Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness

Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness, Light speed is just to Slow

Dream Traveler Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness shared some Magic
Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness

Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness our Human Destiny opens up new realities and new worlds for our human discovery. Just imagine one can be any place at any time in an instant.

Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness with the power of Spirit/Consciousness is beyond imagination. Consciousness is Spirit, and as such, can not be block by any substance or barrier known. Mind over matter is the common expression.

I purpose, Consciousness over matter is more accurate. Since studies prove that Consciousness is not a function of the brain itself, it goes much deeper to the cellular level and beyond.

It’s the power of Heartmind Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness.

Feeling Love
Feeling Love. What’s in a feeling?

It’s been proven that resonance travels through a vacuum. In the Universal Void Field where Consciousness exists as a vibrational frequency, frequency has resonance.

Everyone one of us exists uniquely in this Universal Void Field though vibrational frequency or resonance. Plus, no two Consciousnesses are exactly alike in their resonance.

Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness through this Universal Void Field is instantaneous. Each and every one of us has the ability to travel to the stars and beyond in an instant, nothing can stop us.

Einstein once said, “Anyone who becomes seriously involved in the pursuit of Science becomes convinced that there is Spirit manifest in the laws of the Universe.”

In my discovery of Spirit, I found that Spirit is the one true GOD! Therefore, if one has Spirit, one is GOD. And GOD is everywhere at the same time.

Dreaming Spirit traveling at the Speed of Consciousness
Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness no vehicle needed

Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness

I purpose a new meaning to E=MC Squared. Einstein’s E=MC Squared is the premise for all Quantum Mechanics. However, Quantum Mechanics has no formula or way to deal with Human Consciousness, thus, Human Spirit.

The speed of light travels at 186,282 miles per second this equals 5.87 trillion miles per year call a light year. On our first level of Human Consciousness (Second Chakra), light speed is but a turtles pace.

Slow doesn’t begin to describe it. Through scientific studies done by Apollo 14 Astronaut, Edgar Dean Mitchell, Level one Human Consciousness was measured by psychics. Edgar Mitchell found that Consciousness has a better quality signal in space. Scientific studies seem to confirm that Consciousness travels instantaneously through the Universal Void Field.

At least it appears that way with the distances measured thus far.

Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness rising ones resonance
Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness is as easy as rising ones resonance.

Traveling with the Speed of Consciousness, the Chakra Centers

For Consciousness to travel instantaneously, Consciousness must travel, as slow as the speed of light squared. That’s 186,282 times 186,282 equaling  34.7 billion miles per second. Let me put this into a perspective we can measure with our brains. If we were to travel at First level Consciousness, (34.7 billion miles per second), we could leave the earth and travel to the sun in just 1/373rd of a second. This might seem fast, wait there’s more.

Traveling at Second level Consciousness

Second level Consciousness (Heart Chakra) travels faster. Second level Consciousness travels at the speed of light cubed. That’s 186,282 times 186,282 times 186,282.

Now we are getting some where in a hurry. That’s 64 x 64 Quadrillion miles per second, that ought to blow a few hairs back on your head.

To put this into perspective.The Pleiades Star System is 440 light years or 2.58 Quadrillion miles from earth. Traveling at the speed of light it would take us 440 years to arrive.

Traveling at Second Level Consciousness, we could make it there in a 1/4 second. Now we see the big picture, as Human Consciousness how powerful we are, and why the light forces want to keep us in the dark. Drug, and/or Poison us with fluoride and GMOZ … But wait there’s more.

Traveling at Third level Consciousness

Traveling at Third Level Consciousness (Crown Chakra and above) is light speed 186,282 times 186,282, times 186,282 times 186,282 or C to the fourth power. Now that’s fast, or shall we say ” Instantaneously”.

Our  Human Totality is beyond our Imagination, Presto!

What marvelous beings we are!!!! Now we arrive at this Wonderful Human potential, it’s our destiny!

Are you Spirit, do you what to keep things the same? Being a human stuck in the resonance of fear. Fear, fearing this change is just unimaginable. It keeps one vibrating at a much lower frequency. Fear one can never rise above.

We have waited for this very moment. Human Totality, Human Freedom!  Presto! Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness. Thank You Great Spirit!

Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness on the wings of Love
Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness all one needs is Spirit.

The Power of Human Consciousness Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness

Dr. Granville Dharmawardena writes that psychologists often speak of the mind and the body as two separate entities for convenience, most acknowledge that they are intimately entwined. Yet none knows exactly how intimately.

They are just guessing. So the mind-body problem keeps stubbornly resisting a definite solution.

Hey, take your Prozac or Ritalin and call me in the morning.

Philosopher John Searle, University of California, and Berkley) says that today’s philosophers are reluctant to tackle big problems about how people have been trying to understand their relationship to the living universe.

Therefore, it is a more elusive subject to deal with considerations that may have a role to play there. Attempts to understand brain and consciousness have been based on restrictive Newtonian classical science, exclusively the material realm composed of matter. We all know that Newton was a Masonic Member and a representative for the New World Order.

Consciousness on the other hand is neither physical nor biological. Consciousness is spirit.

Attempts to understand the brain-mind problem within Newton’s universe over centuries have introduced divisions and concepts that have become detrimental to having a new look at it from the point of view of modern science, more specifically quantum mechanics.

Just as the Earth was proved not to be the center of the universe, or flat, our current theories that govern our physical universe such as Einstein’s gravity theory and others may become obsolete in our understanding of reality very soon.

For example, astrophysicist can only account for about 10% of the matter in the universe. Dark matter was invented to account for the other 90%, but no one knows if dark matter even exists. Could it be that our theories are really 90% wrong, dark matter doesn’t exist, and there are actually other things that are beyond our current ability that determine our perception of our universe and reality?

Once Quantum Reality is viewed from the Human perspective our Consciousness affects the outcome or reality itself. So the answers is, yes…!

Many who research on the brain-mind problem proceed with a Newtonian assumption that consciousness is an emergent property of the brain, quantum physics indicates that consciousness is related to the awareness an electron appears to show in the wave/particle duality (double slit experiment). Quantum physicists have shown that the electron behaves differently when being observed by a Human Consciousness. Yet they fail to explain why or how this works.

First ever picture of and electron particle. But remember it knows your watching. Consciousness is an amazing thing.

Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness the Electron
Is it a particle or a wave? Only the Electron knows for sure.

When the electron is not being observed, the electron behaves like a wave, when an observing instrument is placed in the experiment, the electron behaves like a particle.

Go figure! How does it know we are looking at it? Could it be alive in the Universal Void Field? This experience indicates the electron will change its behavior/reality depending on whether or not the electron is being observed as if the electron is aware that it is being observed.

This awareness is very similar, if not the same, as human awareness and may be related to the same consciousness. In the Universal Void Field as a Vibrational Frequency. Maybe the electron is Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness!

Some researchers consider consciousness as another property, emerging as a result of trillions of electrical pulses shuttling across the brain. According to this, consciousness is only a property and not an entity. A Self Limiting hypothesis for the convenience of others.

John Searle introduces consciousness as a natural biological phenomenon that does not fit comfortably into either of the traditional categories of mental and physical, caused by lower level micro processors in the brain. However, on the basis of practical observations made by cutting edge scientists, these assumptions have been rejected and now consciousness is regarded as a non-material entity capable of independent eternal existence similar to the electron in the double slit experiment. Hence, consciousness can change reality just by being aware of itself.

Energy Body and Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness
The Energy Body is Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness we can’t pick up rocks but who cares?

Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness

Death is non-existent.

Consciousness is, therefore, a non-material entity independent, eternal existence, and not a property of the human mind. Therefore, death is non-existent, we are Spirit! Consciousness is not emergent, and is eternal similar to the electron. It can remain localized in the human brain and interact with the brain, and thereby, control the activities of the human body. While electrons in the brain behave as particles, these electrons prevent the consciousness from realizing that it is part of a larger whole. When the electrons behave as a wave, the consciousness becomes aware of its existence outside the human mind.

When a person is awake, and you are awake aren’t you?  Information about his/her surroundings is presented to his/her brain by his/her sense organs. The brain processes and computes millions of bits of information presented to it every second by the sensory organs and presents the processed information to consciousness.

I ask you,…What is receiving the data?

At this time, electrons in the brain behave as particles. Thus, the information we process is always in the past, as we now see light speed is slow. Through this process, consciousness remains aware of its surroundings and we say that the person is s-conscious of his/her surroundings. When this link between consciousness and the surroundings is interrupted and consciousness is not able to be aware of events in its surroundings, thus becomes aware of events in a dream state, we say that the person is s-unconsciousness.

It has been found that when a stimulus is presented to a anesthetized sensory organ, all brain processes relevant to that stimulus takes place as if he/she is not anesthetized.

Physicist and Pharmacologist Susan Greenfield (Professor of Pharmacology at Oxford), points out that none has yet pointed to a single event that occurs in the awake brain, and not in anesthetized brain.

Simply stated, Particle Bad…. Wave good!

Hence, when a person becomes s-unconscious, the property severs the link between consciousness and the brain turning on the electron wave function. During this event, consciousness can dis-embody and observe events in the surroundings directly without the help of any sensory organs, keep them in memory and relate what was seen, after consciousness returns to the body and re-established links with the brain. The dis-embodied consciousness possesses visual, auditory, and olfactory senses, as stated in the Three Attentions of Human Kind. While dis-embodied, the consciousness experiences a new perception of reality outside of one’s self, I-ness, or oneness. Simply called EGO.

Quantum systems are essentially unified, so are our thought processes.

David Bohm says, “Thought processes thus quantum systems are analogous in that they cannot be analyzed  in the literal terms of elements, because the intrinsic nature of each element is not a property existing separately from, independently of other elements, instead is a property that arises from its relation with other elements.”

Bubbles of Perception,Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness to other worlds Playing with Reality
Each Bubble is a Reality all it’s own. Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness will take no time at all.

We conclude that consciousness is a quantum mechanical entity that can have an independent existence. It can localize in the human brain when the electron is in a particle state. This provides the necessary quantum mechanical base for it to interact with and function in the brain.

Remember the brain is made up of cells and cells have Consciousness. When the state changes to that of a wave, consciousness takes flight and starts floating. It takes away with it part of the contents of the memory. It possesses the ability to acquire visual, auditory and olfactory information in spite of the fact that there are no sense organs associated with it

This information is produced by the consciousness projection of a different reality caused by the change in state of the electron, which one may interpret later as reality, a dream, or hallucination that comes from an altered perception of reality.

The human body is nothing more than a bunch of quantum particles arranged in such a way it provides a place where consciousness can reside to experience the material, physical,, quantum  world at a specific consciousness level.

Consciousness/Spirit having a Human experience. Think of the human body as an adjustable spray nozzle on the end of a hose, with consciousness flowing through the hose.

Right now, the nozzle is at the low setting, only a little consciousness is allowed out of the hose. We are about to instantly adjust to the next higher setting (state of consciousness), where more consciousness is ready to flow. The shift to this next setting will be  instantaneous, and will be caused by an event, coming soon. To a consciousness near you.

Our reality is similar to the MATRIX, an evil computer that is manipulating humans? It is our universal consciousness that is projecting our physical reality causing quantum particles to vibrate in-phase.

Turn-off consciousness and quantum particles stop vibrating and all matter evaporates and ceases to exist. This isn’t going to happen, nothing can turn-off consciousness because consciousness is eternal. Hurray!

Oooops, sorry Zombies you don’t have Spirit. Consciousness exists everywhere, at the same time and space. Consciousness may be what causes the universe to expand in an accelerating fashion. Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness.

Consciousness is accelerating holographic projections out into space and creating space-time and matter.

Free Spirit Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness
Born of Light and Love. We are Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness why sweat the small stuff

The hologram our universe is real. Sounds crazy, I know, but this will be proven soon. Funny how its the EGO that needs proof?… The Spirit Knows!!!.

Read these article about the Hadron Collider Physicist who believes he has found proof that our physical reality is a holographic projection from a singularity.

Or just go back to sleep! It’s OK, you will be Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness in your dreams.

While one is Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness just wave as one goes by.

The power in Spirit.
Flying on the Wings of Consciousness with Creation under my Wings

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Your Power Back

Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness

CJC. Thunderbird

Do you have any travel plans?
Do you have any travel plans?

Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness, hold on to your hat.



Birthing a New Humanity

We are at the crossroads. Of Birthing a New Humanity, and a New Paradigm. It’s time to give birth.

Crying Baby
I Want, I Want, I Want
A New Paradigm.

We are the ones humanity has been waiting for. Trust your intuition. We are connected to creation. We are the creators. Birthing a New Humanity is what we do best. It is up to us to make the difference. The difference being, what kind of life, what kind of future do YOU want to experience?

We are all awakening to the fact that we have lived in an illusion. We are discovering pieces of the puzzle and have been afraid to take the pieces out of the box and start putting the puzzle together. Simply because we don’t know what kind of picture will be on the puzzle face. Being a creator, you can create the picture you want to see.

For thousands of years humanity as been kept in the dark living in fear. If this is the kind of future you want to see for yourself. Than put the pieces back in the box, put the lid back on. Sit back, you are there.

Birthing a New Humanity

Spiritual stairway to heaven
Taking the high road to Birthing a New Humanity. We’ve been down for to long.

However, if one would like to create a new picture of humanity. We need to start putting this puzzle together. Birthing a New Humanity is the name of this puzzle. The picture on the face is up to each an every one of us to paint. We are all Artists of Spirit. We are Spirit. Learning to paint this new picture of humanity with the paint brush of Spirit is what this time, this moment, is offering us. The most difficult part of this painting is deciding what to paint. Once this has been accomplish we will know what colors to use and how to design the painting.

In Inner Silence, I wrote about the parasite that has controlled humanity, using us like cattle, for a food source for thousands of years. In Computer Human I wrote about the programming of our minds. All though this sounds like a fairy tale, unfortunately this is very true. The time has come because of divine intervention and cosmic forces, humanity has the opportunity to change this.

Birthing a New Humanity and a New Paradigm
Hey, I never said we were going to be a beautiful baby. LOL

Birthing a New Humanity is this opportunity. In essence, giving birth to a new future for humanity. For many this will be like a new mother giving birth to her first child. The fear of the unknown is sometimes overwhelming. Until the moment it happens and all is well. Yes, there is some pain involved. And yes there is some bleeding. But after the delivery there is this beautiful new life, that exists, that we hold in our hands. Humanity is on the threshold of this very thing. Holding a new life in our hands. Pure Spirit, unselfish, unconditional love.

But one has to want it. One has to nurture it. One has to love it for the new life to have a chance at life. Other wise it falls back into darkness never to see the light again. We have this one opportunity in our lifetime to make this birthing a success. Please, don’t waste it because of fear.

Birthing a New Humanity
Artist of Spirit, Dreaming with the Art of Dreaming a New Human Paradigm

The world is changing. The Earth herself is changing. Humanity must change as well. As change is the only constant. It’s Humanities time to change to be uplifted from the darkness of the womb to be born into the light. But like the child, one has to want it. As in child-birth there are no guarantees. It’s possible that this Birthing a New Humanity may not happen. This scares me more than the process. For humanity to be stuck in the darkness of total subjugation and slavery for eternity is more frighting than I care to imagine. But this is where we are headed, if we don’t make a change. The groups that are in control are from out of this world. They have been here for thousands of years. This is not to say that all off world life has this same intent.  In fact some are here to help us. But if one has never known or believed in other life forms in the universe. How would one ever know who’s who? Of course one can pretend that none of this is real and go on their merry way right into the darkness. As the Human Spirit has free will. No one will stop you and the truth is. No one is coming to save you from yourself either.

It’s time each and every one of us assumes responsibility for our self. You are Spirit, you are a creator. There is no need for anybody else, as you have the power to do it all for yourself. And the truth is only you can do it for yourself. This how we all come together for Birthing a New Humanity. Each and every one of us becomes the change. The change is very simple. Become Spirit. Your Spirit. This Spirit is inside each and every one of us. Spirit is the power for Birthing a New Humanity. A Humanity of Spirit with the power of Spirit.

Human Consciousness
Given one more chance to get it right. One more chance to find Spirit

We have been convinced that we are weak and that we can do nothing of ourselves. We need GOD or Jesus to save our souls. This is an illusion and the way we have been controlled. Even the Catholic Church is abandoning Christ for some alien savior. Why? Have they been telling us a story that is untrue and now they can take it no further? So the powers that be will play out Revelations because that’s what we have believed in. We bought into this Passion Play. So now they want us to believe another story. Some Alien race will come down and save us. Will this be the second coming of Christ?

I am not suggesting you believe or disbelieve. But to worship someone or something because someone says too. Is the act of a fool. Oh, that’s right one needs blind faith. Blind Faith in a story told to us, by the very group that is now changing their story.

When in truth GOD is within each and every one of us. If one wants to know GOD, than tap your Spirit. Your Spirit is the source of GOD that one should worship. If one needs to worship something. Whether one worships something or someone make no difference to truth. If by chance I am wrong. Than I suffer the consequences, but if by chance I am right. Than a great number of souls are saved. The choice is yours and always has been yours. This is the power of you and your Spirit.

Birthing a New Humanity
Everything we need is inside of us at this very moment.

What I am suggesting, is that one holds their belief/worship in someone or something until the truth is revealed. Than one can decide their mind. Why rush in to the unknown.

Birthing a New Humanity is the belief in one’s self to make a difference. The belief that one can make a difference. If not you, than who?

Extraterrestrials are not gods. They maybe more advance in Spirit and Technology, but they are not gods. Don’t be a fool. Your soul is on the line here. Keep it until the last moment. When there is no doubt. Until than enlighten yourself. Discover your Spirit. This is where the truth lies, within you. It’s been said, that Humanity is genetic Royalty. We have 22 different species within our DNA. Is it any wonder they have abducted us to create Hybrids? This doesn’t make us better than anybody else, it just means we are different. Empower yourself with this knowledge. You are more powerful than you may know, that power is within you. We all come from somewhere else in this universe and beyond.  We find ourselves here and now. There is no better place to be, but in the discovery of ones self.

Birthing a New Humanity with the power of you. By doing so we stop giving them the attention they crave and make it impossible for them to take from us any longer. We have given enough. My soul is not for sale and my sovereignty is mine to keep.

Our Angelic Destiny
Birthing a New Humanity. What is it you wish to experience?

Birthing a New Humanity is taking our attention and turning it to focus on something we, humanity can paint and live with. Painting a picture with the brush of Spirit. Of a better future for us and our children. Where we live in peace with each other. Where the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. We can do this, we must do this, if we are to survive in freedom and take our rightful place in this Universe. The time is now! To create a new paradigm and allow the old paradigm to crumble. As the old paradigm has only served a few. On the backs and out of the pockets of the many.

Finding ones Spiritual center by deciding what is really important. Will put ones Spiritual house in order. What ever that is and however that looks to you is the most important aspect of living in Spirit. Therefore, regardless of what happens to the old paradigm, we have a new paradigm of Spirit to transcend the hardships we are about to face. With Spirit we can transcend these hardships and come out the other side intact with Spirit and a new love for life.  Where we finally meet our star families in unconditional love. This is our destiny if and only if, we can Birth a New Humanity.  There are no guarantees because it is up to each and every one of us to make this change to Spirit. To Birth a New Humanity. I can only decide for myself. As the same applies to you. If by chance you do decide to live in Spirit, as I have done.

Child of the Universe
We have a New Baby.
A Child of the Universe. A new Humanity

Than the Birthing process has started and soon we will be delivering a bouncing New Humanity to present to the ever-changing Universe. Congratulations! We have arrived.

It’s a brave New Paradigm we face. With a future full of wonder and surprise! Of freedom, wisdom, and LOVE. Where we live in harmony with the Universe. Where each and every one of us is empowered with Spirit. Where we are all for one and one for all. Where everyone contributes and every ones needs are taken care of. Where no one is left behind and no one is lacking. Where everyone lives in truth, and nothing is hidden. Let’s embrace it, let’s empower ourselves with this new paradigm. Sharing our new vision, our new dreams. Calling towards our self the power and the freedoms we have been seeking. Using our Power of Intent to create the world we wish to live in. This is our source of strength, our power of creation, our Spirit.

The Third Eye Connection
Our Power our strength in Spirit Our Third Eye is where we can finally see God and our connectedness to all.

Separately, together we can make this happen. Spirit is how we are all one and yet individuals at the same time. The Spirit of all becomes one Spirit in the power of each and every one of us.

We have arrived and where we go from here is matter of creation. Our creation. We the People of the Kingdom and the Power of Spirit. Forever and ever. Birthing a New Humanity, a New Paradigm. Congratulations! It’s human.

The Incredible You.

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back

Birthing a New Humanity Won’t be easy.


Winky, thumbs up to you
Life without freedom, isn’t life at all.

Doowans News & Events is touching your heart with things that matter. Together we are strong. Speak The Language of the Source of Creation. Grow in the Consciousness of Gardening. We planted the Seed. Become the source of creation for you and your family. It’s Time, Create! Connect with Spirit, Become Spirit. You are a powerful part of creation. Creation is in your hands.

The Power of Spirit is within you, Birthing a New Humanity


Consciousness between the moments of time?

Changing Human Form
Moments of matter

This is not an attempt to define Consciousness, as why would one do that? What we can do is experience Consciousness.

By defining it, one places their Consciousness into a little bubble of perception. In so doing, we give it a description. That description is all of what one may know with their reason. But consciousness as we’ll discover, is so much more. To do this we must become aware of awareness.

One may assume that Consciousness and Awareness are the same thing. And in fact are used interchangeably. But from this Doowans experience. This just isn’t so. As one can be conscious and yet unaware. To make my point, I’ll suggest sleep which is something we are all familiar with. During sleep we still have Consciousness. But from my experience in some stages of sleep, we become unaware. One may ask. What about dreams? Well that’s an excellent point, what about dreams? Does one really have awareness in their dreams. I believe that depends on the individual. Some individuals are totally aware in their dreams and can do things and go places at will. For this Doowan that’s true Dreaming. The other is just watching movies. A more accurate statement would be with their intent. But that’s just semantics, even though will and intent are different, let’s stay on topic.

During sleep we go through different stages and in some of those stages brain waves take on a different frequency and amplitude. The stage I AM referring is called Delta sleep. When subjects were awakened during this stage of sleep and asked if they were dreaming. They all said no. They said there was blackness. This comes from first hand experience as I was the one waking them up during the course of my 8 year sleep study practice. This is when I became aware that Consciousness and Awareness are different. The subjects were still alive or living which I consider to be consciousness to a degree, but were unaware of themselves as individuals until woken up.  One might say they were unconscious again this is just semantics and a definition.

Awareness is being aware of the body your in
Awareness is being aware of the body your in

 A Closer look at Awareness

Again defining Awareness gives it a description. That’s fine if one realizes that it’s just a description. So with that in mind. Let’s take a closer look at awareness. So what is Awareness? For myself, I define awareness as my consciousness experiencing awareness. That is to say our Consciousness experiences life with Awareness. I know this sounds as if I Am running in circles but bear with me for just a moment. Or read Computer Human.

Our Consciousness is experienced human awareness through our 5 senses. Sight, Touch, Hearing, Taste, Smell. But wait there’s more. Although they aren’t consider senses there’s Reason, Feelings, (Emotions), Will, Intent, Intuition, Knowing and Dreaming. Do we not experience life from these as well? You bet we do! Yet they aren’t considered Senses. That’s not what’s important here. But it does make one aware that Awareness has a lot more to it, then what we are aware of. LOL To be fully aware we must be able to tap all of these elements of awareness. Using only 5 or even 7 of these elements, all though we are aware, one is not fully aware of any given moment unless all these elements are in use.

Consciousness Look into my eyes and from my eyes
Consciousness Look into my eyes and from my eyes

Let’s say just for example, that one can take their consciousness out of their human body and place it in into another living being. Let’s say a lizard. One can see than that their experience of life would be totally different. Their Awareness of life would be that of a lizard. What your consciousness experiences is the Awareness of the lizard. All the sense of a lizard would be at one’s disposal. In essence one would be a lizard. Now let’s say that the consciousness we just transferred to the lizard. As able to be conscious of having come from a human. Could this Consciousness experience human life with a lizard body? Not likely, However it could experience a lizards life and have lizard experiences. Which in turn could be stored in one’s consciousness but the Awareness would be that of a lizard. Don’t ask me how I know this. Let’s just say a lizard showed me.

My point is here is that Consciousness is what’s having the experience of Awareness. Be it lizard or human. Time to go back to the human body awareness with our consciousness before we forget. And remain a lizard. Presto! We’re back. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. But that’s a matter of awareness. See what I mean?

Consciousness comes from our energy body
Consciousness comes from our energy body

A closer look at Consciousness

So as we see from Awareness. Consciousness is what’s having the experience. Awareness is how we interpret the experience. So what is Consciousness? For lack of a better description. I would have to say it’s the life force. Energy, the energy that gives life. Call it spirit, soul, GOD what ever description works for you. Man, you readers ask some hard questions. Let me see if I can answer it this way.

When and man and a woman conceive a child. They each give a part of them self to this child. We all know what it takes for this to happen. The question is, what is Consciousness? I Am suggesting that the part we give in this act is a part of our consciousness. Each of us gives a little part of this energy that gives life to this child that has just been conceived. Conceive means to cause to begin. What a great description. To cause to begin.

This energy is what I would consider to be Consciousness. What interesting to note is that it takes the mixing of two forms of the same energy to create life as we know it. Could this mixing create a vibration? After all life is a vibration. Anyway, whether this energy force is contained in the sperm and egg only. Your guess is as good as mine. What I do know is that human life with consciousness as far as we know, can not be created any other way.

My understanding is that this life force enters the conceive being at some point which I will not debate. Whether this life force comes from the parents, or comes from some other force. That’s Consciousness. Without consciousness there is no awareness. Yet as describe above the opposite is possible. So consciousness must be the driving force. But alas, again that depends on ones awareness. Consciousness has the awareness. Mans awareness is but one focal point of perception within all consciousness. Since I believe we have an energy body. That energy body can take our awareness and sail the seas of consciousness.

On the Sea of Consciousness
On the Sea of Consciousness

I know that there is life in this universe that has Consciousness without an organic physical body. And yes they are aware. What this means to me is, Consciousness doesn’t need a physical body to be aware. Consciousness has awareness. Maybe being human with its awareness is an essential ingredient to enact our evolution of our Consciousness.

All in the universe is a state of energy. Thus, our Consciousness is the force of energy which all realizations arise, be they intellectual, emotional, or physical.  The core of our energy body is part and parcel of this magical, mysterious force of consciousness. Therefore, our core connects directly, and intimately with this force and it’s potential.  All our descriptions create cohesions to this force through our realizations generated by our descriptions. The trick is to burn off or stop these descriptions or cohesions that are encumbering our awareness of our energy body. This fully brings our core, our Consciousness to the foreground of our awareness. Doing so awakens us completely.

Our Consciousness is awaking up
Our Consciousness is awaking up

We become fully conscious, fully aware. What a wonderful state to be. Can we define consciousness with our reason? That’s like asking, if GOD can create a rock that GOD can’t lift. Instead I ask, Why would he/she? Why define Consciousness, Experience it instead. Somethings are just meant to be experienced. So we can stand in awe.

Another blog I follow brought up the question of Consciousness and Time. As I was chopping a cord of wood. I was in meditation about this whole concept. I wish I had another cord to chop as that one flew by without me being aware of time.  He asked: Is time divided in “instants?” That is, is time continuous or discrete? This person is really smart when it comes to physics. I was going to reply on their blog but they also dislike advice. So I felt, that by writing this post, I could write a blog and not give them advice. Anyway, During my meditation I was unaware of time. This was my experience, so I’ll share what I discovered.

Consciousness in space-time
Consciousness in space-time

I found that we as Consciousness create our reality. Our reality is created from moment to moment. I also discovered that we recreate ourselves in each moment. This moment to moment creation looks like the passing of time. But we only have the moment in which to experience. I have written about parallel realities and dimensional shifts so let’s use that example.

We exist in this parallel reality in this moment. In the next moment we create another parallel reality and walk into the moment. Walking is just a figure of speech. Does that other parallel reality still exist?  One could say it still exists in the past.  But our consciousness is in the present moment. In the chopping of wood it appeared as if each moment enfolded into the next moment and the next. I guess one could say that time is the enfolding of the moment into the moment. What I discovered is that it was the same moment. The only way to tell the difference from moment to moment with Consciousness was the amount of wood that was chopped. So one could just as easily say with Awareness, time is chopped wood.

By experiencing now, time stands still. At the very least it slows down giving us more time.  In my experience I have notice that there are moments, for lack of a better word, that are in between moments like spaces. An example it might look like 101010. Where zero is the space. I don’t know for sure but I feel the zero is where we recreate our reality. Because we recreate our new reality with the same beliefs we had the moment before the new reality looks exactly like the old reality. We don’t notice any difference. But if one is able to experience the spaces one can stop time. In the space we are able to look backwards in time and look forward in time. Maybe this is what the scientists are calling space-time.

Consciousness What's missing in this picture?
Consciousness, What’s missing in this picture?

As I was saying, zeros are the spaces between our timed reality moment. Haven’t tried this yet but since the one enfolds into the one, or moment into moment. Maybe the zero spaces do as well. To answer the question, “Is time divided in “instants?””  From my experience at the wood pile, I would have to say YES it is. To answer the next question, “That is, is time continuous or discrete?” Although redundant, I would answer have to answer NO to the first part and YES to discrete. Taking the example of 1010, time looks as if it’s continuous because we experience the ones of reality. But when one experiences the zeros of reality. Time would stand still as well. I AM getting a headache. My (Reason) still likes to put up a fight. Next time the moment presents it’s self. I think I’ll hanging out in the zeros for a time. LOL Presto, I AM gone.

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