The Voice of Dreaming

When it Talks. Listen to the Voice of Dreaming.

The Voice of Dreaming
The Voice of Dreaming can unlock the door to Spirit When one follows their Heart

I woke this morning with the Voice of Dreaming telling me a secret about myself.

It’s overcast this morning, looks like rain which we can definitely use. I believe it has rained twice since May. Things are drying up. The lake is lower than it has ever been and if we don’t get rain the farmers will have nothing next year to water their fields.

According to the Voice of Dreaming we all came into this incarnation of a purpose. We send most of our lives seeking this purpose. When we find it. Our purpose becomes the driving force behind our lives.

For some it’s to find love, for others it’s to find self in a world of selfless people seeking only the pleasures that money/materialism can bring. To find self becomes a real challenge as we only have a few examples to follow.

When we seek pleasures, to have money then becomes the driving force, greed is born in the body, as we always want more.

Heartless Zombie
They want their pound of Flesh. Funny they can’t taste Spirit.

Greed has never been much of a problem with me, I have never had money for pleasures, at this point seems like a useless pursuit, as there is always somebody waiting to steal it from you.

I found when you have nothing. One has nothing to defend, and people leave you alone. Well most do, others are looking for their pound of flesh. Those can have this carcass when I am finished with it. As it can server my Spirit no more. They can eat to their stomachs content. As I know they don’t have a Heart.

As I look back on my life and recapitulate, I see that I could have had a different reality. A reality of money. At the age of seven I was destined for a life in Hollywood. It all started with Mr. Clean. As I was in the first Mr. Clean commercial. Sitting in a bath tub as Mr. Clean cleaned me up. I can still remember my lines.

Visions of the Past
I can Clean anything. Except that dirty little kid.

Then in a Dinah Shore Commercial. Where there were kids climbing all over the New Chevrolet Station Wagon. To show how many people could fit in the car.

Then there was the Play House Ninety drama about Lincoln where I play his son. I was destined to become Dennis the Menace. And even tried out for the part. I can still remember the scene, they wanted me to run up and smear some grape jelly on Mr. Wilson. What’s interesting when I recapitulate this part of my life I can still remember my thoughts at the time.

Most of you reading this post may not remember Dennis the Menace. This poor kid was always tormenting his next door neighbor Wilson, and getting into some mischief than finding some life lesson that change them both. Oh, the good old days of T.V. Needless to say for some unknown reason, I just couldn’t bring myself to follow the directions and smear this poor man with jelly on his new suit. Thus, I quit with the commercial business at age nine, and left Hollywood.

I have lived a different life. Funny thing is, I still have the contracts in my scrap-book. My Mother sent them to me after my fathers passing. She must have found them in his papers.

The Voice of Dreaming the past
Was I a sucker? That could have been me.

When one looks at how most of the children from that era from Hollywood turned out. I feel leaving was a wise choice for a child of nine. We lived down the street from Christopher Knight of the Brady Bunch. Here’s what he had to say about Hollywood. Hindsight is 20/20.

The Brady Bunch
Yep, that’s how I remember him. Before Hollywood got a hold of him.

The only reason I am sharing this is to show that our choices can change our lives for the better or worse. At the time we may not know which one is which until years  down the line.

By following our Heart and listening to our Spirit through the Voice of Dreaming we will make the right decisions that will guide us on the path with Heart, where we discover our true purpose. Finding our Spirit. Or living in Reason, why we didn’t make it big. Or did we?

Full Skeleton of Nephilim
The Bigger we are, the harder we fall. I could have been a big Star. Those Dreams aren’t for everyone.

The Voice of Dreaming

The dream was interesting, I was pursing my love through the whole dream. Courting her at every turn until finally she caved in agreeing to marry me. I must have forgotten the dream from the night before. Where I was going to marry her, at the last-minute, I refused to go through with it.

Weird, The Voice of Dreaming showed me both out comes. Which in turn leaves one with a choice. To turn and walk away or follow through with the plan.

The actions taken in the dream, I will not share as these are of a personal nature. What is important to share is the words my love said to me as I was leaving to return to the world of everyday. She stated, “You have to move on up. Upgrade to a higher purpose”. As I surfaced into this world, I could still hear the Voice of Dreaming in my heart, as I laid there. We discussed the world of everyday.I listened to the Voice of Dreaming.

We talked about the Human body. How the body has needs. How we live in our bodies everyday, feel the aches and pains of the vessel. It appeared to me, the body always needs something. Whether its food, air or water. Or the need to evacuate something from it. It always has a need.  As we grow older those needs become more diverse, and sow do the pains.

It appeared to my Reason that the body always has some need of the physical. Because in the Dream eating, breathing, or evacuating never entered into the intent of the Dream. There was just the intent in courting my love until I somehow persuaded her to join me. Could there be a deeper meaning to this?

The Voice of Dreaming tells all to those who will listen.

Energy Body Who needs it?
Who needs Dreams of the past. When we can Dream in Spirit Today

The Voice of Dreaming stated, we live in our bodies believing this is all we have of life. Never knowing the full extent of our human condition. Yes, we can pursue all the trappings in life, why we don’t know the meaning. Therefore pointing our fingers at everybody and everything that keeps us trap in our bodies. All the while, our Reason asks the questions, never knowing the answers.

Or we can do what the Voice of Dreaming suggested, move on up to a higher purpose. Because, if we spend all our time searching and investigating the causes of our trappings. We will never seek the freedom from the trap its self. Thus, we will remain trapped in our body with no reasons for our life.

I have written about the human condition, The Totality of Mankind about our Three Attentions, as I have discovered them along my path. Simply because at the age of nine, I chose another path, along that path I have discovered, little Golden Nuggets of truth, this path for me has heart. Had I stayed on the other path these Golden Nuggets would have been of a different kind. And chances are they would not have been the same Golden Nuggets I have now. As one finds value in life, their life has value. That of course is different for each and every one of us. At some point we all discover the value of life, though our Death. Why wait?

The Voice of Dreaming
Death… What’s so scary about him? He’s an Angel inviting us back home.

As the Voice of Dreaming talked while I listened. We arrived on the subject of Spirit. How even though we have body, what’s most important in this incarnation was the discovery of the human Spirit. Therefore, why we have Spirit, and our Energy Body. Here’s the questions the Voice of Dreaming asked. Without Spirit what do we really have? What can we take with us into Death?

A Bag of Bones. That we seek the pleasures of life, then bury at the end.

Sounds like a trap to me. Struggling, fighting, scrimping, saving, our whole life and then die never discovering what gives us life to begin with. For me, that’s Spirit. I know that’s what the Voice of Dreaming was suggesting in the statement to move on up, upgrade to a higher purpose.

Of course, you may see it differently. What ever your purpose maybe, is between you and your Voice of Dreaming/Spirit. We have all come here for different reasons/purposes. I share mine so that others may know me, if they choose too.

My higher purpose is to discover, in the time I have left. My Spirit and the Love my Spirit has. This is what my love in the Dream represents to me. Courting and chasing my Spirit around until it finally gives in and joins me. Or I join with it in this case. As there are two I’s in Spirit.

Spirit has two I's in it
A United Spirit. Where we come together in Love

As we look closely at the words Body and Spirit. Thus take a closer look at the characters that make up the words. We start to see the trappings of the Body and the freedom that Spirit has to offer.  As one can see BODY has three Trapping (BOD) which leaves the question Y?

Spirit has only one trapping the (P) which leads one to the first (I). When we move through Spirit Breath (R)ight we find the next (I), The coming together of Spirit and the (I), then the cross (T). Where the story truly begins.

As I move through body to Spirit. I discover the love of my life in the Voice of Dreaming. I discover myself. For me there is nothing more worth while in this Bag of Bones, I carry around with me. Until one day, I no longer need to carry it any longer. My Spirit is free from the trappings of this life to move into life beyond life. I am free!

If we do the same thing with Heart and Reason we find that (H) in HEART represents the first element in life. Hydrogen, It’s the most abundant character/Element in this universe. The (H) represented creation for me. As Creation is everywhere. Of course (H) would be the most abundant character in its creation. Now I know it is the bridge to higher Consciousness.

The (e) and the (a) fit together like a hand and glove coming together to make the sign of infinity (8) again we move (r)ight and again end with the sign of the cross (T).  Does this mean, we are at the Beginning or End once again?

Nay, Nay I say. We have moved right, through Spirit and Heart to life in Love.

I will let you play with your Reason for a while. See, if you can find the trap in Reason, and where it ends.

Dreaming Spirit
Listen to The Voice of Dreaming. You are a Star in Spirit.

It starts with following the path that has Heart. As Heart is the true seat of the Spirit, through Heart we find Spirit. While one can’t see, smell, or taste Spirit. This leaves us two other senses we can use. Hearing and Feeling.

The Voice of Dreaming is my Spirit calling to me. I was fortunate enough to have listened when it spoke. And now I can feel Spirit because my heart has shown me the way.

Love and the self are one. The Discovery of either is the Realization of both.

This Now, has a deeper meaning for me. As “self” is Spirit, and the Love, that comes from the Heartmind of Spirit. The Voice of Dreaming, Our Spirit is love. They are one in the same. Thus the Realization of Both. How could Spirit be anything else?

The power in Spirit.
Flying on the wings of Spirit

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Bag of Bones, Listen to the Voice of Dreaming


Winky, thumbs up to you
I don’t have a bone in my Body. It’s all Spirit baby!

Listen to the Voice of Dreaming, It never Lies!

Losing Human Form

Losing Human Form, Returning to Paradise Lost

Losing Human Form
Losing Human Form is returning to Spirit. Our true nature.

Although Losing Human Form sounds like it might be Painful or Scary it’s not. Losing Human Form is a way of changing ones perspective to open one up to seeing NEW realities.

In Mastery Of Awareness, I mentioned the three Art forms or Masteries one can use to change their Consciousness, thus their reality to the desired reflection. We all have the Mastery of Awareness as Silent Knowledge within us at this very moment. All one needs is to BE able to access the information and in so doing we begin Losing Human Form.

Dream Traveler Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness shared some Magic
The Universe is your play ground. Consciousness is your gift from Creation. Are you refusing the Gift?

What is Truth is Real.
What is not Truth is not Real. It’s an Illusion, but it looks Real.
LOVE is Real. It’s the Supreme expression of Universal Life.

There is some basic information one uses to begin this journey of Losing Human Form. This is what this post will present.

Although these ideas may sound simple, putting them into practice/Awareness is the KEY. As we all know, doing is the power of action. In taking action we begin Losing Human Form and start our path to becoming what we truly are. Spirit having a Human Experience. Not Human seeking a Spiritual Experience.

However if one is seeking a Spiritual Experience, Losing Human Form is the only way I know, without having to weed through all the lies and half-truths we hear and tell ourselves. Let’s begin at the beginning, shall we, of Losing Human Form.

Returning to Paradise Lost
Losing Human Form Is letting go of all the Lies

Losing Human Form

The story begins when we were Innocent, before we were forced to closed our Spiritual eyes, sow to speak, or in ESSENCES ABANDONED our Spiritual Form.

Let’s turn back the clock thousands of years ago. As the story goes we are living in Paradise. Some call it the Garden of Eden. I prefer THE’S Garden. At this time there is Heaven on Earth. It is Heaven because our spiritual eyes are open. We live in peace, in perfect harmony with all of creation. Experiencing joy, freedom, bliss, happiness, and ETERNAL LOVE. We SEE everything with the eyes of truth, the way it is, and we love BEing the CHILD of Creation. Boy, I miss that now, how about you? Losing Human Form can help us to return.

The story tell us there are two trees in THE’S Garden , The Tree of Life which bestows life to everything in existence. And the Tree of Knowledge. Some say of GOOD and EVIL. I call FOWL. Who put this tree here anyway?

The Tree of Knowledge is this beautiful tree with this juicy fruit. It is very tempting, and we are warned not to eat of it. Here’s all this beautiful fruit, but don’t touch!!!  Human nature loves to explore. We found this Tree of Knowledge with a Snake warped all around it. Of course, it wasn’t really a Snake/Serpent, this is an Allegory, Symbolism of the Duality of our being. (S) is the Ying and Yang of Creation. The positive and negative, pull and push of physical material reality. Staying within this allegory the fruit/knowledge had a WORM in it. Yep! Some Worms are Parasites, living off their host. It’s the parasite, that has lived off Humanity ever since. If one wishes to know more about this parasite, read Inner Silence, or the Enemy Within. Let’s Stay the course for a moment. OK?

Original Sin
Ah, come on! An Apple Really! The Greatest Story ever told. Has a snake in it too!

This being told us that if we ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge our eyes would be opened. We would become like Gods. Lying Bastard, TRUTH is, it would become our GOD.

We didn’t know. We trusted every one. And that fruit sure looked good. Being Innocent we never heard or knew about Lies. As we only lived in TRUTH.

This being that lived in the Tree of Knowledge is called the Prince of Lies. And little did we know. That by eating this fruit with the worm in it, we would eat the lies that came with its fruit/knowledge. Closing our Spiritual eyes and losing our Spiritual Form. BE-Cause TRUTH and lies are the opposites. They can never meet. We have lived with lies ever since. As the Parasite lives off our misery, pain, and suffering.

The Worms crawl in the Worms crawl out
The Worms crawl in, the Worms crawl out

NOW it’s time we cleanse your mistake. We can’t go back and undo this act, But we can act now by cleansing our Bowels of this parasite. TRUTH is the cleansing AGENT. What some? Thus,  Losing Human Form and return back to Paradise LOST.

We may not have this chance again for thousands of years and to be truthful, we may never have another chance. We have suffered enough for this mistake. Wouldn’t you say?

We fell, but we can lift ourselves back up again. Losing Human Form is a way. We have had EXAMPLE in our past.

The creations of God
Hey brother, Did you know you sinned?

The Four Principles to Losing Human Form

So here’s how one can cleanse this mistake through taking action. Here are four principles we can follow that will cleanse us. By applying these four principles to our daily lives we begin the process of Losing Human Form. And it’s absolutely pain less.

As Heaven longs for us, because we are CHILDREN of HEAVEN. We long for THE’S Garden, and I can’t think of any other place I would rather BE. I can’t speak for you. That is something you must decide within self. I will share TRUTH, SOW you can BE fully informed. Whether Losing Human Form is for you.

Third Eye
We can see into our self. And discover the truth. Losing Human Form is the Key.

First, Be Impeccable with Your Word. Words have power, we use words to create thought/awareness. Words create symbols in our mind. The word is pure Magic. It’s the power that comes from the SPIRIT it self. Everything in our virtual physical reality comes from the word. Our faith is the force that gives life to every word, to every belief, to every thought. In the Beginning there was the word and the word was with YOU.

Be Impeccable with your word, which Impeccable means, “Sinlessness”, every thought, word, and act, must be Impeccable. I never said it was going to be easy. However it’s not that hard when ONE stands in TRUTH. Remember? Simply, we start playing attention to the words we speak, the thoughts we have, the acts/emotions we express about ourselves. Than little by little we start the process of Impeccability and our thoughts, speech, and acts become pure. Before you know it, your Impeccable. We start Losing Human Form. We are on our way back to the Garden.

Spiritual stairway to heaven
Losing Human Form. The path less traveled.

We tell ourselves lies. I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy. Or we tell our loved ones, Your not good enough. Your not worthy. These are lies that come from the parasite that lives within ourselves. We ate the fruit with the worm, we now have the knowledge of good and evil, if you will. It’s the parasite telling us those lies and living off our emotional reactions. However we can change that by paying less attention to the voice in our head. Hearing but listening to the words. Having our eye teeth watch what we are about to say, holding our tongue until we quite our mind. Simply, start following what Heart speaks

Then say what you mean, and meaning what you say. Not everything will be nice and wonderful. But it will be Impeccable and that’s important. Your words have power to change the lives of those around you and yourself. One could try going without saying a word vocally and just listening to their thoughts for a day. But the phone will ring or somebody will come to the door. Presto,…  before you know it, your speaking words.

That Prince of Lies is very clever. Resist falling prey to the lies once more. Stand in TRUTH.

Satan Gods creation
The Prince of Lies is whispering in your ear.

Second, Don’t take Anything Personal. Let’s say you’re walking down the street, and you hear, Hey STUPID! Do you hear inside your head. “Is he talking to me”? Do you turn around and look?

Well if you believe you are stupid, turn around. But when you know you are not stupid, you won’t take it personal. Thus you keep walking. They weren’t talking to you. Nothing other people do, or say is Be-Cause of you.

Believing it is, that’s Self Importance! Whatever happens around you don’t take anything Personal. We take things personal because we believe they are about me personally. As soon as we take anything personal we take on the Energy of what was said or done. This negative Energy begins to poison us with the lies. These lies than reflect in the Dreamtime we are having. Before you know it, one is taking everything personal. We begin to think/be-lie-ve everything is about me, me, me, always me.

Even if someone insults you directly. It has nothing to do with you. What they say and do is always about them. About the lies they believe in their own mind. As their point of view comes from their own programming/EGO. See Computer Human.

Computer Human Programming in You
Computer Human Programming in You

When we take anything personal we fall prey again to the parasite inside of us. We begin to believe the lies it is telling us about our self. At this point, we aren’t Losing Human Form we are actually put on the Human Form that these lies tell us. We become exactly what these lies tell us we are.

Our Energy Body Our body of Spirit
When in truth we are so much more. Losing Human Form we become our self in Spirit

When we don’t take anything personal we stop these lies dead in their tracks. We stop consuming all that Emotional garbage, lies others feed us. When we stop paying any attention to the lies. They lose the power they had over our lives. We starve the parasite. We begin Losing Human Form. Moving closer to the true you  Spirit and back to Paradise, THE’S Garden.

Realize that what anybody thinks about you and whatever they do is their EGO. Don’t take it personal and they keep the poison they just tried to feed you. Then we next stop listening to the lies inside our own mine.

When we do, we begin having moments of Inner Silence. We BE-gin to SEE. Even when they say, we are wonderful. Don’t take it personal. Know who you are. Chakras will help.

A dream within a Dream
When we know. We are Dreaming. The Question is, are you Dreaming now?

Back to the Basics

We all Dream, when we Dream we are the Feeling Spirit……. What we do in the Dream! Is Dreaming! We can Live the Dream, or Dream the Dream? Even wake up in your Dream…….The Dream Your having! Then realize you are still Dreaming?

The Dream within a Dream, within a Dream, Reflection of Spirit. Just another story? Are you Dreaming right now! I ask? Are you the Dreamer or the Dreamed.

Losing Human Form gives you the answer. Losing Human Form is simply becoming who and what YOU truly are. Moving our Assemblage Point to Dream YOU. Where it goes every time we dream. Losing Human Form holds the Assemblage Point in our Dreaming position. And we live, Experiencing our dream. It’s advisable to lose as much of the Emotional garbage before this happens. This Daymare is a reflection of all that garbage. Losing Human Form makes for a much nicer Dream.

Losing Human Form, is a Reflection! But it’s a reflection of our Spirit. The ESSENCE of YOU, going back were you belong. To THE’S Garden, back to Paradise lost. Back home.

The Garden
Dreaming of a Garden. Our home.

Third, Don’t make Assumptions. We assume a lot. Then believe it is TRUTH. Most of us assume everything without really knowing. We assume our physical body is real. We assume this reality is the only reality we can experience. We assume we know what the truth is.

We assume we aren’t assuming. When that’s an assumption. We assume they were speaking to me, myself, and I. About me, myself and I. We make an assumption about what others are doing and thinking. We then take it personal. Then we blame them and react by sending them Emotional poison with our words. Creating needless drama. Losing our Impeccability. In TRUTH are they not Reflctions of YOU?

We even assume we are thinking. When in fact what we are hearing is the voice of the parasite telling us lies. it’s very interesting how the human mind works. We have this need to justify everything. To explain and understand everything, to feel safe. Could it be that this need comes from the parasite? It has this need to keep its food source handy and under its control. So it can feed off our Emotional responses to the lies it tells us. This Foreign Installation is very clever.

Are you hearing it speak to you as you read this? Oh, this is bullshit there’s nothing inside my head. Oooops. Nothing is feeding off my Emotional Energy! Oooops. Where’s the proof? Oooops.

The proof is in your Mind. You want proof. Stop, Stop, the Internal Dialog if you can. Stop that voice inside your head. Go ahead, I’ll wait while you give it a try.

The voice inside our heads
It’s programming. The program runs continuously. Garbage in, Garbage out.

We assume thinking is us thinking. It’s all an assumption. Oooops. Assuming is an Assumption. Or we can stop listening to that voice. Stop believing what that voice is telling us, what we think we are thinking about, or other people are thinking for that matter. The voice stops. We achieve Inner Silence, and begin Losing Human Form. Thus, start living our real Dream. The Dream you were created to live.

Fourth, Always Do your Best. This is the one that allows the others to become deeply ingrained into our being. Assuming you could do better would be an assumption. What kind of Dreaming is that? Always do your best. It stops the voice of judgement that takes place inside us. It illuminates the should a, could a, would a in our mind. When we stop judging our self, We Stop judging others as well.

Always do your best. Why waste the energy on some half ass attempt. It’s takes the same amount of energy to do your best as it does to do something half Assed. Be aware that your best in this moment may not be the same best in the next moment.

As we live, we  grow, growing in awareness every second of every day. Sow your best when ill is not your best when you are happy. Sow long as it’s your best. You won’t hear the judge judging you. If you do, don’t take it personal. Presto… Don’t make assumptions, Presto… BE Impeccable with your word, stop using them against yourself. Presto…, your Losing Human Form.

The creation of Man
We can Transcend our suffering

There was this man who wanted to transcend. He wanted to move beyond his pain and suffering. So he went to the Master and asked. Master if I meditate two hours a day. How long might it be before I transcend? The Master replied, Oh, about ten years. The man, assuming he could do better.

He asked? Master, If I meditate six hours a day, how long might it be before I transcend? The Master replied, Oh, about twenty years.

Confused, he asked? Master, why would it take twice as long for me to transcend?

The Master looked at him and said. You are not here to sacrifice your joy, or your life. You are here to live, to be happy, and to love. If you can do your best in two hours of meditation, but you spend six hours instead. You will grow tired, you’ll be Missing the Point. You wouldn’t be enjoying your life, you will be adding to the suffering.

Therefore, always do your best, perhaps you will learn that no matter how long one meditates, One can live, LOVE and be happy in half the time.

Mother Earth
Losing Human Form is finding peace and joy all in one package.

Losing Human Form, Returning to The’s Garden.

Losing Human Form is BEing Impeccable with your words. Don’t take anything personal. Don’t make Assumptions and Always do your Best. These principles allow one to Lose Human Form, like we lost our Spiritual Form in moments past. Learning our lesson, we REVERSE the past. ABRACADABRA, PRESTO!!!!

WE are back where we BE long.

Losing Human Form. We all Dream, How we Dream, When we wake up in a Dream, Or wake up from the bad Dream at all. Makes a difference within our Spirit. We are Spirit. One need only SEE, that when we Dream we are in other worlds,… Are we not?

We are seeking Paradise Lost?  Losing Human Form to make ones way back to THE’S Garden. Back to the Innocence we are before we ate the fruit with the worm from the Tree of Knowledge. It’s where we belong, and it’s where I want to be. I can’t speak for you.

There this action called, Doing! Where we DO towards Losing Human Form. Taking a deep breath.

Dream! NOW is the time we wake up, back in paradise, back in communion with CREATION sharing LOVE. Living in Spirit Form, the one we were created in. We know the difference between TRUTH and lies, We have the knowledge. Losing Human Form is losing the body of lies the Prince of Lies has tricked us into.

Human Consciousness
Given one more chance to get it right. One more chance to return to Spirit

Losing Human Form is painless and fulfilling. It only make us stronger in Spirit. We are Sinless Spirit, That’s the TRUTH.

If one is hearing something different, they are listening to the Prince of Lies.

Losing Human Form is a key! Unlock THE’S Garden gate and walk on in. Welcome, Home!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Dream your Dream


I would like to lose this form. It seems I can only be round.

Losing Human Form returning to Paradise Lost, or would that be Paradise Found.