes and desires lies your silent knowledge of the beyond; And like seeds dreaming beneath the snow your heart dreams of spring. Trust your dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity. Your fear of death is but a trembling of the shepherd when he stands before the king whose hand is laid upon him in honor. Is the shepherd not joyful beneath his trembling, the he shall wear the mark of the king? Yet, is he not more mindful of his trembling?”

“For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun? And what is to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?”

“Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing. And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb. And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.”

That’s for you my friend!

Death, Death, Die
Death, Do You What to Dance? Or sit out this one?

The Dance of Life, for Death

We are more than just a body of flesh and bones, We are an impeccable spirit. Being only a body as man we must at least be a humble man. We cannot change the designs of our death. But our impeccable spirit, which has stored power after stupendous hardships. Can certainly hold our death for a moment. A moment long enough to let us rejoice for the last time in a recalling of our personal power we have struggle impeccably with for, in this life. We may say, that this gesture of deaths postponement is a gift, for those who have an impeccable spirit. It really doesn’t matter how one is brought up. What determines the way one does anything is their personal power and impeccable spirit. A man is only the sum of this personal power, and that sum determines how one lives and how one dies. When one focuses their attention on the link between ones self and their death. Without remorse, sadness, or worry, one can then focus their attention on the fact that one doesn’t have the time and let their acts flow accordingly.

One must let each act represent their last battle on earth. Only because under this condition will ones acts have their rightful power. Otherwise they will be, for as long as one lives, the acts of a fool.  Our impeccable spirit knows that death is waiting, and that this very act, that one is performing may well be their very last. I call it a battle because its a struggle. Knowledge comes through struggle, it never comes easy. Most people move from act to act without any struggle at all. In fact they avoid it when ever possible. However, Struggle tempers the spirit of man and in so doing brings an intimate knowledge of ones death. With our impeccable spirit one proceeds judiciously, as if every act were its last battle in this life. Give Death its due respect. It doesn’t demand respect, it earns it. Only a fool would fail to notice that their last act on this earth should be the best of themselves. Death is more pleasurable this way. It dulls the edge of their fright. There is a strange consuming happiness in acting with the full knowledge that whatever one is doing may very well be their last act/battle on earth. Making life and death one. Dance in life and death will watch, mesmerized, awe-struck, bewilder, in the wonder of your life. Death offers the gift of life for those willing to receive it.

 The Death of a Nation
Now this scares me to Death!

Using Death as an Adviser.

In the world were Death is the hunter, there is no time for regrets, doubts or fears. There is only time for decisions. It doesn’t matter what those decisions are. In the face of death, nothing could be more or less serious than anything else. In deaths world, there are no small or big decisions. There are only decisions that one makes in the face of their inevitable death. One must go all the way and assume responsibility for their actions. Without having doubts, remorse or fears about them. Death as our eternal companion. It always approaches one from the left. In fact it’s always at arm’s length behind us. Death is the only wise adviser that one truly has. Whenever one feels doubts, remorse, fear, self-importance, or regrets. One can simply turn to their left and ask death, have you touched me yet? Ones death being honest and a true friend will tell them, “I haven’t touch you yet”, after all what are friends for? My friend Death once told me about himself in this way. I AM a twirl, I AM a shiny cloud over the horizon. I AM the headlights behind you when you drive at night. I AM hiding in the bushes as you walk by. I AM talking to you now. I AM your computer screen as you type this blog. I AM Nothing, Nothing is here. Yet, I Am not here at all. I AM Invisible!

Life after Death
Do I look Worried?

Death is your Best Friend

When ever ones life seems to get the best of them. Knocks one down so to speak. When one feels anger, fear, doubts, pettiness, or self-importance. Living their petty lives as if death will never touch them. Remember this. Nothing really matters outside of Deaths touch! Is what one is feeling or acting out in that moment, the last act that one wishes to perform in their dance of life? Is this really the best of them-self at this moment?  If death were to touch one at this very moment. Would this moment represent their impeccable Spirit? If not, one of us has to change. In this way, Death becomes your adviser. Your one true mirror for self-reflection. Your friend in life, guiding one to be the best that one can be in any given moment. Allow Death to become your friend in life. It will be the always present best friend in one’s life, just like a true friend should be.

No need for the morbid fear we have been taught about Death. This is not what death is all about. Death is here so that we may live. Death is not the end of life. It is the beginning of ones living. Truly living life in fear of death is not really living at all. Living in fear of death is death. In Death one finally learns to live life. In Death one becomes truly free to live the life in the impeccable spirit we all are. It offers its gifts to us without expectation. That one will ever receive it’s gift. But it’s offered never the less. Receive the gift of life through death. Living in death, the possibilities are so vast that thinking about them. One must choose to explore them with no hope of ever understanding them. We need only to allow death to banish the doubts from our minds. Once these thoughts about death are banished anything is possible. Even life!

Death has a Gift
Death has a Gift for everyone!

Deaths Gift to the Impeccable Spirit

Death is the power that governs the destiny of all living beings. This Doowan calls it the Eagle. Not because it is an Eagle or has anything to do with an Eagle. But because it appears to the eye of a seer as an immeasurable jet black Eagle standing erect as an eagle stands. It’s height reaches to infinity. It has come to this Doowans attention through process of Inner Silence, thus seeing the Eagle, that this Eagle devours the awareness of all living creatures on this planet. A moment before had life, now are dead.

What’s interesting to note that awareness travels up to the Eagles beak as little bubbles of perception. Like a tiny swarm of fireflies floating up to meet their owner, their reason for having had life. In essence they are bubbles of experiences the creature has had through out it’s life. The process that the Eagle takes is rather eerie, if one must put it to a word. However, it’s fascinating to watch and is difficult to describe. At this point I AM wondering if I should even attempt to describe it for the reader.

But I will. So if one doesn’t want to know the process than skip this part and continue with the next paragraph below the picture. As the bubbles of awareness float up to the Eagles beak the Eagle disentangles these tiny flames, lights, or bubbles. It lays them out flat, as a tanner stretches out a hide, and then proceeds to consume them. Weird, isn’t it? It appears that awareness is the Eagle’s food. Very similar to the fliers consuming our glowing coat of awareness. But there’s nothing left after the Eagle feeds. It must be really hungry to consume all awareness that exists on this planet. For there is a constant flow. During these moments of seeing, one doesn’t judge, they just see. Judgements are for the average man to judge the level of their Self-Importance in their petty lives.

Death Watch
Death says
Watch be pull a life out of my Hat. Presto!

Deaths Chance at Life

The Eagle or Death’s Gift to the Impeccable Spirit is not a bestowal of freedom but a chance to have a chance at freedom. We Doowans except what gifts are offered. And we don’t look a gifted horse in the mouth. This gift is a gift to cross over to freedom. It does not mean eternal life as eternity is commonly understood. That is living forever. Rather our impeccable spirit can keep its awareness, which is ordinarily relinquished with death. What happens is that as one discover themselves in this death. Including, discovering that we are more than just this physical body. At that moment of crossing over, our energy body in its entirety is kindled with knowledge of its self and more. Allowing every cell of our energy body to at once become aware of itself and aware of its totality. In this moment we discover our gift of chance. Everything has been granted the power, if it so desires, to seek an opening to freedom and go through it. It is clear to the seer who sees the opening, and to the creatures that go through it, that the Eagle has granted its gift in order to perpetuate awareness.

The Eagle, that governs the destinies of all living thing, reflects equally and at once to all those living things. Therefore there is no way for humans to pray to the Eagle, or to ask it favors, in hopes of grace and forgiven of their sins. The human part of the Eagle is too insignificant to move the whole. Developing an impeccable Spirit is this Doowans endeavor. Thus, a chance at a chance is what I get to be free. I would guess at this point one could either take it or leave it. I haven’t met or seen GOD in my travels, so at this point. I have a chance at a chance for freedom. It doesn’t require faith, hope wishes, prayers, worship, or a belief in something unseen. It simply requires one to act in the discovery of ones self.  This is what my friend Death has shown me. What somebody else believes is not my concern. Good luck with all that! I truly wish you well.

We all face the fact of Death, and I would rather hear it straight from Death than to live in fear of not knowing. To each their own. Having my friend in death has taught me that life is perishes. Living life to its fullest in the face of ones death is true knowledge. It takes bravery, courage, forbearance, fortitude, strength, detachment, impeccability, and bunch of other cool words that Death has taught me. So what do you know about Death? As one can see, I don’t know a Damn thing about Death!

Death, What do I know?

This Doowan would like to leave you with one of his favorite poems. If I should ever have a tombstone. I would wish this to be engraved upon it.

I AM already given to the power that rules my fate.

I cling to nothing, so I have nothing to defend.

I have no thoughts, so I see.

I fear nothing, so I will remember myself.

Detached and at Ease

I will dart past the Eagle to be free…

Man, I Am going to need a big tombstone for all that. I hope we meet again on the other side of life. One just never knows what death has in store in ones definitive journey. I sure am glad that I met death early in my life while I am still living, as we have become good friends. With a friend like that who needs enemies! My one true friend indeed, Death see you soon.

In closing I offer one last glimpse of Death for the reader. I thank you for your understanding and patience as we walked hand in hand with my death, as I have seen it many times. Death is my friend and as such he doesn’t frighten me. In truth, I have seen him every where I go. I felt comfort in knowing Death was always there for me. This Doowan has only one thing in mind. Freedom. To die and be consumed by the Eagle is no challenge. On the other hand, to sneak around the Eagle and be free is the ultimate audacity. What fun!

Death's new look.How do you like him so far?
Death’s new look.
How do you like him now?

I know death looks scary, and this truly bothers Death to no end. Death can not help the way it looks to his acquaintances. Somebody has been passing around the wrong picture of Death. Death as ask me to paint a different picture of Death, so that he may befriended more individuals with life. Would you like to meet Death?  Here let me introduce the two of you! Hey, don’t run away he just looks scary!

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back


When Death touches us, it’s time to go.
My good Friend. I have somebody that wishes to meet you.

Death is a good friend and adviser. Shake hands with Death and greet life.

Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect Reality

Cause and Effect Universe
Cause and Effect Universe

With Cause and Effect we hardly ever realize that we can cut anything out of our lives, at anytime in the blink of an eye. Even life itself. Anything at any time can be cut, giving one amazing personal power to effect and cause a change. If that’s what ones wishes. Having a Cause does have Effects. Cause and Effect refers to the philosophical concept of causality, in which an action or event will produce a certain response to the action in the form of another event. This all sounds fine. However, having a Cause doesn’t always bring the desired Effect.

Deaths Cause and Effect

One lives by Acting, not by thinking about acting. In a Cause and Effect Reality. Thinking about acting or even thinking about what one will think about, once one finishes their act. Is what we Doowans call controlled folly. Control Folly can be described in this way. One shouldn’t worry about taking pictures or making tape recordings. Or gathering treasures that moths can eat and thieves can steal. These are superfluities of sedate lives. Really, one should only worry about their spirit, which is always receding to the point of our death. Death is our eternal companion. It sits always to our left, at arm’s length, behind each and every one of us. Doowans use Death as their adviser, truly our only wise adviser. As Death has a permanent Cause and Effect in our lives. When ever one feels as if everything is going wrong and one is about to be annihilated by the effects of their lives. One can turn to Death and ask if this is so. Death will tell one if one is wrong. And that nothing really matters outside of its touch.

Cause and EffectLife causes Death
Cause and Effect
Life causes Death

As long as one feels that they are the most important thing in the world. This creates a self-important Cause and Effect. One cannot really appreciate the world around them. Like a horse with blinders, all one see is them-self apart from everything else. Truth is we are all.  If we separate ourselves from all, with self-importance then we truly are alone. Hence, we die alone.

Whenever one decides to do something in the Cause and Effect Reality, they must go all the way. One must assume responsibility for what one does. It helps to know first, why one is Acting with cause, and then proceed with their effects without having remorse, doubts or expectations. This gives their acts power. The power to create effects. There is only time for decisions in the moment. NOW is all any of us, really have. Nothing could be more or less important than anything else. Using Death as an adviser one discovers, there are no small or big decisions in one’s life. There are only decisions one makes in the face of their inevitable Death. This allows one to deal intimately with their world, at the same time realizing the world that one perceives is just and illusion. In doing so one can tap it ever so lightly, stay for as long as one needs, then ever so swiftly move away. Leaving hardly a mark.

Cause and EffectWith out leaving a Mark
Cause and Effect
With out leaving a Mark

Cause and Effect  Spirit World

The core of our being is spirit. We chose only once to be our totality or to be ordinary humans. We can either be Humans attempting to have a spiritual experience. Or Spirit having a human experience. The Cause and Effects are of two different parallel realities. Choosing one or the other will have its Cause and Effects. A second choice does not exist. Not on this earth. Our being is the act of perceiving, and the magic of our being is the act of awareness. Perception and awareness are a single unit in the expression of ourselves. One functional inextricable unit. One can call it the human body or Spirit. The world of human body goes up and down and people go up and down with their world. That’s Cause and Effect.

Spirit on the other hand has no business following the ups and downs of the world of their fellow humans. Spirit offers one a new life and that life has to be completely new, of Spirit. One can’t bring into that new life their old ugly ways. If one makes a decision to take action, thus chooses Spirit. One must be prepared to die. If one is prepared to die there are no pitfalls, no unwelcome surprises,  and no unnecessary acts. Everything will fall gently into place. Simply, because one expects nothing. If ones Spirit wish to pay back for all the favors it has received, and it has no one in particular to address their payment to. One simply address it to the spirit of man, and whatever one puts in is more than enough. The account of humans is a very small account. Cause and Effect of the Spirit world is a much simpler affair.  The basic difference between and ordinary person and a Spirit person is that the spirit person takes everything as a challenge, while the ordinary person takes everything as a blessing or a curse. The ordinary person thinks that indulging in doubts, tribulations, and fears, is a sign of sensitivity and spirituality. When in truth the ordinary person is the farthest thing imaginable from being sensitive. Their puny reason deliberately makes them believe they are either a monster or a saint. But truthfully their reason is too small to make them either, in the immensity of the infinite.

Cause and Effect The miracle of Consciousness
Cause and Effect
The miracle of Consciousness

In Spirit, when one has nothing to lose one becomes courageous. Their acts take on a Cause and Effect that rests on the power of knowledge that one holds in Spirit. What is the sense of knowing things in reason that are useless? They don’t prepare one for the unavoidable encounter with the unknown. The unknown is something that is veiled by reason, perhaps shrouded by terrifying context. Only because reason fears the unknown. The unknown is nonetheless within the reach of man. Spirit allows the unknown to become known at a given moment.  To venture into the terrifying vastness of the unknown takes Spirit. Spirit has something greater than the greed of reason. To venture into the unknown one must have LOVE. A love for life, for intrigue, for mystery. One needs an unquenchable curiosity and guts galore that only the Cause and Effect of spirit can provide. To with stand its onslaughts and come out more live than ever before. It makes perfect sense that reason should be so frightened of the unknown. We all have an appointment with the unknown at some point in our lives. Why not become familiar with it before the appointment. Making Death less frightening to our reason.

Cause and EffectDo I scare you?
Cause and Effect
Do I scare you?

  Cause and Effects The Unknowable

The unknowable, on the other hand, is the indescribable, the unthinkable, the unrealizable. It is something that may never be known to the ordinary person or even the spirit person. But it is there never the less in its dazzling vastness. In Spirit one can experience the unknowable. A place where reason can never go. In Spirit we travel into the unknowable, with the mystery of our awareness. There the I Am mystery is all that matters. We are living beings, and we all have to die and enter the unknowable and relinquish our awareness. What if by chance there was a way we could change just a tinge of that, The Cause and Effects of the mysteries that await us are beyond our puny reason anyway. Something only our awareness can experience. Should one live life afraid to die, therefore never really living at all. When living in spirit offers new life and new mysteries. The power of Spirit in incalculable. Death only exists in our reason because we have intended it since the moment of our birth. Once we live in Spirit, the intent of our Death can become suspended. If fact, we are already dead in body. Only our Spirit lives on venturing into the unknowable. Only Death makes this life worth living in reason. Only Spirit makes death an adviser. Where they become good friends and venture into the unknowable together. What Mysteries to behold!

Cause and EffectWhat Mysteries to behold!
Cause and Effect
What Mysteries to behold!

Finding the Cause of spirit allows the effects and awareness of spirit. Spirit is the Cause and Effect of living this life. Some how we have lost our way into a body that awaits death. Seems like a waste of life to live and then die never discovering our spirit. Cause and Effect of believing we are only this body and therefore only human. When there is so much more to us as Spirit than we could ever imagine. As stated above, there’s only one choice to make live in Spirit or die in life. Really, there no choice at all.  Reason just thinks there’s a choice and what’s to believe it’s in charge. Just more controlled folly of reason. Spirit knows better and doesn’t care what reason believes. Spirit doesn’t have to believe it knows. What Mysteries to behold! What Mysteries to embrace! Cause and Effect!

Hope you enjoy this moment.

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back


Cause and Effect of living in Spirit.
BE the Cause and Not the Effect of living in Spirit.

Cause and Effect your Reality