The Mastery of Awareness

Use the Mastery of Awareness to see beyond ourselves

The Mastery of awareness
The Mastery of Awareness is more than just becoming Aware

I am already given to the power that rules my fate.
I cling to nothing, so I have nothing to defend.
I have no thoughts, so I SEE.
I fear nothing, so I will remember myself.
Detached and at ease, I will dart past the Eagle to be free.

Human Beings are two-sided. The left side encompasses everything the intellect can conceive of. The right side is the realm of indescribable features. A realm impossible to contain in words. The right side is perhaps comprehended. If comprehension is what takes place, with the total body. Thus its resistance to conceptualization. All the faculties, possibilities, and accomplishments of The Mastery of Awareness, from the simplest, to the most astounding, are in human consciousness. Our Human Totality if you will.

For those who have not followed The Mastery of Awareness, may not comprehend its meaning. There may be some catching up to do. Use Table of Contents to find Mankinds Four Natural Enemies, from there read  The Three Attentions of Human Kind. Than follow your path to here.

This post will make more sense with some basic understanding. You may visit other posts like Computer Human and the Energy Body to gain insight to, The Mastery of Awareness.

For those who have followed. Hear is some meat to go along with the potatoes to feed the Spirit. This will help on your Journey to The Mastery of Awareness. The time is right, to work on Dreaming, moving into heart. In search for more knowledge about our Human Totality. As we clean the connecting link with Intent.

We grow in The Mastery of Awareness.

The Mastery of Awareness
We become what we truly are. The Masters of Awareness

The Mastery of Awareness

In this universe there is an unmeasurable, indescribable force called Intent,  absolutely everything that exists in this entire cosmos is attached to this Intent by our connecting link, to the Intent of Creation.

We can clean this connecting link of its numbing effects brought about by our everyday affairs of this material existence. By moving our focus from our Reason center, to the Heart center, the center of our being.

Simply, we become less concerned about the reasons for things, we begin to feel the energy of those things that matter most in our lives. Where the description of Reason, becomes a new description of Heart. Trading one Description for another.

We realize that our World view is just a Description. What we perceive is just a reflection of that Description. By changing our Descriptions we change our reflection of Reality. This is The Mastery of Awareness.

Attempting to guide the reader through this Description of Reason to the Heart Description with sobriety, endurance, and stability. Using my writing in such a way, to offer peace, harmony, laughter, and knowledge. Directly from the source of my Intent, and transmit them through the word to you.

It hasn’t been an easy task, as words have power, sow attempting to find the right words to convey the correct power of intent to the reader. Has been a challenge for me.

The Mastery of Awareness
Finding the right words is not an easy task. Even harder spelling them.

There are actually three teaching of expertise one needs to reach the Totality of them self. The Totality of ourselves is a mysterious affair. We only need only a very small portion of it to fulfill the most complex tasks of life. This sets us on the path to discovery of Human Totality.

Truth is, when we die, we die with the Totality of ourselves. I ask you, Why wait to find it at Death, when we can explore it while we live?

Bubbles of Perception,Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness to other worlds Playing with Reality
Each Bubble is a Reality all it’s own. Consciousness is the one blowing the bubbles

The Mastery of Awareness, The Art of Stalking, and the Mastery of Intent are the three. I haven’t mentioned the Art of Stalking in previous writings because it sounds so sinister, however in allegory, I have offered the teaching as the Art of Stalking is the riddle of the Heart yet to be explored.

The Art of Stalking is the puzzlement one feels in their heart upon becoming aware of two things. First, the world appears to us to be unalterable, objective and factual. This is because of the peculiarities of our awareness and perception. Meaning what we see isn’t what is necessarily there. Thus one is puzzled when they begin to feel something different.

Second, when different peculiarities of perception come into play. The very things about the World that seemed so unalterable, objective, and factual changes right in front of our very eyes. The Mastery of Awareness offers a key point.

When this happens, quite frankly, it blows ones mind. Since most live in a given mind, this could be life threatening, life altering experience. Or at the very least, the pad cell looks like home for a while. One thinks they have lost their marbles, and they have! However, those marbles were just rattling around in one’s head anyway, playing marble games, they were of no use to the Human Totality of ones being.

The Art of Stalking is a set of procedures and attitudes that enables one to get the best out of any conceivable situation.

The Mastery of Awareness is the riddle of the mind. Where we recognize the perplexity we experience when we see the astounding mystery in the scope of awareness and perception. Suddenly, and without warning we begin to see that our mind as been playing tricks on us. As we begin to use Inner Silence to quite our mind. We begin to see that what we thought was real is just a Mental Illusion. And the veil begins to lift showing the world that is behind the veil. The world of Spirit and heart.

The Mastery of Intent is the riddle of the Spirit. The paradox of the abstract, where our thoughts and actions are projected beyond our human condition. We realize we are of Spirit. We begin to touch our Spirit in ways we never knew were possible. In Spirit anything, and everything is possible, for some this is difficult to grasp as it becomes a frightening affair. Thus we abandon our Spirit. When in fact the closer we move into Spirit the more we touch the Universal Intent that connects everything to everything in the heart of man.

You can see from the past writings, I have touched on all three of these teachings. In an attempt to hook ones attention.

The Mastery of Awareness is no easy path to follow. One must have the power of Heart, the sobriety of Mind, with the harmony of Intent to transverse its full length. Those individuals are few and far between. A rare breed indeed.

Spiritual stairway to heaven
The path less traveled. Needs Heart to transverse its full length.

The Mastery of Awareness Cornerstones

The Mastery of Awareness consist of the following nine basic premises, thus is the cornerstone for the other teachings listed above.

1.) The universe is an agglomeration of energy fields, resembling threads of light. I call them emanations. These energy fields make up everything known, unknown, and unknowable about us and the cosmos at large. They are the source.

2.) These energy fields, radiate from a source of inconceivable proportions metaphorically called the Eagle. Not because it looks like an Eagle. Not because it is an Eagle. I simply have no other word to describe this vision. Sow, I call them the emanations of the Eagle. They are the source. One could call them God but that’s because they haven’t seen them yet. When they do they will understand. And they can call them anything they like.

3.) Human beings are also composed of and incalculable number of these threads of light like energy fields that make up our energy body. These emanations form an encased like egg that manifests itself as a ball of light or orb, the size of the person’s body with arms extended laterally, just like a giant luminous egg.  We are beings of light. The sooner we realize this the better off this reality becomes for us all.

4.) Only a very small group of the energy fields inside our luminous cocoon are lit up by a point of intense brilliance located on the surface of our energy body. This is why I use the Energy body as opposed to the luminous egg. It much nicer a term than egg head. Which just cracks me up when viewed from this perceptive.

5.) Perception occurs when the energy fields in the small group immediately surrounding the point of brilliance on our sphere. Extended their light or energy to illuminate identical energy fields that come from outside our sphere and run through us. Thus the only energy fields we perceive are those lit by the point of brilliance. This is the point where our perception is assembled in a manner of speaking. Thus, it is called the Assemblage Point. This point than Assembles the reality we perceive. Simply, because those emanations are the focus of the point of brilliance. The secret is…

Assemblage Point
Here’s the idea of how it looks


6.) The Assemblage Point can be moved from its usual position on the surface of our Energy body to other positions on the surface, and within our being. Therefore the brilliance and shape of the Assemblage Point can light up other energy fields or emanations it comes into contact with, when it moves to a new location it immediately brightens up new emanations making them possible to perceive. This perception is known to some as SEEing. We SEE new worlds, new realities. All done from the comfort of our energy bodies.

7.) When the Assemblage point shifts, it makes possible the perception of entirely different worlds. As real, objective, and factual as the one we normally perceive. We can go into these other Worlds to receive, pick up energy, power, solutions to general and particular problems, or even face the unimaginable. Even meet other beings that inhabit those worlds. Now, doesn’t that sound like fun?

8.) Our Intent is the pervasive force that causes us to perceive. We do not become aware because we perceive, rather we perceive as a result of the pressure and intrusion of Intent. Our Intent is not a thought or feeling, like wishing or day Dreaming. No our Intent is a force that we can use. Intent is pure power.

9.) The Mastery of Awareness gives the being a chance to have a chance to reach a state of total awareness to experience all the possibilities of perception available to us as Spirit, or Human beings if you prefer. This perception, this state of awareness, even implies an alternative way of meeting our death. Which just may be the biggest secret that we have discover to date.

The Essence of life
Death is just another word for Freedom

What if we could cheat death, move past it, with our awareness in tact. Now that would be a gift from this life we would have never expected! There are mysteries within ourselves. Sitting on the couch watching T.V. isn’t going to allow one to find these mysteries and explore them. The Mastery of Awareness allows just that.

I haven’t gone into much detail about the Mastery of Intent or the Art of Stalking. In fact, I am not sure I have enough time left on this earth to go in to great detail with the reader.

However, at very least one has a good basis for the start of their journey. I am still here so who knows. Plus, why waste the energy if no ones is interested? I can use it to explore The Mastery of Awareness, other worlds.

The Energy Body And Dreams
Nothing ever said we can’t going fishing there

My Intent here is to offer those who are interested. A chance at a chance at changing their perceived life. As ones Intent is summoned with the eyes. My heart compels me to write is information for my sons, and anybody else that might be interested. If that happens to be you. Wonderful. If not, Thanks for reading, The Mastery of Awareness, have a nice life.

I understand if The Mastery of Awareness is not you cup of tea. This path is not for everyone, in fact, it’s the path with heart less traveled. Which makes for an exciting adventure. Few have chosen, even fewer make it. I feel blessed at the very least, to have had this opportunity to share The Mastery of Awareness.

The Mastery of Awareness
Our Power, our strength comes from our Spirit. Our Heart knows the Truth. Isn’t time we find the Truth for ourselves.

The Mastery of Awareness is a life long journey. We don’t become Masters of Awareness overnight, unless we can Dream of other worlds. Pleasant Dreams!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back it’s yours

The Mastery of Awareness to Dream of other Worlds


Winky, thumbs up to you
I could be an Assemblage Point, See… I’m pointing!

We can be the Masters of Awareness. The Mastery of Awareness is our Cornerstone.