The Balance of Power

The Balance of Power, is Power in Balance

The Balance of Power. The Balance between Heaven and Earth
The Balance of Power. The Balance between Heaven and Earth

Why do I trouble myself with writing The Balance of Power. Maybe it’s because I need to see it in writing. The Reflection. Or maybe you do. Before the pendulum swings back. Why else?

Am I just performing a balancing act? Of the Ying and Yang. The Light and the Darkness. The Positive and the Negative. Jugggling power in a way to express The Balance of Power. Not for you but for myself. Or could it be the other way around? One must have balance if they are to stand in the Center/Heart/Spirit and walk that fine line to freedom.

Returning to Paradise Lost
The Balance of Power is the same as flying on Wings on of Consciousness

So what do I stand for? Sitting is good, and laying down. Well what can I say? Opossum Medicine.  Aren’t we all playing dead? So how do we Balance Power? Why are you asking me? If you don’t know, How can I help?

You are The Singularity, aren’t you? Seems like a Personal Power issue. Some have it, Some don’t. Could it be you are seeking, The Balance of Power, In your own reflection? If that’s the vision. One must have both experiences. Using a Description, Light and Darkness as we are both. Can one see the Light when standing in pure Light? Thus the reverse of this is true as well.

The Balance of Power is seeing every thing as shades of gray. The Balance of Dark and Light. In and out. Up and down. Spirit and Mind, the list goes on and on.

Why else would you be reading The Balance of Power? Maybe for kicks and giggles, what else have you to do? Besides seek the wisdom of somebody else? Hey, what is the Internet for? All those individuals placing their wisdom for all to seek. Simply because they care. What does that say about you? You know it’s, The Balance of Power that makes the Difference. What a difference, if you could Balance your Power.

Power In Balance

In GOD We Truth
I should have just kept my mouth shut and my eyes open

Be it Personal or otherwise. I Am not Judging. What’s to judge? You, Me? Aren’t we both just reflections? The Balance of Power requires one to let go of the power. As Power is our Third Natural Enemy. Personal Power. Could it be anything else but Personal?

Let me ask you. Why are you seeking personal power here? Isn’t Personal Power personal? Yep, The Balance of Power. It’s Personal.

So what are you going to do? Zombies in the Real World. Always hungry for something to satisfy the hunger. The Balance of Power. Is there Life/Spirit/Love/Heartmind in you? If not,  seek Dragonfly Medicine. Dragonfly balances flight on four wings.

The Balance of Power in Nature
Isn’t reality just a reflection? Reflect something new in Balance !

From The Balance of Power. Are you seeking more? Ok, the world spins in two opposite directions at the same time. It’s The Balance of Power Mother Earth does. It’s a matter of perspective. From the North pole Earth spins counter clock wise. From the South Pole perspective. Clock wise. Wow, It’s spinning to two directions at once. If that’s not The Balance of Power, what is?

Why do I trouble myself with your blindness? Could it be you are a reflection of me?  The more I balance power. The less Power I need. Yep, that’s personal. Seems perspective is everything. Or could it be a point of view? Only you can decide what is best for you. I Am not telling you anything you don’t all ready know in your Heart/Spirit/Consciousness. Maybe you have chosen to forget the God Self. To experience both sides of the coin. Standing before the river Styx. Is that a Silver Coin?

The Balance of Power. A Perspective. A Point of View. Or something more? I have my perspective, you have yours. In reality it’s just a Point of View. Seeing our Reflection from a different Perspective. Spirit can see a number of perspectives. How about you?  The Balance of Power is no easy task. It requires one to be aware of intent. To be conscious of Spirit. To except the Reflection. Then change it from within. Just another Point of View/You.

Our life Journeys!
Our life Journeys require Balance!

That’s what makes it personal. Spirit becomes personal. Spirit is personal. Could it be something else? The Balance of Power is what I Am writing about. What you are Seeing is Personal. How could I judge you for where you are standing or sitting, or lying down Dreaming. Ooops, That might be personal.

Yep, you are you. For me to judge would be a matter of perspective. Why would I do that? When I want to Balance Power. Seeing both sides and then letting go of the Power. After all power is something we are. Not something we use. Unless you see it differently. By letting go one frees the Spirit. To have other perspectives.

The Balance of Power. Isn’t a point of view. It’s not reality. It’s not even you or me. It’s the Balance of Power that makes the difference for you and for me. As we are all reflections. A reflection of The Balance of Power, you reflect for a change. Bring Balance.

The Spritt of Reflections
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall is that ME in the balance of it ALL

I Am tired of giving and not receiving. I am sure you are too. I have given enough in the discovery of Spirit to you. Now is the time that Spirit gives back to me, Thus, The Balance of Power. Where’s the balance in constant giving? Somethings you just have to let go of one perspective to envision another. The Balance of Power. As the pendulum swings back to the middle, I SEE…

A well, where Spirit comes to drink. As I drop the bucket into the well and start to pull it up. I wonder is the well dry because so many have come and quenched their thirst. And have not returned the water back to the well. They poured what’s left in the cup on the ground. And walked away. What a waste. At least Pray for rain to replenish the well. To much to ask? Where do you believe the water in the well came from? Believing the well will always contain water is Blind Faith.

One may walk away thirsty. Is that the wells fault? Of course not, the well gave all it had. Now its time for rain to replenish the well. Call on Frog Medicine. Until it rains, I have nothing else to offer. I have given freely to all who came to drink. What a shame you couldn’t dig your own well. Quenching your own thirst for Spirit then sharing with me. Oh Well, The Balance of Power.

Essence of life
The Eagle is the POWER we balance

Knowledge is Power
Experience is Wisdom
Take your Power Back
Fly on the Wings of Consciousness

Winky, My alter Ego in Balance
Oh NO! We are headed out to the Balance of power in Creation. I had better pack a Bag.

To my Friends and Loved ONES

My job here is Finished. There will be one more post called Chakras, the Cap Stone of this work. Which I AM sure will give you a much bigger picture of what Spirit is all about. It’s the As Above so Below of Consciousness, sow don’t miss it. It’s my Christmas present to Humanity. What else could I give but of myself.

Fair Well on your Journeys in Consciousness!

The Balance of Power is walking that fine line


The Singularity

The Singularity, Does exist!

The Singularity
Did everything start from The Singularity?

It’s “YOU”

I was minding my business, answering an email. When The Singularity struck. I would love to share my experience with The Singularity. Because that’s what Spiritual Beings Do! Where one can feel The Singularity. This may clear up the Concept as to the meaning of the word. Or create a big Black Hole. This Singularity is brought to you by none other than The Singularity. The Singularity does Exist. You are The Singularity.

Spirit is a continuum. Constantly evolving and forever growing. The never-ending growth of consciousness. As we discover our Spirit. We continually grow in our awareness of Spirit. The Singularity of Spirit. We all share! Thank you Teresa, for sharing your Spirit.

Now days, I don’t believe a word that science spews in their studies. Or anything my Reason has to say. Of course, science can’t study Spirit. How can they study something they can’t find? SPIRIT/FEELINGS, What’s that?. They just presume it doesn’t exist.  Experience The Singularity and it is nothing of what Science describe. How can “they” describe The Singularity? And Reason The Singularity forget that.

Oh well, I Am Spirit, The Singularity, I can do whatever I choose to do. I can create whatever I choose to create. I can believe whatever I choose to believe and then experience all these bubbles. That’s Personal Power. Because it’s personal, I don’t need them to tell me what is what. I can always believe my own Reasons. Let them create their own world. Yea, how’s that working so far?

The Singularity of Mind
The Singularity of mind. Is that even possible?

The Singularity

The Universe is singing! Uni, One song, I sing. This song has one Verse, and that verse is you/U. You are singing the song of the Universe. So as we awaken to Spirit, we begin to Sing the one song. Once sung. Which of course is U, You singing. The Singularity is you. Can it have more clarity? Sing-U- with Clarity.

When we sound out the phonics of the word, Singularity. We SEE sound. The sound of “SING”. It sounds, its meaning. It’s a vibration, a frequency, Energy. The vibration of you creating your Universe. The Singularity. Is that a sine, wave! LOL

Here, sing this one verse. As Sound is the Power of Creation.

I Am Me as You are We and We are all together.

As The Singularity, Consider this, We are all together peeling back the layers of the onion. As we move from layer to layer seeking the freedom of Spirit from the onion. We are all together the onion, The Singularity with layers. Where each layer is a reflection of you. I hate Onions. They make my eyes water.

Sometimes it’s difficult to put into words. As words have a limiting effect on reality. As they are vibrations, Sound. They create magic in ones being through the Power of Intent. Spirit is unlimited as is The Singularity. Unconditional Love. Why be limited by Words?

The Singularity Countdown
Are we headed for The Singularity?Returning to our self?

Can you prove to me, or your Self, Reason, that another being creates your Reality? No, of course not. It’s your consciousness. Your Spirit, your Creation.

You create it. You reflect it. You experience it. You interrupt it. You feel it. In your reality you are God. After all, it’s your creation. So create something you desire to experience in The Singularity. In the Twinkling of an Eye. This is the power of Spirit in Love. Your Star. Your Sun. You are God.

As religion makes us believe, there is something outside of our self that we must give our soul too. We must have Blind Faith in something other than our self. Divide and Conquer. In discovering our Spirit we have come back to the truth in “YOU”. What God has joined together. Let no one man put asunder. Your God Self? Reality is your creation as you are the only one that can experience your created/reflected reality. Of all the billions of so-called people in the world. Creating their own reality, it begins to look more like the stars of heaven. The Universe. The Singularity.

It’s my experience. This is the U in The Singularity. It’s a cup, fill it up. Your chalice. It’s all a reflection of you. Some call it the illusion. What’s in a word? Characters/Sounds/Creation. Hearing is good, when listening for Zombies in the Real World.

Really, it’s a creation of The Singularity. Reflected in the mirrors of beliefs. Change a belief, change reality. Or Your Reflection of reality. One could try to change the mirrors. However, which one is easier for you? Change a belief, or change the mirrors!

You are The Singularity
It’s a paradox. We are all The Singularity Together. How can that be?

The Singularity of Time

We believe that time is linear, that it moves forward as we live in the past. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As the only time in the Singularity is NOW. How could it be anything else?

Therefore, be here NOW, as The Singularity, in Spirit we can move sideways in time. Remaining in the NOW and yet experience other time lines. Which I call, Parallel Realities. The NOW of multiple time lines. Thus we become Multi+Dimensional. In the NOW. How could we be anything else?  Thanks, Kate of Gaia!

I Am Me as You are We and We are all together.

As Spirit we can experience all time lines. This Singularity Dreams, We Dream a Dream, Within a Dream. The Three Attentions. Who knows there may be more. We are unlimited in Spirit. Limited in our beliefs.

Being multidimensional we have an infinite number of time lines to choose from. I call them Bubbles of Perception. Or descriptions. You pick a word that best describes it for you. That creates your creation. If one doesn’t like that bubble of perception move to the next, and the next until. Presto! NOW, YOU are Singing!

This is the power of Spirit with the magic of sound. Perception. Clarity! We create as many bubbles as we desire to experience. The Singularity is Experience. A Single Experience.

What do you feel? In your Heartmind. We all think. We Reason. We think, We Reason. Zombies have five Senses. And yet they feel nothing. Spirit feels Inner Silence. Spirit laughs. When Reason stops talking to its self… One stops thinking the world. We begin to feel Spirit. The time line remains in the Now. Remember, you are God, The Singularity. So laugh. Get use to it.

Of course one can always believe you are something other. That’s the power of the God Self. To believe I Am something different, just for the experience. How wonderful I Am. Did you feel that ?

The event horizon of The Singularity
In The Singularity, what is the event on the horizon?

The Singularity of Spirit

There is only one Spirit in the Universe. How wonderful it is to experience, or believe we experience another Spirit, or no Spirit at all. All those other billions of Spirits available to experience. When in fact, all consciousness shares one Spirit and that Spirit is Unconditional Love. That’s the power of feeling Spirit. Some do, some don’t. Choose!

Isn’t it amazing, everything and everybody you perceive and experience is a reflection of YOU? The Golden Rule may help. Do unto others as YOU would have them do unto YOU/U. Of course, there are two U’s in WE. Called the double YOU. They perceive as well. The Singularity. And then to blow your mind even further. All those Singularities out there experiencing YOU. YIKES!

Yep, that’s the power of The Great Spirit.

Spiritual Beings
We are Light Beings. Science says Light can’t escape The Singularity. What about Sound?

The Singularity of you

You is plural. Is that gooder English? It’s about usage as well. Sound usage. When all is said and done. We are all, The Singularity. Aren’t you? As confusing as this may sound. Here and Now, I Am Me is a Singularity. Here, I create the world in which I Am living for me. I discover that nothing exist outside of me. It’s a reflection of me. Being reflected in the mirror of my beliefs. The flip of ME is WE. That E is an interesting character. Sometimes silence. Notice how the E is always played with in the advertising. Now, That’s my experience. All that is. Is a reflection of me, myself and I. As I Am God in my reflection. It’s my creation. I Am Me as You are We and We are All together.

When you apply this feeling to you. The Singularity, must sing! What else can “YOU” do? Therefore all you have, is a Reflection of YOU/U. As you are the Singularity. Could it be that I Am just a reflection of YOU? Experiencing yourself. In polarities, YOU are just a reflection of me. And We becomes a reflection of US. We are you. And We are all together.

Hence, The Singularity is you. The Singularity is We. The Singularity is Us, all together, I.

So Sing, will U, in Clarity! C is just U turned on its side. Dreaming. Pleasant Dreams! A pouring out of Spirit.

A Stairway to Heaven
Experiencing The Singularity

The Singularity of Dreaming

In the Dream, You Dream of Me, As I Dream of You. I Am the Dream, And the Dream is We. We are all together in the Dream of The Singularity. I Am Me as You are We and We are all together in the Dream.

A Gift from Yourself to Yourself, for Yourself. YOU are God, The Singularity. Wow, NOW that’s amazing! That was fun! Did YOU feel that?

Enjoy the sharing of Spirit. As YOU pour out your Spirit to be filled again with Spirit. YOU are more powerful than YOU know.

Aren’t WE all?

The Key hole
In the Twinkling of an Eye. You are! The Singularity

The Sing-U- larity Sings: I Am Me as You are We and We are all together.

Next Bubble please! POP!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Spiritual Beings are The Singularity


The Choices of Spirit
I AM Single. Are YOU the Singularity?

The Singularity, Does exist! The Singularity Singing.

Dream Traveler

To the Dream Traveler in my Dream

The Third Eye Connection
Our Power, our strength in Spirit. Dream Traveler changed my Spirit

This just happened to me two nights ago, Oct. 9Th , 2013. I put the date in there for the late comers to this writing. I am still recapitulating this Dream. As time goes on, I am sure I will find a deeper meaning. As even today, I am still discovering the information that was passed in the Dream Traveler exchange.

This was the most profound Dream, I have ever had in my life. Dream Traveler changed my Life and I am forever grateful for the visit. I can remember three Dreams in my life that remain with me to this day. I would call them visions. But that’s my understanding. Yours maybe Dreams. By far Dream Traveler has touch my heart in ways, I never knew existed. Even my closest friend has noticed the difference in my energy, since the Dream Traveler visited.

Dreams are very personal and very important, and sharing them is an act of power. I hope you’re not disappointed that I will not share the actual vision of the Dream Traveler with you, and all the details and power. But Dreams are a powerful aspect of ones Spirit and to just put it out there and to share it with somebody I don’t know, would be a foolish act. I am no fool, although I have been fooled. Sharing personal power with just any Tom, Dick and Harry, Sue, Nancy and Jill would be a waste of personal power as personal power is very hard to find and when it comes to one. It’s better to keep it personal, for as long as one can.

What I can share is how this Dream made me feel. Which I believe is the real reason for the Dream Traveler Dream anyway. You are welcome to continue reading. But if you were looking to share my Dream power. Find your own. If by chance you are willing to share my feelings. Then continue reading. Show some respect for this sharing and honor my dream. You may just find your own personal power in this sharing.

Dream Traveler changed my life and heart, and I am compelled to write from my heart, and Thank him for his sharing. Maybe, I will see him again tonight so I can thank him personally. Either way I am sure he will receive the message.

Dream Traveler
Dreams of an other World were love is shared.

Dream Traveler

To the Traveler in my Dream. I Thank You for the Love we Shared. Truly, if it wasn’t for you, Dream Traveler, I may not have ever found the love I now feel. I express this love back to you. You have truly blessed me. And Thank You just isn’t enough so I write these words.

I woke up in my Dream, knowing I was still in a Dream. Just because it’s a Dream doesn’t make it less important than being awake. When in reality we are more asleep during wakefulness than during sleep. During sleep is when we truly become awakened and reach our full potential. We become our true magical selves. It’s unfortunate that we only spend one-third of our life asleep. Or do we? As the Spirit is in a constant Dream state. Are you the Dreamer or the Dreamed?

I am a changed being, because Dream Traveler took the time to share my Dream. Dream Traveler took the moment of my Dream and touched my heart in a very special way. I never want to forget the moment and feelings of this Dream or the love we shared. As I have never felt more alive and had so much internal peace as I did in this Dream or do right now. Isn’t it strange that only in a Dream, we can feel these feelings. If one feels these feelings during their so-called wakefulness, you are a very fortunate being. Where have you been all my life? You are blessed as most find the “awake” reality a little disturbing. I do.

But as I move closer to my Spirit. I find that the two realities we experience, sometimes blend into one. When the Dream becomes a Nightmare should one wake up or go to sleep? Maybe we should call being “awake” a “daymare” instead. LOL. As it’s becoming more difficult to tell the difference between the nightmare and the “daymare”. At least for me. I don’t presume to know how it is for you. Because your Special and ride to school in the little yellow bus.

Anyway, This Dream Traveler had a wonderful feeling of peace and love about him. I have never met anybody when “awake” that vibrated this loving energy. Maybe in the future, if I’m lucky. Maybe I should say, If we are all lucky.

When I was younger I wanted to know about love. I thought I knew about love and that it was something that was common knowledge and was contained within each and every one of us. Little did I know that couldn’t be further from the truth. True our Spirit is love. But how many beings on this earth live in Spirit, in the Spirit of love? The number is growing so there is hope for us yet.

If it wasn’t for the Dream Traveler there would be one less. Yep, you guessed it. Me. My hope is that in this sharing the me becomes more of a we. Time will tell.

Dream Traveler look in to my eyes and changed the perception of my heart. He knew I was hurting so he told me a secret that touched my heart. I remember my words as we looked at each other. How will I know this is real, when I wake up. He smiled and looked at me. You will remember this and what I have said, Because I will speak to your heart and the information will come to you the moment you need it most.

Dream Traveler had a SideKick that I met first. A guide, I would say, that showed me around the Dream. You know the Dream world is a very busy place. There were lots of people and things going on. It’s makes me wonder about this Parallel Reality and Dimensional Shift truth. I even saw people I knew in the “daymare” time. Imagine that! Mostly old loves I had in the past, and lost. And some new loves from Dreams, I remember. I can’t go into details. But I think we all have had them. Pervert. Get your mind out of the gutter, so mine can flow by.

Dream Traveler shared some Magic
We are Magical in our Dreams.

As I was talking to one of these loves, which by the way, was standing completely naked before me. She turned and walked away and being male I checked it out. The interesting thing was not her butt. It was the reaction of the SideKick to what I was thinking. That mind reading stuff (Mental Telepathy) could be a real pain the mind, if one can’t control their thoughts. Lesson learned. The SideKick got very upset with me and said a few choice words and left me, in a huff, standing there with my thoughts hanging out in embarrassment. His reaction made me realize. I still have somethings I need to work on internally. And that I had better get to work and fast. It’s called sweeping the mind, or as I like to call it, Sweeping The Island of the Tonal. Like don’t use that Tonal with me.

Being by myself, I decided to look around. The people in my Dream were all very pleasant. The interactions were interesting to say the least. And for once I wasn’t being chased. I never felt hurried or uneasy. Actually I felt very good there. Much more comfortable than I feel in my skinned world. Everybody had a calm peace about them even though they were preparing for something. Dee Ta Dee, don’t ask me what?

I know, but if you don’t know, you better find out. Or you might be caught with your pants down. Damn, My Tonal still needs some more sweeping. I must have missed something in a dark corner somewhere.

I remember standing in a crowd of people, when the Dream Traveler caught my attention. I am not sure at this point, whether it was my first, second, or third attention. And if you don’t know what I am talking about you might want to read the Three Attentions of Human Kind.

As the Dream Traveler approached he looked like a young man with blond hair and a good tan. He had this smile on his face that beamed from ear to ear and then I noticed he didn’t have any ears. He took me by the arm and we started walking. There was something about him, besides the ear thing, that put me at ease, even more at ease, then I was already feeling in the Dream. There was something about his vibration that attracted me like a moth to a flame. Or flies to $#!% in my case.

I remember walking and then him sitting down on something and saying something to me. What he said brought tears to my eyes and I knelt on one knee in front of him. Not out of worship, but to bring myself on the same level and to be able to look into his eyes.

Dream Traveler Third Eye
Kinda like this only it was right in the middle between the two.

That’s when I noticed he had three of them. This didn’t bother me at all, as I know we all have three eyes. His third eye was just out and looking at me. When I looked into his eyes, I felt this instant love that I have never felt before. Man, I just got a shiver.

I said to him. How will I remember this moment is real? I don’t want to forget this feeling when I wake up. And just have this dream be like all the rest. Forgotten in the “daymare” hustle and bustle.

He just smiled and said, because I will speak to your heart, and your heart will remember. Your heart will always remind your mind of this moment. Then he said, Place your lips on mine and I will speak to your heart. Yea, I know what you are thinking, this guy is gay. Well we are all gay in one way or another. That’s the freedom of will. You might need to sweep your Tonal. Do you want to hear what happened?

All ears, sorry Dream Traveler
Well, do you?

As our lips touched, I could feel this energy of love filling me up and talking to my heart. It almost felt like I was breathing in this love and it was filling up every part of my Spirit. I could hear the words he spoke as he talked to my heart. I could feel their energy as they entered me. I have never felt this before. Never, not in any love relationship I have ever had. Even with all the study I have done about love, has love ever touched me like this. If this is what Gays feels like, then sign me up. But I doubt it. This wasn’t any type of love, I have even known, This being was sharing a love beyond anything I have ever experienced. Until this Dream. I must have passed out in this dream. Because the next thing I remember is standing outside somewhere watching these people harvest these type of plants. I have never seen before. Packing them up to take them with them where ever they were going, I knew they were leaving to go someplace different. That’s the thing about Dreams, you just know things. I call it Silent Knowledge. I turned around and noticed, The Dream Traveler was holding me up by the arm, and just smiling from, I want to say, ear to ear but he didn’t have any.

The Dream Traveler has a big elongated head with three eyes smack dab in the middle of his head, a small nose and of course his mouth. So it was a really big smile.

We looked at each other and I knew it was time for me to go back to this “daymare” reality, that I am writing from. If you have read the Three Attentions then you know the “daymare” is our first Attention. If not then let’s just call it “awake.” and leave it at that for now. Even though I feel it’s something different.

As our arms separated and I was still looking into his eyes, I noticed my eyes were filled with tears. Yes, I was crying like a big baby. It was a feeling of sadness and joy at the same time. It was bigger than I have ever felt. If one can have bigger feelings. Sadness because I knew I was leaving the Dream Traveler and this Dream we shared. Joy because I could feel the love in my heart, he had placed there. And I knew at that moment, I would never forget this love. Ever

I turn away and stated walking and then I heard his voice inside my head. It said, We will always share this love. Don’t with hold it ever. Share it with as many people who will accept it. It’s your love now, and to withhold it would be a travesty. There is no reason now to carry the pain of love lost. As this new love is the love we all share. It’s your Spirit. It’s in your heart. Get as close to your Spirit as you possibly can. Your heart will guide you. There this love will remain for all eternity. For your Spirit is this love. Welcome home.

I woke up crying face down in my bed. As I am crying now, as I write this. He said something else, which I still need to recapitulate for it’s deeper meaning. And maybe I will share it in another post. But at this moment and with careful consideration. I best keep this information silent for now.

The power in me.
Flying on the wings of Love

I now know the Reason for the Kiss. Now you do too!

My Dearest Dream Traveler Friend,

Dream Traveler will you Thank Your Sidekick, that guided me to you, for his guidance. We walk and talked and he showed me somethings I had chosen to forget. He was tough on me, forcing me to take a closer look at my thoughts and actions. It was exactly what I needed. In this door and out that one, we walked around and he allowed me to take in the sights. I never got the moment to Thank him for his teaching. I hope he’s not upset with my rudeness of thought. And I am sure being in the World of Dreams, he’s not.

Dream Traveler your loving kiss made all the difference for my loving heart and the magic you shared with me, I will share with others. I will never forget. My heart is now your heart or maybe it’s the other way around. The Dream we shared has forever change my heart. I am sure you knew that this would happen. There are no words that can express the gratitude I feel. You will be missed, as I saw the preparations of your people. I know you will always remain in my heart. I wish your people safe travels and Godspeed. May their travels be pleasant and rewarding. I hope we meet again sometime in the Dream Consciousness. But who needs to Dream, when you can share a heart. Dream Traveler, I love you.

Man, does that sound Gay!

Master of Dreams
A Dream Within A Dream Within A Dream

Quick question? Has anybody out there, had a Dream where they woke up in the Dream and then realized they were still Dreaming. For me this Dream is a lot like that only, I woke up in that Dream too, and realized I am still Dreaming. Kisses to everyone out there in Dreamland. Don’t awake up! It’s a “daymare.”

And Then it Hit Me, was inspired by this Dream. Enjoy!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

It’s all in a Kiss


Winky, thumbs up to you
Good thing he can’t see my butt. Pervert!

Oh, be quite Winky. Go sweep that dark corner over there.

Did you by chance, find your Personal Power in Dream Traveler? You may need a Personal Kiss from Dream Traveler.