To Each Their Own

To Each Their Own, Spinning In or Spinning Out

To Each Their Own Spinning Expanding you
Somewhere in there, There is you. Are you spinning in this picture?

To Each Their Own seems like a good title for this post. Especially after my last journey spinning out to outer space. Or would that be in to inner space? Here is share a vision of some constructs as to the makeup of Consciousness Perception in Awareness.

SEE… To Each Their Own in time, Which in time takes no time at all. CHAKRAS and Flying On The Wings of Consciousness are my meager attempts to share this experience. I know some shared this experience at the same time. Welcome Home!

It’s been a while since I put a thought on paper, 2D sow to speak. Sow I decided to become all Cephalopodic and ink a little. I was wondering if I could even express myself with words anymore? Seems like a waste of time, To Each Their Own. Sow I thought I would give it a go and SEE what happens. YOU are welcome to tag along. Who knows we might change colors to blend in with our surrounding. Or break out of the jar we are trapped in to be free again.

To Each Their Own sidual
And you think, I AM the sucker? I have 8 arms. Who’s spinning NOW?

Personally, I Am having some amazing perceptions happen, in the perception of consciousness. One I will touch on is the perception recently of a Falcon swooping down and killing a Dove. As I heard the bang when they hit the deck, I managed to get a picture of the Falcon clutching the Dove in its talons. This had a profound effect on ME, as this is the first Falcon I have seen. And wouldn’t you know it? It had killed a Dove. What this means to Me, I Am still working out the details of this Omen and may share the Animal Medicine at a later date.

However, this duelality brings the perception of this post, To Each Their Own. I was going to call it, Spinning in or Spinning out. Hey, you pick a Direction. It’s all the same to ME.

Each spin in or out
We are bubbles of perception Spinning in or Spinning Out.

Spinning in or Spinning out

It starts with the siduals (e) and (a). Interesting both are Vowels, and can make the same sounds. As one can SEE… one spins in and one spins out, just like the numbers (6) and (9). I SEE them both as one in the same, just flip and flop, or one can flop and then flip. Plus one can flip and not flop, or flop and not flip. I mean really, who cares? This realization brought ME not only the Singularity, but the perception of this Cognitive System in its duality. Hence, this post, To Each Their Own.

Being the Singularity one SEES both the spinning in and spinning out, plus, not spinning all at once. Which of course, to ME, is the Singularity. As I perceived this perception, I realized that being static only brings one to the choice of being one or the other, as I Am not sure that one can spin in and out at the same time. Come to think of it. I have seen this happen! Say NO to Drugs!

My eyes are spinning in opposite directions. HuH, what does that mean?

I know the Earth spins in two different directions at the same time. It’s just a matter of perception or placement. As from the Northern Hemisphere the earth spins counterclockwise. From the Southern Hemisphere it spins clockwise.

However if one SEES from a placement off the earth it only spins in one direction. Then again that depends on placement. Sow, I asked myself this Question. If I, (meaning My Consciousness, not my EGO), could only be one or the other spinning. Meaning (a, or e, 6, or 9) which sidual would I BE?

To Each Their Own there comes a moment
Magic Mirror on the wall is a & e behind this all?

To Each Their Own

Ok, our objective is set, the subjective Reason for this post.

In that moment, I realized that perception is a matter of the Cognitive System one is perceiving with. Or in my case which one I Am perceiving with. Cognitive System standard definition: “the processes responsible for the awareness of everyday life, processes which included memory, experience, perception, and the expert use of any given syntax”.

I have referred to this in past posts as the description of the world. At an early age I was installed with another Cognitive System as well as the one we have all been installed with. Hey, by the way, what is everyday life?

One Size doesn't fit All
Man, This is the everyday life!

At first I thought I was cursed, as I never perceived this world the way others did. NOW, I know better. Not only Am I cursed, I Am fucked! LOL, Sorry inside joke. Crack in The Comic Egg. Great book by the way. And that’s no yoke!

Zombies spin in Each Their Own
Technology to spin us in. That keeps us spinning in. Stop the spin for just a moment.

You know, Syntax sounds so much like sintax, at times it’s difficult to know the difference. Letters aren’t just letters there sounds.

OOOPs, you ran that red light. Here’s your sintax. Spell it however you choose. Sometimes the affect is the same. This is the present Cognitive System in which we were taught the syntax/sintax of this world description. Just in that word alone there are two Cognitive Systems and more, when one SEES the sound energies of the siduals. You SEE? … We have been taught to trust the Cognitive System in which we were raised. After all it’s the only system the average human knows.

Lucky for ME. I have another Cognitive System I can SEE. It doesn’t make Me special, it just makes ME different. Is that OK with YOU? To Each Their Own.

Live in Spirit. It's what we truly are.
To Each Their Own SEEING

When one realizes that the world of matter is only one of an infinite number of Cognitive Systems. Such as the Cognitive System of SEEing a universe of energy, the world of matter changes in an instant. Now all one has to do is learn the syntax, become an expert in that syntax and the old world slips away. One steps into a universe of free-flowing energy free from the bindings of socialization, spell-bound definitions, and sintax, its pure vibratory energy. When one SEES this, this is the art of SEEING.

Which brings to my mind a Question. Is SEEing a matter of placement? Since perception is an act of Consciousness. Where ones consciousness is placed may have something to do with perception. Example: Mind or Heartmind. Or some place else perhaps? Here let’s play with perception for a moment, shall WE?

The Recapitulation and you
Mirror, Mirror on the wall what’s the reason for this all? To Each Their Own

Since ( 6 ) spins in on its self, and the mark of the beast is 666. Hence, Humanity is a carbon being of many colors or hues. With 6 protons, 6 electrons, and 6 neutrons, The name (Humanity), gives the path a way. Yet Christ and the Masters advises us to go within to find the kingdom of Heaven. This appears to be counter productive to ME, as we would become the thing that GOD despises. Or maybe better said, the thing that despises Creation. Until one realizes the Masters aren’t taking about one’s head/mind. As I SEE Christ pointing to his Heart. Don’t YOU?

Live in your Heart
SEE? I never told YOU to worship ME. I was showing YOU how to BE like ME.

It appears to ME that humanity has done the very thing, (Living in Head), and have become the thing that despises Creation. I Am not judging, I Am simply stating an observation from a different Cognitive System. Just look around, I don’t have to tell YOU that something isn’t right with this place. In the Heart of Humanity there’s a void. OK, Maybe it’s just our leaders. Whatever,… hell, I never voted for these Clowns anyway! When the only choice is the lesser of two evils. I simply chose not to choose. Who needs them? This is why one can get trapped in the Syntax of a given Cognitive System without something to fall back on and stand. One chooses the lesser of two evils and one still ends up with evil. Go figure!

In GOD We Trust. Yep, That's Me
Evil Personified. Can Evil Love Evil itself ?

SEEING the 6 as a 9 is the expert usage of syntax to change ones perception. One then flip-flops their perception. Thus Creates a different perception of this 6 Cognitive System to a spinning out 9 or e. Humm, Seems to ME this place is spinning out of control as well. Sow does SEEing become a matter of placement? Or is SEEing a matter of syntax? Does one spin in or does one spin out?

Well, To Each Their Own. I simply chose another Cognitive System. The (9) of Consciousness Creation some might call it.

The Meaning of "You"
Does it matter what one SEES?

It is an energetic fact that the world around us is defined by the processes of cognition, and those processes are not unalterable. In other words, they are not givens. They are a matter of training, a matter of practicality and usage. As we know there is good usage, bad usage, and usage in all syntax. Thus, our Cognitive System is a product of our upbringing, nothing more than that. Sow, considering all these facts about our Cognitive System, I have arrived at this conclusion. That the most important unit of any Cognitive System is the idea of INTENT.

Intent is a force/energy one can visualize when one SEES energy. How does that matter? HA, HA, HA, Well energy flows through Creation. You are a part of creation, if not creation itself, aren’t YOU? Consider Intent to be an all-pervasive energy that interweaves and intervenes in every aspect of time and space. The impetus behind everything. For most, Intent is a pure abstraction, however, Intent is attached to humanity. We are GODS remember? (GOD is Light, Ye are light. Logic would dictate we must be GODS. Piss poor ones maybe, I can’t speak for YOU).

Therefore humanity could manipulate it. The only way to effect Intent is Impeccable behavior. Of course this takes discipline to attempt this feat. Therefore, one must comprehend another stupendous unit of a different Cognitive System and the usage of the concept of Space and Time in that Cognitive System.

We are light shinning in Creation

For humanity at large Time and Space are the same phenomena that forms part of our lives by virtue of being an integral part of our normal Cognitive System. Well than again, I can’t speak for YOU. For the average human the standard definition of TIME is, a nonspatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from past, through the present moment, to the future. Holy shit, wait a minute, what ever happened to NOW? Can YOU stop spinning NOW?

SPACE, for the average human is defined as the infinite extension of the three-dimensional field in which stars and galaxies exist. And that’s giving them a lot of credit. If you know what I mean. For some it’s the area between their ears, and for others it’s a place in their Hearts. NOW, that was a judgement. Hey, not all judgements are bad. It depends on your Cognitive System. There’s a universe in that area of the Head, and one in the HeartMind as well. YOU be the judge as to which one YOU live in.

Free Spirit Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness
Born of Light and Love. To Each Their Own

The Cognitive System that was shared with ME… SEES TIME and SPACE much different. I can share it with YOU if interested in spinning in a different direction Or just quiet your mind, and stop spinning for a moment.

Warning: You may not SEE things the same after. Which could be a good thing. Of course that’s a matter of Intent. I know what my Intent is, what another is,… still remains to be seen. Good thing there are safe guards in Creation, And bEing Impeccable with ones actions is a big one. Yep, and that one requires discipline.

Do YOU need a TIME OUT?

The essence of my life
No! I’ll be Good. Hey Mommy, Why do birds Fly?

View of Another Cognitive System

Ok, if you are reading this than YOU are Fucked, just like ME. Last chance! Of course in my Cognitive System. Fucked has a different meaning and Intent energy.

In this New Cognitive System TIME doesn’t have the quality of time as you once thought it. Time is something like a thought. Or even better, a Thought, thought by something unrealizable in its magnitude. Did you think yourself into Creation? I rest my case.

The Key hole
In the Twinkling of an Eye. You are! The Singularity

Here’s the logical argument or agreement of this New to YOU Cognitive System. Humanity is part of that thought which was thought by forces inconceivable to humanities mentality. Therefore, Humanity didn’t think that thought, however is part of that thought. Humanity can still retain a small percentage of that thought, which under certain circumstances of extraordinary discipline Humanity could redeem a percentage of the first thought.

Crying Eyes
The Thought of Humanity at present makes ME cry.

Truth is, some of us do and some don’t, redeem. Some have forgotten who and what they are, and where they came from. Let me ask it this way. Can you have a thought of a thought of who you are? To Each Their Own!

NOW is the Time! SEE… NOW that takes discipline. If one still thinks they are a meatstick it’s time to let that thought go. Than again, To Each Their Own. Energy BEings have only NOW and NOW is not a time. It’s a state of BEing, A Thought. Sow, in this New Cognitive System of NOW, one vibrates with the first thought, thought. Presto!

The Seed
Lost in our own mind. The Space can be cruel. Sow I Plant a seed.

Hey, if you got a better way of describing it… Let me know! I AM all EARS. Listening for a thought. Well not really. To Each Their Own.

In NOW there is no passing of TIME, there is only NOW. Thus, ones Consciousness becomes the thought. Which one might question NOW, where’s that consciousness NOW? In thought?

Bubbles of Perception,Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness to other worlds Playing with Reality
Each Bubble is a Reality all it’s own. Consciousness is the one blowing the bubbles

That answer is simple……….. SPACE! Or one might consider everywhere in the same TIME, that is if TIME existed in the NOW. Sow, when one becomes the thought one exists in Space every where in the NOW. However, the amazing thing to remember is….. YOU didn’t think that thought. Some inconceivable force did. Welcome to my world.

SEE…. I told you we are fucked! As stated that could be a good thing or a bad thing. Well that is if one still considers them self as part of Humanity. It’s OK to be Human if that’s what one wants to BE. Remember? To BE and not to BE. Or one can BE the thought that thought of Humanity! Hey, It’s been said we can be anything or anybody we choose. The way I SEE it in this New Cognitive System… I AM EVERYTHING. And Everything is ME.

Sow let ME ask YOU. Are you a Legal Name meatstick? Relax we needed to ground for a moment. Careful how you answer this question you will be tested by Creation. Funny thing is, We are all doing TIME… in the old Cognitive System. Seems there’s a sintax that needs to be paid. LOL. There’s an advantage in being Impeccable. It cleans our connecting link with the intent of the first though, thought…. To Each Their Own.

We are made to be fictions from the moment of birth. Dead at birth. Great Cognitive System A? FUCK that! Did YOU feel that INTENT?

SPACE the Final Frontier

Are YOU still with ME? Or are YOU lost some where in TIME? For those with extraordinary discipline shall we check out SPACE in this New Cognitive System? Really what have YOU got to lose? Some TIME! HA,HA,HA!

As stated above, Space is considered a three-dimensional construct in humanities thinking thought. However what happens to SPACE if there is no TIME, that is as you once knew of time? Does SPACE still exist? Well the simple answer is… YES!

In this New Cognitive System, SPACE NOW becomes an abstract realm of activity. Simply called Infinity. One can refer to it as the sum total of all the endeavors of all the living creature in Creation. Or another option might be just empty SPACE, you know like that area between the ears. It appears even in humanities Cognitive System, SPACE contains a lot of empty SPACE with a few blobs of matter scattered about. In the macro and the micro, as above so below, SPACE is everywhere. And science calls that Creation. However, when one SEES an energy Cognitive System. SPACE is full and overflowing with energy. Yes, even so-called empty SPACE has energy within it.

Maybe Space should be called Place. Just playing!
Maybe Space should be called Place. Just playing with Blocks! Look at science making space a cube. Dumb Shits!

When physicists calculate the minimum amount of energy a wave can possess, they find that every cubic centimeter of empty space contains more energy than the total energy of all the matter in the known universe! Well what do you know! They got something right.

Sow, really is empty SPACE empty? BEing an Energy BEing with all this energy in SPACE makes SPACE a lot more accessible. Hell, one might even say something like, down to Earth.

As YOU can SEE this gives one a much bigger percentage of the abstract formulation of SPACE. NOW that’s an interesting thought. NOW reconsider the thought that thought the thought of Humanity and one begins to feel the immensity of the Infinite. NOW feel being separated from all of Creation on this one blob of matter called Earth in that meatstick. One starts to get an Idea of what this New Cognitive System has to offer. Or just spin in here, hell, I don’t care.

A Cold Day in Hell
Are you waiting for something to change? Like Hell freezing over? How about change yourself?

Although TIME and SPACE are still incomprehensible in their formulations. They are an integral part of the thought of Humanity. However it’s a greater percentage of that thought. Now all one has to do is learn the syntax of this New Cognitive System, become an expert in that syntax, and Abracadabra!

The experience of Creation as Creation, in Creation, for Creation.

Spiritual Beings and the freedom of the Recapitulation
To Each Their Own

Sounds easy doesn’t?

Hell, it’s taken ME a life time just to get here (X). What’s life for anyway? That’s with two Cognitive Systems installed. Beginning to SEE the curse? There is another Cognitive unit in the New Cognitive System that one will experience. It’s been hinted at and shown throughout history. It’s and eight spoken Wheel seen in some pictures on writings of the sages like Nostradamus, or the Coptic Key it’s been call. It’s the turning of this key or wheel that allows the Warrior to SEE beyond SPACE and TIME.

Spiritual Symbolism
Spiritual Symbolism this sign is engraved all over the world.

The spokes of the wheel are like reflective furrows. Every furrow is of infinite length and width and there is an infinite number of them. Sounds like the infinite doesn’t it?

Just wait, it’s a trap! Where living creatures were compulsorily made by the force of life to gaze into one furrow though out their life TIME. To gaze into this one furrow alone is to be trapped by it, in essence to live|evil that furrow. Never thinking or knowing there is more to life than what meats/meets our eyes.

The aim of a Warrior is to focus ones attention, or Intent through a profound discipline, (Unbending Intent), in order to make this wheel or key spin or turn. When achieved, a Warrior can gaze into any furrow and draw from it whatever they desire. To be free from the spellbinding force of gazing into only one of these furrows means that Warriors can spin in or spin out, in essence either direction. As TIME retreats or as TIME advances. When viewed in this manner the wheel or key is an overpowering force that reaches through the life of the Warrior and beyond. Sounds more like Eternity to Me! Infinite, Infinities

Sow, I ask the question of myself again. Do I spin in (a) or do I spin out (e), Shit, Does that even matter NOW? Seems one can go in the out door, or go out the in door. Unless the doors are locked. Yep, To Each Their Own.

Sitting on the hub of the wheel as it spins beneath ME. The only thought I feel is when to stop it spinning and start my gazing. As my head is already spinning, all exorcist like. How about yours? Good thing there is no TIME in the NOW. I have Eternity to view the Infinities. You’re screwed unless you SEE a different Cognitive System to connect with Creation. The old Cognitive System is History. Look, Look up in the Sky. It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane. NO, it’s???…

To Each Their Own!

Yep, just call me Nibiru.
Yep, just call ME, ME

Well that just depends on your Cognitive System. Lucky ME, I have a key! I can SEE the Energy of a New Cognitive System approaching as we speak. When the Old System spins in on itself and begins to implode. Hint, hint, One might consider changing directions to spin out into the stream of Consciousness in Creation.

That’s the wonderful thing about free will. Either one will or they won’t. Isn’t Consciousness perception an amazing thing?… Shall I be a nice guy and hold the door open for YOU? Sow, are you a Legal Name Meatstick NOW?

Key of Spirit
The Key Unlocks the door and locks the door.

In Closing the Doors

Realizations are of two kinds. One is just pep talk, with great outbursts of emotion and nothing more. Go get them Boys!!!… The other is the product of a shift of the assemblage point. It is not coupled with an emotional outburst, but of Impeccable axtion. The emotional realizations come years later after a Warrior has solidified, by usage, the new position of their assemblage point. Thus creating a New Cognitive System.

Impeccability begins with a single act that has to be deliberate, precise, and sustainable. IF or when that act is repeated long enough, one acquires Unbending Intent, which can be applied to anything. If or when that is accomplished the path is clear. SEE?

Spiritual stairway to heaven
The path less traveled. Just keep on the path. You’ll get there.

Warriors that deliberately attain Totality awareness are a sight to behold. At that moment they burn with the fire from within and that fire consumes them. With full awareness they rise from the ashes, attach themselves to Creation and glide into eternity. Yep, Flying on the Wings of Consciousness.

Spirit and Playing with Reality
Flying on the Wings of Consciousness. With Creation under our Wings. NOW, that’s Freedom!

To Each Their Own, have a nice day!

Knowledge is Power
Experience is Wisdom
Your Power is Yours
To Each Their Own


Winky, My alter Ego
Hey, look at ME! I look like a Wheel. Where’s  my misplaced X?

To Each Their Own, A New Cognitive System. SEE the Energies!


What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name? Gives one a Key.

What's in a Name?
I who shall not be Named. What’s in a Name?

Does ones Spirit have a Legal name? We have been called many names. We answer to a number of them like Honey, Dear, Sweetheart, Dumbshit and the likes. So again I ask you, What’s in a Name? The belief that “you” are the Name traps one in the illusion of the World. Where we are guilty of a crime. Using your Legal name to identify yourself is a crime. The crime is fraud. As you do not own the name. What’s in a Name? Gives one a key as to the trap that was set and we walked right into it. However with this key you can unlock the trap.

Don’t kid yourself. The powers that were, know very well what they have done. They had hoped that we would never find out about the Spiritual contracts we make when using the Legal Name. Oooops, we did. Every use of the legal name is a Spiritual contract that binds us to the old world paradigm. As Spirit we have a moral obligation to these Spiritual contracts. Where ignorance of the law is no excuse. However, As Spirit we can render these Spiritual contracts as null and void. Why? Because we never had full disclosure.

Our parents were coerced into a contract on our behalf when we were born. That contract is the Birth Certificate. Of course you where to young to enter into contact. What’s In a Name? is that contract. Look at your Birth/Berth Certificate. Your name is in all Capital Letters. You may believe this means nothing. However you are wrong. It means everything. As all ships in the seas of commerce have a name. The trap is set.

The Trap
The Trap is set. What’s in a Name? How clever they were. Will you take the bait?

What’s in a Name?

If a court calls out a name (which is fictitious), and the accused answers to that name, even if he says his name isn’t spelled that way, he is still admitting that it is his name! The body of the accused is present, what does it matter how it’s spelled now? Remember, either it is your name or it is not your name. If it’s not your name, you don’t answer to it. Period. Here’s what happens if you do:

Russell v. US (WD Mich 1997) 969 F.Supp 24. “Petitioner…claims because his name is in all capital letters on the summons, he is not subject to the summons…completely without merit, patently frivolous, and will be rejected without expending any more of this court’s resources.”

[To argue that your name is spelled in all caps is wrong, because then you are admitting it is your name. A name spelled in all caps is not your name, and to say it is your name gives jurisdiction to the court. Instead of saying, “My name is spelled in all caps on your papers,” one should say, “My godly name does not appear on your papers”].

Wyatt v. Kelly, Chief Bankruptcy Judge (WD Texas unpub 3/23/98) 44 USPQ2d 1578, 81 AFTR2d 1463, 98 USTC para 50326. Tried to sue judge for violating his civil rights by having his name printed in court documents in a way other than the “appellation” this crank prefers. Crank reacted by refusing to respond to prosecution’s complaint whereupon the judge entered a Not Guilty plea on his behalf. Suit against judge dismissed.

[#1: Civil Rights, which have men for their author, are an abomination to God because they create State Worship. If you partake of man’s created rights, you are under the power of the creator of those rights (man). The creator determines what the created violated, not the other way around. #2: By him admitting “his name” was spelled incorrectly, he admitted it was his name, and he, again, gave jurisdiction to the court. #3: Scripture forbids us to go to courts of law, and commands us not to sue others, but to forgive others. Therefore, he gave jurisdiction to the court simply by being lawless in God’s eyes.]

Gdowik v. US (Bankr. SD Fla unpub 7/23/96) 78 AFTR2d 6243 aff’d (SD Fla unpub 11/6/97) 228 Bankr.Rptr 481, 482 80 AFTR2d 8254. Claims that “the use of his name JOHN E GDOWIK is an ‘illegal misnomer’ and use of said name violates the right to his “lawful status” was rejected.

[Basically, John confessed to, and answered to, “his name” in all caps. Since by doing so, he gives jurisdiction to the court, it is no longer an “illegal misnomer.”]

US v. Frech (10th Cir unpub 6/16/98) 149 F3d 1192(t). “Defendants’ assertion that the capitalization of their names in court documents constitutes constructive fraud, thereby depriving the district court of jurisdiction and venue, is without any basis in law or fact.”

[The defendants already admitted it was “their name”, and answered to that name, so how can it be fraud? The court is correct].

So there you have it. If one answers to the name your fucked. Sorry! Sometimes there is only one word that best describes the situation. Anyway, You are more than welcome to use the name but be aware, you are entering into a Spiritual Contract. The letter below may help one to remove the contract and remain in honor and in truth, the will of God. It was never God’s intent that we should be slaves. We are created in God’s likeness. Therefore you are God. Life is choices. All one needs to do is make a choice. To be the God they are. Or use the legal name and remain a slave. The choice has been and always will be yours.

Cloned Sheep Dolly
Are we Sheep being lead to the slaughter? That’s what they Presume when you use the Legal Name.

I, who shall not be with LEGAL name hereby proclaim to all with unclean hands;

Be it now known that all words/spellings upon/within this document shall be of my will and intent only, without assumption/presumption on/of/by/for any/all concerned where my free will choice shall never be trespassed where my intent is my intent and no other’s;

Whereas a great fraud has been revealed and is laid bare where unclean hands are now in the light for all to see where any/all with unclean hands must judge only self, toto genere;

Whereas non-disclosure has intent to defraud in that act, any/all contracts of body, mind, soul are null and void, nunc pro tunc, praeterea, praeterea, praeterea ab initio, ad infinitum in this willful intent to commit fraud by omission and/or commission where others and all are concerned and;

Whereas threat of force perceived or real is proof of intent inasmuch as aiding and abetting in this fraud and where assumption and presumption is concerned, thus destroyed and whereby one is known bytheir actions of that/their willful intent either knowingly or in ignorance of the Divine laws under which all stand and;

Whereas all signatures, contracts, assumptions, presumptions etc. et al are rendered null and void ab initio inasmuch as all are in contempt/fraud where the CROWN owned and COPYRIGHT name/s (Place your legal name and the legal names of your family and Loved ones here), concerned and;

Whereas the intent to commit fraud via deceptions/deceptios and willful non-disclosure of truths where intent to enslave all humanity/mankind by church/state in this intent is exposed fully whereby one’s actions make one known and;

Popes Crown
Cool hat Pope. Don’t you call that the crown? Three layers awesome

Whereas all names registered are, in fact, property of the CROWN/VATICAN, all matters pertaining to such names registered and the use thereof render all parties fraudulent/in contempt via willful intent to deceive and/or ignorance of use where all matters of church/state remain matters of church/state where use of the name/s registered are concerned and where/when third-party interloping is evident by my use or anyone’s use of stated registered names and;

Whereas it is not my intent to commit fraud or any contemptible/contempt able acts, it is also my equal intent to never aid and abet any other living soul via willfully knowing or ignorance on/in their/my part and any use of or claim made using the aforementioned name/s will render such attempt an act of fraud by willful commission and;

Whereas any/all use of church/state identification based upon these/all CROWN COPYRIGHT name/s or any variation/s thereof render/s the user in fraud absolute via their ignorance and by omission of disclosure of/by church/state and;

Whereas any/all claims made by any/all parties/agents/living souls upon another willfully or in ignorance to do so is guilty of fraud in that action by commission and/or omission of bearing false witness and is in contempt of church/state/self and is willfully aiding and abetting fraudulent deception/deceptios whereupon judgment is rendered upon any/all agents of church/state/self by the very action of claiming via CROWN COPYRIGHT fraud and;

Inasmuch as intent (spirit) must be proven where all are concerned, it is now incumbent upon the church/state that the willful intent to commit fraud ab initio is without intent to do so. With prior knowledge, the agents/clergy/BAR members/all bound by oaths etc. et al to/of/for/by/with church/state did/do willfully deceive humanity and is, by the actions of all bound to church/state by oaths sworn/taken/given judged by/of/in all acts of harm upon any/all harmed and;

Whereas fraudulent intent of all bound to church/state entities/Id-entities/living souls/principalities is visible via omission and/or commission by the actions of harm/intent to harm of/for/by all beings using a NAME in fraud ab initio, all claims made/ coerced/assumed/presumed etc. et al are, in fact fraudulent at source of/for/by all claiming any/all legal NAME(S)/fictional id-entities/titles etc. et al and/or thus any/all forms/aliases and are of/by/for the criminal intent to do so using the intellectual property of another living soul/spirit or dead fictional entity where I am toto genere, spirit, mind, body and;

Furthermore, to engage in such intently destructive acts of harm/deception/theft/coercion etc. et al against another via any/all means is shown by one’s actions and need never be judged whereby the act is the judge in/of itself, judge not lest ye be judged where assumption/presumption cannot/does not/will not exist after the act itself and;

What's in a Name? Your belief.
What’s in a Name? It’s a piece of paper with some fancy writing and a Seal. Just like Money.

Furthermore, any/all REGISTRATION/REGISTERING/REGISTER by omission and/or commission where full disclosure is not evident, the intent of church/state/any/all claiming such association/joinder by means of willful oaths, signatures (cursive), titles, etc. et al are, in fact, willful acts of pre-determined fraud knowingly or unknowingly where wrongful obligation(s)/curse(s) has/is/was the intent where obligation(s) is/are re-placed back upon those who knowingly and/or in ignorance of their fraud do so ab initio, ad infinitum, nunc pro tunc, praeterea, praeterea, praeterea and; Furthermore, it is/was never my intent to willfully use the property of another whereas any/all things REGISTER-ED are, in fact, claimed to be such intellectual property of another, namely church/state/CROWN where my Mother and Father (deceased), unknowingly were, in ignorance, aided and abetted of their consent into such church/state contracts, be they all forms physical (phi-psicull)/spiritual/mental and;

Furthermore, I place the onus (own-us) back upon/re-turn to any/all beings by virtue of their oaths etc. et al and self-judged in their acts, any/all obligations created by any/all contracts where all contracts entered into based on this fraud/original sin/intent to de-fraud are nullified/null and void ab initio, ad infinitum nunc pro tunc and;

Furthermore, all obligations upon myself created via this fraud are void inasmuch as the perceived/assumed/presumed gift, without consideration of any all NAME(S) is concerned in that a BOND/DEBT was/is/has been created in the form of a BIRTH CERTIFICATE with an assigned DEBT, not value, where I was assumed/presumed to be that value without/void of my willful consent where it was/is/has been the willful intent of/by/for all parties initiating such acts of obligation upon this, their DEBT and;

The Money Spiral
From the every beginning, we are born into debt.

Whereas intent is clearly visible by any/all who engage in acts of commerce (Whore of Babylon) using the NAME (mark of the beast) is/was/has been/will be acting in fraud and creating harm/cannibalism against their fellow humans/beings since all fiat currency is based upon aforementioned BONDS and is guilty of human being trafficking of the highest order and in defiance of creation where consumption ensues and;

Whereas the willful intent from any/all willful associates/members/oathed beings of church/state/CROWN is evidentiary proof of/by/for any/all acts perpetrated against another where any/all REGISTERED NAMES are concerned inasmuch as non-disclosure by aforementioned was never given/offered where aiding and abetting in fraud is the intent and where any/all aforementioned have unclean hands accordingly and;

Whereas any/all REGISTERED “things/possessions” are, in fact, property of the church/court/state/CROWN (copyright) where any claim made by any/all not oathed to the aforementioned are matters of church/court/state/CROWN inasmuch as willful trespass and enticement into slavery via third-party interloping into such matters that do not concern me, the one who shall not be of NAME where my own customary calling is mine and shall never be given and;

Furthermore, by means of this BIRTH CERTIFICATE (long form/short form) deception/nondisclosure/willful act of fraud, the only DOCUMENT(S) ever willfully given as proof of intent to commit fraud/aid and abet fraud by/of/for church/court/state/CROWN etc. et al and all oathed/bonded to willfully to such titles/fictions/corporations where the claim is also made that the aforementioned take on the role of perceived parens patriea (embodiment of state) and have/are, in fact, kidnapped/abused/harmed any/all who have been fraudulently claimed to be a “ward of admiralty”where the Mother is fiduciary, Father is beneficiary ab initio and;

Touching the hand of God
We have all been tricked into play the game of the Legal Life.

Whereas the rites of both Mother/Father have been stolen via non-disclosure and willful intent as proofed by actions of those, by oath/willful application(s) any/all claiming to be of/for/by church/court/state/CROWN in the form of BIRTH CERTIFICATE(S)/license’s/marriages/FAMILY NAME(S)/taxes/registrations etc. et al ab initio therefore;

Is it the/your willful intent of this/you of/for/by/in church/court/state/CROWN etc. et al beings living/dead fictions to coerce, by force or deceptive means, to have me incriminate myself where I am in full knowledge of this dual fraud where willful intent to do so makes me/you guilty ab initio by claiming to own/be something that is/was/has never been mine/yours to be/claim?; Is it your ( by oath entity) intent to aid and abet the furtherance of this fraud/cannibalism/child kidnapping/human trafficking/theft etc. et al via fictitious ACTS/LEGISLATION etc. et al by/of/for dead entities by/for/of dead entities (dead carrying out the dead) where I am one of the living versus a fictional dead entity created by/for/of the church/court/state/CROWN by enticing me via force/coercion/deception to be a surety for the church/state/court/CROWN created debt(s)?;

Whereas any/all fraud by virtue of its intent and creation remains as such, regardless of length of time taken for such any/all frauds to be exposed, all contracts are null and void upon its discovery where a fraud revealed is, in fact, null and void, ab initio, nunc pro tunc where all energies stolen in any/all forms shall be re-turned where the intent to commit fraud against me has been/is/will be with INTENT; It is not/has never been/never will be my intent to willfully and knowingly commit fraud where mis-takes in ignorance by commission and/or omission are pre-sent and where any/all acts of mine are not in contempt(with temptation) of anyone/anything where any being choosing willfully to contempt me is now with intent to do so. All contracts/documents/signatures/agreements etc. et al are now null and void where any/all DEBT created by church/state/court/CROWN is forgiven/re-turned from whence it was created (forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors) where I am the non-contracting living with the debt BOND id-entity that is the property/responsibility (re-spawns-ability) of that/those which created it;

The Eye of insight
If they only had the eyes to SEE, What’s in a Name?

It is furthermore the obligation of any/all oathed beings of/by/for the church/state/court/CROWN to return my energy/creations/life-force stolen via this original sin/intent to de-fraud my Mother and Father where they aided and abetted in my own fraud by means of deception/non-disclosure where your unclean hands are/have been concerned. I seek no vengeance, I offer no judgments and return the obligations of debts/forgiveness to those who would/have deceived me where a crime against all humanity has been/is being perpetrated with willful intent in the light for all to see;

By one’s actions one is known and in-stantly judged in/of/for/by such actions where the intent is laid bare for all to see in/of/by/for any/all such actions whereas all/any beings willfully by/for/of commission/omission are held and bound judged of themselves. Act accordingly, lest ye be judged in/of/for/by oneself/yourself fully toto genere.

What's in a Name?
Be a Name or be Spirit.

The Human Person

Sign this decree with your legal name or sign it in blood. As My Legal Name has been crucified. It is a dead legal entity. You are either a living Spirit. Or a dead legal entity. You choose! I who shall not be named, signs it in blood. As the dead are drained of blood.

Person: “In law, man and person are not exactly-synonymous terms.” Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856, 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 137.

“…not every human being is a person…” Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th ed. 1957 & 1968, p.1300

per·son (pûrsn)


1. A living human. Often used in combination: chairperson; spokesperson; salesperson.
2. An individual of specified character: a person of importance.
3. The composite of characteristics that make up an individual personality; the self.
4. The living body of a human: searched the prisoner’s person.
5. Physique and general appearance.
6. Law A human or organization with legal rights and duties.
7. Christianity Any of the three separate individualities of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as distinguished from the essence of the Godhead that unites them.

8. Grammar

a. Any of three groups of pronoun forms with corresponding verb inflections that distinguish the speaker (first person), the individual addressed (second person), and the individual or thing spoken of (third person).
b. Any of the different forms or inflections expressing these distinctions.
9. A character or role, as in a play; a guise: “Well, in her person, I say I will not have you” (Shakespeare).


in person

In one’s physical presence; personally: applied for the job in person.

[Middle English, from Old French persone, from Latin persna, mask, role, person, probably from Etruscan phersu, mask.]
Usage Note: The word person has found widespread use in recent decades as a gender-neutral alternative to man in the names of occupational and social roles, such as businessperson, chairperson, spokesperson, and layperson. In addition, a variety of entirely new, more inclusive phrases have arisen to compete with or supplant -man compounds. Now we often hear first-year student instead of freshman and letter carrier instead of mailman. In other cases, a clipped form, such as chair for chairman, or a phrase, such as member of the clergy for clergyman, has found widespread use as a neutral alternative. Reflecting this trend, new standards of official usage for occupational titles have been established by the U.S. Department of Labor and other government agencies; for instance, in official contexts, terms such as firefighter and police officer are now generally used in place of fireman and policeman. See Usage Note at man.
Letting go of the name
In the Twinkling of an Eye. We fly on the Wings of Love.
So in essence, one can either be a human person with a legal name or a Spiritual being. Now that you know the truth. What’s in a Name? Again the choice has been and always will be yours. So choose NOW.

Change a belief, Change your Reality! Your Freedom Awaits.

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

What’s in a Name?


Winky, In the twinkling of an Eye
Twinkle, Twinkle little Star.
Now you know What’s in a Name. They call me Winky. But really it’s a verb.

Your Legal Death or your Spiritual life is What’s in a Name?

The Source Field

The Source Field, a vast Field of Light Information.

The Source Field
The Source Field is a vast Sea of light Information. Tap the Source

Picture The Source Field as an infinite Field of Light Information that transcends all space between matter, energy, and time. The Source Field existed before the big bang, before any matter existed. If you have read Spiritual Beings. One might consider this as the infinite or the first infinite of God. As there was only light. Darkness came about because of matter casting its shadow. Of course we may believe there was darkness and then the light. But like most things we have been taught, we have them backwards.

The Source Field provides a template for this information exchange. As light contains information. Light can create DNA out of pure water. And as we all know DNA is the building block of life. Because of the formation contained in light, matter takes on many molds.  All one needs to do is dial in the The Source Field to receive the information required.

The Source Field
There’s more out there than meets the eyes

If we use the analogy of a radio, we can imagine our Heartmind as being the radio receiver. We simply use it to dial in the different frequencies of The Source Field, and Presto! We are able to select from the many stations or frequencies that The Source Field is transmitting. Which ones you choose depends on your desires, as you adjust the dial until the reception is clear for you. Once you have turned in to a particular station, you will not be able to hear the other stations, yet you’ll know they exist. The Source Field has all the information that is available in this universal creation of light.

This is a practical guide, as I will offer some visualizations as ways one can get access to The Source Field Information as your particular need arises. Some people can make access through the eyes and others through sound some experimentation is required on your part to find out which one works best for you.

Ehe Source Field Brain Child
Even The Source Field knows better than this. It takes heart to tap the Source

The Source Field

We all have access to the same information. An infinite amount of information is passing through us at this very moment. Using ones Heartmine to determine which information is relevant to you must be first felt and then reasoned. This is how we decipher and analyze the incoming signal to obtain the information that is useful to us. As it must be decoded to be meaningful and you are the filtering mechanism.

We are all equally connected to The Source Field, this makes us truly one within this human dynamic and at the same we are connected to the whole of humanity at the same time through the web of connectivity. This is how we are all one and yet we maintain our selectiveness. Consider the Internet. You are separate, yet you can connect and search out the entire web for the information you desire. A separate self from the collective of all of humanity is an illusionary concept designed to keep humanity separate and disconnected from The Source Field and the body of humanity. We must realize at we are all energy from the same source and that our individual realities are subjective. Subjective in the sense of a description of reality that we have been taught. Since humanity has a collective in the forms of beliefs and we have different belief systems we have created a reality of separateness.

The Source Field Shadow
It’s a dance of Light and Shadow we all do

This is for convenience, but whose convenience is what humanity is now awaking into.  We are starting to discover that what happens in one part of the world can effect humanity in another part of the world. As we tune into the collective we find that what happens to our fellow-man is happening to us as well. We can choose to ignore the plight of our fellow-man or we can choose to join in and help where we can. Therefore you can influence how you perceive your reality in any way you wish. However by join into the collective and changing our perspective from separateness to the collective we begin changing the Tonal of the collective.

Thus we start reflecting a vibration of love and compassion for our fellow-man, we begin to change the world that’s reflected by the Tonal of humanity. In Feeding the Beast I go into great depth about how this all works. Simply, if we choose to main separate, we separate our selves from The Source Field, as no man is an island. What good is having a computer to connect to The Source Field (Internet), if one chooses not to connect to the web?  The only information one can get access to is the information that has been input into the separate computer (Individual).

Butterfly Nebula
We fly though The Source Field. When World collide.

The Source Field, Reality at Large and Small

The Source Field is an archive of universal information on both the microscopic and macroscopic levels. It assist in the coordination of every cell of the body of humanity and with your separate body as well. We must connect in order for the cells of the body of humanity to exchange intelligent data. As every feeling and thought is part of our self so is every feeling and thought part of the collective of humanity. Our growth individually or as a collective depends upon this communication. As we are all cells of the immense collective of the Universe. We either cooperate with the body our become a foreign cell and be expelled from the body or cut out like cancer.

The Source Field contains all data about the Universe of which we are apart. As everything in the universe is alive. All matter is alive. Even light has life.  This collection of information from The Source Field contains all information from the smallest subatomic particle to the immense is contain in light and connects everything and everybody. One does not need to travel to a specific location to receive specific information from The Source Field. As The Source Field in its entirety is at all points in the universe at all times. What this means is that at anytime or anywhere one is connected to all the information in the universe.

We are bubbles of perception in The Source Field
We are bubbles of perception in The Source Field

If one understands the concept of The Source Field they will immediately understand the Source of all the mystical powers of Telepathy, Clairvoyance,Remote Viewing, Healing, Telekinesis, and all those mystical powers we wish we had. The amazing thing is we do have them. One just needs to dial them in and Presto! Your physic, but so is everybody else. Just like in the T.V. program Bewitched all one needs to do is pull their ear lobe and wiggle their nose and they can make anything appear or disappear. Don’t you wish it was that easy? Well in reality it’s even easier than that. But first one has to know and then realize that The Source Field is there. Funny they never taught this in school. I wonder why? NOT!

If you are, than you need to connect to the internet and start connecting with The Source Field. Figuratively speaking, or not. It must be stated that intention is what allows and person to influence the physical realm remotely. As our Intent effects The Source Field locally, which then can influence the field in another locality. This happens far beyond our conscious awareness. But it happens ever the less. We can influence greater changes with our intent by understanding how to clearly focus our intent in order to affect events.

Cats Eye Nebula
Notice the Source Field of Light around this Nebula

Intent and Connectivity to The Source Field

Our consciousness, as energy, appears to generate spontaneous links to The Source Field. Our individual consciousness is how we relate to every experience. By understanding more about the nature of our consciousness. We will be better equipped to understand how our feelings and thoughts affect our intent, therefore The Source Field. Need help? See Mastery of Awareness.

This will begin to help one with cleaning their consciousness of all the unwanted needless beliefs and habits we have picked up since birth.  It’s been said garbage in, garbage out. So the reverse is true. Pure energy in. Pure energy out. Since we are the filter of our experiences the purer the filter the purer the reflection of energy as it flows though us to be focused. Since we only need the tiniest amount of intent to affect The Source Field. The cleaner our feelings and thoughts the better the results will be.  Or said another way, The closer our intent is to the intent of The Source Field the better the results of our intent will be. As we all know, the most powerful vibration/frequency/force in this universe is love. To closer we come to expressing this force the more we connect with our intent, and the intent of The Source Field.

The web of interconnectedness, The Source Field of information, contains every possible event, past, present, and future. I know this is hard to wrap ones head around so don’t try.  If one must think. Think of it as a potential. From this potential, the potential of events the observer creates their own reality. Each of us creates an order or pattern through the act of observation. Our feelings, thoughts, words and actions are expressions of what we perceive as our reality. If we remember our reality is subjective to a description. Simply by the act of observing an event we have an influence on that event. If in doubt. Investigate the observed electron. There is no way we can understand or reason this theoretical objective reality in any way without making it subjective. To achieve pure objectivity we would have to be observing an event from outside our universe. Therefore, all our perceptions are biased opinions. This makes them subjective.

Could this be Winky's Home? Shound we ask him?
Could this be Winky’s Home? Should we ask him?

The Source Field and Beliefs

All though this sounds complicated it’s really not. Here, let me say it another way.  A person’s pattern of observing their reality or life shall we say? Is a direct result of their own experiences. The way we filter the information we have observed and then process for our own use is our individual consciousness. This is why we have a unique view of reality. This becomes our foundation for our individuality. Even though our consciousness extends into The Source Field and connects to everything and everybody else. Simply, if we have a feeling of mistrust and suspicion of people from past experiences. Our current events will reflect this mistrust and suspicion. Therefore the reverse of this is true. When we change our beliefs we change our reality. I don’t see an easier way of saying this.

Therefore one just has to experience it to know if it true or not. Our belief in God is our strongest belief that a human may have. I use it a lot in my writings because of this fact. If one can change this one belief for just a moment. And I know this is very scary because God may be come angry with you. But if you could one might find that what they believe is not the God that is out there in the universe. One can always go back to believing what they did before. Or can they? Maybe that’s why it’s so scary. Because once one experiences something it’s impossible to un-experience it. Maybe that’s where “Ah, Forget about it”,  comes from. Yea, that’s the ticket!

No reason to get crappy

The Source Field Summary

The Source Field is immense. I could write a whole article about it. Hey, wait a minute, I just did. I have promised you some visualizations so one can tap The Source Field on your own and you won’t have to take my words for it. But let me make a quick summary before you leave. As once you tap it you will never have to come here again and I will miss you. But we can talk to each other in The Source Field and then I won’t have to type so much. So it’s all good.

1. The Source Field as a vast infinite sea that transcends all space between matter, energy, and time. Light contains information. The formation contained in light, allows matter takes on many forms.

2. The Source Field provides a template for this information exchange. The Source Field has all the information that is available in this universal creation of light.

3. We can imagine our Heartmind as being the radio receiver. We simply use it to dial in the different frequencies of The Source Field, and Presto! We are able to select from the many stations or frequencies that The Source Field is transmitting.

4. We all have access to the same information. An infinite amount of information is passing through us at this very moment.  It must be decoded to be meaningful and you are the filtering mechanism.

5. The Source Field, makes us truly one within this human dynamic and at the same we are connected to the whole of humanity at the same time through the web of connectivity.  Since humanity has a collective in the forms of beliefs and we have different belief systems we have created a reality of separateness.

6.  As we tune into the collective we find that what happens to our fellow-man is happening to us as well.  If we choose to main separate, we separate our selves from The Source Field, as no man is an island.

The Source Field
Mirror, Mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?

7. The Source Field is an archive of universal information on both the microscopic and macroscopic levels. Every feeling and thought is part of our self so is every feeling and thought part of the collective of humanity. Therefore you can influence how you perceive your reality in any way you wish.

8. Our growth individually or as a collective depends upon this communication with The Source Field. The Source Field contains all data about the Universe of which we are apart.

9. If one understands the concept of The Source Field they will immediately understand the Source of all the mystical powers of Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Remote Viewing, Healing, Telekinesis, and all those mystical powers we wish we had.

10.  Our Intent effects The Source Field locally, which then can influence the field in another locality. We can influence greater changes with our intent by understanding how to clearly focus our intent in order to affect events.

11. Just go back up to the top and read the post again. What’s important to know is that The Source Field is present. Now that you know, you can tap it.

Mystic Mountain
The Source Field can make Mountains of matter

Visualizations of The Source Field

As promised. As a Spiritual Being uses the power of their word or the power of their seeing to create change!

There is an over whelming need for healing. As we all suffer from something. Be it closed mindedness or lack of heart-felt feelings. We can all use some help. We all have built-in healing from The Source Field. These Concepts/Visualizations are simple. Your challenge will be self-discipline. That is up to you.  As this must become a vision of your life.  As we imprint these visualizations into our beings they will become real events. That is the rule of The Source Field. As Visualizations grant us an unlimited creative license. After all that’s what Dreams are. Use them, otherwise they are just useless Dreams .

Physician, heal thy self.

A dream within a Dream
Some say we live in a Dream

DreamHealer Awaken! Connect to yourself with healing intention. Plant your vision of your future. Grow it in your Dreamtime. Awake to your new reality!

I must state that it is vital that the visualizations must become dynamic and fluid. Use all your senses to imagine and feel the events happening to you. This is how they become real experiences. Become Spirit as eternal life can not found in our present form of matter. Only in Spirit can we transcend. As Spirit is light. we were here before it mattered. If we remain as matter we are casting a shadow. In this universe of light darkness doesn’t exist. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

Breathing is an important part of the Visualizations. As one inhales they breath in The Source Field or the energy information they need to accomplish the task they need done. Very few breath as we should and we starve our body of oxygen and our Spirit of energy.

Try this. Inhale deeply yet relax to fill your lungs. Nothing new here. Now exhale forcefully as if trying to push something out of you. Visualize that which you wish to remove and push it out with your breath. Relax, and breath in again. Visualize this all healing light filling your being. Any dark spots, force out of you with your exhalation breath. Repeat as often as you feel the need, at any time it comes to your awareness. For those Dreamers, One can even start with their head on their left shoulder breathing in the energy information for the second attention and exhaling from the right shoulder the first attention as their head moves back to the left.

The Source Field Vision
The Mastery of Awareness gets you in touch with The Source Field

One must be able flexible an adapt what works for them. This is your connection with The Source Field there is no exact method for doing this as it comes from you feeling it. What ever works for you. Works! These are guide lines change them as you feel the need.

Now comes the Visualization for Intent. As one needs intent for anything to work. The next step is to know that you are ready, willing and able to receive the healing you need. This then becomes an alignment with your beliefs, expectations, therefore your intentions towards your healing. Consider this. If your Spirit and The Source Field can’t heal you will that medication do it for you?

Could it be that your belief in that medication is the cause of your not feeling the symptoms? Called the placebo effect. Just asking?

What Dotors won't say
Good Medicine?
What they can’t say!

I am not suggesting that one not listen to their doctor. He went to all them Medical Schools and paid all that money for knowledge that he and you can get directly from The Source Field. Now he has all those loans to pay. Sorry, I know because I practiced Medicine for twenty years. They call it a practice for a Reason. However if one practices connecting to The Source Field one may be able to heal them self or at the very least help their doctor to help them heal. Of course since I got in touch with The Source Field I haven’t seen a Doctor in over ten years. I am on zero Medications and I am still here. I am in my sixties.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying that the Doctors aren’t helping their patients. They are doing the best they know how. Just read the advise effects on any medications you might be taking. One might find they cause the illness and symptoms that one is feeling. Go figure.

Take the Red pill
Here shallow this, if you can.
Here take two of these and call me in the morning.
If your still alive!

I must state that I am not a Doctor, and I no longer practice Medicine. Do what you feel is best for you. You are the only one that knows what’s best for you. Your Heart is what you should follow. I am just offering another point of view. And The Source Field, what the hell do I know?

Expand your Visualizations to include all your senses as some may find it better to hear them and/or feel them then just see them. This opens one up to a greater sense of them self. This makes a more lasting impression. And offers a greater awareness. As we all become Spiritual Beings.

The Source Field and the Energy Body
We stand before our Destiny. All we need is our Energy Body to take us the rest of the way.

This Visualization can be used in a number of ways to expand your consciousness. Have fun and experiment with the process. As there is no cut and dry procedure for getting in contact with The Source Field. I wish there was, as I would write a book and retire off the sales. The best I can do is offer you the above information. And it’s all free. One can always refuse a gift. But if you do, don’t expect another one. If you can’t use the gift, re-gift it. We do it all the time with the fruit cake we get at Christmas. Did you know there is only one fruit cake that has been passed around all these years? Ok, maybe three.

Here how to project oneself as a Hologram. Can be great fun at parties. Just lightening the mood. One uses this to project healing to another person at great distances. Stand in front of a full length mirror. Burn that image of you into your eyes, seeing the image of you with your eyes closed as if you were still looking into the mirror. Make it a small image about two foot tall. Any size will do. But make it a perfect copy of you. Once you have this image. Infuse this image with the light from the healing Source Field. See the image in full health, it’s perfect. Now project this image in front of you as a two-dimensional hologram. This is how one sees them self in perfect health. Don’t worry in time and practice it will become a three-dimensional hologram where you are linked to it through The Source Field.

To Direct healing to another. If one as a picture of the person this works even better. Picture them as the two foot image projected in front of you with your eyes closed. Again direct the healing energy from The Source Field into them though your focused intention to achieve optimal health. At this point, dispose of the person’s energy blockages by casting them into the vacuum of a black hole. As the energy blockages need a host organism to thrive. Once removed they dissipate quickly.

We Come from The Source Field
We are all connected to The Source Field

How about one to fix a broken heart. Could be yours or somebody you love. This exercise makes maximum use of the heart’s ability to synchronize universal energy available to the body, mind and Spirit. In fact, this is effective for all matters of the heart, especially when we need to increase our love and acceptance of our selves. So do hold back on this one. As one experiences greater self acceptance and confidence in your abilities to transform yourself. Knowing you can do it is an essential step in the reprogramming your mind and body.

Using a ball of white light love pull this energy down through the top of your head down to your heart center and let it collect there. Your heart will amplify the intensity of the energy. Since your heart is at the center of your being. Distribution of this energy becomes easier to send to other parts of your body.

Breathing in imagine you are collecting all this energy of love and passing it down to your heart center take as many breaths in as you need to fill your heart center. Collecting all this love light within you.

With exhalations now start radiating this love light energy in beams of love. Just like the sun. Be the love sun in your heart. As you begin to feel the radiance shine from within. Feel and then experience the peace and harmony as you become unified with everything within and outside of you. You become the love you have always wanted. You have always been.

The White Ball of Love
Bring the White Light Ball of love into your Heart

See your heart radiating as bright as the sun. Feel yourself glow with the energy. Hear your heart pumping. Smell and taste the heat of love. Make this real, and it is. Enjoy these Visualization and change and experiment with them to your heart’s content. With practice they only get better and so do you.

If we add the holographic ideas that I have written about in this website, we capture an even big picture of the possibilities that The Source Field offers. As this offers us the possibilities of healing others. As we all know. There is a shortage of good healers on this planet.

The Source Field and The Mastery of Awareness
What a great Dream we have created together. The Source Field is the Source

Now you have no excuse to not use your talents. As you are connected to The Source Field and it is connected to you and everyone else. Go out and heal. In truth, you don’t even have to leave your house to do it. The Source Field awaits your intent.

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Plant the Seed in The Source Field

Then watch it grow


The Source Field of Winky
Hey, back off. I’m no seed. But I could be The Source Field.

Discover more on The Source Field. David Wilcock does a better job of explaining The Source Field. Enjoy the Video.

The Source Field, is at your command