Morning Quickie

Morning Quickie, Have you had yours?

Breakfast that is….the most impo(r)tent meal of the day. Your Morning Quickie could be the most fun you have all day. Much better than a bowl of sterilizing Corn Flakes.

Morning Quickie
With this coffee I ain’t feeling it. I need my Morning Quickie

I know we have heard it time and time again, but how many of us manage to find the time for our Morning Quickie? And if we do, is it the ideal meal with which to start our day?

If your answer is no and no, we know this is a big NO NO. And many of the fast go to options leave us flat and listless.

I do the smoothie thing pretty consistently, but with winter upon us I am craving something warm and a bit more substantial. But I also need my Morning Quickie to satisfy me and be nutrient dense, so I won’t be dense throughout the day.

I wanted to come up with something I could prepare and have virtually at the ready, so I could forego much of the foreplay each  morning. And I am pleased with the resultant bliss and satisfaction of my Morning Quickie.

Quinoa & Raisins with Golden Milk your Morning Quickie

I grabbed my rice cooker some quinoa and raisins. Okay decent start right?

No rice cooker? No problem, can be done on the stove top.

Rinsed 1 cup of quinoa and left it to drain

Boiled 2 cups water in my tea kettle


While water heated I threw 1 cup raisins into rice cooker  (did not turn on….yet)

Added hot water over raisins in rice cooker  (want those babies to plump up!)

Now here is where I prepare to get golden

I take 1/8 cup each of turmeric and ginger  ( a few dashes of cinnamon is heavenly)

1/2 cup water

Make a paste with water, turmeric & ginger over medium heat in small sauce pan

Cook and stir for 8 minutes-remove from heat

The paste you made is to create Golden Milk  (full of fabulous flavor and nutrients) gldnmlk-300x200

Store the paste in a glass jar in the fridge, this will last for 2 weeks and can bump up smoothies, sauces, soups, any number of meals

Now to mind your P’s and Q’s  (plump raisins and quinoa)

Add quinoa to the raisins and water already in rice cooker  (NOW turn it on)

The quinoa will take 15-20 minutes

Just before quinoa is done I warm up some of my homemade coconut milk ( I use a small pan as I’ve heard microwaving coconut milk destroys nutrients) and I add about a teaspoon of the golden paste as well as a bit of molasses. This in my bowl along with a serving of quinoa and raisins makes for a great Morning Quickie to start your day!

1 cup dry quinoa makes about 4 cups cooked and will keep 4-5 days so you are set for the better part of your work week mornings!

All I do on following mornings is warm up my coconut milk, add molasses, some of the paste and some of the quinoa to warm up a bit, put in a bowl and you are “Golden”.

To change it up you can toss in nuts and seeds, or mix with yogurt. You’ve got a good solid base to start the day off right!

I use coconut milk in lots of recipes because the benefits are so tremendous. My source for all things coconut after much research is Tropical Traditions  They are a stellar company with a great reputation. I purchase their organic flaked coconut to make my coconut milk. It comes to less than $1 a quart and that includes shipping!

If you are a first time buyer with this company and use the link provided above you will receive the free book “Virgin Coconut OIL” full of info, recipes and benefits, As we share. I may receive a coupon.

Benefits of Quinoa

Benefits of Raisins

Benefits of Molasses

Benefits of Ginger

Benefits of Turmeric

For herbs, spices, super foods and powders I love Improve  your day with a Morning Quickie !

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Urine, The Lost Fountain of Youth?

Urine or Your In
Urine or are You In

Writing about Urine is not our favorite subject. We are not in a pissing contest here.

Nor do we wish to piss anybody off. Urine is pretty Amazing once one gets past the belief that Urine is nasty!

Looking at the word Urine brings to mind “You’re In’! or even U R In. In for what?  In for life everlasting? In for a treat? In for trouble? In for life? Or,,,, in for a nasty taste in your mouth?

Doowans simply bring the truth.  No matter what the truth may be.

A matter of fact, we use Urine in our garden. It brings many vital nutrients that plants need. Well the truth is, I bring Urine to the garden. It’s seems that the Great I AM is better equipped to deliver the Urine to precise locations. Just piss on it!!!

If the reader is grossed out by this thought.

Maybe it’s best you skip this truth. There’s plenty of other truths to go around. Click a few links and discover. However, the truth about Urine is, not the belief we grew up with, we may need to Change a Belief to Change Reality.

The Parallel Reality about Urine that is.

So Urine, I mean,…. You’re in?

We're you thinking of a different delivery system for Urine in the Garden?
We’re you thinking of a different delivery system for Urine in the Garden?

What is Urine?

Here are some interesting facts about Urine the reader may not have known. It’s not just Pee Pee.

It’s a cocktail of ingredients that makes the human body a fountain of important elements that provide life.

Fact: Many culture drink Urine for the health benefits. Before we go there, here’s what’s in Urine as far as elements and minerals.

Urine, 95% of which is water, 2.5% of which is urea, and 2.5% of which is a mixture of minerals, salts, hormones, and enzymes, is not a toxic waste product. Urine is a blood byproduct and though it contains some body waste, it is non-toxic. In 1975, Dr. A.H. Free, published his book Urinalysis in Clinical Laboratory Practice, in which he presents a few critical nutrients found in urine:

Alanine, total ….. 38 mg/day
Arginine, total ….. 32 mg/day
Ascorbic acid ….. 30 mg/day
Allantoin ….. 12 mg/day
Amino acids, total ….. 2.1 g/day
Bicarbonate ….. 140 mg/day
Biotin ….. 35 mg/day
Calcium ….. 23 mg/day
Creatinine ….. 1.4 mg/day
Cystine ….. 120 mg/day
Dopamine ….. 0.40 mg/day
Epinephrine ….. 0.01 mg/day
Folic acid ….. 4 mg/day
Glucose ….. 100 mg/day
Glutamic acid ….. 308 mg/day
Glycine ….. 455 mg/day
Inositol ….. 14 mg/day
Iodine ….. 0.25 mg/day
Iron ….. 0.5 mg/day
Lysine, total ….. 56 mg/day
Magnesium ….. 100 mg/day
Manganese ….. 0.5 mg/day
Methionine, total ….. 10 mg/day
Nitrogen, total ….. 15 g/day
Ornithine ….. 10 mg/day
Pantothenic acid ….. 3 mg/day
Phenylalanine ….. 21 mg/day
Phosphorus, organic …..9 mg/day
Potassium ….. 2.5 mg/day
Proteins, total ….. 5 mg/day
Riboflavin ….. 0.9 mg/day
Tryptophan, total ….. 28 mg/day
Tyrosine, total ….. 50 mg/day
Urea ….. 24.5 mg/day
Vitamin B6 ….. 100 mg/day
Vitamin B12 ….. 0.03 mg/day
Zinc ….. 1.4 mg/day

This a small list of ingredients, as the reader will note. A lot of the ingredients listed are what our body needs to be healthy. It appears to be a waste to just flush down without taking a closer look. Or even putting it to good use somewhere else, like the garden or planter beds. Or?

A closer look at Urine

Contrary to popular perception, urine is not a by-product of the body’s waste disposal system of blood filtration. Nutrient-filled blood passes through the liver, where toxins are removed, excreted as waste. The purified blood then goes through another filtering process via the kidneys, where components for which the body has no immediate use are collected in a sterile, watery solution. For this reason, it is highly sterile, consisting of 95 per cent water and five per cent nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, proteins, antibodies and other beneficial ingredients.

Urine for a glass of wine?
Urine for a glass of wine?

The small amount of toxins that are found in urine are not abundant enough to be toxic to the body. When you drink your own urine, it does not go directly to the blood stream. First it goes into the digestive system where its ingredients are sorted out. The useful ingredients are recycled while the toxins are rejected. When the level of toxins becomes too high, the toxins stimulate the intestines into flushing themselves out to eliminate any stagnated excrement accumulated in the colon.

Although we could filter out the toxins before drinking the urine, the toxins are needed because they stimulate a cleansing reaction in the body. Urine, which remember, is a byproduct of our blood, becomes more purified the more it is recycled. Thus, the cleaner the blood is, the cleaner the urine is, and vice-versa. This is how urine therapy advocates conclude that urine therapy has a cleansing effect on the blood.

One of the liver’s most important functions is detoxification of the blood. The liver removes poisonous substances from the blood and either stores them or secretes them into the gall bladder. In the latter case, the poisonous substances end up as bile in the intestinal canal. They then leave the body in the form of defecation.

After the blood is detoxified by the liver, it flows to the kidneys and Pee Pee is made.

The kidney’s most important function consists of balancing all elements in the blood. They remove superfluous vital substances from the blood, and filter out a surplus of water. In order to save energy and bring the blood into balance, the kidneys remove unused enzymes from the blood. The same goes for hormones, minerals and other substances.

It is clear that urine is full of vital elements, which in case, can hardly be called waste products. Excuse me I have to go Pee Pee.

Urine in the News

Urine as a lifesaver:

During the NBC Nightly News on October 16, 1992, Tom Brokaw reported that, “In Egypt, rescue workers found a 37-year old man alive in earthquake rubble. He survived almost 82 hours by drinking his own urine. His wife, daughter and mother would not and they died”.  We’ve all heard stories of people who have either lived or died by being trapped in places without food or water for days. In those stories, the survivors were always the ones that drank their own urine.

The ones that died probably could not overcome the beliefs and thoughts that urine is an unhealthy waste product of the body. Urine is simply a substance that the body does not need at the time, and a substance that the body secretes. Sometimes, it’s a lifesaver.

Morning Urine has a high concentration of melatonin, a pineal hormone that has numerous health benefits. Melatonin in pee pee is not physiologically active, but it is proposed that the low pH of stomach acid might revert it back into its active form and restore and increase plasma melatonin levels.

Melatonin is known as the darkness hormone and is produced naturally while you sleep. If you want to reap the benefits of melatonin, get more sleep. As a recreational drug, however, drinking pee pee does have some legitimacy. Did I just say that!  Read on!

Interesting facts about Urine

Human urine has strengthening and curative characteristics concerning many deficiencies. A mixture of potato and sulfur powder, mixed with heated, old urine helps against hair loss. One should rub this mixture into the scalp; this slows down loss of hair.

The male reader is probably thinking at this point. I’ll go bald before I will do that. Right? Bald’s good!

All kinds of throat inflammation can be helped by gargling with urine to which a bit of saffron has been added. Trembling hands and knees can be helped by washing, and rubbing one’s own warm urine into the skin directly after one has urinated. It’s sterile.

Plus, it help cure or prevent athlete’s foot.

A universal remedy for all distempers inward and outward. Drink your own water in the morning nine days together cures the scurvy, makes the body light and cheerful.

Oh happy days are here again. Just think of how much money you will save on vitamin C supplements.

Urine, That is the Question!What? I can't confirm or deny anything. What? I didn't see anything. What? I can hear you.
Urine, That is the Question!
What? I can’t confirm or deny anything. What? I didn’t see anything. What? I can hear you.

It is good against dropsy and Jaundice, drunk as before. Wash your ears with it warm and it is good against deafness noises and most other ailments in the ears. What I didn’t hear that. I must be going deaf.

Wash your eyes with your own water and it cures sore eyes and clears and strengthens the sight.

Wash and rub your hands with it, and it takes away numbness, chaps and sores and makes the joints limber. The wonder cure for arthritis?

Wash any green wound with it is an extraordinary good thing. I personally, have done this when hurt out in the field. Of course this one-handed typing thing gets old. Wash any part that itches and it takes the itch away.

Wash the fundament and it is good against piles and other sores. More than any other method, urine therapy represents the principles of natural medicine. One’s own urine is a specific medicine for one who is ill. Sneeze, Cough, Blow, Gargle.

I would rather be ill. Here Honey, Drink this!

It is made for him or her personally by him or her personally, and is just right for what he or she needs at the present moment in time, because it changes its composition all the time. It is not only something that cures, it also sustains health when taken as a preventative. Taken energetically, one could consider urine to be an exact hologram of healthy as well as diseased body fluids.

All information from the body fluids is collected and stored in the urine. One’s own urine is the best medicine for the kidneys we could imagine. It’s going to take a big imagination to get beyond the belief that it’s nasty.

It is clear for any holistic health practitioner, worth their weight in silver, Ha Ha, all cycles within the body are interconnected, this means that the healing of one of those cycles will have a positive effect on the others.

Urine was often used in the beginning, for lack of other medication as a disinfectant for surgery instruments.

A Russia doctor treated many people from far and wide, and was able to alleviate or completely cure illnesses with nothing else than urine therapy, while other methods had failed. Do you think he pissed a lot of people off?

Would you Drink Urine?I don't know, Would you Drink Urine?
Would you Drink Urine?
I don’t know, Would you Drink Urine?

So Urine, or out?

This is going to take some more review before, the reader would consider a Urine cocktail. It does look like beer, the writer likes beer. Of course it goes without saying the reader can and should make up their own mind as to whether or not the facts are the facts. So are you Urine or are you out?

What the Heck, I think I added to much Urine to this plant.
What the Heck, I think I added to much Urine to this plant.

All jokes aside. The truth is Urine is good for the garden soil. So ladies let your man go hang out in the garden. Garden plants need the elements that Urine provides as a natural fertilizer.

We Doowans are all about Nature. And the facts presented in this article are facts. Getting past the drinking part is tough, we aren’t suggesting that one drink Urine. Nor did we want to piss the reader off. Don’t worry we are not selling Urine at our website. We haven’t worked out the packaging yet. Any Ideas? Comments are good. Connecting is better.

Sorry, it’s in my nature to piss people off. Enjoyed the sharing.

Thanks for being here. No sense in letting a truth go to waste, or pissed away!

The power in Spirit.
Flying on the Wings of Consciousness with Creation under my Wings

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Thunder Bird

Urine is not just Pee Pee any more!
Urine or your are out!!! Not just Pee Pee any more!

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind. For educational purposes Only. We don’t imply or condone the breaking of any laws, or are we trying to piss anybody off. We are not telling anybody to do anything regarding themselves.  We are all big boys and girls and can make up our own minds, if the Clowns would just take the fluoride out of the water supplies.

Urine, What is it good for?