Hungry 4 Alphabet Soup?

The Human Race is swimming in a bowl of Alphabet Soup, surrounded by tomato juice. InTEResTing the tomato juice looks like blood.

Alphabet letters in spoon spell out "Eat me". Alphabet Soup Pasta. Close-up.
Here… have a bite!


Alphabet Soup a metaphor for an abundance of abbreviations or acronyms, named from a common dish made of Alphabet Pasta.

Alphabet Soup incomprehensible confusing language, typically containing many abbreviations & symbols.

Pick A language, any language, one finds an Alphabet Soup of signs and symbols to represent sound. Since everything we say, think, and express is done through Language. It becomes necessary to comprehend its origin.

Cats Eye Nebula
Alphabet Soup a set of ingredients/written symbols, used to write sounds based on the perception of letters that represent phonemes significant sounds of spoken language.

There are dozens of Alphabet Soups in use today, the Latin Alphabet being derived from Greek.

Are these symbols Alien to you?

The Cyrillic Alphabet Soup is used in Eastern Europe, based on the ancient Greek Alphabet. In fact, many languages use modified forms of the Latin Alphabet Soup, with additional letters formed using Herbs/marks.

While most Alphabet Soups have letters composed of lines, there are exceptions, as the alphabet used in Braille.

OH!!! What A feeling!!!

Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?

The common Alphabets:


When we talk about pure alphabets, there are about 20. If you include extinct alphabets plus those used for religious decoration, there are over 40.

Write your Name. The Modern A, B, C is easier to write, hard to sing, that’s for sure

From Sound Creation, The Phoenix Rises

The Proto-Canaanite script, known as Phoenician, is the first phonemic/sound/Music script. Thus the Phoenician Alphabet is considered to be the first alphabet.

The Phoenician sound alphabet is the ancestor of most modern alphabets, including Arabic, Greek, Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Brahmic & English.

See any thing you like?

A\Terminology “alphabet” is a script that represents both vowels & consonant letters equally.

In this critical thinking of the word, the first “true” alphabet was Greek which was developed from the earlier Phoenician Alphabet.

Although this concept is widely excepted,,, consonants and vowels are not sung equal.

Sound takes shape!!!!!

Consonant is a speech sound that is not a vowel. It refers to letters of the Alphabet that represent those sounds: Z, B, T, G, H, & K, all consonants. Consonants are all non-vowel sounds, as in Rhythm, or in other words Constant.

Sound is starting to take shape

Vowels A, E, I, O, U & sometimes Y, are not consonants. On the other hand, are speech sounds produced by open configuration of the vocal tract, with vibration of the vocal cords without audible friction. A unit of the sound system of A language that forms the nucleus of a syllable. Are you feeling like a Vowel?

Vowels have more than one type of sound, they can even be silent, with no sound at all. In Other words not a constant part of the Toroidal Field.

The HEART, like the Brain, generates a powerful Toroidal field we express.

The sound of a thought?

Staying on Top-ic

In an alphabetic such as Phoenician, Hebrew or Arabic, letters predominantly represent consonants; such a script is also called abjad. Making you the Vowel?

Hebrew alphabet

A third type is where vowels are shown by modifications of consonant base letters, as in the Devanagari, & South Asian Scripts.

What no Vowels?

ALPHABET SOUPs are associated with A systematic ordering of letters. But wait,,,,, there’s more!!!!!

It also means letters maybe used as an alternative method of “numbering” items, in numbered lists & number placements.

Speaking of numbers.!!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !

See a Nine
See a Nine

The Missing 27 th Symbol in English (&)

There are 26 letters known in the Modern English Alphabet Soup, with two letters constituting words,… “A” & “I”.

The Ampersand, is included among the current 26. Making (&) the 27th. Did you know? Amazingly, the word “amp-er-sand” is a by-product of the symbol’s inclusion.  Why it’s missing,,, I haven’t a clue. Yet the symbol doesn’t have sound, Yet!!!

The ampersand developed along with the rest of language, reaching through the 1st century, when Romans would occasionally combine the letters “E” & “T” into a similar symbol, representing the word “ET” meaning “and”. Oh,,, those tricking Romans.

Hey!!! Their Latin, aren’t they? Is that Greek?

NOW you know your A,B,Cs , won’t you sing them with me?

It was the Old English Alphabet which was in use in medieval times. When Old English was discarded, in favor of Modern English. To this day, & maintained its status as a “member of the alphabet”, with some regions, and dialects opting to include it.

Except, it’s not ampersand, yet! The & sign is referred to simply,,, as is = and, which makes reciting the alphabet awkward. World’s favorite online English dictionary notes,… it was, (and is), odd saying “X Y Z, and is.” Sow, they didn’t.

Coyote Medicine
Envision a world with Coyote Medicine

Whomever they are…? Instead, their lexicon developed another saying: “X, Y, and Z, and by itself, ‘&’, instead of saying “by itself”, the Latin phrase per se came into favor.

The result? And, per se,,,,, Maybe, A disinterested student muttered quickly, “&”, am-per-sand.

Don’t you find it interesting that a saying changed our language, & A Song the way we think?

The Singularity
Here put this into words? Welcome to Alphabet Soup.

While Old English included ampersand, it did NOT include, Notably J, U, & W… J & U did not become letters until the 16th century. They were instead, represented by I & V, respectively, W becoming a letter independent of U soon after. Soon after what, I AM not sure…..

Therefore, this is my KNOWing of the English Alphabet Soup. Feel free to add yours. After all ALPHABET SOUP makes the world go FLAT. Capitalize where+ever you feel.

Maybe, those flat Earth’ers are on to something FLAT. As anything written becomes FLAT as paper or stone,,,,, sent to you in the mail/male. They call it a letter for a reason.

Rise up in Spirit.
Rise up Spirit.

THE Alphabet Soup of MY Creation

Although there are other meanings, this Alphabet Soup expresses the intent behind MY  Alphebet Soup of Creation. Since A language is sound, Sound Creates. Thus sound is A Creation. Feel free to create your own!!!.

The Big Bang as another meaning
Which one is you? Or are they all you?

A: A bridge to the other side. The middle road. Transverse, go through, A Pyramid Collection.

a: Spinning in on its self, 6 reversed is Yin in the mirror spinning in.

B: Be or Not to Be, half of the mirror in two parts, Right sided reflection. Not only a letter, A statement. As in BE Christ Minded.

b: Upside down and backwards “p” where reality of physical is reflected at the spiritual reality. Can you flip & flop?

C: Creation made manifest. Open Creation

c: The opened “O” of creation, note of love, middle “C” 528 HTZ, unconditional love where creation allows all things in & out unconditionally. The symbol for the speed of light in a vacuum squared. C2, In the Twinkling of an Eye.

D: Right side mirror, of the creation wave/frequency shown as a triangle in Greek. Devil, where right mind controls the left side.

d: Backwards, flop that b, left side lower awareness. As in dumb

E: Consciousness, climbing the right side latter in Truth.

e: In the mirror of 9/yang consciousness spinning out to Sacred creation, where ve is from ve-rily meaning truth.

F: Feminine energy. missing first step of E. The fourth note in C scale, (a series of notes), that begins on the note C, or a set of notes based on this note. (FACE)

f: the original shape of “s”, Note of Love. Add any where the “eph” sound appears as spelled.

G: Newest letter of the alphabet, as in God of this world. Masonic Letter, their God. 7th letter replaced Hy GOD. G is the inward spiral of 6/physical hex or master spell.

g: Small version of the all. Replacing “H” or 7nth in the alphabet. Of Little gods, False gods.

H: Bridging the gap, crossing over the abyss. H is element previously shared. Most abundant element in the Universe. The phoenix rising from the “ash”/h/H to infinity.

h: Bridged to the lower half of Creation.

I: The One. Consciousness itself in manifest form. Me in essence.

i: Half the picture of reality, as in himself, herself, itself. The 1 below the DOT/Circle/Circe-cull above.

J: Hook, caught in Creation. On line with.

j: The as above, hooked below “i”, more complete balance of the jenie. Or fake G sound as in jump. 10th letter “X” Roman numeral, pronounced as “key” as well the Greek Goddess IO, the mother of creation.

K: The spirit, Ka is Egyptian for spirit. The 11th letter it is a master number and shows the twin pillars needing uniting as one.

k: Shows the divided spirit in physical form created & spiritual form creating. Coptic Key

L: the 12th letter, L for left, the El, creation made manifest in the trinity of the delta or triangle. See “d” again. L is the left angle or LA, the right Ascendent or the square of the masonic/mother sound.

l: Lucifer manifest, as in evil. Like in Lie. The reverse of live..

M: the 13th letter, the magnetic void where all creation exists within the Christ Consciousness or Chi-rho-is-love. Silent mother womb of creation, magnetic.

m: Open to the as below. As in the fall of man.

N: Sideways Z, As Above, so Below, 90 degree turn from the normal. Infinite.

n: The infinite made mine. A letter used as a possessive claim to all adjoining letters like se-n/creation is mine or te-n, love is mine…used in the form of nth degree where n makes th/theos/god mine to infinity. 14th letter reverting to 5 which again shows the consciousness of man.

O: Cosmic Egg, all of Creation. The ovum of the all-encompassing void of
feminine creative magnetic is-is. 15th letter and the symbol for creation. The Singularity.

o: Smaller version of the all. Oaths with intent. Emotion Oh!!!! my god.

P: Penis of Lucifer, from PIE. Male intent only. Plot, to kill the divine feminine.

p: Little dick of Lucifer. As in pledge. A form of idol worship.

Q: Seeded Creation. Fertilized womb of creation, something already created.

q: Upper left-handed reflection of the Quad mirror. One part of Consciousness, 9 or e. Spinning out to Creation.

R: Spirit in Creation. The as above complete in Spirit Breath.

r: Spirit breath, breathing life into Rho Rho Rho your boat! Breathing life into Consciousness.

Fire Rainbows of the mind
Fire Rainbows of the mind

S: Duality, or Duelity. Open to Good & Evil. Ying & yang.

s: The sound of the serpent. Ssssssssssss! The gnashing of teeth in the sound.

T: The bowing of ones head to Creation. Christ Consciousness, hanging on the cross. Truth nothing sweeter than you, know thy self.

t: the letter “t” a master letter to illustrate the double cross of love and cruci-fiction. Head up & hooked, Caught in the stories of someone else is creation.

U: Universal symbol for electricity. Masculine, the flow of intent through the feminine electron.

u: Open cup of creation to be filled. See, You real soon!

V: Womb of Creation, cosmic Vagina. Open to receive

v: One of the Quads of heart X. Vision Quest. Too SEE.

W: Double you, open to above. Fake O.

w: Opposite flip of m. Double intent, double womb.

X: life itself, quad heart, or chi, marks the spot. Quad wombs of X.

x: x-ray to see through, see into. Female xx Chromosome

Y: Asking the Question within self. Y am I here?

y: Again we hang with three nails, Male xy chromosome.

Z: Infinite side ways, or N upright. The journey spirit takes, the infinite path that is within spirit.

z: Crack in the cosmic egg, or stone. Reversed S, zig, zag

&: The Infinite joining of Creation & Creator. Where Creation is closed off to as below, by rising consciousness to as above.

Space & Time are only words

Thus only be+cause, in the beginning there was the word, English spelling cannot express sounds except as syllables; the un-spelled English Alphabet is shared above. Creating concepts in a single letter/character. We can Take the pledge out of consciousness PLDG to change the intent in words.

Replacing the PLDG with:

P becomes R
L becomes F
D becomes T
G becomes K

Therefore this construct can be used in this post to redefine any word. Pick a word, any word, and use the above guide to redefine the Alphabet Soup of words.

One might be surprized by its intent in the Toroidal Field of thinking. What it does in one’s Heart is a personal Dreamscape.


I before E except after C. Could really be expressed as E in front of I in C. We simply change one rule of Quantum to change the construct of a Reality, not all that hard really!!!

The Singularity of Mind
The Singularity of mind.

Playing with the Alphabet Soup above. Here, I pick one, it’s fun!

f: female energy, note of love.
u: cup to be filled
n: infinitely made mine.

Have fun! Or Don’t.

Alphabet Soup for HEART+MIND.

The power in Spirit.
Flying on the Wings of Consciousness with Creation supporting my Wings

Knowledge is Power
Experience is Wisdom
Your Power is Yours

Alphabet Soup, it’s Pa-sta in tomato juice!


Winky, My Ego
Hey, I could be a Door Knob that looks like a Dot. Got your i dotted & your T crossed.

Alphabet Soup, RU Hungry?




Out of the Past, We came Walking

Man was created. By Whom? Out of the Past, We came Walking

The creation of Man
By some White bearded Guy on a fluffy white Cloud. Oh really !

This is fact, or should I say history? Out of the Past, We came Walking. His-story is what we have been taught. Because its common knowledge, does that make it truth? There are Truths, Half-Truths, and whole Truths?

Out of the Past, We came Walking.

What if humanity had a different past, different history, would that make Humanity less human? Out of the Past, We came Walking. Our history is far more mysterious than realized. What has been, and is being discovered from archaeology is more interesting, when we open our eyes to see.

Man was created. But, by Whom?

The Great Human Puzzle

Human Being
The shape of things, FLIP, FLOP this shape into your puzzle.

We want to know our human history. We want to know who we are? What we are? Where we came from? Why we are here?

The more we dig into our past, we find a deeply constructed division that is being used against us.

In truth, these questions above should have been answered a long time ago for humanity, yet we are still asking them. Out of the Past, We came Walking, this is where his-story comes into play.

We have been taught from books, ancient writings, that God created man. However, with a little digging we find the story doesn’t really begin there. The bible speaks of God some, 4473 times. Uses the word El for God 238 times and Elohim 2600 times. Why so many names for god? If this doesn’t confuse you. Than you might have had something to do with the writing of this His-story book.

The bible has been translated, rewritten, revised, given away, and sold. The old Hebrew writings use the word Elohim instead of God. What’s interesting to note. Is that Elohim is a plural word. Where God is singular.

Ancient Symbols
The same Symbols start to mean something when one has eyes to see

Not a singularity. In fact, the bible states, let us create man, in our image, after our likeness. Was God talking to himself? You know that’s a sign of being crazy/insane. Looking at the state of humanity. It makes me wonder.

My point here, to make a long story short. Is that we humans were created by the gods, with a small g. The God with a capital G is the creative force that created the gods with a small g. The gods with the small g are the Elohim also known as the Anunnaki. Or, those who from heaven came. Fallen Angles?

This is where the story gets interesting. The Anunnaki name comes from the Sumerian writings that are believed to be older than the bible writings. In fact, most of the bible stories come from the Sumerian tablets !!!

Archaeology has proven this though Linguistics. These writings state that the Anunnaki/Elohim came to Earth about 300,000 to 450,000 years ago. Looking for gold, they found it. This was after their colonizing Mars, and setting up transfer bases there.

Back on Earth

Gold Bars
Is this what the fuss is all about?

The Elohim found gold on Earth, so they set up bases here to start their mining operations. There is some confusion as to why they needed gold. Ever wonder why gold has value? Who cares? The fact that they needed it should suffice.

Their first base on earth was called EDEN. Just a coincidence? Or co-in-ci-dence?

Anyway, they started the mining operations, removing gold from Mother Earth. However, this was no easy task as there was only about 600 to 1,000 of the Elohim here on Earth.

Sow one of them got the idea to create a slave race to help with the gold mining operations. Hummm, was humanity already here? Suffice to say, some form of humanity was. Sow, they combined their DNA with Humanity present and Presto!

Portrait of a Homo erectus male. Source: BigStockPhoto
Portrait of a Homo erectus male. Source: BigStockPhoto

Bad Idea. This act caused the down fall and division between the Elohim. Turning brother against brother. And took Their creation down with them.

The plan was to create a race of beings just smart enough to receive instructions and use the Elohim tools. After great trial and error mixing and matching DNA, they created a race of beings with 22 pairs of chromosomes. However they needed somewhere for gestation of this mixed DNA, so they used seven Elohim women.

The Seven Daughters of Eve. However, this takes a long time, so they decided to start cloning these beings, this process takes to long as well. Sow, they got another idea to add another chromosome.

Check out Chomosome #2 it’s fused for a Reason. Chromosome 2 is consistent with the common ancestry of humans and other apes. According to researcher J. W. IJdo, “We conclude that the locus cloned in cosmids c8.1 and c29B is the relic of an ancient telomere-telomere fusion and marks the point at which two ancestral chromosomes fused to give rise to human chromosome #2. “While the genetic similarity between human and ape strengthened Darwin’s theory, a significant unexplained discrepancy remained”. While great apes all have 48 chromosomes (24 pairs), humans have only 46 (23 pairs). If humans and apes shared a common ancestor, shouldn’t both have the same number of chromosomes in their cells?

Missing Link
I can’t say where it is. I can’t see where it is, What, I can’t hear you. Is it labeled?

In 2005, a peer-reviewed scientific journal published results of the tests. It turns out that chromosome 2, which is unique to the human lineage of evolution, emerged as a result of the head-to-head fusion of two ancestral chromosomes that remain separate in other primates. Three genetic indicators provide strong, if not conclusive, evidence of fusion. First, the banding (or dye pattern) of human chromosome 2 closely matches that of two separate chromosomes found in apes (chimp chromosome 2 and an extra chromosome that does not match any other human chromosome). Second, a chromosome normally has one centromere, or central point at which a chromosome’s two identical strands are joined. Yet remnants of a second, presumably inactive centromere can be found on human chromosome 2. And third, whereas a normal chromosome has readily identifiable, repeating DNA sequences called telomeres at both ends, chromosome 2 also has telomere sequences not only at both ends but also in the middle.

Chomosome #2 is the sex chromosome making a being that can self replicate? Yep, another mistake, as that’s all humans do replicate.

Chomosome #2 is the sex chromosome making a being that can self replicate? Yep, another mistake, as that’s all humans do is replicate.

Make an exact copy of; reproduce.

of the nature of a copy.
1.a close or exact copy; a replica.
2.a tone one or more octaves above or below the given tone.

Sounds like a fairy tale doesn’t it? Well I would agree. Accept an archaeologist named Michael Tellinger has found the Elohim cities and gold mines. Plus, the cloning tanks where this all happened. He calls this place Adams Calendar.

These cities are located in South Africa, so are the gold mines. These cities, there are three of them. Makes Los Angeles look like a small town. Remember, this all happened before the great flood.

Why haven’t you heard of this? Well I would guess for the same reasons. We know nothing of our history except what’s written in the history books. Would that be Masters Control?

Once a Slave, always a Slave. Not!

” Those most hopelessly in slaved are those who falsely believe they are free.”

We were created as slaves, remain as slaves to this day. Simply, because one doesn’t choose otherwise.

Slaves are on a need to know basis. Slaves don’t need to know. I have to admit it’s worked very well until now.

However, God with a big G has a different plan. Little did the Elohim know that these beings they created would be filled with Great Spirit. Ooops!

This is why the Elohim were cast down out of heaven. They created a great Sin against CREATION, the all capitals. All life is sacred. Creating life for selfish purposes, ie Slaves, goes against all that is good in the Universe. Pay backs a bitch!

The Slaves are coming into their own. We are no longer slaves. We are receiving a higher consciousness from the creator. Thank GOD. We humans are coming into our destiny. What a glorious destiny it will be.

It’s time to get off our knees. We no longer have Masters. Stand on our two feet. Out of the Past, We came Walking.

Correcting past Mistakes

Anunnaki tablet
It’s your fault. No…  It’s your fault.

It wasn’t our fault. We didn’t know any better. However, they did. Now we do! Their grand experiment has created a Humanity, now that Humanity has arrived at the crossroads, what will the gods do????

Are the Elohim coming back to fix their mistakes, thus help their creation? To set things right with the creator and humanity? Or will they come back to destroy their past mistakes? Thus take humanity with them?

As stated the Elohim are divided. Those that are suffering the sins of their brethren want to fix the past of their mistakes, to do what is right. Free humanity and teach the power of spirit. Do we trust them? They have lied, cheated, and stole from the earth in the past.

Well that is up to you. Forgive. What have you got to lose but resentment?

Let him without sin cast the first stone.

Remember my teachings. I am your brother in LOVE

We can use all the knowledge we can get right now. Time has run out for this earth. Sow all the signs point to. The old ways are unsustainable. The Earth needs a fresh start and sow do we.

I say, let’s put Elohim to work cleaning up Fukushima and Chernobyl. Help us to clean up this mess they helped create. Help us to clean our water, air, and soil. Show us free energy.

Get rid of the money system. We don’t need it. There is a better system which we lived with before the introduction of money. They can keep the gold they took as it has caused nothing but problems for humanity since they came for it.

Teach us the truth about our history. Show us the way to the creator. And return the Earth to its pristine condition. Than get the hell off this planet and take their fallen brethren with them, that are still here. Oh yea, by the way, fix Mars while you’re at it. It’s been real, it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun. The Masters have failed their Creation.

It’s taken awhile to connect the dots and align the marks. For me personally, this his-story makes more sense, rings more of truth then what I have been taught from the main stream. It answers more of the questions and makes sense of all the archaeological evidence that’s present here on this Earth.

There have been books and videos done on this subject. So I need not write another book here. Sow, if this history rings a bell of truth for you. Out of the Past, We came Walking into the light

Start digging into your past and find the gold of your own truth. I have left crumbs on the way back home.

Remember the Past, and Be here Now!

Be here Now
Pretty much says it all.

Here’s what I hear NOW. That Sound and Resonance is the common denominator of all religions, and in creation itself. This common denominator connects us with, thus leads us to innerstanding higher Consciousness.

In Christianity was the WORD. In my sharing of Words, I bring up the point that words have sounds and vibrations, or Resonance. In the creation story GOD spoke, and the Universe was created. “Let their be Light”. Of course GOD doesn’t just speak English. This is where the Language of the Source of Creation comes from.

<<<Wow, what a comment>>>

In Hinduism there is the sound of OM. In Egyptian there is the SONG.

So in the beginning was SOUND. The Big BANG. Of course some sounds destroy while others Create! Such is the way of Creation. RIGHT?

Free Energy

Free Energy in sound
As simple as sing a song!

When we use the 6 days of creation and the word. We find the word equals sound frequency operating on different planes of existence. This is represented by sacred geometry. Everything in the known Universe is represented through sacred geometry. Than there’s the 7th day.

In the Hindu, 6 aspects of OM. Again Sound Frequency! OM-MA-NI-PAD-ME-HUM.

In the Egyptian, 6 aspects of the eye of HORUS. 6 Resonance ratios 1/8, 1/4, 1/16, 1/2, 1/32, 1/64. All having to do with music, song, sound.

Sound is very important. Even the Earth creates a sound resonance and continuously rings like a bell. For more detail read the Earth’s New Song.

We can use sound and create free energy. Sound is four-dimensional. Simply by changing its form in Vibration, Polarity, and Rhythm.

Nikola Tesla was experimenting with this before Chase Morgan shut him down. When we know how to use this resonance sound/source from Gaia. We have an unlimited source of energy. However, we must harmonize with this free energy, free to all the world. Free energy is not free if somebody sucks it out of space and then sells it. That’s not free energy! It must be free to everyone.

A little known fact, One of the best kept secrets of science and physics, is that in 2005 at Middle State University in Tennessee. It’s been proven that sound travels faster than the speed of light. It travels on the Ethers. Sound boils water Peter Davey from New Zealand has shown this in his experiments since 1940.

What fun it would be to sing your tea hot. Sound can even levitate or create anti-gravity. Most of the ancient cultures tell the story of levitation with either Sound or Thought. Isn’t thought a resonance of mind?

The human ear can only hear frequency from around 20-20,000 Hz. Anything beyond that, we can’t hear, we sure can feel it however. And sound frequency is of infinite scale.

All those big stones being lifted with resonance, makes more sense than a group of Slaves pulling them around with ropes for their Masters.

More dense the item the higher the frequency/resonance/rhythm is needed to levitate the item …

Or reverse it’s polarity?

Sound Off

Sound Bubble
Matter sounds. Therefore, sound matters

When one stops to consider that everything in creation has frequency or resonance. One realizes that Sound/Vibration/Frequency is the key here on earth. We can use sound to power everything we need. After all GOD created the Universe with sound.

The Elohim used sound to build their big cities and to power all their devices. I would venture to guess that their crafts are powered by sound/frequency. At such a high frequency we humans can’t hear it. I am not suggesting that all UFO’s are powered this way. What the hell do I know? One thing is for sure. There not combustion driven, because they didn’t come here for oil.

Cymascope Images
Cymascope The creation of sacred geometry with sound. Do you see a wave here or a bubble?
Celtic Cross
Another Cross with a circle. The Celtic Cross

When one looks at ancient religious symbols we discover the ancients knew about sound.

The Cymascope created by John Stuart Reid and Dean Baker can display all these symbols using different frequencies. Sound is not a wave, it’s a four-dimensional bubble. Sound/Frequency is the source of all things in the bubble.

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”

The circle and cross have been carved all over the world. This symbol represents sound and light. The creator of all things seen and heard.

The Coptic and Pagan Cross are this very symbol. Out of the Past, We came Walking.

When we understand that the ancients understood about sound/frequency. We come to understand they used it as a power source for energy. Isn’t time we remember, what they knew, Use it for the betterment of humanity.

War only makes a few people rich and kills the rest. We can do better that.

Coptic Cross
Coptic Cross Circle and cross

The Egyptian Pyramids are actually sound energy devices that are working to this day to some degree. The King and Queen chambers in the great pyramid are for the creation of energy. Using light from specific areas of space. Plus the fact remains there pyramids all over this Earth and planets. All with alignments to equinoxes and compass points.

Sure seems like a lot of work to build these just for tombs. Which is the biggest crock of shit ever taught. What’s worse is some still believe it’s truth.

Well I didn’t want to write a book. Out of the Past, We came Walking.

However, so much to unlearn, then relearn. I said more already than I was going to say. Sow, how about you do your own discovery? Only than well you know for sure. The truth must be self actualized.

It’s a terrible mis-justice, that we have to go to work, to earn fiat money, to pay taxes, for war, we no longer want/need/like.

Quit being a Slave to War.. Stand on your two feet.

Out of the Past, We came Walking.

Inside the Great Pyramid
What a magnificent piece of work.

Information can be found by investigating Adams Calendar.

The power is in your hands now. What you do with this power is entirely up to you.

 Out of the Past, We came Walking.

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back


Winky, thumbs up to you
I Am a whole note. Sing me!

Touching heart with things that matter. We can do it with out you, However, that wouldn’t be fun now would it?…

Speaking the Language the Source of Creation. Growing in the Consciousness of Gardening, Getting in touch with Mother Earth, feeding the Animals… Become the source of creation for you and your family. It’s Time, Create! CONNECT with the Language of the Source of Creation.

Sing your creation into being.

Know you are in our hearts with LOVE/RESPECT and HONOR from the Great Spirit.

Out of the Past, We came Walking, right into our future.