One plus One equals One

One plus One equals One, or is it Two?

Two Spirits become as one
One plus One equals One

M plus E equals ME. Flip the equation and ME becomes WE

One plus One equals One. It’s been said, One can not solve the problems of this world, with the same thinking that created the problems. Change your mind, to change your reality.

I woke up this with this simple truth running through my Dreamtime Spirit.

One plus One equals One. All our lives we have been taught that One plus One equals Two. Could it be, this is how we have all been divided? Creating the duality, Separated from ourselves. Dividing us into two halves. Some spending a life time in search of their soul mate. When in spirit, we are our soul=mate. We are all male and female physically or in the literal. Polarity. However in my spirit walk, I have found that the spirit is female & male, as is “creation” which is another word I use for GOD.

GOD to me now represents Gold, Oil, Diamonds. It’s printed on the dollar. In GOD We Trust. Giving a new reflection of the GOD we serve. Since when did creation need the help of man?

Don't sweat the small stuff
The Divine order of the Universe


Is it any wonder humanity has found it so difficult to express LOVE? Or at it’s best having a One plus One equals Two points of YOU. The truth is self-evident. One need only 2B Spirit to see X, then feel Y to become Truth.

One plus One does equal Two when viewed from the literal, or litter all. The divided point of YOU. The Spiritual point of view X you, the Anagogic is another point of YOU looking at creation from still a divided perspective, the Spiritual. As humanity moves back into the spiritual, we need to reconsider our math. One plus One equals One. Or remain divided and conquered in the literal and the anagogic. Theirs/there’s the Duality!

Oh, the Quad nature of consciousness. X is the key. Where X is really four V’s that have come together to a point., The Singularity. But the nature of the characters has not changed. It only gives the illusion of being different.

SOW we become binary, Quad in nature. Becoming the singularity. One plus One equals One. One O and One X equals Y you become the target. The Qx of life. Scope this out. One is either On or Off. Let me ask YOU. Where is the neutral in a binary system where One is neither On or Off. Only in neutral is One between worlds. Where One can see both realities. 2B or not 2B that is the question? Where 2B and not 2B is the answer.

Dreaming Spirit traveling at the Speed of Consciousness
One plus One equals One Universe

Do we need more Questions, So we add to the formula of consciousness? As all of conxciousness is One. One plus One equals One where One equals All. What part of the All does One not comprehend?

Nothing but a witches brew. Boiling, swirling, and churning in the Kettle. Where the truth is self-evident. Know the truth in the heart or believe the truth in the literal mind, The choice is yours.

And then there’s Z. Which of course is N on its side. But that’s another perspective.

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back


The Choices of Spirit
New Math for the Spiritual Being

One plus One equals One in the Spiritual.