The Mastery of Awareness

Use the Mastery of Awareness to see beyond ourselves

The Mastery of awareness
The Mastery of Awareness is more than just becoming Aware

I am already given to the power that rules my fate.
I cling to nothing, so I have nothing to defend.
I have no thoughts, so I SEE.
I fear nothing, so I will remember myself.
Detached and at ease, I will dart past the Eagle to be free.

Human Beings are two-sided. The left side encompasses everything the intellect can conceive of. The right side is the realm of indescribable features. A realm impossible to contain in words. The right side is perhaps comprehended. If comprehension is what takes place, with the total body. Thus its resistance to conceptualization. All the faculties, possibilities, and accomplishments of The Mastery of Awareness, from the simplest, to the most astounding, are in human consciousness. Our Human Totality if you will.

For those who have not followed The Mastery of Awareness, may not comprehend its meaning. There may be some catching up to do. Use Table of Contents to find Mankinds Four Natural Enemies, from there read  The Three Attentions of Human Kind. Than follow your path to here.

This post will make more sense with some basic understanding. You may visit other posts like Computer Human and the Energy Body to gain insight to, The Mastery of Awareness.

For those who have followed. Hear is some meat to go along with the potatoes to feed the Spirit. This will help on your Journey to The Mastery of Awareness. The time is right, to work on Dreaming, moving into heart. In search for more knowledge about our Human Totality. As we clean the connecting link with Intent.

We grow in The Mastery of Awareness.

The Mastery of Awareness
We become what we truly are. The Masters of Awareness

The Mastery of Awareness

In this universe there is an unmeasurable, indescribable force called Intent,  absolutely everything that exists in this entire cosmos is attached to this Intent by our connecting link, to the Intent of Creation.

We can clean this connecting link of its numbing effects brought about by our everyday affairs of this material existence. By moving our focus from our Reason center, to the Heart center, the center of our being.

Simply, we become less concerned about the reasons for things, we begin to feel the energy of those things that matter most in our lives. Where the description of Reason, becomes a new description of Heart. Trading one Description for another.

We realize that our World view is just a Description. What we perceive is just a reflection of that Description. By changing our Descriptions we change our reflection of Reality. This is The Mastery of Awareness.

Attempting to guide the reader through this Description of Reason to the Heart Description with sobriety, endurance, and stability. Using my writing in such a way, to offer peace, harmony, laughter, and knowledge. Directly from the source of my Intent, and transmit them through the word to you.

It hasn’t been an easy task, as words have power, sow attempting to find the right words to convey the correct power of intent to the reader. Has been a challenge for me.

The Mastery of Awareness
Finding the right words is not an easy task. Even harder spelling them.

There are actually three teaching of expertise one needs to reach the Totality of them self. The Totality of ourselves is a mysterious affair. We only need only a very small portion of it to fulfill the most complex tasks of life. This sets us on the path to discovery of Human Totality.

Truth is, when we die, we die with the Totality of ourselves. I ask you, Why wait to find it at Death, when we can explore it while we live?

Bubbles of Perception,Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness to other worlds Playing with Reality
Each Bubble is a Reality all it’s own. Consciousness is the one blowing the bubbles

The Mastery of Awareness, The Art of Stalking, and the Mastery of Intent are the three. I haven’t mentioned the Art of Stalking in previous writings because it sounds so sinister, however in allegory, I have offered the teaching as the Art of Stalking is the riddle of the Heart yet to be explored.

The Art of Stalking is the puzzlement one feels in their heart upon becoming aware of two things. First, the world appears to us to be unalterable, objective and factual. This is because of the peculiarities of our awareness and perception. Meaning what we see isn’t what is necessarily there. Thus one is puzzled when they begin to feel something different.

Second, when different peculiarities of perception come into play. The very things about the World that seemed so unalterable, objective, and factual changes right in front of our very eyes. The Mastery of Awareness offers a key point.

When this happens, quite frankly, it blows ones mind. Since most live in a given mind, this could be life threatening, life altering experience. Or at the very least, the pad cell looks like home for a while. One thinks they have lost their marbles, and they have! However, those marbles were just rattling around in one’s head anyway, playing marble games, they were of no use to the Human Totality of ones being.

The Art of Stalking is a set of procedures and attitudes that enables one to get the best out of any conceivable situation.

The Mastery of Awareness is the riddle of the mind. Where we recognize the perplexity we experience when we see the astounding mystery in the scope of awareness and perception. Suddenly, and without warning we begin to see that our mind as been playing tricks on us. As we begin to use Inner Silence to quite our mind. We begin to see that what we thought was real is just a Mental Illusion. And the veil begins to lift showing the world that is behind the veil. The world of Spirit and heart.

The Mastery of Intent is the riddle of the Spirit. The paradox of the abstract, where our thoughts and actions are projected beyond our human condition. We realize we are of Spirit. We begin to touch our Spirit in ways we never knew were possible. In Spirit anything, and everything is possible, for some this is difficult to grasp as it becomes a frightening affair. Thus we abandon our Spirit. When in fact the closer we move into Spirit the more we touch the Universal Intent that connects everything to everything in the heart of man.

You can see from the past writings, I have touched on all three of these teachings. In an attempt to hook ones attention.

The Mastery of Awareness is no easy path to follow. One must have the power of Heart, the sobriety of Mind, with the harmony of Intent to transverse its full length. Those individuals are few and far between. A rare breed indeed.

Spiritual stairway to heaven
The path less traveled. Needs Heart to transverse its full length.

The Mastery of Awareness Cornerstones

The Mastery of Awareness consist of the following nine basic premises, thus is the cornerstone for the other teachings listed above.

1.) The universe is an agglomeration of energy fields, resembling threads of light. I call them emanations. These energy fields make up everything known, unknown, and unknowable about us and the cosmos at large. They are the source.

2.) These energy fields, radiate from a source of inconceivable proportions metaphorically called the Eagle. Not because it looks like an Eagle. Not because it is an Eagle. I simply have no other word to describe this vision. Sow, I call them the emanations of the Eagle. They are the source. One could call them God but that’s because they haven’t seen them yet. When they do they will understand. And they can call them anything they like.

3.) Human beings are also composed of and incalculable number of these threads of light like energy fields that make up our energy body. These emanations form an encased like egg that manifests itself as a ball of light or orb, the size of the person’s body with arms extended laterally, just like a giant luminous egg.  We are beings of light. The sooner we realize this the better off this reality becomes for us all.

4.) Only a very small group of the energy fields inside our luminous cocoon are lit up by a point of intense brilliance located on the surface of our energy body. This is why I use the Energy body as opposed to the luminous egg. It much nicer a term than egg head. Which just cracks me up when viewed from this perceptive.

5.) Perception occurs when the energy fields in the small group immediately surrounding the point of brilliance on our sphere. Extended their light or energy to illuminate identical energy fields that come from outside our sphere and run through us. Thus the only energy fields we perceive are those lit by the point of brilliance. This is the point where our perception is assembled in a manner of speaking. Thus, it is called the Assemblage Point. This point than Assembles the reality we perceive. Simply, because those emanations are the focus of the point of brilliance. The secret is…

Assemblage Point
Here’s the idea of how it looks


6.) The Assemblage Point can be moved from its usual position on the surface of our Energy body to other positions on the surface, and within our being. Therefore the brilliance and shape of the Assemblage Point can light up other energy fields or emanations it comes into contact with, when it moves to a new location it immediately brightens up new emanations making them possible to perceive. This perception is known to some as SEEing. We SEE new worlds, new realities. All done from the comfort of our energy bodies.

7.) When the Assemblage point shifts, it makes possible the perception of entirely different worlds. As real, objective, and factual as the one we normally perceive. We can go into these other Worlds to receive, pick up energy, power, solutions to general and particular problems, or even face the unimaginable. Even meet other beings that inhabit those worlds. Now, doesn’t that sound like fun?

8.) Our Intent is the pervasive force that causes us to perceive. We do not become aware because we perceive, rather we perceive as a result of the pressure and intrusion of Intent. Our Intent is not a thought or feeling, like wishing or day Dreaming. No our Intent is a force that we can use. Intent is pure power.

9.) The Mastery of Awareness gives the being a chance to have a chance to reach a state of total awareness to experience all the possibilities of perception available to us as Spirit, or Human beings if you prefer. This perception, this state of awareness, even implies an alternative way of meeting our death. Which just may be the biggest secret that we have discover to date.

The Essence of life
Death is just another word for Freedom

What if we could cheat death, move past it, with our awareness in tact. Now that would be a gift from this life we would have never expected! There are mysteries within ourselves. Sitting on the couch watching T.V. isn’t going to allow one to find these mysteries and explore them. The Mastery of Awareness allows just that.

I haven’t gone into much detail about the Mastery of Intent or the Art of Stalking. In fact, I am not sure I have enough time left on this earth to go in to great detail with the reader.

However, at very least one has a good basis for the start of their journey. I am still here so who knows. Plus, why waste the energy if no ones is interested? I can use it to explore The Mastery of Awareness, other worlds.

The Energy Body And Dreams
Nothing ever said we can’t going fishing there

My Intent here is to offer those who are interested. A chance at a chance at changing their perceived life. As ones Intent is summoned with the eyes. My heart compels me to write is information for my sons, and anybody else that might be interested. If that happens to be you. Wonderful. If not, Thanks for reading, The Mastery of Awareness, have a nice life.

I understand if The Mastery of Awareness is not you cup of tea. This path is not for everyone, in fact, it’s the path with heart less traveled. Which makes for an exciting adventure. Few have chosen, even fewer make it. I feel blessed at the very least, to have had this opportunity to share The Mastery of Awareness.

The Mastery of Awareness
Our Power, our strength comes from our Spirit. Our Heart knows the Truth. Isn’t time we find the Truth for ourselves.

The Mastery of Awareness is a life long journey. We don’t become Masters of Awareness overnight, unless we can Dream of other worlds. Pleasant Dreams!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back it’s yours

The Mastery of Awareness to Dream of other Worlds


Winky, thumbs up to you
I could be an Assemblage Point, See… I’m pointing!

We can be the Masters of Awareness. The Mastery of Awareness is our Cornerstone.

Birthing a New Humanity

We are at the crossroads. Of Birthing a New Humanity, and a New Paradigm. It’s time to give birth.

Crying Baby
I Want, I Want, I Want
A New Paradigm.

We are the ones humanity has been waiting for. Trust your intuition. We are connected to creation. We are the creators. Birthing a New Humanity is what we do best. It is up to us to make the difference. The difference being, what kind of life, what kind of future do YOU want to experience?

We are all awakening to the fact that we have lived in an illusion. We are discovering pieces of the puzzle and have been afraid to take the pieces out of the box and start putting the puzzle together. Simply because we don’t know what kind of picture will be on the puzzle face. Being a creator, you can create the picture you want to see.

For thousands of years humanity as been kept in the dark living in fear. If this is the kind of future you want to see for yourself. Than put the pieces back in the box, put the lid back on. Sit back, you are there.

Birthing a New Humanity

Spiritual stairway to heaven
Taking the high road to Birthing a New Humanity. We’ve been down for to long.

However, if one would like to create a new picture of humanity. We need to start putting this puzzle together. Birthing a New Humanity is the name of this puzzle. The picture on the face is up to each an every one of us to paint. We are all Artists of Spirit. We are Spirit. Learning to paint this new picture of humanity with the paint brush of Spirit is what this time, this moment, is offering us. The most difficult part of this painting is deciding what to paint. Once this has been accomplish we will know what colors to use and how to design the painting.

In Inner Silence, I wrote about the parasite that has controlled humanity, using us like cattle, for a food source for thousands of years. In Computer Human I wrote about the programming of our minds. All though this sounds like a fairy tale, unfortunately this is very true. The time has come because of divine intervention and cosmic forces, humanity has the opportunity to change this.

Birthing a New Humanity and a New Paradigm
Hey, I never said we were going to be a beautiful baby. LOL

Birthing a New Humanity is this opportunity. In essence, giving birth to a new future for humanity. For many this will be like a new mother giving birth to her first child. The fear of the unknown is sometimes overwhelming. Until the moment it happens and all is well. Yes, there is some pain involved. And yes there is some bleeding. But after the delivery there is this beautiful new life, that exists, that we hold in our hands. Humanity is on the threshold of this very thing. Holding a new life in our hands. Pure Spirit, unselfish, unconditional love.

But one has to want it. One has to nurture it. One has to love it for the new life to have a chance at life. Other wise it falls back into darkness never to see the light again. We have this one opportunity in our lifetime to make this birthing a success. Please, don’t waste it because of fear.

Birthing a New Humanity
Artist of Spirit, Dreaming with the Art of Dreaming a New Human Paradigm

The world is changing. The Earth herself is changing. Humanity must change as well. As change is the only constant. It’s Humanities time to change to be uplifted from the darkness of the womb to be born into the light. But like the child, one has to want it. As in child-birth there are no guarantees. It’s possible that this Birthing a New Humanity may not happen. This scares me more than the process. For humanity to be stuck in the darkness of total subjugation and slavery for eternity is more frighting than I care to imagine. But this is where we are headed, if we don’t make a change. The groups that are in control are from out of this world. They have been here for thousands of years. This is not to say that all off world life has this same intent.  In fact some are here to help us. But if one has never known or believed in other life forms in the universe. How would one ever know who’s who? Of course one can pretend that none of this is real and go on their merry way right into the darkness. As the Human Spirit has free will. No one will stop you and the truth is. No one is coming to save you from yourself either.

It’s time each and every one of us assumes responsibility for our self. You are Spirit, you are a creator. There is no need for anybody else, as you have the power to do it all for yourself. And the truth is only you can do it for yourself. This how we all come together for Birthing a New Humanity. Each and every one of us becomes the change. The change is very simple. Become Spirit. Your Spirit. This Spirit is inside each and every one of us. Spirit is the power for Birthing a New Humanity. A Humanity of Spirit with the power of Spirit.

Human Consciousness
Given one more chance to get it right. One more chance to find Spirit

We have been convinced that we are weak and that we can do nothing of ourselves. We need GOD or Jesus to save our souls. This is an illusion and the way we have been controlled. Even the Catholic Church is abandoning Christ for some alien savior. Why? Have they been telling us a story that is untrue and now they can take it no further? So the powers that be will play out Revelations because that’s what we have believed in. We bought into this Passion Play. So now they want us to believe another story. Some Alien race will come down and save us. Will this be the second coming of Christ?

I am not suggesting you believe or disbelieve. But to worship someone or something because someone says too. Is the act of a fool. Oh, that’s right one needs blind faith. Blind Faith in a story told to us, by the very group that is now changing their story.

When in truth GOD is within each and every one of us. If one wants to know GOD, than tap your Spirit. Your Spirit is the source of GOD that one should worship. If one needs to worship something. Whether one worships something or someone make no difference to truth. If by chance I am wrong. Than I suffer the consequences, but if by chance I am right. Than a great number of souls are saved. The choice is yours and always has been yours. This is the power of you and your Spirit.

Birthing a New Humanity
Everything we need is inside of us at this very moment.

What I am suggesting, is that one holds their belief/worship in someone or something until the truth is revealed. Than one can decide their mind. Why rush in to the unknown.

Birthing a New Humanity is the belief in one’s self to make a difference. The belief that one can make a difference. If not you, than who?

Extraterrestrials are not gods. They maybe more advance in Spirit and Technology, but they are not gods. Don’t be a fool. Your soul is on the line here. Keep it until the last moment. When there is no doubt. Until than enlighten yourself. Discover your Spirit. This is where the truth lies, within you. It’s been said, that Humanity is genetic Royalty. We have 22 different species within our DNA. Is it any wonder they have abducted us to create Hybrids? This doesn’t make us better than anybody else, it just means we are different. Empower yourself with this knowledge. You are more powerful than you may know, that power is within you. We all come from somewhere else in this universe and beyond.  We find ourselves here and now. There is no better place to be, but in the discovery of ones self.

Birthing a New Humanity with the power of you. By doing so we stop giving them the attention they crave and make it impossible for them to take from us any longer. We have given enough. My soul is not for sale and my sovereignty is mine to keep.

Our Angelic Destiny
Birthing a New Humanity. What is it you wish to experience?

Birthing a New Humanity is taking our attention and turning it to focus on something we, humanity can paint and live with. Painting a picture with the brush of Spirit. Of a better future for us and our children. Where we live in peace with each other. Where the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. We can do this, we must do this, if we are to survive in freedom and take our rightful place in this Universe. The time is now! To create a new paradigm and allow the old paradigm to crumble. As the old paradigm has only served a few. On the backs and out of the pockets of the many.

Finding ones Spiritual center by deciding what is really important. Will put ones Spiritual house in order. What ever that is and however that looks to you is the most important aspect of living in Spirit. Therefore, regardless of what happens to the old paradigm, we have a new paradigm of Spirit to transcend the hardships we are about to face. With Spirit we can transcend these hardships and come out the other side intact with Spirit and a new love for life.  Where we finally meet our star families in unconditional love. This is our destiny if and only if, we can Birth a New Humanity.  There are no guarantees because it is up to each and every one of us to make this change to Spirit. To Birth a New Humanity. I can only decide for myself. As the same applies to you. If by chance you do decide to live in Spirit, as I have done.

Child of the Universe
We have a New Baby.
A Child of the Universe. A new Humanity

Than the Birthing process has started and soon we will be delivering a bouncing New Humanity to present to the ever-changing Universe. Congratulations! We have arrived.

It’s a brave New Paradigm we face. With a future full of wonder and surprise! Of freedom, wisdom, and LOVE. Where we live in harmony with the Universe. Where each and every one of us is empowered with Spirit. Where we are all for one and one for all. Where everyone contributes and every ones needs are taken care of. Where no one is left behind and no one is lacking. Where everyone lives in truth, and nothing is hidden. Let’s embrace it, let’s empower ourselves with this new paradigm. Sharing our new vision, our new dreams. Calling towards our self the power and the freedoms we have been seeking. Using our Power of Intent to create the world we wish to live in. This is our source of strength, our power of creation, our Spirit.

The Third Eye Connection
Our Power our strength in Spirit Our Third Eye is where we can finally see God and our connectedness to all.

Separately, together we can make this happen. Spirit is how we are all one and yet individuals at the same time. The Spirit of all becomes one Spirit in the power of each and every one of us.

We have arrived and where we go from here is matter of creation. Our creation. We the People of the Kingdom and the Power of Spirit. Forever and ever. Birthing a New Humanity, a New Paradigm. Congratulations! It’s human.

The Incredible You.

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back

Birthing a New Humanity Won’t be easy.


Winky, thumbs up to you
Life without freedom, isn’t life at all.

Doowans News & Events is touching your heart with things that matter. Together we are strong. Speak The Language of the Source of Creation. Grow in the Consciousness of Gardening. We planted the Seed. Become the source of creation for you and your family. It’s Time, Create! Connect with Spirit, Become Spirit. You are a powerful part of creation. Creation is in your hands.

The Power of Spirit is within you, Birthing a New Humanity

The Power of Intent

You are more powerful then you may know. The Power of Intent is at your command.

Oh, Hummingbird
Without a Loving Heart. You will never taste the nectar of life.

In the Universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force called Intent. Absolutely everything that exist in the entire cosmos is attached to this Intent by a connecting link. Discussing, understanding, and employing this connecting link is The Power of Intent. This connecting link must be cleaned of the numbing effects brought about by the ordinary concerns of our everyday lives. Intent is the life force that lives within us all. Intent is life. Our intent makes the difference. One may be asking at this moment, What is Intent? As stated intent is our life force. We live because we Intend to live. What this means, is simply, that Intent is at our command.

Dwelling upon the self too much produces a fatigue. We become deaf and blind to everything around us. This fatigue makes us cease to see the marvels and wonder all around us and in us.

Creation has Intent. The Intent to bestow life. Creation is Intent. Without Intent creation would cease to create. It appears every time we set our self to learn. We have to struggle and labor harder than we have ever before. To gain the knowledge we seek. The limits of this knowledge is only limited to our nature. Which begs the question. Is there a point to talking about knowledge?

The fact that all of us experience life is natural. The fear of knowledge is natural. To fear the unknown is natural. To think we have knowledge is more frightening than to be without knowledge. So we Intend to learn.

Nothing in this world is a gift. Whatever we Intend to learn, must be learned the hard way.  The Power of Intent is no different.  When a Spirit has fulfilled the four perquisites to being wide awake. Discussed in the Four Nature Enemies. To have fear, see with clarity, have personal power and respect, with the absolute assurance of the Power of Intent, there are no mistakes in Intent for which we have to account. Under such conditions we lose the blundering quality of the acts of a fool. The last perquisite is like going to war. Not in the sense of fighting with some enemy we do not know. For if we intend to discover our self. We have met the challenge head on.  To discover ones self is the greatest challenge we face. We may lose a battle. However, The war is not lost.

The Acts of a Warrior

What pitiful regrets can we possibly have over that? We have Intent. The Intent to discover the Totality of our self. Truth be known, we are hardly aware of everything. The average person is only aware when they “think” they should be. Let’s be honest, how often is that? The Intent of a warrior is to be aware of everything at all times. No small feat. One must have Intent to win this war of discovery. Command this power of Intent!

Realizing we have a power we haven’t tapped. Is the discovery, and the battle that a warrior faces.
We hardly ever realize that we have the power to cut anything out of our lives, anytime, in the blink of an eye. Intent is that power. Intent is the power to act. Hint: Warriors take the first event of any series of events as a blueprint of power or map of what is going to develop for them subsequently. Amazingly the warriors way, offers us a new life. This life is completely new to the warrior.

Therefore we can’t bring some old ugly ways into this new life of Intent. One might say we are reborn.

The basic difference between a warrior of intent and the ordinary individual, is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge. Challenge brings Intent. Thus the need for Intent. Not the need to challenge everything, but the Intent to understand the challenge.

The average person takes everything, as a blessing or a curse. The trump card of the warrior is that they believe without believing. Obviously, I can’t just say, I believe and let it go at that. That would be too easy. Just to believe without the exertion of intent. To apply Intent. How would that exonerate myself from examining my situation?  A warrior with Intent has to involve them self with believing, as if believing is a choice. Therefore they can choose to believe and apply Intent to their belief, or chose not to believe. Thus a warrior doesn’t believe, a warrior has to believe. This is The Power of Intent.

Let’s say for example, the warrior intends to change their idea of the world. Realizing that the world they perceive is a description. Wouldn’t one apply Intent in stopping this description. Thus, stopping the Internal Dialogue of this description. This becomes a challenge, and stopping this description of the world, is the only way of accomplishing this feat. When a warrior learns to stop the Internal Dialogue, everything becomes possible. We are now discovering The Power of Intent.

With Intent a warrior makes decisions and takes actions. Using Death as an adviser, one is prepared to die.  If death is the worst thing that can happen and thus, being prepared for it. Doesn’t allow for any pitfalls, or any unwelcome surprises. Therefore everything falls gently into place with the Power of Intent, because the warrior is expecting nothing in death. The Power of Intent is the rule of thumb that the warrior makes decisions with so carefully that nothing may happen, without Intent, that may surprise you, much less take your personal power.

The warrior then learns that the power of Intent becomes a concealed advantage of the energy body. This maneuver is the same for the average man as it is for the warrior. Both have a description of the world. The only difference is that the average person upholds it with their reason. The warrior upholds their description with the power of Intent. The truth is, both descriptions have rules. But the advantage of a warrior with Intent, is that Intent, is more engulfing, more powerful than reason. Thus, a warrior can withstand the path of knowledge and the power of Intent. Challenges are simply challenges.

The Worlds Description of Reason

With the average person reason makes them forget that their world is simply a description. Thus, only being a description. Before they realize, they are trapped in the totality of themselves in a world of reason without reasons. It’s just the way it is, becomes mantra.

Never realizing that reason has no answers for the warrior. Only questions.

Human Beings are perceivers. I will believe it when I see it. How will one discern whether this is an Illusion? A vision? Or a description? Is that reason asking, or some other part of you that you have yet to discover? Welcome to The Power of Intent.

If it is the world that was told to you from the beginning, the moment you were born, than it is only a description, unless you have learned to see. So in essence, the world of reason dictates, this is the world of reason. Sustained by reason, dogmatic with inviolable rules which reason learns to accept and defend. Becoming the world in which one lives. Everything becomes reasonable. The Power of Intent stops this in its tracks.

The Power of Intent brings knowledge. Knowledge is power. Knowledge becomes a most peculiar affair especially for us warriors. It appears to come all at once, engulfing us and then passing on. Leaving us in wonder. It floats like the dust on a moths wings. It rains down upon the warrior as if we are taking a shower. Being rained upon with golden specks of dust. The dust of knowledge. So the world is unfathomable, and so we become, as is every being that exists in this world.

The Power of Intent

Taking a deep breath. We are not beings of objects. We have no solidarity. We are the dust on the moths wings that allows the moth to fly. We are energy beings, luminous, boundless. Bubbles of perception.

The world of objects and solidarity is only a description that was created to make our passage here more convenient. Convenient for who, is where the power of Intent comes to fruition. Is it your Intent, or the Intent of others?

Only you in your deepest meditation and self-awareness can this be answered. The Power of Intent is at your command. We only need a small portion of it to fulfill the most complex tasks of life. Intent is life. Our life. Have Intent or don’t have Intent. It all comes down to each and every one of us having Intent to some degree. Regardless, we all die within the totality of ourselves.  Die now or die later. It’s the appointment we must all keep. To die as a normal human or as a warrior is the freedom of will.

Our freedom is the only thing that should be on our minds. As warriors we face a challenge. Normally we face our life as it recedes. Walking backwards in life, so to speak. Warriors have the option of changing this. We can use the Power of Intent and change ourselves to face life as it advances. In this act, Intent allows us to be free of the past. It allows us to change our point of view and turn to face life. Being free to live it from past restraints.  Past descriptions!

The Power of Reason

The unknown becomes known at this given moment. Dazzling in its appearance and at the same time horrifying in its vastness. If we succumb to this fear we have lost the power of intent to reason. We perceive. This is a hard fact. But what we perceive is not a fact of the same kind. We have learned to perceive. The deepest flaw of the unseasoned warrior is that we are willing to forget the wonder of what we see. We become overwhelmed by the fact of what we see and then believe. That is the power of the genius of reason.

The Power of Intent overrides this. Our invincible laxness of our human condition called reason. With the power of Intent. It is more important to discern what we see, than the act of seeing itself? Because what warrior does with the Power of Intent is more important.

This is the Power of Intent.  What we need to do is allow the magic of Intent to get hold of us and banish our doubts from our minds.

Only than will anything be possible. You wish to change your view of the world.  The warriors possibilities are so vast and mysterious that warriors rather than think about them, have chosen to explore them. Without hope of ever understanding them. Once doubts are banished. Well than anything is possible.

The Assemblage Point

The Assemblage Point and the Power of Intent
The Assemblage Point on the Luminous Cocoon

Which brings us to the position of our Assemblage point. Everything a warrior does is done because of a consequence of this position and the movement thereof. The knowing that it moves from place to place within our luminous body is paramount. The flowing of the assemblage point changes our awareness. So what is this assemblage point? It’s the point in which we assemble our reality. The fact that it is constantly moving will make one more aware of their being. Plus, the fact that we can move it at will or hold it in place with the Power of Intent should be enlightening. Just the knowledge that the assemblage point is present within us makes us more self-aware. It’s the point at which we assemble everything we experience. Good, bad or indifferent. It’s just a point of view? It’s where we assemble everything that is in our world description. This point is very important in how we perceive our world.

Warriors through their seeing. First notice that any unusual behavior produces a tremor in the assemblage point. They than discover that if unusual behavior is practiced systematically and directed wisely. It eventually forces the assemblage point to move. Once this happens the vision of the world changes.

Remember it’s more important to act upon ones visions than to just see them. When we see, its only for the moment of the vision. Than the assemblage point moves and the vision fades. When we act with the Power of  Intent, It’s for a life time.


We all have an appointment. With the Power of Intent we can postpone this appointment

“People come and people go. They touch our life and we never know. Their faces fade as memories grow. And make you wish that time would slow.”

The knowing that the assemblage point moves from place to place on our luminous cocoon is paramount. The flowing of the assemblage point changes our attention. Hence, every bit of knowledge that becomes power, has death as its central force. Whatever is touch by Death becomes power. The final act. Silent knowledge is nothing but the direct contact with Intent. As long as we feel that we are the most important thing in the world. Leaves us with the fact that we can’t appreciate the world around us. We see only our self apart from everything else. Losing that connecting link with creation.

The truth, Death is our eternal companion. Always to our left. Just over our shoulder.  A shadow, maybe head lights in our rear view mirror. In a world where death is the hunter, there is no time for regrets or doubts. There is only time for decisions made with the use of Intent. There are only decisions the warrior makes when faced with death. Anything less is self-importance.

The Art of Being

The Power of Intent the link with creation
The wonder of you

Balance the art of being human with the wonder being human. Discover your being. The humbleness of a warrior is not the humbleness of a beggar. The warrior lowers their head to no one. At the same time the warrior doesn’t permit anyone to lower their head to them. Nothing is more important than anything else.

Whenever the Internal Dialogue stops our world view collapses. During these moments extraordinary facets of our self surface. It is the repeating of these words, (the description) that has kept us prisoner. Stopping the Internal Dialogue sets us free.

Everyone has enough personal power to use Intent. The trick of the warrior is to use Intent to pull power away from our normal weakness. Thus, bring it in line with the warriors purpose. To enjoy the accomplishment of infinity. The Power of Intent.

The challenge. How far can you take this moment? How far can you be impeccable within the bounds of your description? The warriors life is not easy. But it offers a new life. A new way of being different from what you were. Your Intent will make a difference. Maybe just for you! Isn’t that enough? Warriors say that we think there is a world of objects out there only because of our awareness. What’s really out there is the Power of Intent, fluid, forever in motion, and yet unchanged. Eternal

To cross over to freedom doesn’t mean eternal life as is commonly understood. Living forever. Rather, it allows a warrior to keep their awareness, which is ordinarily relinquished at our death. In the totality of our self, every cell becomes aware. Than it becomes aware of the totality of the body of which it is apart, be it flesh or be it energy.

This is not a gift but a chance to have a chance. The Power of Intent is your chance. Thus this time, becomes the moment of Intent. Not a moment of a clock. But an awareness of the self. A moment of Intent. The Power of Intent.

At the very least. I pray that you are aware of the Power of Intent.

This is my Intent. Have you commanded yours? After all we are different you and me. As different as Intent. Just as powerful. The Power of Intent is Life!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back


Winky, thumbs up to you
The Power of Intent. We are more powerful than we know.

The Power of Intent is at your command, or not.