The Source Field

The Source Field, a vast Field of Light Information.

The Source Field
The Source Field is a vast Sea of light Information. Tap the Source

Picture The Source Field as an infinite Field of Light Information that transcends all space between matter, energy, and time. The Source Field existed before the big bang, before any matter existed. If you have read Spiritual Beings. One might consider this as the infinite or the first infinite of God. As there was only light. Darkness came about because of matter casting its shadow. Of course we may believe there was darkness and then the light. But like most things we have been taught, we have them backwards.

The Source Field provides a template for this information exchange. As light contains information. Light can create DNA out of pure water. And as we all know DNA is the building block of life. Because of the formation contained in light, matter takes on many molds.  All one needs to do is dial in the The Source Field to receive the information required.

The Source Field
There’s more out there than meets the eyes

If we use the analogy of a radio, we can imagine our Heartmind as being the radio receiver. We simply use it to dial in the different frequencies of The Source Field, and Presto! We are able to select from the many stations or frequencies that The Source Field is transmitting. Which ones you choose depends on your desires, as you adjust the dial until the reception is clear for you. Once you have turned in to a particular station, you will not be able to hear the other stations, yet you’ll know they exist. The Source Field has all the information that is available in this universal creation of light.

This is a practical guide, as I will offer some visualizations as ways one can get access to The Source Field Information as your particular need arises. Some people can make access through the eyes and others through sound some experimentation is required on your part to find out which one works best for you.

Ehe Source Field Brain Child
Even The Source Field knows better than this. It takes heart to tap the Source

The Source Field

We all have access to the same information. An infinite amount of information is passing through us at this very moment. Using ones Heartmine to determine which information is relevant to you must be first felt and then reasoned. This is how we decipher and analyze the incoming signal to obtain the information that is useful to us. As it must be decoded to be meaningful and you are the filtering mechanism.

We are all equally connected to The Source Field, this makes us truly one within this human dynamic and at the same we are connected to the whole of humanity at the same time through the web of connectivity. This is how we are all one and yet we maintain our selectiveness. Consider the Internet. You are separate, yet you can connect and search out the entire web for the information you desire. A separate self from the collective of all of humanity is an illusionary concept designed to keep humanity separate and disconnected from The Source Field and the body of humanity. We must realize at we are all energy from the same source and that our individual realities are subjective. Subjective in the sense of a description of reality that we have been taught. Since humanity has a collective in the forms of beliefs and we have different belief systems we have created a reality of separateness.

The Source Field Shadow
It’s a dance of Light and Shadow we all do

This is for convenience, but whose convenience is what humanity is now awaking into.  We are starting to discover that what happens in one part of the world can effect humanity in another part of the world. As we tune into the collective we find that what happens to our fellow-man is happening to us as well. We can choose to ignore the plight of our fellow-man or we can choose to join in and help where we can. Therefore you can influence how you perceive your reality in any way you wish. However by join into the collective and changing our perspective from separateness to the collective we begin changing the Tonal of the collective.

Thus we start reflecting a vibration of love and compassion for our fellow-man, we begin to change the world that’s reflected by the Tonal of humanity. In Feeding the Beast I go into great depth about how this all works. Simply, if we choose to main separate, we separate our selves from The Source Field, as no man is an island. What good is having a computer to connect to The Source Field (Internet), if one chooses not to connect to the web?  The only information one can get access to is the information that has been input into the separate computer (Individual).

Butterfly Nebula
We fly though The Source Field. When World collide.

The Source Field, Reality at Large and Small

The Source Field is an archive of universal information on both the microscopic and macroscopic levels. It assist in the coordination of every cell of the body of humanity and with your separate body as well. We must connect in order for the cells of the body of humanity to exchange intelligent data. As every feeling and thought is part of our self so is every feeling and thought part of the collective of humanity. Our growth individually or as a collective depends upon this communication. As we are all cells of the immense collective of the Universe. We either cooperate with the body our become a foreign cell and be expelled from the body or cut out like cancer.

The Source Field contains all data about the Universe of which we are apart. As everything in the universe is alive. All matter is alive. Even light has life.  This collection of information from The Source Field contains all information from the smallest subatomic particle to the immense is contain in light and connects everything and everybody. One does not need to travel to a specific location to receive specific information from The Source Field. As The Source Field in its entirety is at all points in the universe at all times. What this means is that at anytime or anywhere one is connected to all the information in the universe.

We are bubbles of perception in The Source Field
We are bubbles of perception in The Source Field

If one understands the concept of The Source Field they will immediately understand the Source of all the mystical powers of Telepathy, Clairvoyance,Remote Viewing, Healing, Telekinesis, and all those mystical powers we wish we had. The amazing thing is we do have them. One just needs to dial them in and Presto! Your physic, but so is everybody else. Just like in the T.V. program Bewitched all one needs to do is pull their ear lobe and wiggle their nose and they can make anything appear or disappear. Don’t you wish it was that easy? Well in reality it’s even easier than that. But first one has to know and then realize that The Source Field is there. Funny they never taught this in school. I wonder why? NOT!

If you are, than you need to connect to the internet and start connecting with The Source Field. Figuratively speaking, or not. It must be stated that intention is what allows and person to influence the physical realm remotely. As our Intent effects The Source Field locally, which then can influence the field in another locality. This happens far beyond our conscious awareness. But it happens ever the less. We can influence greater changes with our intent by understanding how to clearly focus our intent in order to affect events.

Cats Eye Nebula
Notice the Source Field of Light around this Nebula

Intent and Connectivity to The Source Field

Our consciousness, as energy, appears to generate spontaneous links to The Source Field. Our individual consciousness is how we relate to every experience. By understanding more about the nature of our consciousness. We will be better equipped to understand how our feelings and thoughts affect our intent, therefore The Source Field. Need help? See Mastery of Awareness.

This will begin to help one with cleaning their consciousness of all the unwanted needless beliefs and habits we have picked up since birth.  It’s been said garbage in, garbage out. So the reverse is true. Pure energy in. Pure energy out. Since we are the filter of our experiences the purer the filter the purer the reflection of energy as it flows though us to be focused. Since we only need the tiniest amount of intent to affect The Source Field. The cleaner our feelings and thoughts the better the results will be.  Or said another way, The closer our intent is to the intent of The Source Field the better the results of our intent will be. As we all know, the most powerful vibration/frequency/force in this universe is love. To closer we come to expressing this force the more we connect with our intent, and the intent of The Source Field.

The web of interconnectedness, The Source Field of information, contains every possible event, past, present, and future. I know this is hard to wrap ones head around so don’t try.  If one must think. Think of it as a potential. From this potential, the potential of events the observer creates their own reality. Each of us creates an order or pattern through the act of observation. Our feelings, thoughts, words and actions are expressions of what we perceive as our reality. If we remember our reality is subjective to a description. Simply by the act of observing an event we have an influence on that event. If in doubt. Investigate the observed electron. There is no way we can understand or reason this theoretical objective reality in any way without making it subjective. To achieve pure objectivity we would have to be observing an event from outside our universe. Therefore, all our perceptions are biased opinions. This makes them subjective.

Could this be Winky's Home? Shound we ask him?
Could this be Winky’s Home? Should we ask him?

The Source Field and Beliefs

All though this sounds complicated it’s really not. Here, let me say it another way.  A person’s pattern of observing their reality or life shall we say? Is a direct result of their own experiences. The way we filter the information we have observed and then process for our own use is our individual consciousness. This is why we have a unique view of reality. This becomes our foundation for our individuality. Even though our consciousness extends into The Source Field and connects to everything and everybody else. Simply, if we have a feeling of mistrust and suspicion of people from past experiences. Our current events will reflect this mistrust and suspicion. Therefore the reverse of this is true. When we change our beliefs we change our reality. I don’t see an easier way of saying this.

Therefore one just has to experience it to know if it true or not. Our belief in God is our strongest belief that a human may have. I use it a lot in my writings because of this fact. If one can change this one belief for just a moment. And I know this is very scary because God may be come angry with you. But if you could one might find that what they believe is not the God that is out there in the universe. One can always go back to believing what they did before. Or can they? Maybe that’s why it’s so scary. Because once one experiences something it’s impossible to un-experience it. Maybe that’s where “Ah, Forget about it”,  comes from. Yea, that’s the ticket!

No reason to get crappy

The Source Field Summary

The Source Field is immense. I could write a whole article about it. Hey, wait a minute, I just did. I have promised you some visualizations so one can tap The Source Field on your own and you won’t have to take my words for it. But let me make a quick summary before you leave. As once you tap it you will never have to come here again and I will miss you. But we can talk to each other in The Source Field and then I won’t have to type so much. So it’s all good.

1. The Source Field as a vast infinite sea that transcends all space between matter, energy, and time. Light contains information. The formation contained in light, allows matter takes on many forms.

2. The Source Field provides a template for this information exchange. The Source Field has all the information that is available in this universal creation of light.

3. We can imagine our Heartmind as being the radio receiver. We simply use it to dial in the different frequencies of The Source Field, and Presto! We are able to select from the many stations or frequencies that The Source Field is transmitting.

4. We all have access to the same information. An infinite amount of information is passing through us at this very moment.  It must be decoded to be meaningful and you are the filtering mechanism.

5. The Source Field, makes us truly one within this human dynamic and at the same we are connected to the whole of humanity at the same time through the web of connectivity.  Since humanity has a collective in the forms of beliefs and we have different belief systems we have created a reality of separateness.

6.  As we tune into the collective we find that what happens to our fellow-man is happening to us as well.  If we choose to main separate, we separate our selves from The Source Field, as no man is an island.

The Source Field
Mirror, Mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?

7. The Source Field is an archive of universal information on both the microscopic and macroscopic levels. Every feeling and thought is part of our self so is every feeling and thought part of the collective of humanity. Therefore you can influence how you perceive your reality in any way you wish.

8. Our growth individually or as a collective depends upon this communication with The Source Field. The Source Field contains all data about the Universe of which we are apart.

9. If one understands the concept of The Source Field they will immediately understand the Source of all the mystical powers of Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Remote Viewing, Healing, Telekinesis, and all those mystical powers we wish we had.

10.  Our Intent effects The Source Field locally, which then can influence the field in another locality. We can influence greater changes with our intent by understanding how to clearly focus our intent in order to affect events.

11. Just go back up to the top and read the post again. What’s important to know is that The Source Field is present. Now that you know, you can tap it.

Mystic Mountain
The Source Field can make Mountains of matter

Visualizations of The Source Field

As promised. As a Spiritual Being uses the power of their word or the power of their seeing to create change!

There is an over whelming need for healing. As we all suffer from something. Be it closed mindedness or lack of heart-felt feelings. We can all use some help. We all have built-in healing from The Source Field. These Concepts/Visualizations are simple. Your challenge will be self-discipline. That is up to you.  As this must become a vision of your life.  As we imprint these visualizations into our beings they will become real events. That is the rule of The Source Field. As Visualizations grant us an unlimited creative license. After all that’s what Dreams are. Use them, otherwise they are just useless Dreams .

Physician, heal thy self.

A dream within a Dream
Some say we live in a Dream

DreamHealer Awaken! Connect to yourself with healing intention. Plant your vision of your future. Grow it in your Dreamtime. Awake to your new reality!

I must state that it is vital that the visualizations must become dynamic and fluid. Use all your senses to imagine and feel the events happening to you. This is how they become real experiences. Become Spirit as eternal life can not found in our present form of matter. Only in Spirit can we transcend. As Spirit is light. we were here before it mattered. If we remain as matter we are casting a shadow. In this universe of light darkness doesn’t exist. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

Breathing is an important part of the Visualizations. As one inhales they breath in The Source Field or the energy information they need to accomplish the task they need done. Very few breath as we should and we starve our body of oxygen and our Spirit of energy.

Try this. Inhale deeply yet relax to fill your lungs. Nothing new here. Now exhale forcefully as if trying to push something out of you. Visualize that which you wish to remove and push it out with your breath. Relax, and breath in again. Visualize this all healing light filling your being. Any dark spots, force out of you with your exhalation breath. Repeat as often as you feel the need, at any time it comes to your awareness. For those Dreamers, One can even start with their head on their left shoulder breathing in the energy information for the second attention and exhaling from the right shoulder the first attention as their head moves back to the left.

The Source Field Vision
The Mastery of Awareness gets you in touch with The Source Field

One must be able flexible an adapt what works for them. This is your connection with The Source Field there is no exact method for doing this as it comes from you feeling it. What ever works for you. Works! These are guide lines change them as you feel the need.

Now comes the Visualization for Intent. As one needs intent for anything to work. The next step is to know that you are ready, willing and able to receive the healing you need. This then becomes an alignment with your beliefs, expectations, therefore your intentions towards your healing. Consider this. If your Spirit and The Source Field can’t heal you will that medication do it for you?

Could it be that your belief in that medication is the cause of your not feeling the symptoms? Called the placebo effect. Just asking?

What Dotors won't say
Good Medicine?
What they can’t say!

I am not suggesting that one not listen to their doctor. He went to all them Medical Schools and paid all that money for knowledge that he and you can get directly from The Source Field. Now he has all those loans to pay. Sorry, I know because I practiced Medicine for twenty years. They call it a practice for a Reason. However if one practices connecting to The Source Field one may be able to heal them self or at the very least help their doctor to help them heal. Of course since I got in touch with The Source Field I haven’t seen a Doctor in over ten years. I am on zero Medications and I am still here. I am in my sixties.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying that the Doctors aren’t helping their patients. They are doing the best they know how. Just read the advise effects on any medications you might be taking. One might find they cause the illness and symptoms that one is feeling. Go figure.

Take the Red pill
Here shallow this, if you can.
Here take two of these and call me in the morning.
If your still alive!

I must state that I am not a Doctor, and I no longer practice Medicine. Do what you feel is best for you. You are the only one that knows what’s best for you. Your Heart is what you should follow. I am just offering another point of view. And The Source Field, what the hell do I know?

Expand your Visualizations to include all your senses as some may find it better to hear them and/or feel them then just see them. This opens one up to a greater sense of them self. This makes a more lasting impression. And offers a greater awareness. As we all become Spiritual Beings.

The Source Field and the Energy Body
We stand before our Destiny. All we need is our Energy Body to take us the rest of the way.

This Visualization can be used in a number of ways to expand your consciousness. Have fun and experiment with the process. As there is no cut and dry procedure for getting in contact with The Source Field. I wish there was, as I would write a book and retire off the sales. The best I can do is offer you the above information. And it’s all free. One can always refuse a gift. But if you do, don’t expect another one. If you can’t use the gift, re-gift it. We do it all the time with the fruit cake we get at Christmas. Did you know there is only one fruit cake that has been passed around all these years? Ok, maybe three.

Here how to project oneself as a Hologram. Can be great fun at parties. Just lightening the mood. One uses this to project healing to another person at great distances. Stand in front of a full length mirror. Burn that image of you into your eyes, seeing the image of you with your eyes closed as if you were still looking into the mirror. Make it a small image about two foot tall. Any size will do. But make it a perfect copy of you. Once you have this image. Infuse this image with the light from the healing Source Field. See the image in full health, it’s perfect. Now project this image in front of you as a two-dimensional hologram. This is how one sees them self in perfect health. Don’t worry in time and practice it will become a three-dimensional hologram where you are linked to it through The Source Field.

To Direct healing to another. If one as a picture of the person this works even better. Picture them as the two foot image projected in front of you with your eyes closed. Again direct the healing energy from The Source Field into them though your focused intention to achieve optimal health. At this point, dispose of the person’s energy blockages by casting them into the vacuum of a black hole. As the energy blockages need a host organism to thrive. Once removed they dissipate quickly.

We Come from The Source Field
We are all connected to The Source Field

How about one to fix a broken heart. Could be yours or somebody you love. This exercise makes maximum use of the heart’s ability to synchronize universal energy available to the body, mind and Spirit. In fact, this is effective for all matters of the heart, especially when we need to increase our love and acceptance of our selves. So do hold back on this one. As one experiences greater self acceptance and confidence in your abilities to transform yourself. Knowing you can do it is an essential step in the reprogramming your mind and body.

Using a ball of white light love pull this energy down through the top of your head down to your heart center and let it collect there. Your heart will amplify the intensity of the energy. Since your heart is at the center of your being. Distribution of this energy becomes easier to send to other parts of your body.

Breathing in imagine you are collecting all this energy of love and passing it down to your heart center take as many breaths in as you need to fill your heart center. Collecting all this love light within you.

With exhalations now start radiating this love light energy in beams of love. Just like the sun. Be the love sun in your heart. As you begin to feel the radiance shine from within. Feel and then experience the peace and harmony as you become unified with everything within and outside of you. You become the love you have always wanted. You have always been.

The White Ball of Love
Bring the White Light Ball of love into your Heart

See your heart radiating as bright as the sun. Feel yourself glow with the energy. Hear your heart pumping. Smell and taste the heat of love. Make this real, and it is. Enjoy these Visualization and change and experiment with them to your heart’s content. With practice they only get better and so do you.

If we add the holographic ideas that I have written about in this website, we capture an even big picture of the possibilities that The Source Field offers. As this offers us the possibilities of healing others. As we all know. There is a shortage of good healers on this planet.

The Source Field and The Mastery of Awareness
What a great Dream we have created together. The Source Field is the Source

Now you have no excuse to not use your talents. As you are connected to The Source Field and it is connected to you and everyone else. Go out and heal. In truth, you don’t even have to leave your house to do it. The Source Field awaits your intent.

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Plant the Seed in The Source Field

Then watch it grow


The Source Field of Winky
Hey, back off. I’m no seed. But I could be The Source Field.

Discover more on The Source Field. David Wilcock does a better job of explaining The Source Field. Enjoy the Video.

The Source Field, is at your command

Birthing a New Humanity

We are at the crossroads. Of Birthing a New Humanity, and a New Paradigm. It’s time to give birth.

Crying Baby
I Want, I Want, I Want
A New Paradigm.

We are the ones humanity has been waiting for. Trust your intuition. We are connected to creation. We are the creators. Birthing a New Humanity is what we do best. It is up to us to make the difference. The difference being, what kind of life, what kind of future do YOU want to experience?

We are all awakening to the fact that we have lived in an illusion. We are discovering pieces of the puzzle and have been afraid to take the pieces out of the box and start putting the puzzle together. Simply because we don’t know what kind of picture will be on the puzzle face. Being a creator, you can create the picture you want to see.

For thousands of years humanity as been kept in the dark living in fear. If this is the kind of future you want to see for yourself. Than put the pieces back in the box, put the lid back on. Sit back, you are there.

Birthing a New Humanity

Spiritual stairway to heaven
Taking the high road to Birthing a New Humanity. We’ve been down for to long.

However, if one would like to create a new picture of humanity. We need to start putting this puzzle together. Birthing a New Humanity is the name of this puzzle. The picture on the face is up to each an every one of us to paint. We are all Artists of Spirit. We are Spirit. Learning to paint this new picture of humanity with the paint brush of Spirit is what this time, this moment, is offering us. The most difficult part of this painting is deciding what to paint. Once this has been accomplish we will know what colors to use and how to design the painting.

In Inner Silence, I wrote about the parasite that has controlled humanity, using us like cattle, for a food source for thousands of years. In Computer Human I wrote about the programming of our minds. All though this sounds like a fairy tale, unfortunately this is very true. The time has come because of divine intervention and cosmic forces, humanity has the opportunity to change this.

Birthing a New Humanity and a New Paradigm
Hey, I never said we were going to be a beautiful baby. LOL

Birthing a New Humanity is this opportunity. In essence, giving birth to a new future for humanity. For many this will be like a new mother giving birth to her first child. The fear of the unknown is sometimes overwhelming. Until the moment it happens and all is well. Yes, there is some pain involved. And yes there is some bleeding. But after the delivery there is this beautiful new life, that exists, that we hold in our hands. Humanity is on the threshold of this very thing. Holding a new life in our hands. Pure Spirit, unselfish, unconditional love.

But one has to want it. One has to nurture it. One has to love it for the new life to have a chance at life. Other wise it falls back into darkness never to see the light again. We have this one opportunity in our lifetime to make this birthing a success. Please, don’t waste it because of fear.

Birthing a New Humanity
Artist of Spirit, Dreaming with the Art of Dreaming a New Human Paradigm

The world is changing. The Earth herself is changing. Humanity must change as well. As change is the only constant. It’s Humanities time to change to be uplifted from the darkness of the womb to be born into the light. But like the child, one has to want it. As in child-birth there are no guarantees. It’s possible that this Birthing a New Humanity may not happen. This scares me more than the process. For humanity to be stuck in the darkness of total subjugation and slavery for eternity is more frighting than I care to imagine. But this is where we are headed, if we don’t make a change. The groups that are in control are from out of this world. They have been here for thousands of years. This is not to say that all off world life has this same intent.  In fact some are here to help us. But if one has never known or believed in other life forms in the universe. How would one ever know who’s who? Of course one can pretend that none of this is real and go on their merry way right into the darkness. As the Human Spirit has free will. No one will stop you and the truth is. No one is coming to save you from yourself either.

It’s time each and every one of us assumes responsibility for our self. You are Spirit, you are a creator. There is no need for anybody else, as you have the power to do it all for yourself. And the truth is only you can do it for yourself. This how we all come together for Birthing a New Humanity. Each and every one of us becomes the change. The change is very simple. Become Spirit. Your Spirit. This Spirit is inside each and every one of us. Spirit is the power for Birthing a New Humanity. A Humanity of Spirit with the power of Spirit.

Human Consciousness
Given one more chance to get it right. One more chance to find Spirit

We have been convinced that we are weak and that we can do nothing of ourselves. We need GOD or Jesus to save our souls. This is an illusion and the way we have been controlled. Even the Catholic Church is abandoning Christ for some alien savior. Why? Have they been telling us a story that is untrue and now they can take it no further? So the powers that be will play out Revelations because that’s what we have believed in. We bought into this Passion Play. So now they want us to believe another story. Some Alien race will come down and save us. Will this be the second coming of Christ?

I am not suggesting you believe or disbelieve. But to worship someone or something because someone says too. Is the act of a fool. Oh, that’s right one needs blind faith. Blind Faith in a story told to us, by the very group that is now changing their story.

When in truth GOD is within each and every one of us. If one wants to know GOD, than tap your Spirit. Your Spirit is the source of GOD that one should worship. If one needs to worship something. Whether one worships something or someone make no difference to truth. If by chance I am wrong. Than I suffer the consequences, but if by chance I am right. Than a great number of souls are saved. The choice is yours and always has been yours. This is the power of you and your Spirit.

Birthing a New Humanity
Everything we need is inside of us at this very moment.

What I am suggesting, is that one holds their belief/worship in someone or something until the truth is revealed. Than one can decide their mind. Why rush in to the unknown.

Birthing a New Humanity is the belief in one’s self to make a difference. The belief that one can make a difference. If not you, than who?

Extraterrestrials are not gods. They maybe more advance in Spirit and Technology, but they are not gods. Don’t be a fool. Your soul is on the line here. Keep it until the last moment. When there is no doubt. Until than enlighten yourself. Discover your Spirit. This is where the truth lies, within you. It’s been said, that Humanity is genetic Royalty. We have 22 different species within our DNA. Is it any wonder they have abducted us to create Hybrids? This doesn’t make us better than anybody else, it just means we are different. Empower yourself with this knowledge. You are more powerful than you may know, that power is within you. We all come from somewhere else in this universe and beyond.  We find ourselves here and now. There is no better place to be, but in the discovery of ones self.

Birthing a New Humanity with the power of you. By doing so we stop giving them the attention they crave and make it impossible for them to take from us any longer. We have given enough. My soul is not for sale and my sovereignty is mine to keep.

Our Angelic Destiny
Birthing a New Humanity. What is it you wish to experience?

Birthing a New Humanity is taking our attention and turning it to focus on something we, humanity can paint and live with. Painting a picture with the brush of Spirit. Of a better future for us and our children. Where we live in peace with each other. Where the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. We can do this, we must do this, if we are to survive in freedom and take our rightful place in this Universe. The time is now! To create a new paradigm and allow the old paradigm to crumble. As the old paradigm has only served a few. On the backs and out of the pockets of the many.

Finding ones Spiritual center by deciding what is really important. Will put ones Spiritual house in order. What ever that is and however that looks to you is the most important aspect of living in Spirit. Therefore, regardless of what happens to the old paradigm, we have a new paradigm of Spirit to transcend the hardships we are about to face. With Spirit we can transcend these hardships and come out the other side intact with Spirit and a new love for life.  Where we finally meet our star families in unconditional love. This is our destiny if and only if, we can Birth a New Humanity.  There are no guarantees because it is up to each and every one of us to make this change to Spirit. To Birth a New Humanity. I can only decide for myself. As the same applies to you. If by chance you do decide to live in Spirit, as I have done.

Child of the Universe
We have a New Baby.
A Child of the Universe. A new Humanity

Than the Birthing process has started and soon we will be delivering a bouncing New Humanity to present to the ever-changing Universe. Congratulations! We have arrived.

It’s a brave New Paradigm we face. With a future full of wonder and surprise! Of freedom, wisdom, and LOVE. Where we live in harmony with the Universe. Where each and every one of us is empowered with Spirit. Where we are all for one and one for all. Where everyone contributes and every ones needs are taken care of. Where no one is left behind and no one is lacking. Where everyone lives in truth, and nothing is hidden. Let’s embrace it, let’s empower ourselves with this new paradigm. Sharing our new vision, our new dreams. Calling towards our self the power and the freedoms we have been seeking. Using our Power of Intent to create the world we wish to live in. This is our source of strength, our power of creation, our Spirit.

The Third Eye Connection
Our Power our strength in Spirit Our Third Eye is where we can finally see God and our connectedness to all.

Separately, together we can make this happen. Spirit is how we are all one and yet individuals at the same time. The Spirit of all becomes one Spirit in the power of each and every one of us.

We have arrived and where we go from here is matter of creation. Our creation. We the People of the Kingdom and the Power of Spirit. Forever and ever. Birthing a New Humanity, a New Paradigm. Congratulations! It’s human.

The Incredible You.

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back

Birthing a New Humanity Won’t be easy.


Winky, thumbs up to you
Life without freedom, isn’t life at all.

Doowans News & Events is touching your heart with things that matter. Together we are strong. Speak The Language of the Source of Creation. Grow in the Consciousness of Gardening. We planted the Seed. Become the source of creation for you and your family. It’s Time, Create! Connect with Spirit, Become Spirit. You are a powerful part of creation. Creation is in your hands.

The Power of Spirit is within you, Birthing a New Humanity

Inner Silence

Inner Silence, Freedom from The Enemy Within

Inner Silence
Inner Silence

Inner Silence is the avenue that leads to the true suspension of judgement. To a moment when sensory data emanating from the universe at large ceases to be interpreted by our senses. A moment when cognition ceases to be the force which, through usage and repetition, decides the nature of our world. In essences our interpretation or description of this world stops. At that moment we see the world for what it really is.

Inner Silence is a peculiar state of awareness or being in which thoughts are canceled out and one functions from a conscious level other than that of daily awareness. Inner Silence is the suspension of the Internal Dialogue. Our perennial companion of thoughts never-ending chatter inside ones head and the buzzing in ones ears. Inner Silence is a state of profound quietude an inner peace. In which one finally stops talking to themselves. Of course if one has read The Enemy Within, than one knows where this voice comes from and whose thoughts these really are.

When one enters the state of Inner Silence, they find a state in which perception doesn’t depend on the senses. What is at work during Inner Silence is an other faculty of our human totality that humanity has at its disposal. This faculty is the part of us that makes us magical beings. This is the faculty that has been curtailed in humanity by the intrusion of the foreign installation of the fliers mind, as discussed in The Enemy Within.

Inner Silence The way to freedom
Inner Silence
The way to freedom

Inner Silence, Our Stand against the Foreign Installation

Inner Silence is the stand from which every one of us can take, to combat this intrusion into our minds and free ourselves from this dark force that keeps us prisoners. Inner Silence must be accrued, or accumulated second by second on every occasion possible. Until a threshold is reached where it can work to expel the foreign installation, thus, freeing one from the mind of their captors, the fliers. This threshold of Inner Silence is different in every person in terms of the time needed to reach the breaking point. But Inner Silence starts to work from the moment one begins to accrue it. Each second gained brings one closer to the final dramatic breaking point in which one becomes free. The Inner Silence must be kept by each one of us for the length of time necessary for our specific threshold. This may only take minutes of complete Inner Silence or an hour or so. This solely depends on the individual talents of the practitioner. This moment is the desired result which is called “Stopping the World“. The moment in which everything around us ceases to be what it has always been. A description.

Inner Silence Drop the World Description
Inner Silence
Drop the World Description

It is the moment in which man the slave becomes man the free being, capable of feats of perception that defy our linear imagination. Beyond syntax or words. The unknown and the unknowable to be experienced by the new/old faculty that we have long forgotten until now. We are so much more than we have ever realized. We can be our human totality with this practice of Inner Silence. This moment of total freedom is man’s destiny.

Inner Silence Freedom at last
Inner Silence
Freedom at last

The Breaking Point for Inner Silence

The Breaking Point is like the mortar that a brick mason uses between bricks. It’s only when the mortar hardens do the loose bricks become a solid structure. It’s difficult to know when one has accumulated enough Inner Silence or even judge then the Breaking Point is reached. However the end result will be unmistakable. One will know! At this given moment the continuity of ones structured life, breaks in order for Inner Silence to set in and become an active part of their structures.

At this point one will have only one reference point in their lives, Infinity. We all reach a point at which we are torn between two views of this World. The breaking point. We can sit by and idly watch an endless parade of human suffering. And believe this, as the true representation of life on this earth for the average person. Envying this view of the street of human traffic from the outside looking in. Or despise this view of the street, if one is on the inside looking out. At this moment of the breaking point we are truly alone for the first time in our life. The point at which the person we thought we were dies and we are born again as a free human being, free at last from the mind of the predator and it’s view of this world.

Inner Silence becomes real at this moment. Now infinity awaits, the only worth-while endeavor of human existence. Every other endeavor is fraudulent in nature. Freedom to be what we truly are luminous beings. The light of lights our true selves. Our human destiny awaits in Inner Silence. Truth is, we talk to ourselves incessantly about our world. In fact we maintain our world with our Internal Dialogue. Whenever we finish talking to ourselves about ourselves and our world. The world is always as it should be. In fact we renew it, we rekindle it with life and uphold our description with our Internal Dialogue.

Not only that, but we also choose our paths as we talk to ourselves. We keep repeating the same choices over and over until the day we die, simply because we keep on repeating this same Internal Dialogue. Be aware of this and strive to stop this Internal Dialogue. Seek Inner Silence.

Inner Silence Breaking the chains that bind us
Inner Silence
Breaking the chains that bind us

Inner Silence, Our given Description of this World

Since the day we were born people have been telling us that our world is such and such and so and so. Naturally, we have no choice but to accept that the world is the way people have been telling us. Never stopping to consider that this may just be their given description. Not having anything to do with its actual makeup. The Internal Dialogue is what grounds people to the given description of their daily world. The world is such and such and so and so because we talk to ourselves about it being this way or that way. The passageway into the real world and infinity is learned by the practice of Inner Silence. To change our idea of this world is the crux of this Doowan teaching, and stopping the Internal Dialogue is the only way to accomplish this. Everything becomes possible and attainable.

Think for a moment. Can one deviate from the path that their fellow-man have lined up from them? If one remains on that path, your thoughts and your actions become ever fixed in their terms, in their given description. This is slavery. On the other hand, Inner Silence allows one to be free of all that. Freedom is expensive, but the price is not impossible to pay. Fear your captors, your masters. Break the chains of perception that binds one to this given world view.

Discover Inner Silence and don’t waste your time and your personal power on fearing freedom. Seek to act and drop the talk, to this effect, one gets a new description were talking is not that important, and where new acts create new reflections. Where one can witness the wonders of everything from the moment of Inner Silence. Extraordinary facets of ourselves come to the surface as though they have been kept guarded by our internal words, the words of the foreign installation. The Internal Dialogue.

Inner Silence, The World of the Luminous Beings

Our World is unfathomable. So are we, as is every human being that exist in this world. Human beings are not objects. We have no solidity. We are round, luminous beings that are in essences boundless. The world of objects and solidity is only a description that was created to help the fliers enslave us and to make it convenient for them to feed. Our reason makes us forget that the given description is only a description. Before we know it they have trapped the totality of ourselves into this given description. Which in turn becomes a vicious circle from which one rarely emerges in their lifetime. We human beings are perceivers, but the world that we perceive is an illusion created by their given description. The world that our reason wants to sustain, is dogmatic with inviolable rules which simply our reason as learned to accept and defend.

Being luminous beings we have an advantage which is rarely used by the average man. That advantage is intent. The maneuver of luminous beings is the same as the average humans. We both have descriptions of this world. The average man upholds their world through their reason. Whereas luminous beings uphold theirs through the maneuver of intent. Which is more engulfing than reason. Our human form is a conglomerate of energy fields which exists in the universe connecting us to all that is inclusive for human beings. Those energy fields have been bent and contorted by a lifetime of habits, misuse and abuse. And the never-ending presence of the Internal Dialogue.

Our fight is right here right now on this earth. We are all connected. We are all human creatures seeking the freedom to live in peace. Who knows what is waiting for us out there in the universe. Infinity is just that, Infinity! Who knows what kind of power we may have for experiencing Infinity.

We choose only once. We choose to be either a luminous being or an ordinary human.  The core of our being is the act of perceiving, and the magic of our being is the act of awareness. Perception and awareness are a single, functional, inextricable unit. A second choice does not exist on this earth. Choose now! Which one wishes to be. Inner Silence offers us a new life and that life has to be completely new. We can’t bring to that new life our old ugly ways of being only human. Discover Inner Silence and be free at last. Your new life awaits. Inner Silence is the way!

Inner Silence The Totality of Ourselves
Inner Silence
The Totality of Ourselves

If one wishes to learn a technique for stopping the Internal Dialogue and thus achieving Inner Silence. Hit: It can’t be done by thinking about not thinking. I could describe it here but that would be too easy. Simply connect, I will reply. You can comment here and take your chances.

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Inner Silence
Inner Silence
How quiet is that?

Inner Silence, Freedom to be Totally you, Did you have somebody else in mind?